Ebrahim Bham – The making of an Ummah

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the oma, a protein that has caused embarrassment and weakness in the military community. They also touch on the benefits of the oma, including its ability to remove false and weaknesses in front of the army, and its potential to make people focused on one goal and not others. The speakers emphasize the importance of rectifying business deeds and bringing people together to achieve their goals, emphasizing the need for common understanding and using different skill sets. They also mention the importance of bringing people into Islam's homes to improve the sense of peace and the well-being of the people.
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Alhamdulillah he Allah healed me by the enemy

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of we Eva

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was salat wa salam O Allah said in ambia he was more serene.

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He was heavy, was seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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a mavado for the Villa

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de rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Kwan Tomohiro Mateen aqui, Jacqueline

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said a colloquialism.

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My dear respected elders and brothers,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the ayah, which I recited it said,

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we have made you the best of

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the best Omar that Allah subhanho wa Taala has created is the oma of our beloved nivia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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in Jammu tirmidhi there is a hadith that Nivea cream sauce alum when he recited this higher

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he on this commentated by saying

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and 230 Muna Sabina who mutton and Accra Moo ha ha. You are the culmination of many moments and you are the most honorable

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and you are the most virtuous of all other humans.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has made this one my such

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this oma comes last.

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But despite being the last of whom much would be the first to be resurrected or wellness of origin either a body through well as Baku hulan Hillel Jana, despite being the last will be the first to enter into Jenna, the first word Sirat the first to receive rewards from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And by coming large, there are many other virtues also the one virtue is

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that when Allah brought us as the last of whom

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Allah will not reveal our shortcomings in front of any other omens. Allah will not reveal our shortcomings in front of any other woman. So we know from the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us about the shortcomings of the previous wilmots whaler Medina homeshare eva Kalia comida la Mola Camila Hina Pharaoh

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kusumi Kiana what will mazon remember the time when srivalli Salatu was Salam tolon to his people do not cheat and do not be dishonest in your business dealings. So the tribe of srivalli surat was Salam shortcoming and weakness was this honesty in business dealings because of which Allah tala destroyed them. The tribe of Buddha Li Salatu was Salam. They shortcoming in weakness because of which they were punished with Allah was homosexuality. So all of that was because they were the previous image. Allah has mentioned the weakness because we are the last Allah subhanho wa Taala will not make mention of our weakness in front of anyone allama Iqbal is someone a very great

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forward very great forward philosophy. And one of his great poets and poems when he said 200 years ago halaman faqeer Rosa Masha Rosa raha Haman pudiera who Allah you are very independent. We are very weak on the day of Tiamat we will be dependent upon you on that particular day. That he said league hugger he Saba Naga 02 to as nega Mustafa pin habaki

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He was also a poet and also an Persian poet. So he said, Well, you are so independent, you don't need our good deeds do not disgrace us in front of anyone, and in particular on the Day of Judgment, do not reveal our false and our weakness in front of the Navy of Allah we will feel embarrassed that the Navy of Allah made so much effort for us and we have not been able to follow in his footsteps. So anyway because of the fact that we have come last Allah subhanho wa Taala will not His grace, Allah will not make mention of our shortcomings in front of anyone else. There are many other benefits of the Summa in Allah tala was an Almighty Allah Fatah who won Lucien via cream sauce

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limited. Allah has wiped away from the Summa Fatah hotta admission, mistakes or actions which are based on mistakes and forgetfulness. Allah wipes it away. Allah subhana wa

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Allah forgives it. And then we sometimes feel that it is only the initial part of the Ummah that is blessing nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given great tidings to the soma even to those who come later on Hamas Medina humblebrag Malala is Muslim is made mention of an amazing addition. When he told that maybe a cream sauce alum said tuba lemon Ronnie, congratulations we are born those who saw me and brought him on upon me. Who are tuba sub Mr. Ratan Lima lamea. Ronnie What am I gonna be? Seven times congratulations be upon those who have not seen me yet they brought him on upon me. Seven times. Congratulations upon those who have not seen me yet they bring him on upon me. In one

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Kareem salsa limited

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muscle aroma Tikka Masala matar the example of this Kumar of mines is like a rainfall. law you agree? Oh one Oh, hi Ron am aku It is not known in a rainfall, which portion of the rainfall is very beneficial. The initial part of the rainfall of the end part of the rainfall brothers, this is this room of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. Even those who come afterwards have been given such great glad tidings that maybe a cream sauce Lamb has given them seven times is congratulated them for bringing him on a corner via cream sauce alum yet they have not seen the cream sauce.

