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The segment discusses various aspects of Islam, including forgiveness, a pandemic, and a culture of "take it easy" (the "has been"). It touches on the concept of"has been" and how it can be achieved through various actions, including seeking forgiveness through actions, listening to others' actions, and showing regret. The segment also touches on the topic of shaytan and how it can lead to regret, and mentions various incident and statements made by various speakers during a video. The transcript describes a man named Jesus claims to have been forgiven for his actions, but his actions were not recognized.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam wa salam ala Nabi.

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matter by the Almighty Allah Kitab Qatari who Allah Sharia Tabata, Shariati a maga dewfall novena Humana shaytani, R rajim, Bismillah Walkman Iraqi

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Kalia Ebert el de Lena Astra for Allah fusi Latin happened to me Rama

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said that Allah will assume

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my dear respected elders and brothers,

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Allah subhanahu wa taala

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is kept within us

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the temptation towards sin

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en the enthusiasm towards doing right right yes deeds. Allah Allah says for Allah Maha for joy Raha Taqwa Allah has inspired human beings towards an Allah has shown him both the paths and the reason for showing him both the parties in that there is freedom. If there is no freedom of action, there is no accountability.

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But but after making mention of that, we have to keep in mind if he chooses wrong

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and he chooses the path of sin. It is not like the Allah. It is not approved by Allah subhanho wa Taala What are your value Liberty Hill Cuf Allah is not happy with Kufa and Allah is not happy with transgression. But Allah has given us the freedom to do both. Aladdin Santander Guna, whitish or Nicki Kanika, just barpeta Kia Han tam Guna, Conoco Imam Ali bacne. However, if he chooses sin,

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then choosing sin is no ordinary matter. Sin has got the capacity to destroy you the way you want Spark, the way one spark of fire has got the capacity to destroy the entire house. In a similar manner, a spark of guna and sin has got the capacity to destroy a person completely. Therefore it comes in a hadith that Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said

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that when a person sins a dark spot, and a stain comes upon his heart. When he makes Toba, Allah Tala removes the stain. But if he doesn't make Toba that particular state increases, the darkness increases until his entire heart is engulfed in darkness. When his heart is engulfed in darkness, then he can make the distinction between right and wrong. And this is a go to admin go now care rustico ft Arca Kia to guanaco Yaqui Mamoli bardney here in Seung Ki Rouhani at quarterback ConnectKey Salah here trata him. Hadith mer que guna que Carnegie about a color Dipolog Jetta Han hamara. Dilip deal, Chip Banda apne Ganassi Toba nahi karta to serie de la Delco bilkul waterbar

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cordata hell colourbond Aleta So, this is something that we have to keep in mind all the time. That if you choose this way, it is not something that is liked by Allah subhanaw taala however, this is the reality. Your hotkey, apne fitrah admin and Rudy Henare Allama Iqbal has made mention that this hockey this human being he is by nature neither an angel neither is he or she eaten your hockey up NiFi treatment and

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you're not shaytan here. Now finished MSR here in San Jose just met donot Donata racket or Donatella akitas but such such as the hell now when this is the reality with regard to seven, seven is no ordinary matter as a good library Masuda the Ultron we used to say in min era Uber who can no car into into jeopardy I mean, regard some as burdensome as sitting underneath a mountain not knowing when a stroke is going to fall upon him. And what I mean regard some is so serious that I'm sitting underneath a mountain who said I hate you and I'm okay chaton I'm good

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to hear my money back me. So what what do we do with regard to sell? You know we are in the US

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Shut up. Nebia Kareem Sal Salam said in our orama we're also two months after oh eight permanent na. Allah has given us 10 Different Ushers and 10 different 10 days in Ramadan. The first one is Rama to have Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada that has passed because Archaea Rama que Ashura now in the second second 10 days, it is the 10 days of seeking muffit and forgiveness of Almighty Allah. Therefore, I've spoken about this. Sin is a disease. Sin is a WABA sin is a pandemic. And the antidote in the medicine for sin is the foreign Toba. This is the reality with regard to it is this this is the situation guna Akwaaba are tobacco ski ski.

