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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Katalin

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and hamdu Lillahi wa

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Salatu was Salam ala manana via via a mobile Mufasa we live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. When he left he had a nursing job at Minnesota, Iowa his Avila of Karnataka, Alhaji Muhammad, common philosophy in Al Hajj, Ananda Willa Faso, when I didn't have good hygiene.

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My dear respected elders, brothers, mothers and sisters,

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we begin by praising Almighty Allah ascending salutations upon our beloved Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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And hungry Allah Allah Allah has brought us here for Hajj we make dua that Allah Tala except inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala makes this hatch one of blessing for us and Latin and rewards us with regard to all the rewards of Hajj, maybe a cream sauce limited and huduma broad laser awards as our own inland agenda. There is nothing but Jana is a reward and recompense for a person who makes an accepted Hajj a hajima growth and inshallah we are desirous of that and Allah Tala will grant us to the means of the judge. had genital for those. Allah will grant us a hjem abroad. Allahu Allahu hijama hoorah with Amber Mahara Messiah mascara, with Ijarah tendon taboo. It is Eduardo that you

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constantly Allah, grant us an accepted Allah Masha Allah hijama gururaj whether my for and all our transgressions and our sins to be forgiven,

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was Satyam much cold and all our efforts be, you know, rewarded. And Allah Allah grants us transactions. And of course, he doesn't mean financial transactions, but all our efforts, which will result in something that we will only get benefit and profit in hedges as I said, and I made mentioned today See, we will be having this

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quality and induction introduction, maybe till through till Saturday, Sunday. As we come closer and maybe the people who are here will come on Thursday, they will join us and then from Thursday, we will do the actual five days. Today I will just give a motivation, some virtue with regard to Agile because I think it's important sometimes we only look at what I must do what I mustn't do, what is halal and what is haram, that we tend to forget the essence of Hajj and Allah has kept so many beautiful lessons and wisdoms and benefits in Hajj that you know we cannot

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you know, but make regard to it and hope that inshallah we will be able to inculcate those types of lessons. Firstly, you know, the word Hajj means intention, the literal meaning of Hajj, a JRPG means intention. And in the Sharia, it means an intention to perform rituals as shown to us by our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at a specific time of the year. So Hajj has to be performed at specific times. And as I was telling the people when we went for the keratin Arafa to go to our effort on any other day other than a ninth of July hedger, you don't feel the feeling the environment, the blessings, the rewards, that you will find only me you will find it on the night,

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that maybe I cream sauce them said on no other day in the year is shaytan, more abased, more humiliated, more disgraced, then the Day of Arafah in a season that has recovered coming down, the only day when he was more abased, and more humiliated and more disgrace, was when he saw the angels coming to assist the companions in the time of the Battle of Buddha. After that, he was never so humiliated and disgraced. The way he is, when he sees Allah tell us rough math and Allah Tala forgiving the people are affected. But it is only for that specific day on the ninth. So that's the literal meaning as I make mentioned previously, look at the way Allah Allah has made Hotspurs look

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at the verse in which Allah has made arch for us. Only lie here on a nurse if it will be a loving image and Amazon solid for us. Allah says our team was established for our two second give zakat quotevalet Kumasi am Rosa is made for us Apolonio Surah Baqarah but look at our Allah makes Hutch first of

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all people to Allah, all people do you owe it to alert to make homage of the his house who

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Everyone has the means you owe it to Allah subhanho wa taala. If Allah has given you the means you owe it to Allah subhanho wa Taala at once a lifetime if Allah Tala has granted to the means you will perform Hajj. Then look at the concluding portion of that verse. Woman Guevara, Whoever disobeys whoever turns away and does not do it after he has the means. In Allah has a new unit in either mean, Allah to Allah is independent is not in need of the entire creation. You don't make such it won't harm Allah Tala it will harm you Allah is not in need of your coming patch. Allah is not of you not in need of you worshiping Allah. We are Grimsel Solomon said, if the entire creation, all of

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them become obedient and become the greatest of worshipers, it won't make one iota of difference to the greatness of Allah. And if everyone becomes rebellious, if the entire creation becomes rebellious, and they don't follow Allah subhanho wa Taala it won't make one iota of difference to the greatness of Allah. Allah is Great whether you regarding his great or not, whether you proclaim His greatness or not, if you proclaim His greatness greatness, it will make Allah greater it will make you closer to Allah, you will benefit more than what Allah Tala benefits. So I think this is important for us to understand.

