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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the challenges faced by people during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers support through various struggles, including reducing stress and bringing joy to people. It also touches on the loss of a woman named mother and the importance of sharing joy and happiness in difficult situations. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a program called "The Greatest Talk You Can Do".
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Al Hamdulillah you are pasta that was salam ala moana.

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I am a none of the above and we went out on metabo OMA to

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determine when I said he asked about

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a mugger do for the last minute shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Sakana Omar to Mata when Ilan Villa ACARA Neelima and Zelda Yameen failing the Salah with

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my dear respected elders and brothers, we are living in an age where we are all aware that people are facing different challenges and different amount of difficulties. Now whatever the reasons are for those type of challenges and difficulties we know people are facing difficulties, challenges. People are depressed people are said people are facing challenges. Allah knows best what regard to what is the reasons for it. Sometimes it could be the competitive nature of humankind. Today everyone is competing with another person we competing with the Jonas's social media has exacerbated it and make it more difficult. So, people are competing with one another. Therefore, they can never

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get through happiness was what they got. Sometimes it is because of the stress of modern day living. So everything is a stress, we have to worry about the rent, we have to worry about the petrol prices, we have to worry about security, whatever the reason is, people are stressed out people are facing difficulty people are facing challenges. And when these things happen, it's a natural thing for us to reach out to help people and to be able to help people in difficulty is not only something that has been emphasized in our Sharia taking so much of goodwill there is so much of emphasis there is so much of reward for it. It's an Ibaadat on its own to help other people with regards to the

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difficulties they are facing. Our jam is those who get your hand over God muscular or massage or some natural

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color come

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in handy to be able to handle Amara cemetery hair care can logo Kim

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Islam their logo Kim added Karna on chemo Sheila Kochalka Nasir Nikita come here. Welcome.

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Now today briefly I want to share some of the aspects of helping others Firstly, when we help others a massive annual gala help us

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come to stroke humanitarian get to Allah Tala hamara. Mediterranean, whenever we help other people Allah subhanho wa Taala will help us Wallah he found in Macedonia wrap up our allies in their systems of others when we are helping others. One beautiful Hadith maybe a Kareem saw Salam and said manifesta many kuruma, Tamil Quranic dunya, no fuss Allahu Anhu Quran, Quran

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whatever helps a person with regard to the difficulty of this world

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wherever helps a person with regard to the difficulty of this world and now we'll remove one of his difficulties if

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you remove one difficulty in this world Allah will remove a difficulty of yours in Kiama up to a KCP modifier Carrie happens to see mosquito code hookeri Dunya Allah Tala T Ahmed Killian RT mosquito control currently there is no comparison between the two. But this is the last $100 favours Firstly, when you help others then Allah Tala helps you. The second thing is, Allah forgives the person who else has the dose recommended curry Allah Allah

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Allah we think mustard and forgiveness is to do with Ibaadat to Allah Tada Mugford fermata.

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to head to have

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a very picky mother. But look at this definitely EcoRise awesome said Allah forgives you if you are helping others. These many artists have different requirements in terms of this particular incident and this theme in this lesson that nebbia creams or serums Salam said I saw a person enjoying himself in Jannah because he removed the thorn from the road that was used by people

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may add we could take her out or push her gender.

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Corner net sh is a corridor Kia to Lobo is demarcated.

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He was he was he removed some item that people will use inconveniencing people. He removed it Allah says I saw him enjoy himself in Jannah in

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Join himself in Ghana for what to remove a thorn from the road. Now if you remove some other difficulty from people, can you imagine what Allah subhanaw taala gratitude. Second thing I love for him is the person who helps. Thirdly, there is such a great reward. There is such a great reward for helping others. There is such a great reward. Okay, Bahasa Lobo, kumara Khanna, matura Wautier, many boards and martaba Robocop attire. I made mention with regard to this incident many times I made mention of this decent and many times with regard to abdulai in your personal the Allahu Terrano AppDomain the apostrophe Allah who can and who one day was sitting in a teacup, a person came to a

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villa in a bus who applied in a bus. I want you to help me I want you to assist me. I want you to go and help me speak to another person who is you have connection with him. You can go and speak to him You can help me. So delighting Ambassador Latina was in the cuff to get the calf Misaka Welcome to Hana nuclear merchants. And I made mention of this many times I'm not giving you fatwa if you're in a teacup as the Alama when you can and when you can give I'm giving you the incident to someone says Abdullah you are in a decaf. How can you go and do such a thing? How can I actually need to cough and he said I heard maybe a cream sauce when he pointed his finger in the direction of the cover of

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maybe a cutting saw stood up and he said I heard the person on his cover saying Whoever helps a person in difficulty and that gives him the reward of one month

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and one rewire career one years it

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took his current eight making it decaf tea but

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it may make a decaf cabana so the first thing I made mentioned with regard to it so the third thing Allah rewards you The fourth thing it's a natural thing. If fit three Hammerhead, Seco other app machine mandated to ask Jaffa okay, but

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it's a natural thing if you see someone in difficulty, it must be a human inclination that almost everyone else is cumulate meccsa Cosatto How can I go unhealthy? As Mussolini salat wa salam kiya G.

