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AI: Summary © The segment covers various topics such as a woman fee in a local Hamlet, a woman fee in a local Hamlet, and a woman fee in a local Hamlet. The discussion touches on the media's coverage during the pandemic, the importance of acceptance and forgiveness, and the need for forgiveness in light of current events. A woman named Jana is accused of being too generous and gives a speech about forgiveness, while also discussing her desire for happiness and a desire to avoid the pain of the pandemic. The segment ends with a call to promise listeners to stay connected and not give up until the end of their life.
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Hello, handle command ro facility was salam ala Sayidina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a command

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for failing in our command Talofa in a Carlota Aqua Halmahera Aloha Monica Hambrook Amalia Marie January when HCA was a missile tonic, Aloha medical humble and the medical center where it will have the woman fee in our local Hamlet. And then Oh somehow it will or the woman fee in our local Hamlet and taka you must somehow what you will or the woman fee in our local Hamlet. Allah wa monocle hamdu Hamden in my mother when, when a kind of hamdulillah Hamden pallida Mala Holika Holika hamdu Hamdan Hadid, Mr. Faludi, watercolor hamdu Hamden. lamonta Hanna who do an AMA sciatic while our local hamdu Hamdulillah you read Oka ilaha illa Revox what are called hamdu Hamdan calory the call was a

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man a call La ilaha illallah wa Halim will Kareem Subhanallah Euro Bellagio Azim will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Subhanallah who will be handy either a healthy or Iran FC was in at the Archie Ramadan kinematic coral sadock Allah wa

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Hema Hanifa

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tricky and a lot man you've watched enough Jacobina Allah Mohammed Abdullah Quran Allah azza wa jal imamo and

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a lot of Mother Karina Amin, Houma Anna Sina, while limnol in Houma Johanna what is going on at it

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lately one, which I wouldn't get a job but I mean, a lot of them as a you know flow can have Quran when a will kuruva and Avila Quran when at dinner I mean hon Quran what a phenol janitorial Quran, Allah majority liquid Khurana and after dunya Kareena fulfill recovery Manisa what Allah sirotkin Hoorah Well Phil Jana therapy

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together while Allah your article we heard a lot of my Nana federal cabbie policemen who alaka some major being upset Oh, I love the WHO Adam in Hello. Oh and delta who had him in hello oh and delta who had him in Kitab ik we start at 30 If he didn't believe in the

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Quran or Robbie I follow him what do you

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what do you have a home you know whether you have a home home you know, was it in our car in

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the garden not in

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a love model

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husana her way limbed up Fila water 100 And a Conan manual calls it in a loved one have been fulfilling

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what our phenom I love it all along. I've been locked in I love my job and whatnot.

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Put out

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a lot

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of fun in arena so via phone or via email, whatever the geography of Illumina was in the living

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in Caribou for Rahim Allah Oh house I will

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allow my mascara to go oh so

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Marina I love my Filipina I love my local Hyundai Santa Monica summer what will otherwise be in our local 110 all summer what what are the woman fee in our local 100? Taka yomo somewhat will add the woman P in our local Allahumma kantele Huck Paco Luca Huck Holika Oka Huck, whenever you and I have one Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whatnot we'll have

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well TM Hello Malika Islam now, Amanda while they get our color way later how come now

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a lot more filling

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him in until mocha demo until the hola porta he level up a lot of mufflers and all that and I'm in Cali but I don't have other I will have covered

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a lot when I stood out in our metro Atlanta. I love mufflers and

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I mean a Filipina when a man you know once a woman poking up when I Oh they'll be asthmatic and I mean that in a long run. I've been to the kuruva nobody will have let me live in the country. Love math was an avid Islamic Emma was an avid Islamic

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ADA walk was Naveen Islami raka what a what pushed me

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a lot when I grow up and honestly me and one cent undecided he

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went on ADAMA,

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Allah ma, hello ma

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above moluccana projectile even in a lot of malarkey in Africa even in the mama a lot of my nipple Rubina when I was when I was

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looking for Malik Muhammad

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Ali Jana was denied. So we'll follow of filling our coverage mode for a half an hour in the load color to our diviner Hello my name is Erica human and Canada for European and sadaqa What is the worst? Yeah, well hello I'm forgiven. I'm thinking about what I'm thinking about. Well I'm gonna I'm solid I'm macgiolla with over 10 NASWA So what then come the vote rotten endo mode will appear to work with a margin mode will appear in that folder and when they come in South Africa Well

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hello, my Nana sort of proceed how well

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hello Medina, aka haka. nativa. Why do you know that

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you have a yarmulke

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when it happened because all Mustela Allah and what we learned

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about my Nana, I was a victim and Alhamdulillah was on when I was a victim you know, he was doing when I was a victim in calibre today he was already done when all the way coming

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along my Nana will be becoming a customer to refer to when I

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went over the governor property well, it was shocking as she thought there was too much when we are allowed to come in as some of you will. While baracy While junonia While Corona will do them he was still here hello my nan Oh

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yeah. Hey Lola, we're calling with Kareem Han Allah here as you well somebody

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said oh Cambodia back Iraq medic was

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what have unlimited mean for Libya was

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a loved

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a feature when I do when

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when I was happy until level locked up follow wall and

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into what I see radical.

