Can I Get Married Without My Parent’s Approval

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Can one get married without parents approval? Is the approval essential for both men and women or only for women?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers effectively.


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The speaker discusses the issue of unreasonable married couples and the need for advice from elders. They also mention the difference between a man and a woman in regards to married couples, and the importance of having a reasonable uncles and aunts. The court of law states that a woman cannot unilaterally decide to get married without the permission of her wedding, but she can choose between her guardian and another guardian.

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My parents are unreasonable. They're not letting me get married, can I get married without their permission?

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Firstly, the question of can you or should you are two different things. And definitely before you undertake such a big decision, get to the advice of elders that you know your uncles and aunts, your other cousins. If one parent is being unreasonable, your whole family cannot possibly be unreasonable, somebody's got to be reasonable in that regard. Secondly, from a filter perspective, there's a difference between a man and a woman. technically a man does not need the permission of the parents to get married, whether it's wise or not, is a separate issue. But a woman who has not been married before she needs the permission of her while he or her guardian, and she cannot just

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unilaterally decide to cut off from her guardian and choose another guardian. Unless there is a pressing need that somebody else can and should decide another senior or elder or in an Islamic land. The court of law will say, okay, the father is being unreasonable and so somebody else will become the guardian. Otherwise, it is not allowed for her to unilaterally decide to get married without the permission of her wedding.