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Edris Khamissa
AI: Summary © A man named Mohammed Nura de parthouse discusses the negative attitudes of young people and how to be more optimistic about life. He talks about his experience in South Africa as an education upgraduate, his experience in human learning, and how he talks about his life to the audience. He emphasizes the importance of being positive and not letting negative influences affect one's own life.
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Salam aleikum.

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My name is Mohammed Nura de Leyva and with me to discuss issues surrounding negative attitudes in young people, and how to become more positive, more optimistic about life and take advantage of the opportunities that come with me to discuss this is brother handshake. Idris harissa from South Africa. He is an education consultant, he does a lot of work with Muslim schools with education generally businesses, and is a coach and expert in the area of human development, whether you're most welcome. I'd like to start by asking, yes, we see a lot of positive people, you're a very positive very radiant person yourself Alhamdulillah?

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Is negativity really a problem in society from your experience on your travels? And if so?

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What's your remedy?

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You know, brother, nurudeen, I found that lots of people are very negative. And when you look at their own negativity, and if you look at their own situation, you ask yourself, should they be negative, I cannot deny that many people go through different kinds of challenges. Some of them more demanding, some of them feel isolated. And they have no idea how to deal with it.

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For example, I tell people the following

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what is under your control, take responsibility for it was out of your control is out of your control. Number one, the second thing I say to them, as we know, as Muslims, we are told in the Quran with every heartache, these

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challenges we find all the time. And we have this erroneous notion that might cause Look at him is having such a good time. But when you engage with that individual, you would be surprised when he tells you the challenges he face the challenges he is still facing. But what you see in him a pleasant disposition. Because in life, as all of us know, the only thing that we control is our own attitude. I remember one day in I was quite tired. So I'm having a shower. And I said to myself, Idris. Oh, you're so tired. And I realize No, no. I said, No, no, you're not tired, you are energized. And really, I felt the energy the whole day, is not because I'm not focusing on the

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reality. It's not about those things. And you find it's what's very, very critical that in life, many of us carry the doom and gloom with us. It reminds me of a story

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of a family that were relocating to another town.

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At the entrance of the town, there was an elderly man. So the driver of the car, just for some reassurance, or whatever, is said to him, excuse me, sir.

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What kind of people are in your town?

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The old man, being a very wise person said to him, what kind of people are you leaving behind? So he said, Well, I'm leaving behind generous people, kind people, loving people, is where you find them here also,

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a few hours later, another

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safe place question in your cupboard driver, the same question. He says, well, the town I'm leaving, they are criminals, they are prostitutes, all kinds of shady characters. Well, you will find the me also. And that's a very, very powerful thing that you mentioned. Because in life, we gravitate towards similar minded people. And it's important that we talk to people that are positive. Being positive does not mean as I said early on, that you're not confronting your reality. Being positively you show a profound understanding of life. When these darkness, there's going to be light, when the turn of the storm is going to be spring. That's the nature of life. If you look at

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the prophets, if you look at humanity at large, each one of them would be tested, each one of them would have the issues. And in life, there are a few things you can do. If you go through a problem, or a situation, you can either let it get into you. As one of my friends said once the problem with many of us, we tend to rehearse and rehearse our problems is trying to reverse it. I like that. I think it's very, very deep. Similarly, and from our own experience, and I tell you this, I know people look at

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Mi, a C threes. You're born like this, you know you've always laughing and smiling. But I know I had to also fight my demons. I taught to deal with negativity, I felt insecure, I was the kind of person I wanted to say those words to so that I can appease the other person I wanted to belong. And therefore I never said what was in my heart. But today Alhamdulillah I'm not afraid to differ. But I treat loving you without hurting that individual. And therefore it's very critical that many of us have a victim mentality. And many of us who have a victim mentality, we are spectators in our own life. We need to take ownership, we need to live with intentionality, we need to live consciously,

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and we need to learn the following we are told by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him that a Muslim is not stung by the same old twice. So if you made a mistake yesterday, if you cannot learn from your own mistakes, what kind of human being are you and you find that one of the best ways to remain positive is when you contribute to the growth of other people. When you are selfish, when you are learning to earn rather than learning to serve. When you concern about your own ego. When you say my my mind, the word our is not there, then you're always going to have problems. Because when you help another individual, you will be helped. And I would like really the viewers. Come on, put a smile on

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your dad. And then you will say when people ask you about your life, you're going to say I like it. Bla Bla and if you choose not to be positive, what are the best alternatives to be negative? Never. We always say Alhamdulillah to thank Allah for whatever situation we are. Rather it's my it reads thank you very much for your time and inshallah we remain positive and meet again, another time.

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