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Are you been when you get back from Cameroon?

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See pleasant surprise Mashallah.

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As my minority

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smilla Manoj Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and ham to read I think a theorem will play geebung Mubarak in feet or Salawat to LA he was said mo Allah and a big deal. I mean

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while he was hobby as mine, I'm bound Finn hydro kurama cunnamulla haven houda Huda was su nine Salama while he was a llama. Will shuttle more artifact to ha McCollum desert invader attune wakulla datain Bala, voila, voila, voila. Now, we come to a hadith number 15. In the book I was Sherif Ali Hassan and halaby. I will hire

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a shammy rattler to lie he Thailand he right Minton was here.

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And is the Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu it was cinema was talking to his companions and a Bedouin cane and the companions used to love it when the bedroom would come in order to ask questions, because the breadwinner will not hold back due to the course harsh nature, they just got to the point and other people benefited as a result of their questions. Whereas some of the companions will have higher and they will be shy and they will want to ask about certain issues connected to sensitivity sensitive issues but the bedwin we'll get right to the point. So the bedroom came in he interrupted the profits on the law when he was sending him he say out also law

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when is your mukaiyama intelligent question? So why continue to talk and he ignored him which was not from his Sunnah. If you ignore someone who's speaking to you, it's a sign of disrespect. It's a sign of key little edit. And the Prophet was sent with edit and a flap Allah mentioned in the Quran. When Nicola Allah hello to Naveen, you're on a high level of Allah. He said about himself sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he has been sent to perfect good manners. He was the best person in his edit. So someone spoke to him and he ignored them. Some of the companions said, was sitting right in here the man that's why he ignored them. That's what they thought amongst themselves. Others said he

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heard him but he didn't like the question. He didn't like that question for people to ask. When is your move Kiana? So if someone asked me that question, sometimes it would answer some Allah, why'd you sell them? And sometimes he would say something that was hidden and Pearson in to the point. And He will say to the person, what have you prepared for it? Not when is it? What have you prepare for? Are you ready for it? If it came, so it's going to come? And it's going to happen and unexpected. So when it is? So they said he didn't like the question, and he continued to talk. After he finished the discussion. And this is the Hadith today. He said aina ora, who has settled when his son, who is

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that person waxed about the hour, where is yet another one of those Hadeeth and I always mentioned this to the community. Anytime the Prophet asked a question, Who was this? Where is that? What's your name where you come from? anytime he asks a question. It means he's not housing nozzle. He's not omnipresent. He doesn't know that email, hey, Allah doesn't ask the question how when Why? Allah already knows. If it has two angels. There are many melodica laws, elbow sear, a semi Aleem was not like that. So we have to kill this stuff about this aqeedah that some of us have relatives have. And then shikonin coffee. Why don't people just go to the church or the synagogue, or the temple or

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something like that? And you know, support worshipping monkeys and things? I'm not calling to that. I'm seeing the pure tawheed of Islam. There's no room for that nonsense. Where is the one wax me about the hour? He said here I am Yato sulla. He told him some love when he was Salaam a that will see del amor is a dooney ITIL Amana fantabulous sa if the Amana is lost. Then we for the our, the Amana and I think that most of us will hamdulillah we know

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This word is one of those important words in La slamm. from Somalia, even Asian, African Muslim, you know eliakim tawakkol and known as sub la jab Al Kitab is shrimps. You know those words from the words Muslims know his manner.

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When is your mukaiyama? He said, If the trust is lost, then wait for the sign your mukaiyama is close when people lose the Amana, the man sejarah sulla and how would it be lost? The man How would it be lost? He said that we'll see the amaroo era really early if the wrong people become responsible for things. If the leader of the Muslims is not the right person, the one who's given the hook but is not the right person. The one who was the well either were killed over the girl is not the right person. Prophet says Allah Allah when he was sending them. The people are like 100 camels, you can barely find a cannibal that suitable to ride. So for all of the people, competency

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is always an issue. But a lot of people in the community a lot of people who've been Adam, but what's the word for every 1000 people that have been created 999 are in the hell fire and only one goes to Jenna.

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So it's an issue of competency and I will say this to you brothers right now.

