The Scourge Of Drug Abuse

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The concept of "hammer" is used to describe various foods and beverages that contain multipleteroterpenents, including alcohol, drugs, and shaytan. The negative impact of drugs on people's personal and family, including the way drugs affect behavior and health, is also discussed. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding one's own spiritual fulfillment and protecting oneself and loved ones while avoiding harms. The speaker also mentions a recent incident where a person took drugs and became homicidal, leading to negative consequences for their family.

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Alhamdulillah he Allah.

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Allah if we bought a porta potti was Salatu was Salam ala ZD

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mursaleen wa and he was happy or seldom at the Sleeman Kaziranga zero, a mavado former Villa

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smilla rahmanir rahim

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Allah Nina M and o

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ne sera well answer when Islam videos from minimally shado on fajita neighborhood Allah

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Vienna como el bajo de la cumbre

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de C'mon de la sala

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follow to monta Hoon Sara follow him

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respected elders and brothers.

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Every cited is from the Holy Quran

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in which Allah subhanho wa Taala in this ayah

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has made hamara

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Normally, you and I, when we read these charts,

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we translate hamara as alcohol, wine beer, we say Allah has made hammer haram and hammer means alcohol. However, this is an incomplete translation of the word hammer.

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means anything which intoxicates and disturbs the mind and the intellect.

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The time of our beloved Nivea Korean sallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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One day Sahaba came and said Yasser Allah, they asked Navistar Salaam about the various intoxicants that were arrive in the resourceless time and they used to be different types of intoxicants that time also. And Kareem sallahu alayhi wasallam blessed as he was, was speech said, Coloma's Kareem Hama. Every intoxicant is Hama.

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Every intoxicant is hammer and every hammer is haram

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his time got up once in the member of Nellie saw Salaam and he said, Allah hum Roma you have Metal

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Hammer is depth which

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disturbs the understanding and the intellect of a person. Now when you look at that definition, when Allah says hammer is haram, it doesn't only mean alcohol, it means everything that intoxicants everything that takes away our understanding to to be able to make sense out of life, which distinguishes a person from a from an animal. Allah tala nice if Muhammad karanka

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I'm taught from camara, cotton tomasa syrup chop tsikata Jana mocha mana. Misha our cheese hamara or her Hama Hama. shiawassee Chico. Chaya mandrakes hot Chai waka Sikhism Kyo Goloka Chico

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kishiwada shut up the Chico subquantum arancha. Allah has made it haram align this ayat which I have recited Allah has given the reasons why Allah has made it.

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Rich so minimally shaytan Allah Allah says it is filthy. Every intoxicant is filthy, first, unable to stay away from it, that Allah can give you success. Yes, shaytan he shaytan karitsa. Gandhi cheesehead Hussain, Berto, Allah says, Hamas and intoxicants, whether it be in any form, whether it be in the form of mendax, whether it be in the form of tablets, whether it be in the form of powder, whether it be in the form of cocaine, whether it be in the form of heroin, it is haram, stay away from it in number two shaytan shaytan wishes through the means of this intoxicants to create enmity and hostility between people. These keywords are cell leukemia,

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and there is no doubt whatsoever with regard to it. When a person thing intoxicants, then he cannot maintain a stable relationship, whether it be with his brothers, whether it be with his parents, whether it be with with his wife's in the Margarita, shaytan shaytan to the means of intoxicants make you fight with one another, where suta kumaun decorilla he

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or he

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What it is, of course salad or zeker say Morocco, Morocco. It prevents you from remembering Allah it prevents you from shaytan. Allah has made mentioned with regard to all of these harms and why Allah has made every intoxicant Haram, whether it be in whatever form it is, Allah has emphasized the protection of five things in our Sharia, our religion, our intellect, our life, our lineage and our wealth, and Latina panties. chisaki fazilka Ivanka Shariat man, he takes so much Oracle, these riches in the

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shortest, she's NASA, or aka man, five things Allah has told us to protect, to protect our religion and our human, to protect our, our intellect, which distinguishes between right and wrong distinguishes between animals. The third thing is our,

