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The importance of praying between the pillars and laws in Islam is emphasized, along with the need to avoid lineing up between them. The negative consequences of Islam's actions, including the use of media to promote their own image, have been discussed. The success of Islam in achieving great deeds and shaping society is emphasized, along with the importance of good deeds in shaping society. The success of Islam in achieving great deeds is also highlighted, along with the importance of open hearted love and commit to Islam in achieving success.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala mela Ana via via who have added all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment.

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I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his final and his last and final messengers. My brothers and sisters, before I talk about my topic today, you notice that we put, you know, sign science for people not to pray between the pillars and the master. And that's the Sunnah, that we should not pray between these pillars. Unless there is no there is no space left in the masala in this case, we can pray between them, but to pray then the line to be cut off by a pillar. That's not correct. That might be no Quran, Allah, Allah and one of the companions said, couldn't have known her and solitariness or if you didn't be so solemn. We were

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not allowed to pray between pillars during the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is time. Well couldn't nanopore do unhappy Tada and if somebody will line up he will be pushed away all we said, Get away stay stay away from being lining up between the pillars also Anasazi Allah and said her them Emmanuel Hina and Rasulullah saw Salam that's what this is something that we've been asked not to do. That's why Allah Muhammad Allah said it is highly dislike to pray between the pillars and laws. There is no space left or there is the mustard is too crowded and since I'm from the land Juma we're not reaching that level yet. So we will keep this for a couple of weeks until people get used to

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that and inshallah on your own you don't line between the pillars so your lines will be complete in tech in autonomous soft minima masala, completing the lines as part of completing the salah. As we any finished Ramadan and Hamdulillah. During Ramadan. A lot of us were involved in many different acts of worship. And at least we all showed the CM the fasting cathedral and in a few Ramadan you clearly revealed that our PATA in Allah subhana wa canovee either shuddered Kadeem and with this been said, I want to say that a nata Allah has

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now has good deeds and doing good deeds. It does something that it has its own reward, not only a reward in the era when you meet a las Panatela but also in dunya. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and the Prophet sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam have told us some of these fruits, the beauty of good deeds. So one of it, something related to

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you when you are in a hardship and calamity. There is no doubt that we all go on to face hardship and Columbia and incent Dubey Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala who in one min elliptica Are you held in San in Kakadu a lot of bigger Kedem for Marathi Omen

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All Mankind you will struggle and you will be struggling until you meet Allah subhanaw taala you will go from hardship to another Luca dolla canal in Spanish feed Kevin Yeah animal Canada, the person will be struggling in this life. But during this live as the struggles and these calamities strikes you left and right and this hardship you go through the break the area where do you feel come the comfort that come to you the strength comes from the good deeds, from the good deeds from the Corolla scanner data from the remembrance of Allah from the Salah from the CRM from the sadhaka that you do and there are so many evidence to stablish that concept and you can look at the amount

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of Imam Allah and the AVID worshipers on Marilla but in dominaria been well yeah who do was sad, they have so much turn quality peace, when calamity strikes and starting with the Prophet SAW Salem to the companions of the Allah and yes, you feel tight, you feel hard, you feel you know,

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squeezed you feel tired, you feel that things are very bad, you feel pain, but when you engage in the bad or when you are consistent and you're at Banda and dimension of Allah Subhana Allah undersoil, salaam Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and bring a different type of peace and tranquility and serenity to the heart. Only those who do understand exactly what I mean by that.

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Nicole Shukla SNAM Rahim Allah while he is in his jail, on, Boozman, he'll be 70 Allah will suramin Asahikawa the real prisoner is not the one and Sal I'm behind Yanni bars. The real prisoner is the one who is been prevented from not from the dunya meeting friends and being outside now the one who have been prevented from being connected with Allah. And the real, you know, I'm sorry, I need the one who is

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a prisoner or a person who have been taking as a prisoner is the one who have been taken prisoner by his own desires. But that's what the real prison is. And he said, you see this wall between me and the people outside? It's like what Allah subhanaw taala said, Well, don't obey Don't be sore. Allah says in the Quran, there is a wall from this side mercy from the other side is suffering. He said that's the Mercy side where I am inside the jail because I'm engaged in the liquid Allah read the Quran reviewing my URL. And this brought to me so much tranquility and peace to the extent of am Rahim Allah say, we used to visit of intent me and Jeff, and Wallahi we will come with so much worry