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Now how once you make want to make Toba once you tend towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in forgiveness, and you ask Allah Allah to forgive your sins, then Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives you a sense in such a way that you end off that as if you have not committed any sin attack. womanism become Aladdin Bara jab abunda apne guna say Toba Nika chip sorry, yeah abunda Allah Tada que se mustard autoboca type to Allah Tala Anchieta of Rajon, or Allah Tala. Allah, Allah Tala Petrov, Sancho Hooper Hutan hotel, or Allah Tala wonky guna Kumar fermata SMR fermata Hey, just a quick quick guna K. That's a way Allah subhanahu wa taala forgives his son. But however, in this

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particular regard, or am I have written I heard as it moved around Bucha Rahmatullah La Salle que ma Philip churnetski, chin, the Rajat and chin put your heart out gently and I will tell

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you see there are different ways of seeking maturity. There are different ways of seeking Allah Tala is forgiveness, and he gave the example of a of our clothes. Sometimes it so happens that there is something very light upon our clothes. halka

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halka ciganda good to add me was caught heart says after the time, sometimes there's a very small speck of dirt is upon your porta. Then what do you do? We just take your hand and you wipe it off and it gets wiped off. It gets clean. So sometimes it so happens that your your clothes can get clean because the dirt is very, very minor. This is an example of minuses minus sins gets wiped away by good deeds. In Al Hasan it used hipness a year, maybe a Kareem Salah while he was sort of gave the example when you make wudu that when you wash your hands, all the sins that you have done with their hands, they get wiped away. This is an example of wiping away my innocence. So through the

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means of Buzu Allah subhanho wa Taala wipes away your minor sins just like a very small, small type of debt, you wipe it away with your hands. Sometimes there is such turrets and such stains that comes upon your clothes that it never ever gets wiped away

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as it moved to Mahmoud sobre la used to say in our place you used to get particular like parafin or oil, Jack oil that you get petrol for example. Now sometimes if it comes upon your clothes, no matter how much you wash it, it doesn't get clean. That is an example of shift in Hola Hola, yo Pharaoh a user cabbie. We are Pharaoh Maradona, 30 Colima. Yasha. Allah will not forgive a person who commits sir besides that Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive any other type of guna but guna

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Toba monkey near jumped out of school children I was gonna say chapter verse chapter cercare to Allah Tala math name for manga ships Yaga Toba key to Allah Tala MA for manga. If you make Toba from sheer Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive you. So this is another aspect and Sometimes it so happens you got a stain upon your clothes. The stain does not get wiped away by you using your hands. You have to use the washing machine. You have to use different types of you know, washing powders. I don't know which type of washing powders people use. Although, oh man washing powder until you don't use that the stain does not come out. Sometimes our guna and I get it is major sins.

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You cannot get rid of it just by wiping it away. You can only get rid of it by seeking Allah subhanahu wa taala has forgiveness with sincerity and showing regret nebbia carry themselves to limited October to another. Toba in reality is regret until

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You don't show regret for the wrongs that we have done. You can never have Toba. There are different conditions for Toba. I don't want to go into it. Today I want to speak about the mantra of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. I want to speak about the Ramadan of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. So in this particular regard, the different ways of seeking forgiveness, and one most important thing with regard with regard to forgiveness is in the Dharma and the Dharma to talk about Christopher verifiedhire. Without it, there is no benefit of Toba and ECFR until you show regret. The essence of Toba is to show regret

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you Allah you have Jana, you have mercy upon me until you don't show that you will not you will not get over once we show them then you will find Allah subhanahu wa taala willing to receive your forgiveness and willing to forgive you. Someone has said very beautifully in one will do PowerPivot for $1.10 mil a year, our Hotkey is this actc mirror,

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don't do that they will get here our Hotkey actc

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I have got the wealth of crying out of regret for my guna and my sons, my guna have become completely obliterated because of that actc miracle now on him. So, in this particular regard, you see shaytan deceives human being by two ways shaytan

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would you enter in sunco daughter acid Okada tie it to you year HEC Allah Tala board are fully recommend our GA here gonna correct for acne PATA you

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shaytan must lead you in two ways. Once he tells you Allah is the photo Rahim. Allah Allah is very forgiving. So when you say that Allah is Forgiving, it seems that you got a license to do wrong. That also is wrong. I normally give this example Allama have given a doctor gives you a bomb to put when you get burned. When you get burned, they say yeah, Marham lagana yeah other of Georgia to Abraham lagana you bought morphine to now when a person is now much brighter, right? He's doing a bright now in the time in the house. Now He's sticking his head Bismillah Allahu Akbar putting it in the fire.