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young brothers millennials young sisters, you know when it comes to picking a friend and choosing a friend, you have to take your time and really weigh up who you're taking as a bosom buddy. You know, they have an endless lamb. Our religion you have the Habib the one you love. You have the fear. You have a sigh hit your companion is someone you go with you come with you eat with them, but the khaleel the surreal the bosom buddy, your homie, your right hand man. And when you tell your secrets to

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that, then a man and you give them your trust. Tell them your secrets. You let them know your inner thoughts all that you have to take your time in choosing people who are going to represent that position because you'll move gamma. The Quran tells us that most people who we take as friends we're going to regret their friendship. Yokoyama. Not one idea two, three is the low tide I mentioned in the Quran. Allah, Allah who you marry them by the Holy bow, ado, lm kin, the heels the friends, the bosom buddies, yomo kiama are going to be enemies to one another, except that the ones who have took off from amongst them so his friend started making Riba he advised me he called him out with that.

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His friend supportive cave is a manner he encouraged him and a bit of a taqwa encouraged him on the good deeds and so forth so on. Like I mentioned, I got

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that the person will come, you'll move kiama and he's going to say yeah, we let the attorney lemma fella Oh wow, I wish I didn't take him as my friend.

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Whoa, whoa, I wish I didn't take him as my friend. Because he didn't stop me from doing things he participated encouraged me he let me go. So it's not one I add to it. I add more with the profit take all that time out. So Lola, who it was sent him to give all of those examples of the good friend and the bad friend, the companion and the back companion. You have to look at who you're taking as your companion. During this time. The man is lost. People like 100 camels. You can barely find one suitable to ride one suitable to be a good friend or soul I said somebody was sending us to seek refuge in a line is Dwight along with me. I will be coming courier Mac here. I know who Colombo

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I know who toorani were caribou your irony is a mini Hassan attend

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with a romney say attend other aha Allah I seek refuge in You from a friend who doesn't like me. He's makin he's treacherous. I seek refuge in You from having a treacherous friend, or sola would never have a treacherous friend. His best friend was Evel Bucher from the only avulla and then Roma from the olivella and the Northland and the other seven people promise Jenna, he made that do all for you and me. Be careful. Be careful. His eyes look at you and you think he's happy with you. But the head he said his heart despises you. If something bad happens to you. He has Shemitah Shemitah in Arabic is rejoicing when something happens that's negative too.

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Someone So the point here is be careful young woman get federal woman as he was me he will be Basra he better he were Benny, the Colibri and men whom young may even Shatner, you mean? Yo mukaiyama every body is going to run away from his

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wife, from his brother, his mother, his father, his child, his friend, everybody is going to be concerned about his own self and they're gonna want to give us rents and people around them. So the point here is the social media that's the friend who sees you and you think he likes you but he wants your destruction he despises you those friends you guys sisters, brothers, young people are getting on social media. Those are natural friends in this day. Muslim has a min hatch How to Choose friends and with the people that he knows they as the eliel his man his homie and then there's the US the top the friends the people he knows that guy who's going to be your homeboy your ride or die

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guy, you better check them out. Tell him your secrets.

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The little things that only you expect him know he goes and tells other people because the man is lost. So this Heidi's actually the chef Arielle halaby, Rama to lie on a tremendous the manner we talked about $1 and the doodad given down when the callers this time that the man is lost, the man is lost and that the person who's sitting before the people is talking nonsense exhibiting week had if he's lying, he sees you the people should can Cofer instead of teaching them the religion of Islam. He's teaching *can cover and then there is a person who knows the heart but he wants fanboys he wants to please people solely, you know plays with the truth. The Amana, people give you

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for you and they tell you, Allah said this prophet Muhammad said that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and it's all week IDF. It's not even real,

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not even real. The Hadith that I told you about a few minutes ago that the prophet SAW refuge so Lola what he was selling them from the friend who he looks as if he likes you, but is he heard taiju some of the scholars on Islam said that Hadith is weak. And some said that Hadith is authentic is a filler. So from the Amana. They call it the Amana Emir, the Scholastic Amana is that when I use that Hadith I come and I tell you some serious authentic Some said is not authentic. You go back and you check in and you make a decision. But we have people come before us and they tell us we have Eve Cora fat for the religion. If you say yeah, where jdr where'd you where'd you? Where'd you the 1000

