Can I Hold A Qur’an In My Non-Obligatory Prayers

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A great number of people would like to hold a copy of the Qur’an when praying for instance, taraweeh. They want to follow the beautiful recitation. Is this permissible?

Ustadh Wisam Sharieff answers.

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The speaker advises the audience to not quote "preview" in their prayers and instead pick up the last bullet. They also suggest that practicing "expanded" in a prayer can solve a tension issue or a problem. The transcript does not contain a detailed discussion of the topic.

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Can I hold a copy of the Koran for the non obligatory prayers?

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Peace be upon you. This is a wonderful question because it means people want to get more involved. Let's split our question here right at the get go in your voluntary no waffle supplementary prayers, not your sadness in all the things you're doing extra in your tahajjud. In all the prayers you're making on your own. Yes, hold the most half pick up the Koran make sure you have a nice place to put it down. We'll talk about putting the Quran closer to the ground or on the floor. But yes, you can. Now let's make the shift over holding the most half reading the surahs elongating your prayer standing in Korean and not getting too involved with the book though. Those those scholars who don't

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appreciate holding the text, don't like when people really get into using the book, because salon doesn't have supplementary tools. So you're getting this allowance. I want you to see it as that second portion is when that knuffle prayer, when that voluntary prayer becomes congregational. That's where my teachers are, the way I was taught from my teachers would not encourage us to hold an electronic text or a must have because it becomes distracting. Now case by case you're gonna say, but I've got great posture and I don't care about other if other people are distracted. Then if you want a case by case answer you can ask someone in your local area, but the way I've understood is in

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the congregational prayer, This in itself wherever you have the hands. That's the discipline that's the class and being able to focus and listen to the Quran. Now you can say I have attention issues I need to look at a full on. Cool, we'll go case by case now. And if you need to get that allowance then go for it. Our answer today hold the most have read the Koran keep it in a well lit place if you're reading at night in your voluntary prayers. But when it comes to congregational prayers, please don't quote GABA to me, everyone comes around quoting GABA Look what they do in the harem. So before you quote the Haram in from what I understand in our congregational prayer, be able to pray

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if you have a if there's some issue, a tension issue or something you're working on. Then go ahead and pick up the most health and last what Allah knows what's best for her.