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They will prefer How can you put your hand in the fire name doctor gave me an appointment. doctor gave me an ointment very good for burns. What would someone tell him? Yes, that one is there but if perchance and by mistake you get burned then you use that one man. You don't elaborate even put your hands in the fire. Gonna sh

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absorber John Bucha jacket don't gonna Tony Karingal Jana Tanaka. Fuhrer. Amen. And then another way with regard shaytan must lead us up to it Nick when I got him and let him off. Never mind. You are such a good nigga. You are such a sinner. Allah subhanho wa Taala will never forgive you. My dear respected brothers. This is one of the greatest deception. If you allow to Musa person one day he was sitting and he was very despondent. And I asked him why are you despondent? I have committed to Ghana I'm worried whether Allah will forgive me or not. I'm worried with Allah will forgive me or not. A little the Allah told him an amazing thing. It allowed him he said you're sitting in such

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despondency is worse than the guna that we have committed.

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Here my yo CCSA by Nokia Allah Tala Matheny for my anger, you're gonna see the butter that is even more worse than the guna So never ever let shaytan ever must lead you that. Allah subhanho wa Taala would not forgive you. Allah subhanho wa Taala loves forgiveness and that Allah loves to forgive nebbia Kareem said Allahu Allah He was celebrated in Allah Hakata Kitab and for who are in the folk RC Allah has written a book a proclamation on top of the Irish

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in Rama T Sabha cut to a theory why yet in

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my Rama and My Mercy supersedes and it overcomes my anger and my wrath.

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Mera Ramat war hamari asops MP Burke burka, as up to heaven Natalka. In other words,

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a human being never ever feels himself safe from the adverb of Almighty Allah. A believer never ever feels himself safe from Allah. But we also know Allah has said in the Rama T sub bucket or theory why yet in Allah but rather be Allah subhanahu wa taala Allah subhanho wa Taala loves forgiving in Naka foon Kareem and Rahim on to a bola for for me. Then together with it. Allah Tala loves to forgive Allah Tala percent fermata

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mas Karna drum schizo goostree back here Kamara satin EBk Shafaq Kasahara.

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On the other hand, we've got the shuffle the comfort

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And the aspect of Nabil Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Shabbat intercession Nebia Karim Salah Salem one day I shattered the Ultra and asked Yara Sula. Where must we search for you in gender? awareness we shall search for you in the in the year after. There are Salam Targu they have to go to the NBA Kareem Salah well, you still have narrated three incidents three places. He said Muhammad will be very, very anxious in three places. Search for me in one of those places in the here in the hereafter.

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I think one is the harsher one is the Musa and one is impulsive that

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I just remember this hadith I'm not very sure but I think this is one search for me in the three places where Muhammad will be in great difficulty you will find me there. I always made mention of this previously when you are walking towards the Rosa and you are walking Madina Munawwara you know going towards making salaam to our beloved Divya Kareem Sandstrom whenever I go there always seen it and it gives me Sahara. So with that in on the way there is written in brass, in brass, these certain things that are written there and ongoing towards when you are going to make salaam gonna be a cream sauce or maybe a cream concern for salaam cafe. What up Jerry Otto Madina, Munawwara Mejia

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Hadees will happily try. SCHEFFER Attili

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my Shabbat is for those people who have done major sins from amongst

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my Shabbat is for those people who have done major sins in my own mouth by Shabbat will be for them

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you will you will look at the agenda on Kenya to save your

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marriage shafa to Ghana Ghana Kenya and I always say this my dear respective brothers and little emoji marker I'm saying wrong. A little emoji marker aka girl Miranda Cara as rather go in front of Allah Tala

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is a repentant sinner.

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Then going with pride over my

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my piety in my budget

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is a male measure II person cryptopia letter like Asami jacket

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was your mom

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he said to me Doctor Allah Tala sake okay man metallbau William.

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Better to Yakima Jetta de la Seco co chemical ninja who

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had had been asked by Rama Talalay says, One day I was sitting in the cupboard when I was sitting in the cupboard.

