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Alhamdulillah Allah,

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Allah Allah

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wa Salatu was salam, wa salam

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ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Catherine Catherine Amadou folder when

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he was a young

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respected elders and brothers, we are living in an age of doubt and skepticism. And this is an unfortunate reality. When

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Islam demands full conviction and faith, Islam is not in between religion where you are left to your own devices, Islam demands full loyalty, and not based on doubt and skepticism, and therefore perhaps appropriate today

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in this age of doubt, and skepticism to speak about a personality who was an effort to me of faith, conviction, loyalty, dedication, none other than the greatest person in this coma as an avid Casa de Pere, the Allahu taala and his entire life is a shining example and a testimony of devotion, loyalty, conviction, obedience to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and love for his beloved master and our master. Our beloved Nivea creme de la Hollywood cinema. adhamiya Kini Kate your marriage marry her or a bikini the man or your kinky Muna here is clear RJ Manasa Sandra K. Sasha cfrp Bianca Jaya Jo Eman caymus booty or yaqeen, commissar hair? Or was it Abu Bakr? Siddiq Ravi Allahu taala

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know him, even before embracing Islam of Baccarat via loutra, who was one who was known for his nobility dignity, respect, he used to stay away even before Islam before

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the evils in the social evils of the time.

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He used to stay away from it before it was prohibited in Islam. So the aspects of taking towards alcohol

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and gambling etc. Ababa karate allow even before Islam never touched it, showing that even in the midst of evil, even when these evil has become commonplace, if you are noble in your characters, you can stay away from it.

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So go back to when alcohol was common, and gambling was common, and womanizing was common. karate allowed to stay away from it. Hamas Baker said, Today we can also do it. Many times people say what can we do everyone is doing it. The whole world is immersed in it the whole society is immersed in it, but a lesson because today we're talking about the the theories and the history of Obamacare. We're talking of the lessons, he stayed away from it even before Islam, before it was prohibited to we leave after prohibition for us to stay away from evil becomes even more important. His main occupation was trade because of which he used to travel with Nivea cream sauce in him. He was known

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for his honesty and his integrity in history. And these qualities were to serve him great even after accepting Islam. When nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam got the prophethood NaVi Kareem said Allahu Allah wasallam invited people towards Islam.

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Abu Bakr radi Allahu Turan, who was the first adult male to accept Islam. Allah might have written and they had made a criteria for first woman to accept Islam was

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the first slave zeytinburnu haritha the first young person youngster alira de allotter. No, the first adult male Abu Bakr, radi Allahu anhu, and he was the first person adult male freed male, to accept Islam, and nebia Kareem saw Selim used to say that every person I invited to Islam in the beginning, every person I accepted and invited to Islam, he had a certain degree of reluctance and doubt before he accepted Islam. Besides,

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when I told him to become a Muslim, without any doubt, he immediately accepted Islam. That was Abu Bakar the Latino subset para Joe Mashallah for Islam law, job, murder.

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of Bali Merci. Merci to Geneva cara de la creme de la la la wa sallam Khadija Jeff many loca somni Islam ki Dawa de tu subnet Casa del cater to

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the Jews avocado via mouth Rama, Hunan a Bertram took a forum Islam later

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he accepted Islam from the very beginning. Now due to his, if you look at how who accepted Islam as a

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as a as a mini harissa, and as early as they were, they were not influential a woman, a slave, and a young youngster, they could not influence others. A worker was the first one who was an adult, male, dignified, respected in the community, and because of his faith, and because of his strong personality, many people in the initial stages of Islam who came to Islam was due to the influence and the invitation of Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu when Castro saw or must butcher see Akiva say, Ashura MOBA Shaka poms adme. Islamia, five of the people five of those who are from Ashleigh mo Bashara became Muslims by the invitation of Abu Bakr radi Allahu terrano, or his comma club, army

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camel, Mr. sebata. When you ask strong in your faith, it shows to other people when you give demand to people when you demand is weak, then how are you going to keep him on when you have strong demand and you call people then it has an impact upon people since from the very beginning. And as I said, I'm not going to go into a chronological order of his life and giving lessons of his life. And if you use one great quality of karate Amato was his loyalty and his conviction on Islam and his love for the master and his