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our, our, our intellect, our life, junkie, who must look after your life. So health comes in so important, the fourth thing, your your lineage. Therefore, I know what Allah has made Zina Haram, because your lineage is not protected then and the fourth thing your wealth, Allah has emphasized the protection of these five things. In intoxicants, our intellect becomes suspended. When a person takes to intoxicants, he disturbs his intellect, he can no more thing correctly, he can no more thing rationally, he becomes a toy, in the hands of shaytan. And in reality, drugs, alcohol, intoxicants, it disrupts the normal function of the brain, it affects human behavior, makes one

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addicted towards it. paralyzes one senses overwhelms the mind to the extent that he can see what is right and what is wrong, what is his benefit? What is this, the only thing he can think clearly about is when I'm going to get my next trip, when I'm going to get my next wine, when I'm going to get my next fix when I'm gonna get my next dance. And this is such a tragedy, that Allah who has painted human being as a form of Luca, the best of illustration, through the means of his intellect, because of his brains because of his mind and human being deliberately takes something which disturbs that which is the basis of the distinguishing between human animals This is a tragedy which

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human being so murdered now a spell assassin in that Allah created you the best and you by your own doing you have made yourself was that animals also by your own doing? And this is a reality man check this calm cat A drugs Mattia intoxicants, yeah, Shara rose Mara Zindagi co Durham Burnham, Katia DeMarco suchness, Nikki Salah,

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the phone exam, Queen, Queen, a data, selfie and a title booster in the shower. She's a makeup Mini. This is a reality with regard to it. And we thank Allah that Allah has given us a deal in which Allah subhanho wa Taala has made these things haram and despite its harms becoming more and more apparent, today, we are fighting, there is more education. There is more

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pamphlets, there is more posters. There is more educational type of

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information available with regard to drugs more than what it ever used to be. But yet it is becoming such a norm, that I hesitate. But when people who are in the know tell me they say that there are very few families

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that are not affected by the scourge, where people from the family, whether it be within the immediate for the extended family, that we know someone in someone who is impacted or is affected by drugs, who is taking drugs, who has not only created a havoc in his own life, but he has created a havoc in the life of his parents in the life of his own near family in the life of his extended family. Sometimes even his children get affected, sometimes even his wife and his spouse get affected. But yet, this has become such a thing that yet despite us knowing with regard to it, knowing the harms, it is becoming more and more widespread. How do we deal with regard to it? Just

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keep in mind with regard to this aspect, this whole particular aspect of drugs and hashish and cannabis has she's got something new. I'll just give you an example. Mr. Hatcher

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makira Talalay many, many years ago, almost centuries ago, in one of his treaties, he wrote this aspect and he said he narrates from some scholars that there are 120 worldly and religious harms that result from consuming hashish, which is also known the English word as cannabis, Cannabis, right. So, he this he has written centuries back that people were taking this as many times that Allah subhanaw taala has made this aspect in a very great way haram and today, it has become in various ways. So today what what has happened, people say for example, tick, tick, whether it be sometimes you know, pee, whether it be get it, this is together with some of the older type of

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things, whether it be heroin, or cocaine that people have ecstasy, these are the type of names that people are addicted to, and they, they become addicted to it. And they take to it because of various reasons which are going to explain. And it is so sad, your whole mind becomes deformed. And people sometimes make a note of their job with regard to it, but they don't realize how harmful This is. What goes through that family when there are people who are addicted to it, you know, so a person who is an alcoholic says that, you know, why is it that a person who takes alcohol is called an alcoholic? A person who takes drugs is called a druggie. If that's a situation that if anyone drinks

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tenta is supposed to be fantastic.

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And then sometimes they said, I read about the harms of drugs. It was so bad, it was so bad. I stopped reading. Instead of silly It was so bad I stopped taking is it was so bad. I stopped reading. Now firstly, understand why do people take with regard to drugs? What is the reason with regard to drugs? Why do they take it? Firstly, amongst the reasons why people take to it is curiosity valuable? Because sometimes people become curious. So sometimes people take to it because they are curious. What is it? We've heard so much about it? So let us go and out of curiosity. Well, you people go and take it, not realizing that it could start off on the basis of curiosity, but then

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you can become addicted to it. And therefore, it's our responsibility upon everyone to tell our children to tell our youth to tell our friends do not even come near this do not even try it for the Curiosity value. This is the reality

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backlogs sort of Java canonically yet Java swatara petiolate a year Jana QC yada, yada. So, the first reason why sometimes people do it is curiosity. The second reason many times people do it is because of feeling high. So people feel a feel good factor. When I take it are gone, I I feel that I can do anything, I can climb the highest mountains, I can do whatever I want. I go into the seventh heaven and not realizing that that particular phase that you are doing is very short lived and it is very temporary.

