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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni


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The segment discusses the confusion over the practice of eating from stores and stores, as it is not possible to eat from stores or from animals. The speakers emphasize the importance of eating from stores and stores, as it is a crucial part of social interactions and healthy relationships. They encourage viewers to share their views and suggest ways to help each other.

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My husband eats at none that he has stores and shop at regular stores. Is it permissible for me to do so?

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I would assume that this person asking about none that we have stores referring to what's known as Halloween stores in the countries where Muslim live as minorities like in Europe, Canada, North America, South America, Australia, countries like that where Muslims they have stores identify as halaal store the stores to differentiate them from to differentiate the meat that process through the stores from the general meet that done in public slaughterhouse where the animals and basically the dimension allows name over it when the slaughter it, or it's killed by non Muslims and also could be an animal could die before it's a slaughter due to hitting that animal either with electric

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shot like chickens or

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stun guns in case of sheep or cows and and this is an issue where there's a big debate between the modern scholars about it is it trusted this type of meat and can we eat from that meat or not? So there is a strict position which says you can eat from any of these countries regardless if it is majority Christian countries or not. And for various reasons, for example, because it's not Mr. molars not mentioned over and on and on SWAT Allah said one attack guru me Malamute charisma Lucha de we're in the hula Fisk we're in a sharpener Yoo hoo Anna Illa Odia him, Lucia De Luca. And also that I said, we're in a bar to move home in the Camila mushy cone in Surat, anon, Allah forbade us

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to eat from what allows names It was not mentioned over over it. And because of that, the scholar said, the name of Allah name must be mentioned over the animal before it's sacrifice. But a poverty Rahim Allah, the amendment of a city and the majority of them have a city and if you look well go and set tell you that this is referring to the animal that died without any slaughter. Because the reason behind this verse that the people said to Mohammad Salim How come when you kill an animal eat and want to like kill an animal you don't eat in an animal died like a dead animal, or killed by another animal. You don't eat it, these so they kind of argue that with the person that Allah

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reveals it to the point is not about the cause of death. It's how he died, and if the last names mentioned over it or not, and also some popular human law said, or it refers to that meat that or the animal that sacrifice and other than last names was mentioned over it. It was giving as a ritual to the idols at that time. That's why if you notice in the end of the verse, almost like I said, we're in a bar to move if you follow their argue and you accept what they offering you. In Nicola mushy Kuhn, you will be among the machine. So this is not about just the sin, it's about a cup hold on to heathen Amita. And that's why I do believe that seeing Bismillah Yes, it's legit, but even if

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it's forgotten, it's still that animal will be held on to eat as the Cheviot of Himalayan generation for Mohammed Rahim Allah.

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opinion are also Allah Subhana Allah made a special rules and for the people of the book is what the lady you know, tokita Hello, look at the lamb the meat of the Alon said, When Abby said that the meat of the People of the Book is held out for you, like the woman held out for you and the verse talk about both. So here we say that in this land where majority is Christian, or Jews, in this case, it is allowed, in my opinion to eat from the stores,

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rigorous stores, even though I would love for Muslims to support their brothers and sisters who offer halal meat as long as they don't abuse that support that we give them and as long as they offer a good quality of meat for the Muslim community, because head on is just not being a slaughter. It should be something that's pure and good. We should raise our standard as a community when it comes to the product that we produce and we serve the society at large.

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Anyway, to make the answer short,

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outside. Since there is a big debate between the scholars about this, if you choose the opinion that strict and says you can't eat from the meat of the People of the Book or the land where there is a big possibility that this not never was slaughtered, and you feel comfortable that you're not allowed to eat from that meat, and you know what, when you go out to your husband, or he bring the food, you separate you cook for yourself, something that you buy from a source that you're more comfortable with, and he eats from other source, it's not hot on for you to cook it is not on for you to purchase it for him. Because this is an issue for the laugh is not like you buying or cooking

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a pork or wine or anything, which is clearly how I'm in Islam. This isn't a gray area, if you prefer to stay away from it, it is fine, but it does not make it forbidden for you to be part of your husband's life. And finally, I would say also, it is important for both of you to come to an agreement about this issue, because food is very important part of our social interactions with each other and it wouldn't be healthy for the relationship that you know.

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I think you guys should agree on one opinion and follow it

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to make it easy for

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