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Mussolini salat wa salam ran away from I wouldn't say read maybe the word is not right. He had to because of certain circumstances leave Egypt

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so he left Egypt

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and when he called mother when the mother Luna basically have to look for food you need to come in and ask for courage. I mean, how far if I

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came into Musa Musa Phil almost to kill you, Lee from your eye on your well wishes for courage. I mean, how five. So he left from the out of anxiety. And he came to medallion met here no matter medallion era. And when he was gay, he came that time the people didn't have water in the depths. Today we take water in the depths we take it for granted. Rainwater closes the water. We all get angry. They tell there was no water in the taps. You had to get one well everyone used to get water and throw the water from the Mussolini Saddam came. There was a well everyone was you know getting water from them. And they you saw Tumen them she understood what a beautiful in explanation. They

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were like walking on modesty when Kihara TBRC hired Epocrates in every way they had modesty covering them. That is what a woman is. She is covered in modesty. So Musa salat wa salam saw them and she saw that he saw them that they were not going to throw the water while you're not throwing the water.

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I will not drain the water because there are too many people there. We will afterwards when people have left then we will go and pour the water. Mussolini salat wa salam saw them they get to pay two big buckets when to go draw the water for Santa Ana.

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First of all, he went to draw water for them gave him the water. Then he came under under a shade of color have begun Neelima and Zelda even failing *in Shala I am in need of any good debt you can give me at that time Musa Ali Salam had no no no accommodation. He had no food. He had nothing. And he said we're not Joby up there. Maybe we'll skip but God or my god was KitchenAid

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sa harlot min, Mussolini salat wa salam held those two women. When you see someone in difficulty, it's a natural human tendency for you to help people. Whether we do it or not, I don't know if that whole particular information is left in us or not. Yeah Fitri Amara Hey, Amara pas a&e Allahu Allah, but when you see some

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When in difficulty, it's a natural thing for you to go out and reach out to help them. And the fourth thing I want to spend some time in this idea is that the brothers part of a helping other people.

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Part of helping other people is to share in the joy and to share in the pain.

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Let me repeat it part of helping other people is to share in the pain and to share in the joy

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to stroke in other Caribbean countries. Get to strip your cushy, restrictive cushy men or distributed whiskey man, upon Cassatt day, or I'm kissa town carry up Cusco who sit up coffee fitter hold up coffee where he she's held June que pasa en que Khaled

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you share the joy and you share the page. This is part two of helping others nebbia cream stir Allahu alayhi wa sallam is said in a hadith, a handful are Amali Illa Allah He should rule to the Hebrew who are not Muslim. When I hear this hadith I'm absolutely amazed. I maybe I can even take an oath on this. I don't think there's anyone who regards this is the most beloved deed in the eyes of panda no one no one.

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I don't think anybody's a hadith of

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the most beloved deed in the eyes of Allah is to give happiness to a Muslim.

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We give we give uplift to Muslims, we don't give happiness, but hadith of

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Mali Elahi Suru to the fellow who had a Muslim, so most beloved, good in the eyes of Allah is to give happiness to a Muslim Musa mancha whose Quran has subsided.

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who regards this as a family who regard this an opportunity that we can make someone smile, that we can make someone happy? Yeah, I love part of helping others is to share the joy of others will Allah heal Azim that joy we get Helping others is incalculable. How Mosca and Daniella gaceta kisi ko Husqvarna to share the joy of others. And today there are many times people say to him share the pain of others they can share the joy of others. Today people can share the pain of others. Your Asana to seek a doctor who's got contessa on Cassandra they can receive a soup you bought was put up there. Look at that you can add load uplift took say Dookie Navy do stroke his success.

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Today people are not unhappy because of the pain and the difficulty they have. They are in difficulty because of the goodness Allah has given to someone else.

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Someone has given a let's go and so many of you finding it difficult to share the joy of others. And is sometimes you know, I don't know why people find it difficult to share the joy of others they can still share the pain but they can share the joy of others. If we cannot share the joy of others, we are far from human. If we cannot share the joy of others we are far from me man up to sneak a cushy Mushrik now you will submit to emancipation

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and when you cannot share when you share the joy of others, you reap what you sow. Allah will inshallah give you happiness. You share the joy of how others will see that Allah will give you that particular type of delight now personally the ultimate most amazing statement when I read this sad Allah higher to Sahaba maybe lichaj have to threaten to sue ergonomy Cooper Bianca, you see Allah has given me three qualities along with a Hustla

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just listen to this. How what qualities you see when I read a Quranic if and Hadith, which I find beneficial. I say I hope I can share this for the whole world.

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Would you equate Quran to iron Malaya, Hadith millet, Jove medalion fo to meet chata okay 20 Tamam at your

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local man was called scoping out on his case on Costa Rica was Kibera. I hope that I can share the Quranic ayat and Hadith which I have benefited.

