Being Muslim in Canada

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Send them where they come to love your cattle, my brothers and sisters, especially my Muslim friends here within Canada. I'm in Kelowna British Columbia, where as you can see, it's absolutely beautiful. And so we know that times are changing. And we know that things get very difficult for us, especially here in Canada and in different parts of the world. And with all these new, you know, laws and or new bills that are being passed with regards to terrorism, and the hijab, and niqab and all that, you know, sometimes it gets very frustrating, very difficult for us. And so kind of as I was walking here, I was talking with one of my friends, and we were saying how in Canada, you need

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to, you need to stroke, right, you need to struggle a little bit, just to upkeep your event. And with that struggle, you'll find fears and Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us for in another city, in another city, that with every single hardship comes ease, and through that hardship will come another set of ease. So for every difficult moment that we face, we will see two sets of ease that come our way. And this is something that's good and should encourage us as Muslims living in this society, to stand firm, and to continue in our mission, our mission of worshiping

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Allah, living amongst the people. As you can see, being a Canadian, Muslim also means to enjoy the nature. It means to enjoy the beautiful water that we see and hear around us. It means to also live with the people that we live around and to say hello, say please, and Thank you, and good morning and good evening, and so on and so forth. So we asked him, to highlight to make it easy for us and to make it easy for all of the Muslims as well as the non Muslims living here in this society, to live together harmoniously. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to mend and to bring our hearts together and weld us together in peace in sha Allah. Allah does not come along with them or

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