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What I even

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when I even

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when I was

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when I was

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when I had when I first went to Shafter Walla

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Walla about

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how did I mean Why did?

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I want to know when he asked and asked him

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and now we have come to the end

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of the Holy Quran. Allah normally this is the time of happiness, the type of acceptance of dua Yumna, we do not knowing whether we must put forward our request or whether we should ask you for forgiveness, with regard to ourselves with regard to the way we have performed the way we have read the

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reading was not correctly stated was

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we read many times not the way we are supposed to

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Allah you forgive our shortcut.

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The Allah we have expectations. You have said in the law of sin, you never allow anyone to go to his

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discord group, the circumstances, it was not within our control had got together to make a split among the Holy Quran. Allow yourself

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to accept Allah, Allah He accepted the Allah to forgive the shortcomings Allah, Allah the mighty pious people in this world. We have read Quran and we've made custom in the way that has brought your pleasure in Allah. Allah when you accept this pattern. When you accept the Quran, Allah and younger together with him, except I was

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a young people have read the whole tele people who are young, who are relatively still new, Yala with regard to their family and get the meaning of love and acceptance of the Saturnian love you

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gender they are all people also Ya Allah. We have read the Quran yeah Allah were made Hitomi Allah. So the means of all of those people who have read every part of your life except Allah, Allah you forgive our shortcomings and our short even some many

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now we have committed so many different types of Sanjay Allah, Allah if it was purely on the basis of justice then you would have been destroyed

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but you're not is one small consolation that is your forgiveness of your mercy where he left off Malena if it was not your mercy, and it was not your forgiveness kind of cool and it would have been used as we would have been destroyed. Yeah Allah, Allah wa sins are many.

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But eBay has no comparison it pales into insignificance compared to your mercy compared to your greatness. Yeah Mala that will rose in Hove. Allah also holding

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hold the one who says does not harm Allah Who forgiveness does not diminish his authority and his generosity. Allah we ask a few young, habla Amala Ian for to give us that Jana which does not diminish.

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Allah And forgive us those sins which does not.

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Forgive us He Allah, it will bring happiness to your heart even you desire the happiness of obedience, your love, you could not forgive us. It was just done. And cheetah is your enemy. You do not like you do not desire the happiness of Allah. Allah You forgive us not because we are worthy Allah, but because he Allah. Allah you love forgiveness in the Capital One Kareem will have a five one Karim ALLAH forgive all our sins to beloved heavy this call as if you went to request and send return the heavens in return to the amount of the foam in the ocean.

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Yeah Allah

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whose sins can be sold many

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even if someone sent you so many and if they asked you for forgiveness, then you would forgive them but our body and it would mean nothing for you to forgive them

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and forgive our sins make us worthy of your forgiveness because what's your mercy and love from now onwards? Allah we commit ourselves to try what moves to fulfill your commands and stay away from politicians help us in doing so Allah Ya Allah keep us steadfast till the day we die and the day we leave this world let us leave whether Kalama

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Yeah, generous person when you give someone something Allah He feels it against his generosity to take it back. He would not like to take it back because he would be accused of how been generous How can you take back something that he has given somehow allow me to not complain, we do not make any petition. We only observe this and we say you are the most generous after you have given us the man do not take it

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after you have given us demands and take it away from us, Allah you have given us a small

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small speck of Eman which is in our heart. Make that Gloria does not take it away yeah Allah, Allah do not take it away, keep a steadfast upon it till the day we die. When shaytan will be time is up most of the time of our death to try and mislead us, Allah, Allah you send your hinges to keep us

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hooked in Abu Telemon Allah you inspire us with words of human at that particular time you know, Allah you make it easy for us when we leave this world.

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Make the last portion of our life the most desperate and hope right?

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Because diaphorina Man is solid. Do not take us away from the world until you are happy with us. Allah, Allah.