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no doubt whatsoever with regard to Islam and his complete commitment and loyalty. Brothers today You and I, we are Muslims and allatra keepers Muslims May Allah tala Dyer let us die as mistakes. Everyone has got a certain level of Islam There is no doubt whatsoever. Right? We got a certain days a small spot that is within us that has a love for Islam. That is enough for the Navy is love for Allah subhanho wa Taala. But we have to take lessons with regard to commitment from Abu Bakar. How to be committed, how to be loyal, how to be dedicated, then we have to take a lesson from

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that degree, bring it within us, or even a small share of that degree. When there was 39 people in the fourth year person accepted Islam via Karim Salah while he was Salaam was happy

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to allow me to go and proclaim My Islam in front of people let me occur in sauce prohibited him. But his fervor for a man who was such as if you're a tsunami, and he went to proclaim His Islam in the harem, and the people beat him up almost to the point of death. And he for two three days there was doubt whether his guru survivors attacked or not. his tribe got ready to take revenge attacks on those people who attacked him. And when he came out of his unconsciousness, the first thing he asked, How is my master Muhammad? Muhammad? How is my master Muhammad? One day the people were strangling our beloved me sauce in the harem. And we used to make mention of this instead, people

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used to say, Are you brave, brave brave was

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when they were struggling.

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We were weak. We couldn't do anything. We were helpless

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to have a curvier mouth.

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While he was alive.

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He was the one who went to go and save the life of a saucer. He separated them from the via cream sauce and in the process. He was beaten in the process. He was you know bruised and battered, but he saved the life of Nivea cream sauce them by separating those who are trying to strangle our beloved Navy saw silom chiding and rebuking them by said a Taku Nora Turin a akula paella. Are you gonna kill a person who says Allah tala is my Lord.

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He spent all his wealth for the sake of Islam. They were 40,000 Durham's he had when he accepted Islam. By the time he migrated to Medina, there was very little everything was spent in the Corps of Almighty Allah. He used to free slaves, his father used to say,

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and his father used to say,

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why don't you get this week's slaves? Why don't you get slaves who will be able to earn for us and overthrow the law to say I don't free them. Why don't buy them for the sake of our benefit? I buy them for the sake of freeing them for the sake of Allah. O'Meara to allow us to look at Bilaal. He used to say, My master, who was freed by my master

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Captain America fermata jamari

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jesco has artistic jamari aka

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my master who was paid by my master woodworker,

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when they were on a time trying to put doubts in Abu Bakar because he was such an influential person. So when Mirage happened, and immediately after Mirage Abuja

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when running,

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he has an ideal opportunity for me to put doubt in him. And he said, I will occur to you know what your friend says today? He said, What does your friend say? What is my friend say? He said he went in a portion of the night, from Makkah to Jerusalem, and from Jerusalem in the Presence of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That time It used to take a month or two months to go to Jerusalem. He ate a portion of an ITT test, he felt he will be able to bring doubt in the amount of Abubakar

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Who said I normally use saying something is not a point of evidence. But if my master said it, and if nobody saw him said it, I believe in it, because I believe in something even more greater than that. He told us there is Jonathan Shannon. We have not seen Jonathan Janda more people who believed in him if he told me and if he has to say that in a portion of the night he went for Mirage, and he went to Jerusalem. I believe in it.

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When the director in Sausalito was coming back from Iraq, he algebra in algebra in must I tell people that this has happened to me and that was Salam said jasola Go and tell people and now so you can say Luca Luca Caruso Deepika Oh, who are

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the people will doubt what you are saying, Abubakar will affirm what you are saying, because he is

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facing this age of doubt, let us bring that type of conviction to the small small things, enemies come and tell us something as it was got married to this age, we start becoming doubtful, yeah. Then we start going asking people what type of human is ours, in such a situation,

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so firmly committed, and conviction if my master said it, I believe in it, this was the way he had with regard to it, such such great loyalty Subhana Allah, you know, after when he came in, make Hitler That in itself was such a great, you know, an aspect and we will make mention of it. But when after

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this his loyalty after the Battle of brother, his son, man came to him and he said, Oh, my father many times in the Battle of butter, you came under my sword. You know, I thought you were my father. I left you. A draft man has an Albuquerque

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has an

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MA Walid Bahasa merkaba. Men have marital work and each targeted while it's much more manageable.

