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Can A Convert Pray In Bathroom Out Of Fear Of Retribution

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Faith IQ

Channel: Faith IQ

Episode Notes

Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Episode Transcript

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If I'm a convert to this, and I fear retribution Can I pray in the bathroom?

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So this is actually a real life situation that I've seen happen many times where there's someone that converted and they feared their parents finding out and the only place they would find to pray would be in the restroom. Obviously, it's not the ideal place to pray. But just like if a person can't cover they're out and they can't cover themselves entirely for prayer, they still have to pray at those times. So if you could find a closet or find another place in the home to do so that's fine, but if that really becomes your last resort, and may have lost power, it's accepted from you and May Allah help you to be able to have that conversation with your parents and keep you safe and

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assured. And with the light Allah surrounds your home with Hidayat.

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