Yusha Evans – Understanding Gods Mercy

Yusha Evans
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sha Allah to Allah, I'll be short and sweet, because this is a day of celebration. This is a day of Mubarak for us, and I want you to enjoy it. But I want you to remember something about this day we're loving, this is a day. That is like no other days.

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we are in the most blessed days, where Allah subhanho wa Taala extends his grace in his favor to his creation.

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What lahia grace in a favor that were we not to have it we would all be destroyed. Not a single one of us would ever achieve salvation without the grace that Allah extends to his creation in these days that we have just passed.

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And it culminated with the great day

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of Yama, Allah Allah for us yesterday young will hedge

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on the day where Allah azza wa jal

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descends near his to his creation in a manner that benefits his majesty and glory,

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according to the rules of the law.

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And he looks upon the judge standing on the plane Avada and he questions the inhabitants of the lowest heaven. And he asks, Who are these people that have come to this place in this map fashion, naked, dirty, disheveled? They've been through so much hardship and turmoil just to get here? Why have they come to this place? And the angels will respond?

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Yeah, Allah they have come to this place to ask you, they have come to this place only to ask you.

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And of course we can make anywhere the whole earth has been made a mustard for us, we can make door anytime accepted the places that is prohibited in bathrooms and such you know that, but Allah, Allah will ask the inhabitants that have been which he knows best. What are they asking? What would cause them to go through all of this, to come to this place to ask me

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they will say your Allah, they are here to ask you for your forgiveness. They've come through all of this, they've gone through all of this hardship, all of Hajj is leading to arafa everything you're doing from the camera to the modality for everything is leading you data. For those of us who have made Hajj

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and Allah will say to those angels bear witness on this day, I have forgiven everyone who is asking of me,

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I have forgiven them all.

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And one Angel will step forward and say yeah, Allah, yes, but there is one amongst them. He is a faucet. He's a rebellious disobedience sinner. He just happened to get to this place by chance. Maybe he saw everyone going one direction he decided I'm going to go to

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a law will say, be a witness that I have forgiven him to. That's the greatness of that day, the greatness of that place. The greatness of that dress rehearsal piano.

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We have really and truly past the most beautiful of these were our last things, the greatest favorite to us. But I'm going to tell you only one story today. And this will sum up everything. This was some of this entire day. This was some of the reason that we're here today.

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The reason Abraham Alayhi Salam was willing to follow the commands of Allah

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and sacrifice his own son, he was willing to do it.

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There's only one reason we do anything for the sake of Allah azza wa jal.

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There was a conversation that took place long before any of us ever existed. A conversation that took place before any thing known as an insane existed. There was a conversation that took place, and a lot of records it for us and so to Bopara, at the very beginning, at the very beginning when you get to verse 30. When you get to Ayah 30. Allah azza wa jal

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says something very beautiful. It says in Surah Baqarah verse 30, that Allah sent to the angels in Ninja I don't fill out of the halifa there indeed I am going to place on earth afenifere

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Indeed, I am going to place on earth advice gerrant a representative

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a successive leadership on Earth, Khalifa allow us a very beautiful word when describing the first of us in Nigeria I don't feel out of the halifa

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now the angels

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already knew what this insanity would be about.

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Allah already knew what this Khalifa was going to be all about. Because the angels asked the law, our Lord, would you place one in it to cause mischief and ship bloods, while we celebrate your praises day and night,

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now the angels newest and they knew us very well.

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They knew that that Khalifa that Allah was going to place on Earth, what came out of it would cause mischief. And we have fulfilled that role. Increasingly, every single generation, we've gotten worse.

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And they will shed blood will law here wasn't one generation had not passed to the very sons of that shed bloods.

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So panela, they knew us, they knew as well.

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So they asked a lot, a very rational question. If you want to be praised Allah, we praise you. If you want to be glorified and magnified, we do that. And we never fail in it. And we never cease to do it. And we do it the most perfect of anything Do you have created?

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A large response to them

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was not to give them reasoning, or to explain to them what he was creating a way he was creating it. He just responded by saying, I know what you don't know. I know what you don't know.

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So he created that Salif, Adam alayhis salam. And he placed him in the garden with his wife Eve. And he placed in that garden a tree.

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And he told them, eat from anything, have enjoyed this genda all of it is yours, except this tree. Just don't touch it. This one tree, don't touch it.

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Now, we all know Allah already knew before even putting the tree in gender, they were gonna touch it. He knew before placing them in January, they were gonna touch it. He knew before creating anything, they were gonna touch it, he knew what was going to be the end result of this situation in London.