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I heard someone saying beautiful poems in Arabic. And I started listening. It was dark that time there was no light. And I said Ya know what beautiful words this person is saying. And one of those particular words was this. Jana, what is it yami Yugi. Moto Rafi salami. Well, yeah, Kashi furred brewery, well, Belvoir Sagami Oh, the one who responds to the one that the stress person in the darkness of the night and oh the one who removes the difficulty and distress of people when they are in distress in Karna to the camera euro to suffer him for me here doo doo, Cena Bill Kuraby Oh ALLAH if your forgiveness and your mercy will not come upon the sinners, then who will show Rahaman mercy

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upon the sinners? The alloga After hum Buddha God openly con gram trigger guna

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to activate as he said, I was so surprised I said who is this saying these beautiful words. I went and I went to listen. I saw it was Imam Zaid hula booty Rama to Lally the grandson of our beloved Nadia Karim sauce from the son of Hussein to the Allahu Anhu. I said, Oh, grandson of an American himself. Seldom you are seeing these things. You are the grandson of Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said Hatem Don't you know, for you the new FIFA facade for Allah and Saba.

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When the trumpet blows, there is no Allah will not ask you about your nisab in your lineage, and they will ask you about your deeds. Therefore hottie my beating this dua, my dear respected brothers make this dua was patient that Allah Allah forgive us show regret. In this particular Ashura. Allah is waiting in Allah Hi epsa to Yoda who belay Lea tuba,

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maybe a cream sauce and I'm said, Allah stretches out his hand every night to forgive the discussions in the guna of people who have committed guna in the day, and Allah Tala stretches his hand of Mercy every day to forgive the guna and sins of people who have committed guna and sins in the night. You know, Imam Sophia authorea Rahmatullah Ali, achieve one but two came to our beloved

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Anivia cream sauce in one day

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knew this but to salsa cheap. We had such innocence. And they asked them this awesome such beautiful questions we learned so much. So one day he asked he said he had a student who's going to take our he sat on the day of Yarmouth, who's going to take our hisab on the day of karma, who's going to take account of our deeds.

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Two episodes from said Allah will be

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when he's heard Allah dickey. He keeps her happy he screamed out of happiness. Then he said then Alhamdulillah we are fortunate. We are fortunate if Allah is gonna take our our Risa Imams Sophia authority Rahmatullah used to say and I wrote this MA hippo, Mau, hippo ah Isabey in a way

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and Allah Allah

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be me mean Huma. I will not like on the day of chiamata even my parents must take my hisab

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I will not like it even my parents take myself because I know Allah subhanho wa Taala is more forgiving and more merciful than even my parents. I would only like to a letter that pick myself.

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We have got such an Allah subhanahu wa taala that will take our hisab therefore my dear respect will is the same he is going to ask Allah Tala for forgiveness. And lastly let me make mention of this incident. You know how Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, loves forgiving people. Chef Abdul Qadir Jilani Rahmatullah li hygiene Bella Mahajan, McKee Rahmatullah Lee writes, For 40 years he makes mention of Allah subhanho wa Taala is forgiveness that Allah Tala is so forgiving and merciful. Charlie's Sultan Bianca and natality Rama Copa de Kochi log to enter welcomes or ProAir superhead iba tournament they will be coming week they will not turning towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala.

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He started speaking about the Azova

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but others will view here about the love of Allah in the Quran and Hadith your hair Winstead.

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So he started speaking about the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then people started crying. People fainted in the masjid. People had to take the bodies of people away who have been fated away from the masjid because of his by hands on the love of Allah. After three days he saw Allah Allah in a vision. Abdulkadir is my Mersive

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finished in 40 years

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that you have to put such fear in my bones but that they are taken away from the magic fainted and taken out of the magic camera.

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Charlie Salman

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This is how Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives

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Kabir has made mention of an incident that hasn't easily salat wa salam was going when he was going Allah Tala showed him in a cover in which the person was getting up. He was getting punished. So as the Salem Salatu was Salam note that it on his way back, he saw that that very same cover that person who was getting up Allah Tala mafia, Allah, Allah forgive him. So he says salatu salam has Allah subhanho wa Taala wonder why you forgive this person? He was being punished, and now you forgive him. So Allah told us at Sally's salat wa salam. When this person died, his wife was pregnant.

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After he died, the wife gave birth. The child grew up the child now went to the madressa so that the gustar toward the child Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, the Most him, the most Karim, the one who is most Merciful.

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Or Isa, I felt

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how can I punish a person

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when he small son

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is seeking my forgiveness and taking the name of my forgiveness? How can I vote? How can I punish him? Therefore, he said I forgave him

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because of his salary in Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, brothers let us turn towards Almighty Allah. Allah Tala give us a Tofik welcome to day one.

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The world

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and more money