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and anxiety and thinking about how the world around us and all of us will Annabeth, the moment we talk to him and we see him and we see how much tranquility and peace he had. We will change completely I will come back full of optimism. And I witness some of that personally, when I used to visit Chapman basil Rahim Allah to Allah, and I will come to him and saying to him about some what's happening in the world, all the problems that happen around the world and sometimes two big issues wars, Civil War, torturing people, Muslims and throughout it Allah been killed so many problems and evil things happening. And the moment they go and I talked to him, the amount of tranquility and

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peace that he has, and always when he hears me or some other people who will be made engaged in decurrent, say Star for Allah Subhan Allah hamdulillah and I lo then he started talking and the sense of optimism is to be patient, Allah subhanaw taala will never put you down Allah subhanaw taala will never let his Deen to be lost to Allah Subhan Allah will never let the true believers to be defeated in your overtime Allah subhanaw taala victory is coming Allah Samantha relief is coming, Allah's breaks are coming. And when you hear that you feel so much peace and tranquility and you start dealing with these problems in a weenie different way and a different attitude. Another thing

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about good deeds, which is ALLAH SubhanA data because of your good deeds and righteousness, Allah subhanaw taala put on people's heart love for you. Allah Subhana Allah said in the Quran,

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in the end of Surah, Maryam surger Allah whom none would you and your gyla Whomever didn't feel good openness, Allah subhanaw taala will put a right man will put in the for them love love by who by Allah by the angels armed by the people. And here basically the top of this list the righteous people and Nebia sal Allahu Allah you are you're Salam. The verse in Surah Maryam that's the last verse and the end of the sword of Maria Musa in Lavina Amen we're Amarillo saw they had those who believe and do good deeds say

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a jogger to whom a man with Allah will make for them love. And this explain the Hadith in Ibiza salam for Buhari and others that Allah subhanaw taala really love someone he told Gibreel I love so and so so love him. And when Gibreel loves me till the angel and you will be loved by the angel, and he will be after that you like the whole caboodle for Allah, Allah will give him an acceptance in Earth would people love to stay here to talk to him? I can tell you

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about people I met and I knew in my life.

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Up until today, I didn't know how they got this love and popularity and acceptance. And I'm not talking about to polish the exterior, those who use marketing technique those people like a bubble very soon they became so hyped in social media even some speakers don't like that they crush it I'm not talking about those people throwing up a balloon for a long time a long record that almost want to like give them a boon and acceptance then I get to know them personally and asked about people in the became famous and people crazy about them. I saw watching their relationship with Allah subhanaw taala and when I see that their relationship with the Father is so good. I know that's a good sign.

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Allah's father you learn about him give him an acceptance in earth. Allah people love them from all over the world. I remember when she finished members Rahim Allah die and I can tell with full confidence. There is no one in history of Islam. No one from the time Muhammad Salah mental today there is people have made janazah on them like Schiffman but there is no one in history or in modern time yet that record never been broken. The amount of people who make Jeunesse on him are unbelievable even here in Houston several massage don't know what's the checkup and by says I remember missing photo column Misha who bring join us on him, regardless of bringing us on the live

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or not. That's not the point. The point is what motivate people like this to still make Janessa on him.

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It's an unbelievable amount of love. People were crying. Can you imagine airlines airlines son anyone wants to fly to Mecca to pray Janessa chicken bass free ticket

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and that day what nobody asked them no government asked them to do not it's just the love for the chef Rahim Allah to Allah and that's because of the righteousness of the person. And so many examples like this. No matter the Allah who can send the message decide that your pass. And he said to him in the lie that had bagged and Habiba in a helper when Allah loves someone he makes people loving. Factor Bermondsey letter come in Allah. So if you want to look how your status with Allah is, from Goldmine I can end Allah and Mithila Malika in the nurse. See how people treat you see how people like you.

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And that's how we'll present how Allah subhanaw taala basically status with Allah subhanaw taala so one of the outcome of this, Allah subhanaw taala grind to the love of your children.

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You might sound strange, but you know what?

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I meant a lot of people not a lot, but quite a number of people said I hate my parents.

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I don't like my kids,

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and are talking about little kids.

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They just can't connect

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with their parents.

