Sajid Umar – Having High Aspirations Part 2 Making Our Mark UK Tour

‘Having High Aspirations’ was the Third installment in the ‘Making Our Mark’ Lecture tour in the UK, presented by Sheikh Sajid Umar.
‘Having High Aspirations’ was a talk done in Cardiff-UK.

When you ask Allah for Jannah, then ask for the highest Jannah …

This inspirational lecture spoke on the importance of aiming for the best in whatever we do, for being the best is a trait of the believer and excellence in all that we do is a minimum requirement. Sheikh Sajid advises towards being a person of substance and that we ‘aspire to inspire’ in all that we do.

Part 2 from ‘Having High Aspirations’ in the Making Our Mark UK Tour series, focuses on how to make their aspirations a reality and bench-marking ourselves against the earliest and best of generations – Sahaba Radi Allahu anhum ajma’een.


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