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And today, there is a tendency in our speeches in our writings to look condescendingly about the Summa can speak about the oma in a way that sometimes it is as if this is the worst of all people. Yes, we have our shortcomings, and we have to rectify and amend the shortcomings. But it should not take away from the fact that are of all the people in this world that have all the helmets, and that Allah has given a special ring to this oma to you and I not because we are worthy, but because we are specks of dust, which have been illuminated, not because of our worthiness. But because of our master, and our mentor, and our Prophet, our beloved nivia Kareem said, Allahu Allah wa sallam, it

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is something that we should never ever forsake. And we should something never, ever forget, in the cause of when we speak about our shortcomings. Never ever forget that this is an oma that is very greatly loved by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this woman comes into being and Libya Kareem sallahu wa sallam has made great amount of sacrifice to bring this mark together. In one expedition, the expedition of B'nai muscala, there was a fight that started off from two individuals, one from Morocco, one from Medina, and many a times fight stats are between two individuals, then nationalism and other points come into being so in this particular regard. What happened was that the person

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from Makkah called his people from Makkah, the people of Medina came call the people from Medina. And what started off as a dispute between two individuals almost

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concluded with a fight between the people of Makkah and people of Medina when Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam came to know about it. He was very angry. And he said, What is a slogan that you are calling people on the basis of your nationalism on the basis of where you come from? And the people of Makkah calling the people of Mecca and the people of Medina calling the people of Medina to support them? Ma Hillier? What is the slogan of ignorance has it more than I used to separate Malala the son of mollema Ilya sobre Malala. In his last recorded and published talk, which was three days before he passed away, and in this he spoke about the aspect of the work, we will say in

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keeping the oma one and regarding the oma is one entity. He said that navia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam made tremendous efforts to bring about this oma and make it into one entity, one oma and in this book he had made mentioned and he said, The oma will never ever be formulated and formed when people start looking at their own as part of their own, my my group, my nation, my GM, my village and people look at that and they look at people from another group, as someone who is separate from us, as it

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is made mentioned, we make mention of it, that will never ever form an oma when people look at the owners own and look at the hair and look at those people who are away as someone who is

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Separate. In fact, the Sharia has taught us that even as part of this coma, they will be people who will break into different components. They will be in different categories and been in different categories. It's a natural evolution of a community and society Rooker analyses in the Holy Quran falola forum equally fierce men who thought

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they should be in every community, a group that will become in depth knowledge of the deen Not everyone can have in depth knowledge of the deal in a society Not everyone can become an alum. It's not everyone to become an alien they will be a group will be alums. Walter Come in Come over here.

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And in this particular oma, there will be people who will dedicate themselves to to commanding good and preventing evil. So the Ummah will have different components, and it is part of an oma. It is part of the progress of an oma that the different components of the oma never look upon themselves as different in terms of the oneness of an oma. They will be different categories and components which is a natural evolution of society, but they will always be focused on one goal. It will be like just to give an example of a soccer team. The midfielder plays his role the food plays his role. The Defender plays his role, but yet they they work together for a common goal and a common

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common winning a common understanding. Can you imagine if in one football team, there are people who are working at different purposes, what's going to happen, they will never ever win. And this is one thing that we have always realize that different components of the oma we never look upon them in any way as

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people who are opponents to one another. There are different categories, but they are working towards a common goal and that Allah has made people and look at how Allah tala has acknowledged the different component components. For example, maybe a criminal law while he was Salaam one day met a person whose hands had become rough because of manual labor. Let me ask him, why is your hands rough? He said you're a Sula. I work for an honest and halaal trade and hello living near Kareem saw cillum his his hands and said Alka Cebu habibollah the one who sacrifices so much for the sake of a halaal earning his beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala he is beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah

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say that maybe a cream sauce lamb was an only kissing his hands, maybe a cream sauce lamb was kissing the hands of each and every menu laborer till the Day of acknowledging them amongst the Ummah, they were people who are very wealthy man, even at a low clan, who know last week we had this whole aspect of emphasis upon the status of the Sahaba and we all know this one beautiful Hadith, that nebia curry sauce limited us how we can do to him. The Sahaba like stars whomsoever you follow, you will be rightly guided. One of the aspects with regard to this hadith is, you will find role models according to your own profession, you will find it among the Sahaba those who believe Allah

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subhanho wa Taala has made those whom Allah has made wealthy of those whom Allah Allah has made tradesmen, you can take an example of a manifesto for the ultra.