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times, then you will find a wife, then you'll find your keys and you'll find happiness, karate here with that stuff, man. And just teach us the religion of Islam. That's the Amana. So the Amana as I see here, in our community has been lost. There are institutions not green lame or hamdulillah and inshallah, they will massage it that are responsible for collecting sadaqa from the community. So in a manner where people count that money, there are messages where maybe people they take that money, a man with the manner they're supposed to be taken care of charities, for the needy Muslims around the world. People take that money. Well, why he happens. So the man is many angles. You have a

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sister, younger sister, You're the eldest brother, she wants to get married. You're not helping this situation that's in a manner your father died. The money left behind the things that he said to do. All of those are manners. Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had in a manner and we have in a manner when we say we follow it. Allah told Rasulullah sallallahu it was sending them yeah, a you had a rustle bill belay Ma, Zilla, elekid Rebekah, wynnum tough alpha ma baluchari sanata. Yeah. So go and speak about what your Lord revealed to you. And if you don't do that, take care of that. Amana, you have not relayed his message. So many times the man who may get up and he doesn't say

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hospital hygiene in Alhamdulillah doesn't have to say that the sooner but you find a lot of the Hookah Bar that people have hookah. They say in the hope of that they begin about Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Bell later rissalah we're Adele Manoj. He will leave a message and he took care of the Amana is from that if you hear people saying that all the time, all the time.

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So he had an A minor from Allah to get before his people Quraysh who would look at him like a madman. And he was by himself. And he got up and he said that he bla bla bla

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and then Allah ated him with what he needed. No one killed him no one, you know, data wait with him. What happened with him was what allies would have decreed. So everybody he has in a manner and a manner of taking care of your prayer every day, the amount that has been lost, because in any given missed messages, you'll find, I wouldn't say the vast majority, but there are a lot of Muslims who are in the masjid or even any given time. The five prayers in that day were not made. On that day, not yesterday, not the day before, because we struggled me Allah make it easy for us. Maybe he got four or five, but his wife, she didn't get it navigate fudger be a manner. Yes. So this Harry, the

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chef called it the appearance of defense, the appearance of defects in the dour and the

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shake IBL halaby was a person who traveled all over the globe, traveled everywhere given down a lot. rattler to lie Lee. There's defects he saw, he knows and he saw these IDs and he put them here for us to 40 id they are defects. We are under Hadith inshallah. This Masjid is the murder case of annual Hadeeth ideal. And I don't mean jumeriah a group like I don't mean that stuff, and then become a Muslim to join any click or any group. But I will leave. Well Malik and remember melody, Mammon Shafi and remember Abu hanifa was upon as an Imam Abu hanifa said either Sahil Hadith for whomever Howdy. If the Hadith is authentic, then that's my method. That's when Eman Abu hanifa said.

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So we had a we have an Amana. Everybody hear you on the way of the site if you try to be on a Sunday night just Calum but you're trying and perfection is with Allah, you kind of take care of your manner of the part of that knowledge with those people around you. So as it relates to a man when he the Amana is important in this religion, so the chef brought it from what Allah will type I mentioned in the Quran concerning the man and in many many many I had for men Amina meant for in Amina main compound for an amulet baldachin Baba fell you a delivery to mean a Magneto Willie Attila raba if you people collectively gave your trust to each other and you take trust. Can I borrow that

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money? Yeah, pay it back a manner. I have a secret. Here's my news, a manner I'm about to travel. Can you look in on my family, a man his father died to this in this in this manner.

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You are in business with someone so in a manner. The guys working for you you work a man a man a man. We here with these people and we are citizens of this country is in a manner. You call the person who lives with the Muslims and non Muslim we call them stop men from a man I'm Statman. He's a person with the Muslims are responsible for protecting him and not harming him. These are rules and regulations. We're here. We say to anybody, every Muslim who comes here. Don't break the Lord the rules and laws. Those universal rules and laws that go along with our religion. Don't break any of those laws. The laws that don't go with our religion, I don't have to accept LBGT in there I

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don't have to agree. I don't have to take the vaccine. I took the vaccine. I don't have to take the vaccines democracy and so forth so much.