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Wife, you might think she might live with you. You might live with her but there's no love part of the Thammarat one of the things that often are put in people's hearts of love for you because of your righteousness, even to cover your old wounds other mistakes because of the bad shivinder Be SallAllahu Sallam divorce have sought

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none of us wanted to take her back

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leash, why? Algebraic Allah Toluca, Rhoda for inhouse a woman on a woman take her back she's a woman will always fast and always pray. It may be another interesting whatever angry at you made you divorce her that will not be a reason take her back. She's a righteous woman. Keep her as a wife.

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One of the things that the bad the good deeds do.

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And then my son yesterday and hello of PA will let the legendary offer the sweetness of goodness of doing good the sweetness of Eman that you find when you do a good deed. It is way more than any other thing that you might do. Or you find no matter what watching a movie playing a game, you know going a trip whatever the happy and sweetness you have in your heart because of that will not be ever compared to the sweetness that you find when you do a good deeds. That's why you're going to kind of sell if your cologne Wallah Hello Yeah lemon maluca abna and manakamana Hanafi La Jolla dunya Allah he will see you have a fridge people

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We know how much joy we have in our life. They will fight us over it.

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But they don't know what is the sweetness of being able to cut no Quran to memorize the Quran, the sweetness of understanding knowledge and understanding the feel of the Hadith of the fifth of the verse in the Quran. Reading the biography of the scholar to joy. Buhari Rahim Allah was told or one of the other Ramat Hadith was told Don't you get bored by being alone in the library of all the time you don't know.

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I'm in the company of Abu Bakr or Marwa, sorry didn't say you but Hassan Al Basri it's a much joy that cannot be compared you know anything else?

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Even one of the beauty of good deeds who Alanna theory John and Debbie so Salam and Allah to Allah cool you have to add them to follow the lady by the T m little sadhaka linen what I should do * oh son of Adam, Allah says that the process I'm told us that the law says oh son of Adam. Dedicate yourself to work to the worship of me. And I will fill your heart with Rena. Yeah, I need no need for anything outside me or other than me. How not make you need an anything.

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And I'm local because linen was should the * right? And I will take care of your needs.

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When a person is feel independent, fear sub feel sufficient feel content. And that's what the true meaning of happiness is.

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It is something that Allah promise will give to those who dedicate themselves to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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it's not about how much you have and let me say Salam palesa Lina and Catherine Allah rich is not being possessed a lot of wealth no no rich it means that you don't you feel satisfied you feel content doesn't matter how much the size of your bank account is how much money that you have come in have an Indian who have up here or come in for clear to know honey, so many people have a lot of money but they are like a poor act like poor and so many people who are poor but act like rich there's so sufficient hunger Allah I'm good I'm happy

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that's why in Islam we don't have a problem with you being possessing a lot of wealth or not having a lot of wealth Yeah, I knew what make you righteous lie and I had an alpha clear and Allah Avila mineral honey Yanni Allah subhanaw taala doesn't say or doesn't like look at the poor people on here love them more than the rich people know what Allah Subhana Allah the way he judged people not by how much they have unless they have no no, it's by how much tech what they have? There is people who are poor have no takla for job.

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And there is no rich you have so much hope and fear from Allah subhanaw taala I always end it isn't in my youth. I remember memorizing these lines. Yeah, even *ery Allah test digital.

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Abel Hina aka Bartolotta whatever. This person said that being poor is not a bad thing. So it's bad thing to be a rich man. Michelle often felt that the woman fugly and Alina and Sam in Canada if you want to know why I believe that being poor better than being rich. And Nakatsuka que XR Alena Wallace, the TAs Illa. Heck if Tucker, you said you commit sins to become rich, but you never commit a sin to be a poor. That is logic. I always laugh at this It's mid sounds like you know, it's a point. But actually he doesn't have a point. Because Allah subhanaw taala says in a chroma come and Allah at Kocoum the best of you is the one who have Taqwa not the one who have less money or more

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money That's why Allah Rahim Allah and this we have a long debate and been to me and no pain talk a lot about this. Because it's the point is, I was Anil Sagar. Allah new Shaka, I'm in for Kurosawa, a rich man who's thankful or a person who's for but patient, which one is better, they've been to me I said, being better what's make him better is not being pulled or being rich is being shackled and thankful. And being what patient so if you're a patient and thankfully to be greater, if you are patient, and you know, and grateful and patient the same time you became better.