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modflow he still let the heck yes, Mr. sous kurata Charlesworth, Allah JSA was sat we asked Mambo just to see what was happening.

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What the torpor ghulja so they do it and thinking that I'm in a 711 for a little while, they forget the problems with regard to what they are facing. Sometimes people go about it because of peer pressure. So you're growing with a group of friends. And when you go with a group of friends, someone tries it. And they tell you, why don't you try, it's a something innocent. And if you don't do it, they call you or they call you someone who is not prepared to go with a friend. So because of peer pressure you take it fourthly amongst reasons, sometimes people take it because of feeling stress, because of feeling depressed of the pressures of life. So these are some of the reasons why

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people take towards type of drugs, but not realizing irrespective of the reasons why you take it, it leads to disastrous consequences. The consequences I can't I can't explain in words, people who are in the know they tell you, I'll just give you two examples with regard to what has happened. There is one person who I spoke during the course of this weekend, he said that he knows of a family within our circles within our areas where the son has taken two drugs. He has become homicidal. He's on the verge of taking his life. He becomes so aggressive in the house, that the parents have to lock the door all the time constantly worrying that the Son is going to come and harm us. What a

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home that must be that the parents in their own home they don't feel safe.

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in their own home. They don't feel safe, safe from home, not safe from criminals, not safe from someone who is you know, outside and enemy, safe from their own children.

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affect a three year old mother

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Whereas five children recently related to the counselors who is taking drugs, that may one or two, one of them is taking drugs. It has impacted so much upon me that during the recent thunderstorms, she took a car and went over the bridge with intention that let me drive this car into this whole particular flooding. Let me drive it off the bridge, I can get rid of this problem that I'm facing myself. We all know we have a very famous incident some years back, where a son who was on drugs became so aggressive, that the father actually took a gun, and he shot his own son, and he was acquitted because of the fact that it was in self defense who could not help it Yala. What a

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situation that the Father takes out a gun to shoot his own son, because of the harmful and destructive tendencies and behavior of the center. in Cape Town. In this week, I judge a quote that a parent who shot his own son, who had shown destructive tendencies while taking drugs. And the judge said that you are not worthy of being punished because of the situation that you found yourself in. Brothers, these are the types of situation that are happening for the sake of that fix. For the sake of that one particular aspect of the drugs, once one get addicted to it, and he just wants it, he will steal he will take his mother's jewelry, sometimes it will be a period of family

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for years on and sometimes he wouldn't even sometimes even be in the form of woman. They wouldn't even sell the most valuable assets. Just for the sake of getting one fix. Yella we make dua that Allah tala save all of us, Allah save our watch our children, our, our, our families, our communities, our societies. And when I see my dearest brothers, I say, if anyone we come to know is in that particular situation, never ever become happy. Let me according source limited never show happiness at the misfortune of another person. Maybe Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect him. Maybe Allah will take him away from the problem and Allah will put you in that problem. Never ever show

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happiness with regard to it. Well, law has no matter whose daughter it is, no matter whose son is on drugs. It is our daughter. It is our son. It is our brother, it is our sister. It is our part of the

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We have to show concern with regard to this. And among the things that I could suggest. One is taqwa the fear of Almighty Allah, we have to create some form of fear and taqwa of Allah subhana wa Taala within our youth, how are we going to live without them having no fear of accountability, no fear of fearing Allah subhanho wa Taala with regard to the wrongs that they have done, let me a cream sauce limited in a heartbeat internally, whoever takes alcohol, whoever takes hammer, wherever it takes an intoxicant Allah does not accept his salad for 40 days. Allah does not accept his salad for 40 days. Let me add cream sauce in one hand is a person who is a perpetual drunkard because of intoxicants,

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Allah will not put him into Jelena. So this attack was a fuel for my karma. The second aspect with regard to among the solution is spiritual fulfillment. Progress, I can over emphasize this aspect. I can't overemphasize this, we cannot bring up our children on false values, we cannot bring them up on this basis that the only purpose of life is more mature, and only entertainment only having a good time. If we bring that into our children, that the whole aspect of life is only to have a good time, then, if having a good time is a purpose and drugs Take me to the seventh heaven. So what's wrong in taking it? Because we brought them up on this, that the only thing that matters, masala

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edenia here surface.