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Recently, we always when we were students, we used to hear about the wealth of money over the long term and our our status to tell us how much wealth and we never used to, you know, internalize it. Recently there was an article which caught my attention, and I read it thoroughly. It was written by some economist in one of the Middle East countries, and he put together the wealth of money. He tried to count the wealth of money because it is in history in the history book books. He said that he had gold coins, 3 billion 100 and 3 million gold coins he left behind.

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Proper counting 3 billion 100 and 3 million node Zuma county proper county in kwazulu Natal equity Be careful.

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He had left behind so many gold coins, and one gold coin one dinar is equivalent to 4.365 grams of gold in two days time. Keeping that in mind when this economist worked out the value of money over the a lot on whose wealth it came to $528 billion dollars in today's time. $528 billion in today's time, the person whom we associate with wealth in today's time Bill Gates has in his net value at December 2016 seven

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$5 billion. He was 77 times more wealthier than Bill Gates. But do you know what was his remarkable attribute? Allah subhanho wa Taala made him that wealth never changed him. Many times he used to be on the desk. Many times he used to be on the table cloth and all of a sudden he used to cry and people will say why you are crying you are giving people now with fewer people. He said I'm starting to think that Allah Allah is Allah tala not giving me the reward of my good deeds here in this world and I will have nothing in the year after has happened to you. But

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now look at that feeling. Does a wealthy person today ever feel that maybe Allah Allah is giving me my goodies here and I will have nothing. One day in a time of tomorrow the lotto? No, because I think the time of tomorrow. You know,

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I was sitting in Abuja, in a room, and all of a sudden there was a great commotion. And she asked and said, What is this promotion, people said, up to rukmani convoy of goodies coming into Marina. And there are 700 camels filled with goods which are coming into Marina. And it was such a great thing because at that time, many people never saw such great amount of goods. And that particular time. When the law came to know about it, she said that that is true. What Nivea cream sauce limits, said a man will go into Jenna, but he will go crawling into Jelena. He will go crawling into gender because he has to account for the amount of wealth that he has money when Oprah villatoro came to

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know that the mother, it said such a thing. He came running and said Oh,

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did you hear this from nebia Kareem saw salon? And she said yes. And she said what is the way out for me with regard to this? She said given the path of Allah. Rachmaninoff said,

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bear witness that I have given all of this goods that have come in 700 camels in one way, or out in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. On one occasion, he sold something it came out to 40,000 dinars and using that same criteria. using that same criteria with regard to every dinar bidding being equal to such amount of gold. He gave all of it towards the poor people. In today's time when they count it. It's a it works out to $6.7 million.

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When Allah tala makes you fortunate in any way, remember what I'm saying? Make your tables longer don't make your fences taller. We have under misunderstood the aspect was in kamasan Allah when Allah Allah gives you anything, then you'll be good to others do Allah has been good to you. When Allah makes you more fortunate than others. Don't make your fences taller the way you and I have made it in today's time, even law makes us makes us more fortunate. They will make our fences taller. Know when Allah makes you fortunate more than others and make your tables longer don't make your fences taller. This is an Omar the different components this way I came from that Allah Allah

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has given different rewards for the different components. Maybe a Kareem solonius limited, a person who is young Shakuni Shafi bharatmala, the young person who remembers Allah subhanho wa Taala. He will be under Nicolas throne on the day of the one who is who is old enough to have a better shape but infill Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala feels a shame to give punishment to a person whose hair has become white while remaining steadfast upon Islam. So this is an aspect with regard to the different components of the AMA, Allah tala acknowledging it, and then they working towards a common goal of making the oma great and mighty respecter brothers, this man will come together by a slot in

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the rectification of our business dealings, it will not only come together through the means of the budget, the budget is very important. But if with our budget, if we don't have a clock, and we don't have rectification of our business dealings, there's only one outcome together. An example of this one I use of Sarah polycoated. He said that the person who killed has an ultra yellow triangle, when people turned against him, he said to everything what you want don't cut off my tongue that because of this tongue, he narrated, he said some 300,000 times I take his name, but yet never occurred himself. Solomon said he will be the worst person of the oma and Omar comes together not only