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One of the reasons and beauty of good deeds that Allah save you IF calamity strikes society.

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Allah forgot to save the believers when I was there for Linus Ababa Homi Bhabha facility. It is because of those good people on earth Allah Subhan Allah save villages

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and save society and save city from being destroyed. Hello Anna Hello cofina Salah Hoon Carla namida Catherine habit, we will be destroyed even there is good people among us. He said if they will become few and the majority are corrupt, so that means if there is more good people, the city will never be destroyed or the city society will be protected. Well I will am and yet could Allah feel awful letting us have a Canis cada I will open up the live network WMS route I would even have the live nerd on the street said it is because of those who mentioned Allah homemaker still father who didn't make the Curatola while people are heedless, because of those Fievel Allah protect society.

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Allah Subhana Allah protect the society, one of the beauty of good deeds that Allah subhanaw taala make your children and your children and grandchildren grandchildren. What righteous you remember the story of a lover a motion where there is a treasure hidden under the wall and Musa Ali salaam dig that remark nonetheless, he said that's because there are seven great the great the seven great grandfather was a righteous person.

00:21:12--> 00:21:25

And Allah because of that man's righteousness brought Musa all the way from his city to dig that to dig to keep the treasure for them. And to save the treasure for these two orphan kids

00:21:27--> 00:21:50

and that's because of the righteous can say didn't say you are human Allah Allah great tabby. You see if you saw Delaila called Wallahi nila azido facility belaid Raja Salah how Allah de I increased my salah and the night just because I want this to be the reason for my children and grandchildren to be righteous. May Allah subhanho data and your

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Halawa tell Iman May Allah grant us the sweetness of Iman and commitment to the worship of Allah subhana data Otto Masamoto Mostofa Allah and He will come pistacchio

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena via by the hoga

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One of the blessings of good deeds those who are righteous that Allah subhanaw taala put so much baraka and blessing under time. So the accomplished a lot in such a short period of time.

00:22:22--> 00:22:43

And it means that when you look at the righteous people that live you find that the accomplished so much in such a short period of time and so much not necessarily in the dunya but in the alpha and the good deeds Yanni for example I can tell you I'm how this person is like always blowing my mind and know him Allah

00:22:45--> 00:22:53

and know him a lot look at his books. It's an every corner on Earth. I don't think there is any book after Al Quran read more than the books

00:22:54--> 00:23:15

by an imam Noah Rahim Allah riobel sada in in every mustard they read this level signing remember I was traveling once to Australian and stopped in Guam then I from Guam went to check some islands around the area and it has some Muslims very small community and literally in the middle of nowhere

00:23:16--> 00:23:25

in an island that they don't have birds you can imagine the island without Bert okay which is very strange. I was like surprised there is no birds in the island

00:23:26--> 00:23:41

and the guy said Do you have a good observation they said this just very strange. Anyway so going back to the if you want to know why you can ask them after tomorrow they don't have birds. But in that island we prediction I found the breeding ground assign him

00:23:42--> 00:23:48

the 40 Hadith and no it's became so popular many people wrote for the Hadith.

00:23:50--> 00:23:54

This man no yo Rahim Allah to Allah. You know.

00:23:59--> 00:24:09

He wrote so many books and his time he used to study he used to have 12 classes every day that is attend Baraka in his time.

00:24:10--> 00:24:13

He died in the age of 45. By the way, Rahim Allah.

00:24:15--> 00:24:23

Ibn Taymiyyah Rahim Allah die in his earliest in his mid 60s 67. He wrote, Rahim Allah more than 300 volumes.

00:24:25--> 00:24:47

Today I was reviewing a book by Eben Asaka. One of the books that have been Asaka wrote it called tariff dimension, the history of dimension. I was looking at my older memory, only part of it was published because this book for a long time was not available. So it's something I need to review on it today. In the morning, or just last night.

00:24:49--> 00:24:59

Then he said I checked how many volume been printed from this book. Now what's printed at volumes at volume several 100 pages

00:25:01--> 00:25:17

If I have an appeal if you look at what he wrote one book that you wrote is the happier him Allah said I was able to find the volume number 700 Plus and it's not complete it's more than that

00:25:18--> 00:25:21

just one book it's called for known living appear Rahim Allah.