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So what did they do? They disobeyed. And they did that which they were told not to do and a lot told them you have to get down from here. You have to get down from here to get back to this place, you're gonna have to work for it. Now you're gonna have to work. And then a law reminded them

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that they will come from me guidance after this point now, and whosoever follows that guidance will be alright. And whosoever dissuades from that guidance, there will be losers. But the real beautiful part of this story

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is the solution that Allah azza wa jal gave them to the problem that they faced of disobeying their Lord.

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Allah says, we taught them some words, we taught them some words, to say to us,

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our Lord, we have indeed wrong their own soul. If you do not forgive us, and have mercy on us, indeed, we will be one of the losers. This is the lesson from the story but resistance. This is the lesson from the story. Because you have to understand your

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life is not about whether you will make a mistake or not. The mistake is guaranteed. The mistake is guaranteed from the very beginning. The moment you were born, you are guaranteed to make mistakes. The sin is known. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam said, every son of Adam sins, every son of Adam sins, all of you. And there's not a person in here blameless from sin, not a person. But you know what's so beautiful, that if we had no sin, then days like this wouldn't be so beautiful. days like yesterday wouldn't be so beautiful month like Ramadan wouldn't be so beautiful. Salah wouldn't mean so much. I wouldn't be so gracious. The idea that we make wouldn't mean anything. If the sin

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wasn't there.

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It life is not about whether you will make the mistake or not. Life is about what you're going to do with the mistake. Life is all about how you will deal with the mistakes that you are guaranteed to make.

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Because it's guaranteed you're going to do it.

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You see, every religion in the world

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has tried.

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Ever since mankind started to deviate from the right path. religions have come about in an attempt to solve this problem. Every religion has tried to solve this problem. Christianity has tried to solve this problem. What do we do with the mistake?

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Well, it can't be forgiven outright. So somebody else has to take it. Hinduism has tried to fix this mistake. Or if they've tried to clarify this vision. What do we do a mistake? Well, you just live another life if you try to fix it in that life. Every religion has tried to solve this problem. We will make mistakes. So what do we do?

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Islam has the most simple and beautiful solution.

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The most simple and beautiful solution.

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Our Lord we have indeed wrong their own souls. If you don't forgive us and have mercy on us, indeed, we will be one of the losers. Because I know I'm going to send a probably send before I got here and I'll pipes in after I leave here today, I'm going to make a mistake, it's guaranteed. But what am I going to do with the mistake? You think shavon did not know you're going to make a mistake. Absolutely.

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He doesn't beat you by getting you to make a mistake. Because that's guaranteed. He beats you by keeping you from fixing the mistake, but alarm bell, he keeps you from fixing the mistakes that you make. He keeps you from apologizing to the brother that you wronged or the sister that you're wrong. He keeps you from repenting to your Lord whom you have sinned against. He keeps you from getting up and fixing yourself and going on and being a better Muslim today than you were yesterday and trying to be a better Muslim tomorrow than you were today. This is Satan's game with you, to keep you wallowing in the sin to keep you focused on the mistake that if you make a mistake, I can't fix it.

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I've made two mistakes, five mistakes, 10 mistakes, I've made a million mistakes. I've been on the wrong road for so long. Now. There's no way I can get back. See, that's the whole game the shaitaan loves to play with you. because let me tell you something brothers and sisters, as long as you are living and breathing, as long as you are living and breathing, there's a chance for you, there is a chance for you.

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The only time there is no chance for you is on three occasions. Number one you've committed outright blatant open Sherk. And very few Muslims would do that. Without ignorance, knowingly, you know, without a shadow of a doubt you're committing ship. Number two, your soul has reached your throat, meaning that death is coming to you imminently. You are on the footstep of death after that is too late. And number three, the major signs of the Day of Judgment such as the sun rising from the west, the dub coming from the earth, all of these things that haven't happened yet. If these things happen, then you tell but it's too late. But until that moment, today, you have a chance to fix the

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problem. Today, you have a chance to fix every single mistake you've ever made. Every single thing you've ever done can go away today. Today, it can go away big, small, everything in between can be solved with this one solution. My Lord, I have indeed wrong my own soul. If you don't forgive me, and have mercy upon me, I will surely be one of the losers. So panela that's what this day is about.

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That's what it's all about. That's the sacrifice that Abraham and Abraham was willing to make. He was willing to do whatever Allah asked him to do, as long as the law was willing to forgive them. Yeah, as long as you're willing to have mercy on me and my son, whatever you asked me to do, I'll do it doesn't matter your minute sacrifice my own self, just tell me, I will do it.

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This is the attitude that a lot needs to fix what's in here, he needs that attitude that you willing to do whatever it takes to fix my relationship with my room to fix my relationship with my brother, or my sister, or my father or my mother or my brother or my children are my parents. If you willing to do whatever it takes, then you will find a Rob who is enough for him. You will find a lord who is loving and what he loves and he loves for you to come back to him. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said every son of Adam sins, but the best of those who sin are those who repent, every son of Adam sins, but the best of those who sin of those who repent of who they are, that was actually welcome

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First of

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all, hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam, O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Allah, he was a big man in Medina Toby Sani Illa yummy Deen wash, la la la wahoo la sharika. Wash Mohammedan Abu rasuluh Ramadan.