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What is that he as a nurse, he will bathe now what are the benefits? Why do we come here all the time. There are so many different reasons everyone looks at hedge. Sometimes differently. A Sufi looks at us differently. A government a politician might look at hedge differently. A person who is in other fields will look at hedge differently. I'll just give you two examples with regard to the benefits of Hajj. One is I always like to make mention of this. This is had as an exposition and manifestation of our love to Allah Tala. This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of Hajj. See there are two dimensions of Allah Tala.

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One in which Allah Tala is Malik al molk, Padilla, Houma, Malik, Al molk to oteil will come into sharp what resumen Tasha, what was illumine Tasha says Allah in the Holy Quran, say, I am the king of all kings. I give kingdom to whosoever I wish, and I taking them away from whomsoever I wish. I give respect and honor to whomsoever I wish. I obey Snyder's Grace whomsoever I wish. That is one dimension of Allah, Allah is the King of all kings, the ruler to absolute authority, under that dimension of Allah Tada, you and I must come before mighty Allah in absolute submission, is a servant is a mere seven coming in front of his master. Now, if you look at salad, it emphasizes this

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type of relationship.

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You see numbers, you're not allowed to do anything. Here you come in front of another move moment you make the beer, you're not even supposed to scratch anything. You're not even supposed to look around. You're supposed to be completely focused in the direction of Allah subhanho wa taala. There you are. So there you make, you know you make the beer terima that biretta Hema means everything else which was previously permitted all becomes haram. You can speak to anyone you can you know laugh or do something that is the actions of human interaction you only focus on Allah Tada you go and go down and you go down into goo and you go down insists that you put the most respectable

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portion of your body in front of Allah Tala.

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Maybe a cream sauce limited as Sagittarius to bein Academy Rahman. The point of personal makes these days like making such data. Not that Allah Tala has any bodily organs is like making sits in front of her on the feet of Allah. So there this particular

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relationship is one of master slave lays, the master lays the key we are the subjects. We are the ordinary people in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And then there is another relationship with Allah Tala is the object of our love. Allah is the beloved in the true sense. And we are the one seed seeking Latin as love. And this particular Hajj is one like that. You leave your children, you leave your surroundings, why to go to the house of Almighty Allah, the mobile can bless it in the symbolic house of Almighty Allah. You come here to see why have you come? Sometimes you come to think that why why did we come we've come here because of the love of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala we live our

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children we live our surroundings. We live our environment, we live our homes, we live our comfort, the journey will have its fair share of it

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difficulties we would stand that because we are coming to the house of Almighty Allah, the object of our pillar, the love, object of our love coming to our beloved. And when you come you take our two normal clothes because this is the clothes Allah loves.

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You don't come to your clothes you know normally when we go somewhere sometimes you were the best of clothes Repetier you were your best perfumes. You were the best day you know designer sometimes clothes. Here you can leave all of that aside. Why because you are not now focusing upon your appearance. You are not focusing upon your brand's you are focus focusing upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala you were to be pieces of cloth to wipe pieces of cloth to show your submission in your love of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala

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and maybe occur himself Salam said Allah Allah loves us guru healers who worry baiting her in the resources themselves on the day of Hereford, Allah Allah tells the injured look at my people who have come to my house. Cha only shortfin houbara they come to me with disheveled hair, and the bodies in the clothes is full laden with dust. Oh my oh my angels, what is the reward for such people who have come like this to me? And the angel seller line is Rasul knows best. And Allah Allah says, The reward for such people is I must forgive them go I have forgiven them

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Subhanallah What a treat. Then you go around the house you come you first start off, you know you come to the house and you say the bake Allah Mullah bake. It is like saying to the Beloved, I am present. I've come so fine. I'm present in front of you. I have come come to see you. I have come out of love to see you.