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Allah in this world, if there is no setting in the Lord setting ghost over 10 minutes over time, you wouldn't be in really good at the Allah we get anxious to make phone calls. Allah in the summer there will be no light other than light you will provide Allah who provide us with life. Allah you can't as vastness in the cover, incompetent the cover. Let me call the affairs of the year after easy for Allah. Allah. On the day when the sun will be hovering over us grant us your shady Allah, Allah give us all to compete in the right hand and not to the left behind our backyard Allah, Allah, Allah we have not Allah we have not seen your beloved. We have not seen you

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can afford your beloved heavy handed the day. We are given the opportunity to see your hubby to see you do not deprive us

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COVID site, they are now when we have brought him on when we have not seen you and do not deprive us of your site when you see

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the video of pulsera to the speed of lightning Allah, Allah grant has done nothing for those that keep us away from the file

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that we come.

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Where will we be able to bear the pain?

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Of Janome

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This is a question of emancipation of the fire of Johannes Allah emancipate us

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alliances so before your agenda for you, it's one announcement, your loved one cool, your love for your phone.

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Passport, our salvation

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alive and in this world make things easy for us. yella grant has good in this world grant is green the after Jana, individually and collectively whatever difficulty people have removed the difficulty. We have all Muslims are in difficulty Allah removed the difficulty. Muslims who are in difficulty in Palestine, Allah in Gaza, in Kashmir, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, Allah in Burma wherever they are in difficulty, Allah removed that difficulty Allah, Allah remove the persecution over me Allah those who are persecuting me Allah, grant them righteousness. If righteousness is not meant for me, Allah, Allah you deal with them appropriately Allah, Allah you give the Muslims the Allah

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the ability, Allah, Allah and the deeds to come out of that particular type of persecution that Allah individually whoever is in difficulty remove that difficulty Allah. Allah Yama Rahim Allah this particular situation in the world will create situations where people will find it difficult with regard to the risk Allah Allah protect people's risk.

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Yeah Allah grant them.

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Yellow do not make anyone more 30 Allah, Allah you remove this affliction from the word Allah. We do not know the reason we do not know and fathom the understanding of the Allah. Allah we leave it to you oh with AmeriGlo Allah, Allah you bring normality to the earth Jana, whatever the reason she Allah, whatever the situation you Allah, Allah removed this affliction upon the believers and upon humanity, Allah, Allah You grant us cure from this era, Allah those who have passed on give them the rainbow Shahid, those who are seeking Allah, Allah in this infection or any other infection or any other illness that Allah grant them. Yo y'all granddam Shiva Allah, Allah save us and our family

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members and our loved ones and our friends and our colleagues in the mud from this particular infection yell from this virus Allah Allah protect us only Allah grant us good healthy Allah Allah wherever you need a fiscal analysis Allah wherever you need are getting married grant incompatible spouses and those who are married and and happiness in American life.

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From the pious Yeah, no yeah, I love those. Yeah, Allah we are killing me Allah. Allah protect our children, telegram and goodness both in this world in the yard. You know that I see the difficulty of our children, protect them and protect us. From all calamities, protected from violent deaths protect us from unexpected accidents and unexpected calamities young

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children, our grandchildren are loving them the fullness of our idea and they can provision for us in the yasai Allah, Allah have mercy upon our parents who have passed on for the cover with those who are alive we are lucky they shed when it was over us for a long time he Allah Allah grant has the ability to serve them and grant them happiness when we have been as rich as he has

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been one of her I've always said tender those were first and fully covered was more than that those were nice to me. Why in support oversee Allah, Allah we are many times call upon you know different situations to make decisions yeah Allah to make decision for ourselves to make decision for the community. Whenever that particular need for that time arises. Yeah, Allah, Allah give us the ability to remain steadfast love, Allah give us the ability to do righteous decisions the Allah, Allah you help us and

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Allah you help us in this country in every way Allah, Allah grant us peace in this country, keep us away from crime, keep us away from violence. Let us play our role as Muslims we Allah in this country, we have relative freedom Yeah, Allah Ya Allah give us ability to appreciate that. And you Allah let us repeat the people of this country, with our clock with our goodness, Allah ensuring the beauty of Fatima Allah, Allah, many people have asked us to make dua for Salah many people have asked us to make dua for them for Allah to make dua for that is a right upon us we have to do it yeah Allah, Allah give them the Allah save them from all calamities. Allah give them

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guys and legitimate pleasures the Allah fulfill the aspirations

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Allah above only Allah we ask a few yalla your happiness Allah, Allah do not live up to a woman, without your happiness without your grace without a protection without your guidance in every walk of our life, along with Allah,

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in Allah Allah Allah, Allah and Allah Nabi you are living in harmony solo Allah He was selling with the slimmer lungs