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So brothers and sisters, very simple. Today is your day to fix everything. Today is your day. Don't wait till tomorrow. Don't wait till next week. Don't wait till next year. Fix it today. Fix it today. Today is the chance that Allah has given you. You woke up this morning living and breathing with Islam in your heart. Fix your relationship with a lot today. Don't wait. Do not wait. And let me tell you this one last final thing.

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There was a reason why Allah told the angels. I know what you don't know. I know what you don't know. Because yes, the angel said we can praise you day and night perfectly flawlessly, seamlessly without mistake

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and allows praises

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be sung for eternity by him.

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Allows Granger in power could be known by the heavens and earth and that which He has created. The very dynamics of allows creation, prove everything about Allah as Magellan he can be glorified and magnified through them. But you know what?

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They are some things about Allah that He wanted known. There are some attributes of Allah azza wa jal that he wanted known.

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And there was only one way they could be known.

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That was if Allah created a creation that had the choice to obey Him or disobey Him, and then they would disobey Him, all of them, would disobey Him. But amongst those who disobeyed him would be some who would return to Him and repent to him and asked him to forgive them, and he would forgive them, then a lot could show that not only is he a wee, but he is elegant for, not only could he show that his teeth, but he could show that he is he's, he's

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a rough man, he can show that he is.

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You see, these powerful attributes of Allah are shown through you. Brothers and sisters, Allah shows how merciful he is by how he deals with you. Allah shows how powerful he is. And the fact that he is so powerful that he can punish you for your sin, but he forgives you. This is the real power that we show the world of our Lord, that yes, I commit mistakes. But I can fix them with my Lord, because yes, he is swift and justice. He is for mighty, he is powerful, but he is forgiving. And he'd said about himself. My anger, My Mercy, will always overcome my anger, my mercy will always overcome my anger. And I give you two final small snippets to remind you of this. And then I'll give you a few

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announcements and we'll have a beautiful weekend in sha Allah to Allah.

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There are two narrations from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, one of them is good and one of them is more good. They're both about animal wave some of the information of the unseen that on the Day of Judgment.

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On the day of judgment, there would be a person who is being dragged into *, he's being dragged to *. The angels are carrying them away to throw him in the fire. And Hellfire itself will pull back from that person. Hellfire itself will pull back from that person and alone will ask him what is wrong with you? What is wrong with you that you pull back? And Hellfire will say My Lord, He is seeking refuge with you from me.

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He is seeking refuge in You from me. And Allah will say then release my slave, release my slave and let him go free. And there'll be another person being dragged to * about to be thrown into the fire. And this person will say to Allah, my Lord, I never expected this from you. My Lord, I never expected this from you. When a bold statement, and Allah will ask my slave,

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what did you expect from me? You did all of this. You committed the sin. You had the choice, you made the mistakes, what did you expect from me.

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And that person will say I expected that your mercy could even reach someone like me. I expected that your mercy could even reach someone like me. And Allah will say, let my slave go free. Let my slave go free. You have to understand brothers and sisters a lot created you to live in gentlemen, He created you to reside in paradise that what that is what you were created for, to praise him endlessly and gentlemen, and to get the bounties that he created you to get. But that choice has not been put in your hands. That choice has now been made to you. Jenna is not something that a lot gives you. It doesn't give you it is a choice that you make. It is a choice that you make. If you go

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to *, you walk into * with your eyes wide open. And if you go to Jenna, it is because you have met a lord who is forgiving, and you have sought that forgiveness. And you have done something in this life to make that forgiveness worthy. So it's all in your hands. So figure out today what you want to do in sha Allah to Allah with the rest of your life, because the rest of your life starts right now. I don't care what you did yesterday, last week, last month last year. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life. If you want to fix it now fix it today. In sha Allah Allah you will find out who is forgiving, who is merciful, who is loving, who is forbearance, who is patient

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with you, and who will love to give you gentlemen if you only ask him for it. Now

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insha Allah Allah, it's my pleasure to be with here all weekend. And I have to say Dakota Hayden, thank you for allowing me to come be in this beautiful community again for the third time as the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam Salah yes

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Aloha mandla is Chronos that whoever does not think that people he doesn't think Allah, so I'm very thankful even though my flight was canceled, I didn't think I was gonna make it but I drove 14 hours last night I literally got here two hours ago to be here with you today because I do love this community