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While it's so much committed to the Abubakar on a forum, Bala immediately said, Oh my son, if you came once under my sword, I would not have left you because you came against my

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marital work in a garage.

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You came against my maybe you came against Islam. This was loyalty, such loyalty after the death of our beloved.

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From all four corners, they were such great tribulation. People were going out of Islam. Sometimes were some of the people and I will make mention of it. I just want to show you this aspect of his loyalty to Islam. loyalty to the commands of the baker in Sausalito via creamy sauce and and before his death had said unfaithful j Shan sama, go and send the army of Osama despite the fact that there were so many different trials, despite the fact Sahaba said leave Oussama US Army Now. Senate after things have become settled a bit much better. As I said not one word of my master will fall to the ground. Maybe a Korean sauce and a maid was here before he died. Send the army of Osama even if we

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are killed and people come and attack but people come and take the life of the children in the wives of Navy according to the command of Navy a Korean saucer will be implemented. Such loyalty and dedication was the way of a MOBA karate ultimo his love for the military was legendary. And a time when the be a criminal law while he was selling was stolen. You know that could make history. So the first thing that

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came to the house of Abu Bakar he was already waiting for it he had prepared for it. He kept two camels ready to go for his unit. And we say love is an amazing thing like he respected the unfortunate part.

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We only know love between men and woman. And many times when we talk of love, we only talk of love, in a sense of not even hallel love. We only think love is dead which is romantic in law. It is done illicitly for us that is love. Love the true love is dead, which is Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah Allah, the believers have extreme love for Nigeria soon. And I'm over Colombia mountain. What was his love? In the in hatred at some time he's going in front. Sometimes he's going back.

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Why are you doing this? Sometimes I feel someone is in front. He might be a danger to your life, not to his life, danger to your life. You have a sort of law. So I run in front. Sometimes I feel someone is behind us. He's gonna chase us. Then I go in the back and all the time there were certain times when he carried me salsa on his back, what you are doing jasola the people who will be looking for us they will be looking to foot to people's footsteps. to people, when you stand and you I'll carry you they will only be the footsteps of one person. They will be misled. They will think that it is not us. And then for three days how he stayed in the in the tape of Seoul and how much of

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effort he made. That's a different story. I don't have the time to relate it. This was with regard to the the love that we had for our beloved vehicle himself. And therefore Allah subhana wa tada has made mention of this incident, if you're poorly cerca de la casa de la hamana when he was in the cave, and just as he was on the cage, he saw the footsteps of the people of Makkah, who are on the on the

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on the entrance of the cave in India Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam was there. And Abu Bakr is worried You're so lucky I just here on the entrance of the team. Heading nebia Kareem Sausalito Abu Bakar something which Allah has made mentioned at a port olisar heavy and remember the time in Kumasi. levar when you were in the cave, and you told unto your companion that as and don't be afraid in the llama Anna Allah is with us and lies with us. And therefore anyone who rejects the companionship in the Sahaba of Abu Bakar is not a Muslim, because Allah has made mention of Quran that he was a he was a Sahabi at a poodle, Lisa,

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this was and that is why I believe near bosavi Allahu anhu says, The Day when a worker the amount of who passed away in a day when

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he passed away, I believe. I saw a person saying loudly

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at the time of

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passed away.

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Rahim Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah have mercy upon you. Whenever I heard Nivea Creme De La Hoya he was seldom speaking, he always used to say whenever he spoke, me Abu Bakr and Omar we went here, meet our current woman, we did this, me Abu Bakar we came back from something me

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I knew, I knew that You three are going to be buried together to live near Barcelona said I look back who are saying this, it was none and none other than Toronto because of this love that they had, when maybe a consortium fell over cannot be allowed to perform 1717

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and he was the right person to be the philosopher after all, beloved nebia, Kareem salat wa salam wa sallam had given several indications towards that bell when when one day during the 17 salads humara de la to one day read the namaaz Nivea cream sauce no hurt the voice of Omar said no, no, no, no tell him.

