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Muhammad Alshareef talks about how to raise a nation of leaders.

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Allah Hafiz how to potty wonder

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what's up

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in the world cannot live up to

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you brothers and sisters, there was a time, which I'm pretty sure you remember

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this day.

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I had returned home to my apartment in Medina that day.

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And when I met with my family and met with the neighbors, I saw their face the face of someone who had lost a family member.

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And so I looked at the sadness and looked at the tears. I said, who died sensory acuity?

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immediately that was my first question. And I said to the person in front of me, I said, from the pain that I saw my face, I said, Did your father die?

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Because it was that intense the pain, the person who responded me and they said no, she

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passed away today.

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He passed away on Thursday. And on Friday, every message

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all around the world, was speaking about his death

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was blind. He was very old.

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And if you sat and listened to him speaking, you will not understand what he was saying.

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That's just the way he speaks. But yet Allah subhanaw taala put love of this man in the hearts of so many Muslims all around the world to the point that his death was more In fact, you would cry more and feel sadder than the death of a loved one. And because inshallah to Allah it was a good sign that Allah subhanaw taala was pleased with him when Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with someone. Allah subhanaw taala puts a boon acceptance in the hearts of the people's hearts towards that person. There's an area that gets recite in every journal.

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And we hear it again and again and again. Yet we delete the fact that we're listening to it. And that is Allah subhanaw taala says this verse and we recite it in the gym. A hookah. Yeah, you're living in Amman otelco la ha have got to karate wala muthana this is very interesting. They can have the taqwa have the true taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And don't die

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Illa except c'est la ilaha illAllah don't die illa Anta Muslim on don't die except in a state

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of submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala don't die except as a Muslim, a believer and Allah azza wa jal if you notice, we've been speaking about goal setting and the things that people you know set their standards for one person for a house, one person for a wife, one person for a car, and then when you read the prophets and what they pray to Allah subhanaw taala for you'll see again and again they'll say what tell us phenom Allah brah

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make us a die with the righteous people. Well 11am beside him.

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The righteous people let us be gathered with them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last words was

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his goal. I shut up the line and says that the prophets of the lightsome died in her lap. And he raised his hands to the heavens and his door that he'd been living his whole life. Aiming for was Allahumma rafiqul Allah

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O Allah, in the highest companionship

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rafiqul Allah. And so the goals that we have in sha Allah tala today what I wanted to speak about, is that ultimately, you're living for death.

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If you aim to die, Allah subhanaw taala gives you life

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If you aim to just live, then you become a dead man walking. And house. True that is, when you look at the communities, for example, people who are too busy to focus on the Hereafter, you'll see that they're like zombies going back and forth to work. The people are too busy to take the time to call the parents and do so and so on is just a dead man walking, they bring no benefit to themselves, no benefit to the people around them. Yet the person who's focused on the Hereafter is focused on dying is focusing to make sure that even after a good day, they're like, I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow, I still got a follow this up with a good deed. And their focus is completely on the

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hereafter. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives them the hereafter and gives them the dunya and inshallah Tada. That's what we're going to be speaking about. If a person focuses on the hereafter. This is, you know, I heard someone say, just arbitrarily that their goal was gender. And when I thought about it, I assumed that if this person's goal was gender, this is the goal of the mother, as we spoke about, that her child would be a child who was excellent in their studies. They excelled in their studies. And they had the best character on top of that, and they were a balanced child. Because what because the goal was the hereafter. If someone said to me that my goal is just money, then I

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would warn the person that you might be getting set up, and you might be moving forward in a hollow life, you have to focus on the hereafter. And when you focus on it, Allah subhanaw taala gives you both Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, then I mean, all slon

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that can

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mean that whoever does righteous deeds,

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whether they're a female or a male, whether they're male or female, if they do righteous deeds, right, they're focused on pleasing Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says, fella, no, no.

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That will we will raise them in a beautiful happy life.

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Isn't that what everybody's looking for the happy life. And yet they just went down the wrong path. They thought that the happy life just go straight forward. Just take you know, use it up and get the house just you know, take you know this loan, that loan, try to get the happy life displeasing Allah, and they never got that happy life that they were looking for. Yet, if someone focused on righteousness, and so many people's panela, you'll see that when they do get the wealth, and you ask them about it, what is true? Well, they'll say it's charity. It's giving that what they're saying is true wealth is righteous deeds. They just took a long detour before they figured that out. And Allah

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subhanaw taala gave you access to that right now. That if you focused on your righteous deeds, that Allah subhanaw taala would bless you in the life you wouldn't feel conflicted about having a nice car, you wouldn't feel conflicted about having a great job because your life is focused on the hereafter. You know that all of that stuff is just a bluff. And it's the bluff of other people saying that, you know, this is in righteousness that that is they don't know what righteousness is. When you go to the Koran, you'll see that Allah subhanaw taala teaches us to make the da robina attina with dunya Hasina. Oh Allah give us a great life.

