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AI: Summary © The importance of the soul in Islam is emphasized, along with the need for creative practice and face-to-face learning. The "overwhelming power" of Allah Sub hang wa taala is also discussed, including the creation of Adam on his sheep. The history of the Bible and the implementation of Islam are also discussed, along with the creation of Adam and Eve. The "will" in Islam is used, along with the history of the spiritual world and the implementation of Islam.
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Lord about the earthen sky who knows all the answers to why there is only one God.

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Why not? Let him in surely fusina woman say Dr. Molina manga de la hufa la medalla woman yo little fella her the Allah wa shadow Allah Illa in La la la la la sharika what a shadow anessa Donna one Avi Vienna Mohammedan Abdullah what a solo brothers and sisters in Islam as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome, again, to the best of stories from the Quran. The last episode, we talked about the process of the creation of Adam alayhis salaam, until Adam finally came into existence, when Allah subhanho wa Taala breathed

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the soul into him. Brothers and sisters in Islam, before we carry on talking about what happened to Adam, afterwards, there are some things that I need to share with you.

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I was unable the last episode to bring the idea of the importance of the soul across the you because of the time

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I mentioned in the last episode, that Adam alayhis salam, without the soul, he was just a piece of dirt. Simply.

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The soul is what gives you life. And this is something that a lot of people are unaware of brothers and sisters in Islam, that the soul needs nutrition, exactly like the body. For example, in order to nourish your body, you eat you drink, that is how you keep that body alive. But what you need to understand brothers and sisters in Islam, that your soul also needs nourishment. And you know, what is the nourishment of the soul? Is the guidance is Islam is submission to Allah subhana wa tada visa in Bukhari, Hadith Abu Salah Shari Arabic Allah one, Karla Salalah Holly who was on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, method lady Kuru

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Kuru raba who cannot

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get the likeness of the person who remembers Allah who submits to Allah and establishes the Salah, pays desica fasts and does all the acts of worship and the one who does not is like the living and the dead. The Hadith here brothers and sisters in Islam is not talking about the life of the buddy. No, the hobby is talking about the life of the soul, that Allah Subhana Allah breathed in you, Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran says addressing the believers

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are Johan de nostalgie wulin.

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Rush only the Lima come, oh you believe, respond to Allah. respond to the messenger. implement what they commanded you because this will give you a life. Take care of yourself souls, brothers and sisters in Islam. You can eat as much as you want, but this will not get to the soul. You can drink as much as you want, but this is not going to nourish the soul. What will nourish the soul is Salah is Zakah is fasting, recitation of the Quran pondering upon the Quran. Acting righteously enjoining good, forbidding evil, being beautiful to the parents and on and on and on brothers and sisters in Islam. Very quickly, before I move on, be aware that Satan the enemy, that's one enemy of the human

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race of the human beings, has already introduced some substance into this world, which can help your souls for a little while, but it had these substance they have devastating consequences or side effects. You know what I'm talking about? I'm talking about

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alcohol. That is why they call it spiritual drinks. Yes, it makes you high for a while, but it will destroy you at the end. I'm talking about drugs, marijuana, I'm talking about substance such as heroin, cocaine, Max, all that stuff was the introduction was the invention of shaitan of Satan. It helps your soul for a little bit, but it will destroy you. Like the, you know, you heard about that mad cow disease. You know why these cows ended up with the mad cow disease? You know why? Because they they were feeding them chemicals, the wrong substance, the same exact thing. If you nourish that soul with the wrong substance, you're going to end up with an ad cow, mad cow disease, brothers

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and sisters and it's not. The second thing before I carry on talking about Adam. There is a hadith out there that a lot of Muslims are confused about which is what in Allahu Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah subhana wa Taala created Adam on his sheep, they actually understand this hadith based on what some of the understanding of the people of the book that our shape is the shape of Allah Subhana Allah have we seen Allah? We cannot say that no, what is meant in this hadith brothers and sisters in Islam and the Muslim the Hadith is authentic. But you need to understand this is the understanding of the People of the Book in the Old Testament, that's what they teach that Allah subhana wa tada has our shape. Know, Allah subhanaw taala created Adam on his shape, that means what Adam did not go the stages that we go through as his offspring, Adam was created on his adult for

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the actual form, Adam was fashion molded and then stood up. So that was the shape which is 60 there are 60 arm limbs