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But as far as call we can come in to what we want to do know there's an Amana responsibility we have

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so Eliza auditor's when you people take and give a manners then the one who is Topman motorman he's the one who the Trust has been left with him. Allah said let him give that trust back and then I'm feel Ah, another is tremendous. If Allah mentioned the Quran in our retinas somewhere on a retinal monitor aneurysm why it will ever be what zhiban for a beginning, Mina was *in Amina Mohammed, in Santa in new Canada lumen Jo hula, Verily, We Allah said, he, the Royal we, we offer this a man of the trust to the heavens, to the earth and to all of these mountains. Allah said to the heavens, the earth and mountains take care of the Amana and the heavens the earth and mountains say no

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They became afraid of that responsibility. Allah said Benny Adam, they took responsibility for the Amana and Benny Adam is ignorant and oppressive loom very volume. Volume Volume is the opposite of hikma. Heckman is putting things in a proper place. putting things in a proper place, allows them hiking. You know who to give money to? Who to give three children, five children, no children, two sons, five boys.

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Who told how to get married who's rich who's poor? Hello haraam. Allah No, in Al Hakim, you will be hacking. I'll be hacking, if you know when to talk, how to talk what to say what not to say. When it be mad when not to be mad when to disengage when to engage. That's hikma.

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So the greatest form of hikma is the tawheed of Allah, worshipping Allah properly, the worst form of wool form the opposite of achema form pointing in the wrong place. So the person worships other than Allah as well. So the end of the iron said that mankind took responsibility or liability for the Amana and he was oppressive. He lost it.

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Meaning of the man in this eye is the religion, the Sharia, Allah said to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, you will be responsible for the harem and the halau, what Allah commanded what he prohibited, you will be responsible for that. That's from the knowledge of Allah. How do they happen at your job to get into those details? A lot of saving the Quran to Benny Adam, and to a shed to help in a missamma been rough I some QA for so why are you people greater than the heavens and the earth? That you can't believe in a lot and worship Him alone? And you think you know everything, when it doesn't make sense to you, you become arrogant. And all of you have problems? Everybody

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here, everybody here and you're going to come and say hi, why didn't a lot

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offer the manner to the heavens and the earth? Who were you? Who lobby.

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So the real Muslim is the one who was humbled and this is why a whiny and Sahih Muslim up to live in the must rule says that the Prophet says Allah what he will sell them lie yet called Jana men can if you can't be mythical innkeeper. Anyone who has one speck of arrogance won't enter into the agenda is haraam for anyone with one speck of arrogance. He doesn't know his position, asking questions at them. So what we who you

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so a lot offered it?

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And they say no. And they were afraid. Many items said okay, we'll take it. And Benny either that means he has to make allow her to allow her arm her arm. He's in charge of a government. You know, and this is just an example. I don't want anybody to get upset. But you know, Nigeria, Western Africa, Nigeria, is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of resources. They have more money than the Middle East, more resources, more potential for money in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, all that they have oil, they have copper, they have all of that stuff in Nigeria. But it is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. It's not being run properly. Most

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countries in Africa like that. Most countries where we come from like that. Corruption, you can practically kill someone and get away with it. where we come from, you can kill them and the Popo? No, you killed them, because you're going to break the judge off with some dope. So Nigeria, this is not against Nigeria, is an example. Nigeria has become a country in America. Nigerians have more PhDs than anybody else in America. Nigerians are smart people have a lot to offer. But look at all the corruption.

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That's a sign of the amount of being lost, whether people will live in in the dirt in the dirt, dirt poor and the rich in the disparity between the two groups is like night and day. But people don't care the manner and I don't want anything to judge Nigerian and get upset with me anything like that. I'm not a hush puppy fan, anything like that. There's this guy named hush puppy made all this money. And then that becomes synonymous with Nigeria Nigerians Allah. We have alumni in Nigeria. We have Olia Nigeria, we have Muslim on Muslim act in Nigeria, all good people. But when things are mismanage big problem, the guy given dour and he's saying in this country, he's a cashier. Let's

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kill this one. Let's kill that one. Where's the Amana? What are you talking about? Man? What are you talking about? But let's not travel too far. Everybody here you have children as an amateur.