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Know, so the Arabic poet you said a Maru Allah Dr. Edna Leila, with energy daddy with energy death. I come to the house of my Laila. We all know later how much you'll revert from beginning so small. Leila Mattoon. Right. It is a story of love between Laila the marriage a male and marginal or is it the other way around? real emotional.

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Lena is the female material is that the men Okay. Leila was not a Motorola, Dre. Dre Leila. I go past the house of my the my Leila, my beloved. I touch this house. I touch this portion of the house in this portion of the house I kiss this portion of the house. It is this portion of the house. It's not the house that I love. I'm not loving the house. I'm loving the occupant of the house because my Leila stays in that house. Here we've come around and I made mention of this incident I think somebody during the previous lessons that one day Junaid Ibaka era popularity. I heard this from a prominent alum that Junaid about Daddy that metallic.

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The famous saint was making the love. And then when he was making the warfield in a woman that's quite far off poetry of love. So she said he said what are you doing poetry of loving the cover and the Baitullah? And she said, you know don't misunderstand you don't misunderstand me. I'm not making Poetry Out of the love of creation. I'm doing poetry of the love of the Creator of Kinesia

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I'm seeing him as an unraveling this fall out of the love of Allah Tala and then she said Junaid Wooster Why are you making nginx it then I begin to offer the turbine McCullough and she looked up towards the heavens and said I wonder look at this creation of yours, they leave you and the second relate and they make the wealth of a structure they leave you and they making the wealth of a structure. Obviously we have to make the offer the structure that is what we are required to do. But beyond that, what we are what does what does the What does Kaaba symbolizes, symbolizes.

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There are certain landmarks Allah Tala has kept in this world, which reminds us of Allah Tala.

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And the greatest landmark that reminds us of Allah Tala is the Kaaba and Baitullah.

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In our group is a person who was very, very anxious and eager to see the cover and said first time I'm coming. I've never come to human formula. So afterwards, I asked him, I said, How was the experience? And he said, I can't explain it. It's absolutely amazing.

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Just when you first time you see the cover and how do you feel?

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There's nothing that can remind you of a Latina the way the cover is, it's a small cube building. But the moment you see to this heart is attached to Allah subhanaw taala. And then it carries on. Sometimes you hear in every particular ritual, it is out of love of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala.

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In the Ultimate is that if primally salat wa salam

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The sweat of the ladies are they they can you properly anyone can just find out.

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And if reminiscient was salam wanted to sacrifice his one and only Son by the command and behest of Almighty Allah shaytan tried to come and intervene How could he see such an act of submission such an act of love such an act of great sacrifice? So he tried to intervene shaytan took us I mean, even Imani syrup was salam removed cheetah took the belts and took the stones and he felt the cheetah and seven times and we will also emulate that

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which tells you Oh Allah anything that comes between me and you anything that comes between us and the love of yours Allah Tala, we will remove it we won't allow it to come

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Subhanallah so everything symbolizes it revolves around the love of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala then the second point, today we're just starting from keep it maybe we can maybe have an interactive discussion, keep it informal after this Inshallah, the second portion that I would like to say is if ever there is an Ibaadat which teaches us submission, it is such to do things solely because of command of Allah Tala and sometimes it's very important for us you know, we sometimes we are in this world we like to look at logic, we like to look at ways our benefit you know, higher in this how much benefit there is, how much how much of

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financial benefit there is raised my benefit to things not out of not out of intellect not sometimes you have to logically do it because the commander of Allah Tala and you are sacrificing yourself, you are doing it because the commander,

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we become materialistic, very materialistic.

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You see, one person was

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you know, sitting with a bit despondent, so the Imam one of the estimates of what happened now why

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is it one of the you know, what happened now, nowadays, you know, many of you some of us, not all of us, but many of us come from India nowadays is a there's a whole aspect of people selling the land in India. So people are selling the lens so he said Mona you know, what actually happened? Just about a couple of years back my grandfather passed away and after he passed away we came to know that is his land was there in India and he sold the land for a couple of million and we got the money from them.