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are linked, and so on. So but Adam and Eve Sarah did not go through the stages of creation and that is what is meant in this valley. Number three,

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the overwhelming power of Allah subhanho wa Taala once it comes to creation, look at this. Allah subhana wa Taala created Adam without a father or a mother, Allah Subhana Allah created his wife from Adam, meaning from a father when order Susilo law, Officer Muslim told us that in Allahu Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala created the need of Adam, however, from Allah from Adam. So then, the wife of Adam was created from Adam, leading from a father and not from my mother, look, Prophet esala his setup was created from a mother without a father and me and you we are made from a father and a mother

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in Amman, who is she and Nicola who confess This is the Lord that He was able to do everything and that is why the Christian they say that Allah has a son why what Allah has ascendancy because they tell you that he did not, did not have fun. What about Adam in his in the law he karma Tony

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hada, whom in

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some Toma Kala buku fire Khun, indeed the likeness of Asia, Ali Salam with Allah is at like Adam, He created him from clay and he commanded him to be so he was brothers and sisters in Islam. Another thing before we carry on, there is a beautiful Hadith, the Muslim ultimate Hadith any symptomatic of your loved one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, When Allah subhanho wa Taala was going through the process of the creation of Adam, which is water than clay, then mud and on and on and on. As a police. Satan was there already and we know we're going to find out that Satan has already a sworn animosity with us and also

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said that Satan kept going around Adam, when he was just clay laying down in the ground laying down he's not a human being yet no soul in him yet Allah did not read the soul in him yet. And then he found out that Adam has a lot of hollows a lot of holes inside. And then he said in the head a hallelujah Temasek it will be an easy to deceive and easy to basically take a stray But Satan was not aware that Allah Subhana Allah will breathe into him his soul and that is what gives you strength in fighting Satan. Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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After Allah subhanho wa Taala created Adam

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and he breathed the soul in him and this hadith Sahih

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Hadith and signa Malik of your loved one, when Allah subhanaw taala breathed the soul

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In Adam,

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the the soul went through his head, then his knees. Adam sneezed, and he immediately said Alhamdulillah you know what Allah subhanaw taala told Adam, he told him, your Habu comma, your Allah. Can you imagine? Subhan Allah, the first thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala told our Adam, I will have mercy on you. Allah subhanaw taala ni da da, da, and actually became a rasulillah salam actually needed a right of a Muslim and another Muslim, Muslim. Allah rhodiola one, that was Allah, Allah, Allah mentioned six rights of the Muslim aboon another Muslims, one of them, especially if your brother in Islam, sneezes, and he says that hamdulillah it is right upon you to tell your

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brother your honkala and then you answered him by saying Yeah, de como la who was like that

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have shared from this ad that He is Allah Subhana Allah is telling Adam alayhis salam, your honkala This is how much merciful Allah subhanho wa Taala is with us brothers and sisters in Islam, who are heme, Yana Subhana. Allah, people, the children of Adam, who believe in Allah deny Allah disbelieve in Allah and he still provides for them. He still provides for them

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dunya he's almost for his own merciful to the people in this world. There are any disbelievers he still give them good help this believers in him, he still provide for them food and everything. He He is so merciful with us, brothers and sisters in Islam, but he will be more be more merciful with the believers. And he will be the Rahim. The compassionate to the believers in the day for the Russian brothers and sisters in Islam. Also, Allah Subhana Allah Allah commanded Adam alayhis salam and this Hadith, Muslim Avi Allah beautiful Hadith that I will share with you commanded Adam to go and say to the angels of God, he stood up, go and say to the angels As salam, O Allah,

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can you imagine? So the first two words that came out of the mouth of animals was Alhamdulillah and peace, All Praise be to Allah for creating me say hamdulillah be grateful. Number two is As salam alaikum

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Adam went to the angels and he told them Assalamu alaikum the angels answered by saying, while eco mussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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then Adam returned to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he told him, Oh Allah, they told me I told them Salaam, Allah and Allah knows best. What what what happened? And they told me why consola moto moto moto barakato then Allah subhanho wa Taala told Adam alayhis salaam, this will be the greeting of your offspring, your greeting and the greeting of your offspring. And it will be the greeting of those who will go to Jenna as well. Peace, peace, peace, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala

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told Adam, that this will be the greeting of your offspring. Adam asked, Who is my offspring?

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Lord about the earthen sky who knows all the answers to why there is only one God

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