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As in a manner and sometimes we slip up and sometimes we just not Cognizant as relates to the Amana allow time to mention the core idea you are letting me know that a hula Havasu what a whole new Amana documentum palemoon are you believe Don't be treacherous and try to trick Allah and trick His Messenger and don't you know lose the Amana that you all are responsible for you know what you're doing. When the Prophet con connected when he too many examples the Amana rasulillah can connect us of Allah when he will sell him in the year of the conquest Mecca.

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When he conquered Mecca, there was a man by the name of Earth Mandy binu palha from the kofod Quraysh. His family was responsible for the key of the Kaaba and was honorable. They will go and open up the door of Aqaba.

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When they want to clean the Kaaba dignitary, they there was a big thing.

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Prophet Mohammed came to Mecca shut everything down. It's a new program. No one makes to walk around the Kaaba naked anymore. No cash that can make to walk around the Kaaba anymore. Knock all of these idols down like either hide Allah has come comm like the ISF j and was killed Barton in Alberta, Canada hookah with the Prophet read. He went to Mecca, he got off his camel, he went inside of the masjid inside of the Kaaba. He prayed to rock guys in the Kaaba, but I was watching them people watching them, they saw was there. He looked around the Kaaba was all kinds of craziness. They had pictures and images of a brain making * doing divination with arrows Russell my race that stuff

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Abraham didn't do the stuff. He took his stake starting back in all of those arrows down with a stick in come in with a big bazooka ak 47 atomic bomb the young brothers that's what they want to do. We got to go get him a relax right now. It's not time for that. Now is the time to educate the people. Now is it time for all of us to get ourselves together?

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Who you going to go in to attack them with me my two sons when I sit in the Lord's will have like David and Goliath.

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David and Goliath, you bring in a slingshot as well. Like the Palestinians not making a joke. I don't want to stone rocks at tanks and guns.

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Then a lot of things are one day. So recently I came and knocked that stuff down with a stick. And he said tell them whether if the truth has come and false hood has disappeared for service ever failed in a way it always fades away.

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When that happened, the prophet took the key from that man tell her with Manny butanna was a cashier when it came out of the Kaaba, Allah revealed the iron and Russell I read it in nulla moto kuhlmann to a dull man it is early her

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attempt to paint the Nazca and Taco Bell Adam in Allah.

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Convenient Allah Cana Sami amble sera Verily Allah orders all of you to give the man a bag to people who deserve it give them back their trust. And if you judge between the people judge between them was justice it is a NEMA that love what he's done for you he's all seeing or hearing Prophet Mohammed gave that key back to that now Muslim man the moon ma Muslim man when told his people and everybody saw the people became Muslims. hammy takes care of the manner

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when the Prophet left Mecca Salah love What do you sell them

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they knew he was an honest person that the person they left with him all of their money all of their world he was like I don't want to say the bank. But he was like the treasury of the people Mecca misaligned everybody's money everybody stuff. And then he had to make hedra he could have taken all of that stuff and bounced rolled out and justified it the way these Jamal had justify his butare attack theories. These people justified madness robbing the bank because they stole our money.

00:29:12--> 00:29:36

They are pillaging Muslims land lands so we robbed the bank talking about some people are so petty at the job where they work where they work their regular job phone company wherever he takes toilet tissue like every every day every week. Yeah fee we take a toilet tissue man they took my forefathers as slaves they owe me money 40 acres and a mule Are you serious man 40 acres in a mule?

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That justification you're stealing Prophet Mohammed says of Allah what he was selling them a deal man in a minute Tameka? What are the Hahnemann Kanaka anyone who gave you an Amana give it back to him. And don't be treacherous towards someone who's treacherous towards you. They give you a man

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Giving back and the one who doesn't give you your amount of that. Don't you be treacherous so the province seldom he could have a patron taking everybody's stuff but when would the people have said they would have said look at Mohammed he ripped us off he robbed us so for one nine but what he did kind of dow is that

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look at them they're heavy on the infrastructure they're lying and getting money they robbing the banks they still in our community but so far left and even Vitaly if you stay behind, and it's from the virtues of it, you know, you have to have courage to be the only one stand behind. They'd be mad just kill you because they are so well left.

00:30:43--> 00:30:48

I will hasten to add even if everybody in your staff, this was all a man, a man a man a man.