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So we said okay, so why are you despondent now? What money you got money in the fire grandfather's name was sold. We said no, even after that, my maternal side my Nana's

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mama do they have this mama she passed away and he also the head lady was busy and that land got sold I got we got a couple 100,000

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Why would a sporting event is it this year do a date

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this is how we have we only look at benefit came out our transaction we got this way we're gonna benefit now we see but there are certain things you do not because of animal you don't do a logic no cold calculated logic. It's because you are saying about Allah Allah says we do it. We doing it and I encourage the way it the way it is it has nowhere else. See we run between we go between suffer miroir

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and we all know the origin of it. It's amazing. The origin of it comes from a woman.

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We all emulating a woman and what an amazing woman as an Hajra mentioned is made

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that when you borrow money salat wa salam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala darling, take your book from Canon first. If every salat wa salam migrated from Iraq

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porfa I went over, it's an amazing place, you just feel a very deep sense of tranquillity is now in in in Turkey.

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So there you see the place where you primarily salatu salam, then he went to came to canal canal is in Palestine, near material AXA from the Kenya he brought his wife agile, and he brought the smiley salat wa salam, the father of the Arabs.

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So when he came here, he left, he just left them here, and he walked away a laboratory leave your son, leave your wife and leave.

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Now you can imagine a young woman

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with a small child left in a desert, no food, no vegetation, not even a drop of water anywhere where you can see.

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And she obviously was worried and she said, Where are you leaving us here? Are you leaving us here in this particular place? Where are you leaving us? And he privately said

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That was amazing once the Command of Allah Tala didn't care if anything else, continued working. The only one thing she managed to get from him was, she asked and said, Are you going because Allah commanded you? And he replied, Yes in affirmative.

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And she said that Allah will take care of us. She was also such a woman. What an amazing woman she was. Thank you. Bramalea Salam went across the dunes, and he recited this dua which Allah has made mentioned in Surah Ibrahim

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Surah Ibrahim in the 13th supera Robina India's consuming Reethi b word theory these are

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all I left my wife and child in a place ready these are in no vegetation. But I used to teach so in the basical Muharram because it is your sacred house Robina up Musala Oh ALLAH to establish solid and when I look at this the second portion of the device even more amazing

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fudge II that the minute nurse he thought we leave Oh ALLAH inclined the hearts of people towards this place.

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Oh Allah in plain the hearts of people towards this place. Then the attention of people to this place and you think yeah Allah here we come 3 million people. The God stop you, you can go there but you still come because Allah has kept an attraction here

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for a determiner NASA will not turn the attention of people towards the space. He primarily surrounds working through how many here use You see Allah you will even sometimes you hear people saying that you know the amount of money they charge somewhere else you won't be that paid because it

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costs 200,000 150,000 200,000 for you to eat because maca and why? Why money salami do our Latin the hearts of people to this place.

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So you spend you see nevermind Let's spin. It's once in a lifetime. We don't might not be spared it is how much we bring to the Kaaba. We'll get to the beach

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for just a few minutes, so we'll let 10 People in the via cream sauce will make dua for Medina also.

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They'll be a cream sauce Simpson Oh ALLAH. Ibrahim Ali Salam made dua for maca to turn the people's heart towards Mecca Allah give double baraka to Madina Munawwara also turn the hearts of people towards Medina how do we feel when we're in Medina?

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I don't need to say we all know how we feel. This is the this is the Mubarak the the attraction of this place because the dwelve the Amelia who said that was set up for January for the terminal nurse it that way. So we I was making eventually salat wa salam made this dua for the community the Maratona give them food to eat, and nothing grows in Makkah but no one ever that it no dies of hunger

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every time we get food a letter as further a grace is reminiscent of Islam is worth. So now he left and what I'm trying to say and proving to you how we do things out of submission. So now when she didn't get and she was worried about Israel Islam there was no water to see started running between the amount of Safa and Marwa and one portion started running she was like anxious going from one place. There's one portion that she was running because she couldn't see similarly salaam who she had placed at a particular juncture, particular place and the location she couldn't see a smile so she ran between the what is known as made miscellany of milling after the green lights. Right. So

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there she couldn't see smiling so she ran and she was running helter skelter because there is no world where can we find water here? There is no water here. She runs the site. Then all of a sudden she sees water gushing out

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and she goes down she sees the water and said some exam Stop stop to preserve the water. And since that time it has been Kashi

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since that time, how many 1000s of years have gone to digital caching. The point I'm making is this. You sometimes think that you are emulating Hajer

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emulating as she ran because there's no water

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here you running while you're running these water.