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Tell him to wait for aboubaker then Uber came back, the people waited and Uber Columbia mountain who led the salad. He told us

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you know lambda z Yeah, lambda v come see him abubaker

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it does not be over nation with his Abu Bakar among them, that they can be anyone who is the man

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or woman follow up. After I passed away, a woman came to

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ask for a massage. And then afterwards she tells she don't know.

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If sometimes I come you are not here who do I go? He said go to Abu Bakar and that is why he became the halifa the rightful halifa after our beloved Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he is the faithful Khalifa. It is amazing what he said at the time. Again, I would have liked to have made mention with regard to it. But I'm going to make mention of one more other thing because things have you know time is almost elapse. And I got to conclude so I'm going to make mention of one one amazing aspect of our career reveal outermost attribute

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and that was the amazing contrast of Abu Bakr. Let me conclude

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This on one hand over karate was known for his gentleness. Abubakar villatoro was known for his gentleness so he used to cry often we used to read the Quran used to cry when the captives of the paddle came What must we do with them?

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To execute them? Ababa Casa de oro sola don't execute them they are our family. They will accept Islam one day inshallah Allah show compassion upon them, show mercy upon them. So maybe a creamy sauce them took the view of avocado when Nadella cream sauce Alan Kay you know for the heater worker you are going to accompany me as I said, I never ever thought I will see someone crying out of happiness. The baker himself when he said this Abubakar Sarah crime of happiness. On one hand, he was so kind and compassionate.

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On the other hand, when it came to truth, he was a person who was all the time never compromised on truth. So it can happen that you can have these two qualities when candle door Shanta

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nom de Quran, protect their two zero kita rotate rotating butter to get your

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nice, nice awesome Coca

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Cola appname mock up.

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So on one hand, you are so gentle and compassionate. On the other hand, he never compromised on truth. He was the one who remain firm and dignified when maybe a cream sauce and I'm passed on and

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said maybe Sam hasn't passed on.

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It was Abu Bakar who came and told people whoever believes in whoever believes in Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed is passed on whoever believes in Allah Allah tala.

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And then when after Nydia Kareem saw Selim passed on, such great difficulty came upon the Muslims. On one end, the people started getting out of the fold of Islam. Some other people they said we are not going to follow Islam. Some people had agreement with them. They took away the agreement and said we are no more gonna follow that agreement mama is passed away. On the other end, those who became false prophets. Then in the midst of all that came one group and said hum Toma, salmonella khamsum zakat. Neda said we are Muslims that we don't want to give us a cut. And every even Sahaba said even Kumar said heroes Oh Abubakar

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except what they got to say. Don't look at that. Look at the fitness we got so many trials. And then Omar, Abu Bakar hit Omar on the chest at the bottom three Juliet

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you was thrown in jail yet now after Islam you have become weak. Even if they refuse to give one rope that is due upon them in Zakat, if they refuse, I will go and fight with them. And saying that he caught up to go towards a camel to go and fight against them alone. And then a little villatoro caught up in Santa Monica, who remain here now via Kareem saw swim has just passed on you come Don't give us further grief. And he remained very very steadfast. So this point, you can be kind hearted at one hand, in gentle in one hand. But as far as hockey is concerned, you remain uncompromising on these two things. And that is why, you know, as it

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says that every record of Salah read every rite of passage that you do, every moment of Rosa that you do, Abubakar the ultimate will get a reward for it, because he didn't compromise if he had compromised at that time with one group, someone who said Islam to learn a lick and

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someone who said we would have to make Hajj We will do this no don't do that. He remained firmed. That is why Islam remain the way it was. William Moore, you know, the orientalist writer is written, he said, but for Abubakar, but for Abu Bakar Islam would have died at the throes of its birth. But farmworker Islam would have died at the throes of its birth. That is why they'll be occurring saucer one day to occur. Anta sahibi Anta sahibi filha sahibi filhos. You my companion in the in the in the cave, and you will be my companion in the house. And in Jana, we are natella for his cover was more, we are indebted to him. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant him the best reward on behalf of the

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entire vehicle himself. And may we take the lessons of such loyalty, such devotion, such conviction upon the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala and upon our deal