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So the amount and the deen of Allah is tremendous. One vow to praise the believers. He said in the Quran will live in a home with a man it might be him around sort of me known believers. They are those people who take care of the Amana and they take care of the trust a manner in trust, listen, they go together a manner and trust the promise. The Prophet says I'm gonna love what he was selling them for latha

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I get on monastic forever either.

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Way, either way, either

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way that too to me now.

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The if the sign of a hypocrite if you lie, if he talks, he lies the sign of the hypocrite. Number two. If he promises I'll be the I'll do it. I'll see you I guess I'm gonna do with it. He breaks his promise and why.

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And if you leave a trust with him, he loses the trust. He doesn't take care of it. It's not important to him. So Pinilla they come to the neighbor and they say to the neighbor, your neighbor, we can read it have walima we don't have enough chairs, forks, spoons, whatever. We need some pitches, whatever the neighbor look out for and break them off. Okay, they have their property. They break the chairs, they lose stuff. They don't they say the neighbor don't really care. Now it's in a manner. They gave you food in the plate, send them that plate right back. That's what happened with the processor. One of his wives sent a plate of food to his house when he was in the house of Isha.

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She opened up the door and saw the serving with the food. He became jealous and knocked it out of her hand and fell down and broke was so I came and took a plate from I Isha took a plate from at your shop and sent it back and said Your mother has become jealous she became angry, and he managed to be held. He handled it but you see how he replaced that pleat?

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So we take this stuff from the neighbor from our brother borrow the car, man, you borrowed the man's car. You don't have license, you don't have insurance. Come on you Come on. So the point is the point here is he said some a lot while he was selling them law E minor. lemon law a man at a level where Dena Beeman Adela who he has no faith, the one who doesn't take care of the Amana is not a man is the man I don't care how screen selfie, whatever I'm assuming that whatever. You don't take care of the Amana, your wife is in a manner.

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Everybody here when a father married you to her expects you to be mature did like that. And inspect you to be rough and tough like that. If you will, honorable,

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the same way, you are going to take your daughter and marry her off to the next cat. down the line in sha Allah you expect certain things as in a manner. That sister who's married to the brother, the Amanda Don't be telling you, girls and your sisters and your friends, all the secrets and problems in the deficiencies of your husband. What's wrong with you? Why don't we just why don't I just sit right here? We just start talking about deficiencies of our women. Who does that?

00:34:08--> 00:34:26

Prophet told the companion so Lola Why are you sending them around the line? He said Don't let one of you describe what he does with his family to someone else as if they're looking at them in the street having relationships. There are some women who say to me get into those details that's in a manner that is in a manner

00:34:28--> 00:35:00

as it relates to the man at 20 I mean, a lot can be said concerning the Amana the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Taala it was sending them when he used to travel. He used to say to the person who was traveling and this is as soon as someone's going to travel he will say a stole the Allah Deen what a man attacker wah wah team. I'm Alec. You're about to roll out to go to Cameroon to get married, right? So the Prophet was saying, I leave Allah responsible for your deen while you're trying

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

Evelyn, and to be responsible for your man,

00:35:05--> 00:35:36

your man that you leave in here, your wife, your kids, your money, your business, and any man that you're taking care of while you're going, and I leave and I asked a lot to be responsible for the Hawaii team of your affairs, the last have your affairs because the last thing that you do is the best thing. Everything in Islam, they're a bad they will be judged based upon the last thing that you do. So the fact that he will say that door shows his significance, it's important that he will say that someone lives and listen to what he ever done here.

00:35:38--> 00:36:25

They yahood as the Prophet said, alayhis salam that as soon as a man can block him ship, Bram be shiburin will Varun be the RA, you're going to follow the Jews and the Christians and everything that they did hand spammed by hand spam on spam mountain. If they go into the lizards hole, you're going into the lizards hole. If one of them has relationships with his mother in public, you're going to do that to that degree. They may * we may ship they went overboard in Raisa or Hosea, we go overboard in Rasul Allah and other people. Their women got out of control, and it became feminist that happened to us. They left them in hajj that the prophets and messengers brought this happened

00:36:25--> 00:36:25

to us.