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way we produce maroon is water everywhere. After every 100 meters there is over have some some checks, containers while you're doing it, as you're emulating it. There was no water when she was running while you run via cream sauce from tourism was around. So we're doing it submission to Allah Tala and this is the main aspect with regard to Islam is to submit to Allah sometimes you

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understand the logic sometimes you don't understand. But Allah Allah told us we doing it. Allah will reward us with

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Ramadan salatu salam associated. So he felt the cheetah associated in front of him. We don't see shaitan

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and but we still felt why because the following we submitted so Imam Ghazali Rahula if you put almost every woman was a great scholar, anyone wasn't read some of these things we don't read enough today. We read all you know, tick tock, tick tock read only three nowadays there's no there is no academic depth within us. I don't like to read about things. We have a culture of reading appreciating.

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So Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah Lee writes, he says that, If anytime someone, you know, puts it in your mind or it comes to your mind citta Shaytan was being pelted by Prime Minister and because he was in front of the Prime Minister, here, I can't see it.

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He said that has been put in your mind by shaytan to weaken your resolve to humiliate and disgrace him, because nothing can disgrace him more, that you are people doing something solely out of submission. Nothing is racism more, they doing it because Allah Allah told us they were doing it therefore we're doing it. So many beautiful things submission the whole year. You are supposed to read salat on time in the Sonata conical mini Nikita Makuta Salat upon the appointed time is decreed to Allah subhanaw taala. Now you will think that on the most Mubarak can bless a day of the year they have Arafat, we must read numbers on time.

00:26:48--> 00:27:00

Everyone will say if reading salat on time is such an important thing to do verify you must read numbers on time now here on Arafat if you read Marguerite one time we have converting a Buddha

00:27:01--> 00:27:14

to committing a sin so there will never be a cream so Salam was how many times the Sahaba said yeah Rasulullah What about Muslims? What about Muslim see no Muslim trees in front? Today we don't read more about that.

00:27:15--> 00:27:51

Even if you come to Moose deliver and it is Muslim time to see you come some or the other you come early to Mustafa and it's still time for Mercury you don't read mercury will tell you wait for Isha then you read Mercury isa time why because that is submission. When Allah told us to read now was on time we didn't know was on time and another light told us no today you didn't it wasn't time to read microfiche attack. We do it. So Hutch teaches us submission to Allah Tala and once we get that right, then you can submit everything you can submit your desires.

00:27:52--> 00:27:57

Desires tell you I must do something like you know in this particular line, something immoral.

00:27:59--> 00:28:03

I have to submit my desires to another US command now you're

00:28:04--> 00:28:29

gonna imagine to me, none of who is a believer until he is subject to his desires to the teachings of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now wherever the resources to important most beautiful virtues and wisdoms of of Hajj. So, there's many others, I think let us leave it at this particular juncture on these two today. And if there's any questions anyone has with regard to any aspect of

00:28:30--> 00:28:44

the inner dimension the unit itself with regard to hedge we can discuss it otherwise, inshallah we will go every day we will will to discuss something and if there is anything you want me to discuss, we can even show that I had in mind that tomorrow, we discussed about draft

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because I think everyone now you know we read so much at RFR you must make dua we read it in the via cream sauce and make dua for several hours.

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I would work we read we make even all the things we will ask me five minutes when we finish

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are you going to make

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this way they gave you his Buddhism think that this will ask them and go through it and read that see the translation inshallah at least once a year on the Day of Arafah read his will as from cover to cover, study the meanings of you can read it Inshallah, what are we going to do on Darfur from that particular date is always Icarus current law that we must make. So we will speak a little bit about why inshallah tomorrow and then as we go along with speaker was the five days any any questions, anything else, any other other dimensions, anything else you want us to be discussing?

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I suppose everyone wants to know about the finer details about the five days and inshallah inshallah we'll come to that. Okay, so other layers 100 Swannack. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. coulda, shoulda woulda in Ireland and I still feel Kuwana

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