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Once we bring that particular values in our children, then they are going to run towards that and they are never going to get contented by we have 300 Nia, Masaki afriad Nia, when can you say I am so I've enjoyed myself so much. I don't need to enjoy myself more. There is no there is no end. So you do one thing when you go to the next thing the next thing and next thing once you get into problems, there is only one thing that will give you contentment

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related my in Nakuru in the remembrance of Allah our hearts find contentment, but we don't give our children secret of Allah then we are their hearts quit to find contentment. If they don't find contentment in seeker, they're gonna try and find contentment in drugs. So give them some form of spiritual fulfillment that gives them some purpose in life. I'm not saying that every youngster has become almost become a saint. But if there is no spirituality

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No Salah no zeker, no tilawat, then what are we expecting? If the entire focus in the home is only entertainment only good times, then how are we going to save them from waiting this because it also looked upon as one aspect of a good time.

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And the third thing, my dear respect of others, which is so important is to understand our children spend time with our children. Brothers, I can't overemphasize, they used to be a time when our elders used to say, elders was to say, by children must be seen them as not be heard. Well, now is a time to befriend your children, now is a time to do things with your children, now is the time to be able to understand your children, and to make them feel loved. I was speaking to one person who told me that his one small son was going into bed habits and willing to bet company, so I sent him to a counselor. So the counselor interviewed this young youngster, he was in grade eight. So the

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counselor asked him, Why are you going in this family? Why are you being in this company, which is not good company? So nobody replied. He said, my friends make me feel special.

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My friends, make me feel special. The Counselor asked him and said, Who else? You want to make you feel special? He said, I want my father to make me feel special.

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He said, This counselor told me he said that, the counselor asked him, he said, Why are you going with this bad company said they make me feel special. I said, What else do you want, that they must make you feel special? He said, I want my father to make me feel special. This is the reality. I remember one day a very, a very person whom I have respect from isn't, isn't a Jamaat, you know, one of the senior members in the Jamaat, so one day, he told me this concern. And you know, it's something that amazing, he said, One day, a person who was also in this work came in Tell me, he said that my son has taken two drugs. So this elderly person told him, What have you done? What did

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you do? He said, I put him in the room. And I beat him up. I said, How dare you take drugs, and I punished him. So he said, this elderly person gave this bad advice. He said, You have done so because of the fear of your reputation. You have not done it for the sake of your son, you have done it to the people will say this person is a religious person, look at his son, his son is in drugs. And today, brother, no one is exempt. No one is exempt. Whether it be even though the father might be an alum, the father might be a Sufi, the father might be a pious person, children might be something else. We don't we don't cast blame on anyone. It can be anyone. So we said, we have done

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it for the few of your reputation. We have done nothing for your Saturday, what was it? He said, go back into that room where you would like to set up when open that door going hockey mentally? What is the reason why you will I will help you I will try and help you out of it. Do it for the sake of your children. I'm not saying that this is the right 100% foolproof method. But normally, those children who feel special, who feel wanted from the parents are less likely to go into these habits than those children who feel neglected by their parents. And we all know that children and our children must go into these habits because they feel neglected by their own parents. The world is a

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very amazing world in today's time, when they feel special by the friends, and they do not get that which they get by their friends. They don't get it from their own homes. So this is one of the reasons amongst many reasons. I don't think I've got all the particular solutions, but what is bring it to the fore inshallah we can discuss it. And together with discussing it we can make dua that Allah protect each and every one of us from this particular Scourge, protect our children, protect our grandchildren, protect our family members protect the oma Allah never let A be in anyone's home this particular type of situation there has put into practice some of these things that can save us

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from this great Scourge, which seems to envelop and seems to become more and more life in our community. And we are lucky to protect us all in the law make it easy