00:25:23--> 00:25:29

It will Kodama Rahim Allah, amazing look Adama will pray 300 Rakhi day how will you have time to pray that

00:25:30--> 00:25:36

with all the other things that you do, but Allah puts Baraka in his time.

00:25:38--> 00:26:03

One of the things about righteousness Allah says, Well, maybe tequila Yeah, Jana, Houma Raja, those who have Taqwa Allah will always bring an exit for them a relief for them a solutions for them. mean hey thought I had this from an area where he never expected to be read the story of the three people who locked in the cave, what have relieved them What have made the rock to be moved.

00:26:05--> 00:26:07

It's the good deeds that they have done.

00:26:09--> 00:26:11

And there is more many stories like that.

00:26:13--> 00:26:14

Allah subhana wa Tada

00:26:15--> 00:27:01

who will put light on the face of those who are righteousness have righteousness. Those who follow the Sunnah. You know, we're Allah who have dunya capital, Accra and the Accra yo met of Yoto Allah says when faced with the dunya Allah Subhan Allah do you know I grew up in Saudi Arabia. So I grew up around people who used to attend the king gathering and the go to these royal families and being around very elite member in society. I still remember some of the people that I know they were like me in high school and college just you know, regular clothes you know, even I'm running fancy Quarter today but you know, just the regular calls and stuff like that. But the moment they start

00:27:01--> 00:27:41

hanging out and going to this royalty store like that, man, their face looks nice, you know, their hair cut became more you know, I hear like to go to these like expensive hair cut the clothes that they wear, the way they carry themselves just by being around this kind of elite and society. And I still remember that very clearly. How even if I showed them pictures that we didn't have picture that time because you know we didn't have phones outside but if you imagine some of these pictures in the old days before and after you can see clearly the difference and now people who go with CEOs and they became like an elite number all of a sudden because he hang on to them you change

00:27:44--> 00:27:48

can you tell me how are you going to look like if you hang out with Allah all night?

00:27:50--> 00:28:13

How are you going to look like when you hang along with the last $5 most of your day five times a day in the night when you pray what do you think you will look like? That's exactly what the Euler method he said either Saha Raja Luma Look, no water water. Well has sun will Maha the kings will make him look nice. What do you think when you are with the King of the Kings?

00:28:16--> 00:28:22

Allah subhanaw taala I'll put Halawa beauty and handsomeness on your face, and the middle look.

00:28:25--> 00:28:41

Kyle, axon nationala Hello, man, fracassa hoomin, Nori and the most light, like so light on them, Allah Subhan Allah, give them from his light subhanho wa Taala Anna. And I would say, Hello, just send a lesson.

00:28:43--> 00:29:00

Don't think that the last fight Allah will reward you with thing less. If you do good, Allah will be greater to you. And you know what the good things is. The best thing that he can do to you is to open your heart to even come closer to Him, to love to worship Him more.

00:29:02--> 00:29:46

When you make dhikr in the daytime, when you lower your gaze in the daytime, when you hold your tongue from saying the wrong things in the daytime. You know how Allah the word you Allah reward you by opening your heart to pay extra to Rakhine the night. Allah Subhana Allah clarify and purify your soul so you enjoy it you enjoy the the Quran and the night even more. you contemplate in the Quran more, you connect with him more. That's part of the sun, that Allah and the best of the word that you can ever get for your good deeds. As Ramadan finish. Allah the word you that you will open your heart to so many other good fields, other areas of goodness that you can do after Ramadan. May Allah

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

subhanho wa Taala give us that an open us open our heart to love him more, to commit to him more to be connected to him more Allah whom I mean, and we asked him to forgive our sins and shortcomings

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

And we asked him subhanho wa Taala to make our ending in this life upon goodness upon a way that you will be pleased with us. Allah accept whatever we have done in Ramadan and forgive whoever whatever shortcoming happened in Ramadan we asked you Allah to give give us on the straight path until you meet us. We ask you a lot to protect our children our family and to forgive our parents the living in the dead. Allah homophilic Muslim unanimously met will mean you know me not even human and what Allah muslim Muslim mean or do my home I don't play anyone who does. Allah minion is a local who the hour two hour five hour dinner 1234 Senator Paul how it is again to humans a QA are suddenly

00:30:40--> 00:30:44

Allahumma Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Abu Salah to Kameoka, Angola