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Second thing you said when I come to know of just ruler

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if I come to know of a just ruler and adjust government anywhere in the world, I become happy even if I can share the the justice of the ruler which has

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been shown to remove a child who said no.

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Can you imagine we are living on this particular government full of corruption if we come to know of some

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government that is just we will see what when we get happy, look at those people they got a good government.

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When your boss says when I come to know of anyone who is under adjust government I get extremely happy.

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Thirdly he said when I come to know that there is beneficial rain somewhere I get extremely happy.

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Even if I benefit from it or not

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bearish we have bought Nefab back

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from him both Cusco, Chai

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chai and mill

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whether it came to me or not.

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Do we have good qualities? If someone could come to someone we get happy, become happy brothers. You see Allah so today we don't we don't have this. We are so small minded. We are so small minded that you can you can imagine with regard to it. You know, as a believer you must be allowed to say don't ever rejoice at the misfortune of someone else. Don't ever rejoice when the firm because you are held shaytan get the upper hand over him up KeySecure agenda kisi ko Detlef de accommodated to push no to never get happier the ritual rejoicing today someone becomes you know difficulty with someone we say.

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Who's Coco Tala Tanaka. Zambia is if we are not sure how we get happy with regard to them. Which is amazing. He said we Sahaba was so cautious of passing judgment of others until we knew how we are going to die.

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Until we knew what is our Hardy mark will never judge anyone's chapter.

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Tom kisi kibarim em Fessler.

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And there's one very amazing statement of Rob irremediably, whom he was a student of Ebola in the Masuda the Ultron. He said such an amazing thing. He said today, people have the fear of Allah with regard to the sins of others, not their own sense.

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Look, the quiet theatrical they had, or Allah Allah says that they had to stroke a Funaki what

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they fear Allah with regard to the sins of others, their own sense, they're not worried with regard to

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the thing the person who things much about himself makes a very small package. Person with things much about himself makes a very small package, share the joy of others cabin in America, the ultimos incident is very well known in the books of his in the books of history, in the books of Hadith. Karpin Malik didn't go to the Battle of taboo. They didn't go into the battle of taboo, maybe or criticize Islam knew that he was a sincere Sahami the monastics came in they gave excuses that he saw some left them maybe uttering saw some level cap in Malik and three other companions, social boycott, don't talk to them. Don't talk to them about macro, Charlie's Delia purchased in 40 days or

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50 days after 50 days and that Allah revealed the hire can attend supera Allah Tala is forgiveness of Khattab Allah, Allah Tala is forgiven them for metabolism.

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So when when the ayat was revealed after Fajr in material number we can be Malik was verified.

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Copy Malik was verified. So Sahaba rushed to a dairy company Malika the Allahu Anhu with regards to that whole particular incident. Everyone rushed to Intel, as it got in the Malika Viola hooter and who with regard to that, so when they rushed, someone rushed him took his his horse once said, I'm going to I'm going to outdo him. So he went to a small hill, overlooking where Cabrini allows us to stay, and he says a carb, Allah subhanho wa Taala has announced your forgiveness. So God came running to Medina NEMA, we then have been Obaidullah met him half outside the budget. The first thing he met him and he embraced him. cobre, the ultimate said he shared my joy. I will never ever

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When Allah accepted my repentance, he came in he hugged me, he said, every person who helped me I always remember them for the rest of my life. When you share the joy of others, that person will remember you for the rest of your life.

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And of course, when a person is in difficulty, usually speed

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up was actually almost 200 speed. I mean, there's so many examples time has given up give me one small example. And this is not very well known. This is a Muslim, my dearest brothers Muslim share the pain and the difference.

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copies of others, a very incident not very well known. The Ottoman Khilafah in the Ottomans, beloved, there was a Sudan but the name of Sudan Abdul Majeed.

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So in the Irish Pema in the very famous PMI so in the Irish famine, the people who are dying of hunger so Sultana pool magic, the time the Ottomans were very, very wealthy. Also, they were towards the end of the rule is he decided to send 10,000 pounds to help the Irish with regard to their family.

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Mr. Mangia patronage

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so they will Easter so the Queen Victoria came to visit we only gave 2000 You got no right to give 10,000 It is against our honor, dignity only get 1000 pounds. So So 10 Abdul Majeed gave 1000 pounds, but then he said five ships full of Fordham to a place on the Irish coast known as dropped down. I think the name is dropped down. And even today, in in the emblem of that city. There is a small emblem of the Ottoman flag. So he was only gave 1000 pounds, but because of the famine, he said five chips to win help the people who are in famine. Yay Musa man Kashiwa This is the quality of a believer. So my dear respected brothers in conclusion, what we see when people are in

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difficulty, help them I gave you the examples with regard to the different benefits of helping Allah helps you Allah forgives you. Allah subhanahu wa taala gives you such great rewards. It's a natural thing. And one of the things that I've emphasized learn to share the joy and the pain of others may Allah give us a trophy

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