00:36:27--> 00:37:09

And one of the issues with Benny is right here with the yo hold is the issue with the Amana. They are an AMA lost in a manner and the manner that people supposed to be trustworthy a community lost trust the Amana but there is one I don't want to share with you about the amount of with the Yahoo. Allah mentioned about the yahood in the Koran, we're aiming and little keytab the men into men who became tarring u a D Lake, women who men into men who be de narinder you a de la Illa de la Emma Valley could be unknown carlu Raisa Allina, Philomena Seville

00:37:10--> 00:37:22

we are kulu Nana line Kevin omiana Moon from an milky tab are some people who if you left them in a manner you left them a whole treasure

00:37:23--> 00:38:08

hole second floor of the masjid I know, part of the culture that I grew up in is that and this is why crime doesn't pay. And we want all our shebab our African American brothers and want to be stereotypical here our Asian brothers a lot of our Chabad don't have anything going for them. They want to start practicing and they were in the streets. Man is better for you is better for you to start practicing and slowly get your life together and get out of those streets because crime doesn't pay. I never ever ever, ever heard of never saw never met someone who was in the streets making a lot of money. And then they got locked up. And after get locked up, locked up, they say

00:38:08--> 00:38:12

Hey, take care of my money you you you until I get out except those people stole the money.

00:38:14--> 00:38:34

That's how it is. That's why people hushpuppy that's how hushpuppy got jammed up. Because he made all these hundreds of millions of pounds he got this money and one of the guys were jealous. I might give you the money and other people got him in trouble. Greed vijnana not that that's there. But the point here is the point here is

00:38:35--> 00:38:50

the problem. Don't be in the streets at all. The ISF from Anil kita but those people if you left them a whole treasure, a whole treasure upstairs all gold or gold,

00:38:52--> 00:38:55

precious metals, diamonds, platinum.

00:38:56--> 00:39:03

If you left that with him as in a manner, when you come for it and Rokita Jew Christian will give it all back to you.

00:39:04--> 00:39:20

And from them as well is the person if you left them with one dinar one, he won't give it back to you unless you stood over him and you demand it. And that's because they say the yahood we don't have to do right by you and let it people.

00:39:21--> 00:39:46

And I saw that from the Muslims and African American community, Arabs, Pakistanis and stuff like that Asians, they will come to our community in America. With all the drama that we have. We need Islam and toe heat and all of that. And instead of giving us Dawa, they will open up liquor stores they will open up stores selling liquor, they will open up stores selling pork and all of that someone that's all of the things that kill us.

00:39:50--> 00:40:00

And then they say I remember became a Muslim. I would go to them and say these are my people. They're not your people. He's my people. I'm a Muslim, but these African American my people were killed.

00:40:00--> 00:40:32

When the people were saying they're not Muslims, we don't have responsibility. That's what the yahoos said. They are who say, if the pork if the pig or something dies, you can't give it to your brother but you can give it to the Gentile that's in the Bible right now. You can sell it give it to the Jintao. That's not our religion. Prophet Muhammad said as I mentioned earlier, give the amount of back and don't be treacherous to the one traitors towards you I at of the Quran

00:40:33--> 00:40:40

I heard that we have to be fair we have to be just so in concluding hotevilla

00:40:41--> 00:40:50

want to say to our brothers one The sooner to get focused, we dropped the ball with this thing that has happened

00:40:51--> 00:41:22

with our dour taken an embrace in the fights of other people of other lands and all of this stuff. I don't want to go too far into that but the Amana let's get back on the sirata inshallah as we gel and take care of our responsibility of delivering this message in a way that people comprehend your shot lies with junk For verily if people take this religion the correct way allies help is the okay brothers. You guys have any questions? Two minutes shot?

00:41:23--> 00:41:27

Any questions that I can come shape? Do you guys have any questions?

00:41:33--> 00:41:33

I'm in the cache.

00:41:35--> 00:41:38

Okay then have a whistle. No ma who said no Mubarak.

00:41:39--> 00:41:50

When I'm an a beginner or Habibi wa Khalili, he subhana wa Khalili, his final Thailand Nabi sallallahu Sallam or Santa Monica to lay over the cat.

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What time is the event?

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how are you my brother? You okay?

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Where have you been?

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Did you go back to Africa.

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You've been here Hi.