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because of our ibaadat it comes together because of our flock and our our dealings been correct. And that is what brings the oma together. And that is why it is said that mama Yusuf sobre la made he said the punishment for dividing the oma is more severe than the punishment of discarding Juma Salat. And then in this particular regard, he quoted a hadith that will be a criminal law while he was celebrated on the day of chiamata person will come in

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He would have many things that he would be afraid with with regard to his deeds, he was not very scrupulous of pious with regard to carrying out things, and he will be put into Jannah. And he will be told that Omar was at a critical juncture, you said one statement which bring the oma together because of the Latin Atlantic agenda. And the exact opposite aspect will happen, where a person sometimes will have great amount of good deeds, it is credit, and Allah subhana wa Taala will take him and put him into Jannah.

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On this basis, that on one occasion, you said a statement because of with dogma became divided.

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Because of one statement, you brought the minute you made the oma divided because of that you will go into Jannah. And this is a reality that comes together because of good character, rectifying our our our deeds or rectifying our business dealings. In Nigeria, Aquarius, I can't overemphasize the aspect that we have to bring the humor together and work as an omen left us as an oma. And I'm not saying that we won't have our differences with regard to having I am a Hanafi. I'm a Shafi. I'm this from this particular Hunter. But beyond that, what is it? We are in oma we have to look at the broader picture. And this broader picture, sometimes it escaped, it escapes us.

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We find that in the time of illiteracy alone, there was a civil war between

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Toronto and despite the fact that there was a civil war, when the Christian ruler wrote to Mojave, I'm prepared to assist you in your fight against a liberal theologian who

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wrote back and said, Don't you dare even think about that? The day you try and attack and take advantage of our difference of opinion, I will stand behind literally allow unhesitatingly to fight against you. And that is a reasonable What am I saying? Despite the fact that there was difference of opinion between the Sahaba it never impacted upon the progress of the oma. No one could take advantage of the oma because they understood the bigger picture, that while there is difference of opinion, they never lost sight of the bigger picture. And is given an example, I just came in this week, two days I spent in the last two three days, speaking to the MSA, the Muslim Student

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Association in which University two factions, supposedly one faction being more conservative, the other one being more progressive. Now in an environment, where the Muslim students are supposed to get it together as an old man to fight and to be able to maintain the Muslim unity in such a challenging environment which is not conducive to the morality and teachings of Islam. There are also we can be one we have this particular affections. When are we going to realize that despite what we have, there is a bigger picture at hand and that picture is we have to remain together as an honor to be able to counter the many great fitness and trials that we have into the stem. And there

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was a difference of opinion ones between Imam Shafi Rasul Allah and one of his students and his name was Yunus, kidney, Abdullah, Allah, Allah, right. So the person imageshack Ram kilala was the teacher here, he was a student, and due to a difference of opinion, he got angry and he walked away from the terrace, out of anger. He walked away from the lesson. And then he went to go and go into his residence, went to go and stay wherever he is, in the middle of the night. He had a knock on the door, and that particular knock on the door, and it has Who is it? He said Muhammad deliveries, which is the only new one

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mm Shafi when he opened the door, he thought it was done at the door. And he was shocked. He said, Eunice, we are different on one aspect, but there are 1000s of aspects in which still unites us and we have a common belief. Why is it that you got angry? Why is it that you got angry and walked away from others because of one issue that we had disagreement when Allah has kept up together and we have common issues on so many other issues?

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This is such an aspect that today unfortunately we have to say sometimes we don't realize that we have to be one oma you know, maybe a creme de la jolla was always strive to bring people together as an oma. He even went to the extent sometimes that in today's time we will find that How is this possible that may be occurring salsa learn when to go read the genesis of a popular movie, in the Battle of put bourbon up he was put back into the workforce. He strike maybe a creme de la jolla wasallam because of which Nivea creme de la vida fell down and got wounded. And maybe according to teeth also came out and maybe a cream sauce lamb was so wounded, that many of us have our fair

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Libya Kareem saw cinnamate passed away he was martyred. And on that occasion when Libya