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tomorrow in sha Allah to Allah and I will be doing the clipper for jumaane Sharma tomorrow at 3:45pm there's a fit of that workshop. For those who want to I'm not going to make you a daddy in a couple of hours, it just can't happen. But for those of you who want to get a taste of what that one may be about, and so that maybe you can go on to further your studies and our and maybe I can come back and further present these topics and present this course in a detailed manner. Then come tomorrow at 345 in theater number nine, and we will do a crash course and sick of the hour and sick of calling people to alarm calling other people to this beautiful way of life called Islam telling those people

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outside who have never been in this building what this religion is all about. So if that is something that interests you, which it should interest you because it is a command from Allah. odo lsvt revocable hikma then come to theater nine at 3:45pm tomorrow, and then among them Salah we will be having a community dinner and barbecue celebrating this wonderful days of either in sha Allah so come tomorrow for the workshop and then stay for the barbecue and the dinner in sha Allah. Remember, the prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said that the Muslims have a dying to AIDS, a dying, that's it to ease it will fit through a lot Ha.

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We are not allowed, as I said in the football, the worst of affairs of that what you put into this religion and every one of them is a bit there. And every bit dies of a wallet and every dollar goes into the fire every misguidance goes astray. So please, parents, protect your children from this fitness facade is going on outside these other holidays, because I'm guaranteeing you have done the research. I've been around born and raised right here. Actually about an hour from here if you want to be specific. All of these holidays have nothing at their core, but even nothing at their core but shaitaan and his attempt and his deceit at shirk. So please keep your children from these things,

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protect them from them. Let them know that we have something better as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam when he came to Medina, they were celebrating some holidays that the Jews were celebrating the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said Allah has replaced those days with better days. He's replaced those days with better days and you only have two of them. inshallah, so please keep our children from this fitness facade that's coming on, especially the one that's coming up in a few days in sha Allah. Also, please make a donation and support this machine. This is a new Masjid is a new center, that it is in its infancy still, please support your Islamic center with whatever you can, this is

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your home. This is your responsibility. This master is not the responsibility of the Board of Trustees. Let me tell you that right now. Because nobody owns a machine. A master is a walk for Allah azza wa jal, it belongs to Allah. And it is only in the hands of those who will care take for it according to the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So that's your responsibility to care take for this beautiful center that you have and make a shining honor for Islam here in Tennessee inshallah, to Allah. Also early voting and started so get out and exercise your right to vote. One thing I will say, I don't get into the whole voting thing too much. But one

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thing George Washington said very clearly,

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that freedom of speech is a is a right. It is an inalienable rights that are loved, that humanity has here in this country. And he said, the moment you lose that freedom of speech, you will be led like sheep to the slaughter. This is coming from the very first president of this of this country that you are now residing in, that once you lose your freedom of speech, you will be led blind, like sheep to the slaughter. So exercise the rights that you have been given under this constitution, exercise them well, to speak up to say the truth to do the right thing, and to be active in your community. Because if you're not active in your community, then you can't complain about what

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happens in it in sha Allah. And lastly, as everyone knows, when I come here,

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I always bring my DVDs for that hour. And I produce these DVDs over many, many years, many, many years, I've been producing these DVDs. And these DVDs are for two reasons for you to learn how to give that will properly. So you learn how to tell people about Islam because not everyone has the best arguments. And this is something that I have chosen as a profession. I'm not good at it. But maybe I can help you with something. And they are for you to give to people. Maybe some people say I don't know how to open my mouth about Islam. Well, then you can get one of those DVDs and hand it to your neighbor, your coworker or your friend and they can do their own research about Islam and

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whoever they're going to contact they're going to contact me because my name and numbers all over those DVDs for some reason. I don't know how that happened, but I'm living with it now. Insha Allah to Allah, and people are coming to Islam regularly because of these DVDs, and they're on all aspects of religion, on atheism on Hinduism on Christianity.

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On on the the the misconceptions about Islam, there are some for your children telling them about Hellfire telling them about Jenna telling them about Philip. So please the table is right outside this main entrance, please go out and get them they only cost $10 which is very little for a professional DVD. But that's the only way I can keep making them and keep spreading them out and keep sending them we've spent over 100,000 of them in the past five years 100,000 of them have been given out all over the United States in the world. So please come and support that project right outside on the table in sha Allah and I look forward to seeing you all at salon tomorrow. If not, I

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will see you all tomorrow. But tonight, the program for tonight has been canceled. canceled tonight that one that is after motive has been canceled. Another reason I'm going to tell you, I'm going to accept the responsibility because I've been driving for 14 hours and I will probably will not sleep till after drama. And that will be about all that I have left. So in short, I'll see you all tomorrow, bright and early after jumaane Sharma Dr. Hayden.

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There's also some more announcements so stay please Samadhi como Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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