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regained his composure, and maybe a cream sauce lamb regained his consciousness, one of us Allah said, Yara sudo, la era Sula, now is the time to make but you are against them. Heroes through luck because the people who have done this to you look at what they have done to you. Maybe Kareem saw Selim started moving his lips and the Sahaba strain their ears to see what it may be a criminal law while he was still him say perhaps now maybe a criminal law reform will cause them and they will be destroyed. The way sometimes it happens when someone does your operation, you sometimes wish that can happen. So they strain the years to see what did the Navy have unless he

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said, Allahu

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Allah give to my nation because they are ignorant of the truth. Even those who had done in such great harm, he was worried about the diet. Today, our situation is such that we are all the time more worried of taking people out our phone, rather than bringing them in

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the nebula for natella even it's such a

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home for him, Allah Allah, Allah give hidayah to my nation because they do not. Therefore it is so important My dear respectability in conclusion to say that each and every one in each and every person makes an attempt to bring and make an effort towards bringing the man the way nimita Kareem still wanted it to be seen. Amid so much love for the soma, maybe a cream sauce from even when to expect to

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get married to a woman who are more fertile for any mocha.

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I will take pride in the numbers of when maybe a cream sauce lamb would get we would have been proud about the numbers of the oma how proud and happy with Kareem sallallahu wasallam be if we work together for the progress and the betterment of the mind every week. Everyone has got different capacities. Everyone has got different types of professions, each and every one has got a skill. You use that skill for the betterment of Islam for the betterment of the Ummah, no one has to be an alum to be working for the betterment of Islam or for the betterment of the ummah. If you are an accountant if you are a doctor, if you are a lawyer, use your profession. nebia Kareem sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam by the very nature of our community and society and evolution of society. There will be different types of people in different categories and different skills. Look at our Nivea creme de la jolla wasallam made mentioned with regard to everyone being good in his he said

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halal haram was the one who knows most about heroin Haram is manageable. of problems ADP submit the one who knows most about inheritance. He's ADP saboteur via loadrunner the one who is most good in order to submit in case then in that particular situation, how many times people used to be in the battlefield, maybe a cream sauce lamb used to give them dua and say that, you know, do this and let Allah be with you. Not one many occasions have been helped a lot of the a lot on himself. Some said do this, Allah subhanho wa Taala will be with you. And then amongst them. There was a person who was a poet Hasani savate. He used to compose poetry to defend Islam and the Muslims against the attacks

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of the disbelievers. And while he used to compose poetry, poetry, maybe Kareem Salah Salem used to say, Oh Allah help him with Gibran la salat wa salam to compose poetry. That was his skill. You have your skill, do something with regard to it. Don't ever say and I will conclude with this Don't ever say I am an individual, what am I going to do? I am one small person, what difference will my effort be able to do? processing the Holy Quran in a surah that you and I recite many times after fudger on a regular basis. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of US of A person. The topper of who's I just had an opportunity to be three weeks ago in in Tokyo had a there is a cover of a person who is known

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as Habib nutjob. Habib Naja is not a prophet. He is not a newbie. He is an ordinary carpenter by trade. But despite being an ordinary carpenter by trade, he took a stance for good. He took a stance for good. He told his people who people follow the truth. The people killed him. people killed him. And after the people martyred him when he went into Jelena Jelena talaia Rita komiya Anna moon, Oh Allah Go and tell the people go and tell my people who kill me those who killed me What do you mean tell them the masala

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mean how you have honored me for being upon the truth. And who was doing what who was that person? He was not a newbie. He was an ordinary carpenter by trade. By being an ordinary carpenter by trade. Allah has made mention of him in Surah Yaseen, which we recycle on a daily basis. don't regard your effort to be anything that is insignificant. So my dear respected

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As in conclusion made mentioned with regard to the virtue of the soma, and various aspects with regard to the virtue then we said this particular oma had come about because of the sacrifice of our beloved vehicle himself. cillum who left us with one oma, he left us is one. He didn't leave us in any other particular aspects. The other aspects that came into play is a natural evolution of society that people go into different regions people go into different thoughts, different interpretations, I'm not going to deny that but at the end of the day, there is one oma and this oma there are different components now via cream sauce them as acknowledge that components. Now via

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cream sauce lemon spoken about the virtue of the different components may be occurring saucily misspoken about the importance of us getting together as an oma, maybe occurrence. Allahu alayhi wa sallam has also spoken about the aspect that in your own individual profession that you are, despite whatever profession you are, you play whatever role you can for the betterment of good for a better mother's womb.

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