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Well, Phil, Hirata Hasina, and give us a great hereafter. We'll clean up now and protect us from the hellfire. Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, will men have Rama Xena de la de la te origin anybody with a bad demeanor is Allah subhanaw taala says, say Who is it? that forbids the Zina of Allah the beauty of Allah, the beauty that Allah Subhana Dada gives out to the people of Brazil, everybody will tell you about him interest and the bad, the good things, the law, the delicious things from the provisions of Allah who made that wrong.

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And I know you know who made that hot on someone who's got issues, someone's got their own problems, their own beliefs, they don't know nothing about Islam. And so they looked at all the good things of life. And they said this is the cause of the lack of righteousness. And so they forbade it from everybody and the less amount of data says Who is that that forbids it. Allah subhanaw taala says, quoted he a little levena Amano, Phil hayati dunya, Allah subhanaw taala says say it is for those who have believed in this life

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It's for the believers in this life and exclusively for them in the hereafter.

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in both places, that they will have this righteous life, but it's just this pull that people have away from their Deen that they misunderstood. So there

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not focused on their Deen. And they're not focused on their dunya either. Yet had they been focused on their hereafter learning what Allah subhanaw taala says they would have had both

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the prophets of Allah, Allah who was sending them, even with all these blessings that are here in the dunya, he said, my example is the example of a traveler. And some of you are traveling here. And you just look at your lifestyle. The Prophet said a lot a cinema is like just a traveler, take some shade under a tree during the hot hour, and then moves on. And we've been saying that again, and again, during our seminar here, just move on.

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Don't feel like this is the end of the road. If you are here at the hotel who buys furniture. If you said, You know what, I came late for class, I was at IKEA, I was buying some furniture. Why? Because I like to, you know, sit in this type of chair while I'm here, you would say you're so foolish.

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Because you only have the short time, you've got to make it count. And you've got to focus on the most important things, because you're going to be moving on, I think of an old person, an old man. And you ask him, What's your goal? And he says, I need to make money.

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You're like there's some misunderstanding. You've only got maybe a year left to live maybe half a year, maybe less than that. And yet, look at whatever age you are now, how long do you have to live?

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You're just assuming that you're going to live till age 65 or 70. But today could be your last day. What did you focus on today? And are you pleased with how you lived your life and how you focused because if you lived your life, in a way focused on your death, then it would be a life worth living?

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When will I die? It doesn't matter because every day I'm prepared to die. That becomes your model.

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And the Jessie it's a beautiful story. He was the king of Habesha, when I teach this in the theater class, I always ask him to see a class who's from Russia. And someone will raise their hand. And I say to them, be proud.

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Because then the Jesuits from your country. And the Prophet said a lot. I said, I'm said about an agenda he that he's a righteous King,

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that nobody's treated unjustly. He had courage, he had justice. And when Jaffa de la Han, who explained the situation in the Muslims.

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And the jest, she said that this is the truth. The priests around him said, How can you say that he just said that Jesus was Jesus was not God. He said that Jesus was a prophet, and that Jesse got angry at them. And he said, you can complain all you want, you can fret and fume but ERISA is no different than what Jennifer said about him.

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And they backed off.

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When in the Jess, she died.

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This is the point in the Sierra

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that the news of his death

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was brought to the profits that allotted

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by jabril

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gibreel told the profits that a lot they sent him the ninja he died. Didn't Joshua have money? Of course he did. He was the king of the country.

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But he had justice. He had courage. And he stood up for the truth. gibreel brings the news to the profits of the license. And the profits of the license announced to the Muslims it's recorded. He said a lot SLM Matta Leone, Roger ansara.

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He didn't say the joshy died today. In fact, doesn't say that. And

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he said today a righteous man has died.

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como la? He said stand up all the competitor, it's a buck off man, I really love them. They all stood up behind the profits of the lions in them to pray for this righteous man. How are you going to die?

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How are you going to die?

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And because he lived for his hereafter Allah Subhana Donna game this dunya. And history records all these horrible people that lived at the time of the profits of the licen, like Abu lahab and Abu Jamal, and the history records, people who stood up for the truth in just a few years, you're talking about like 10 years. And that was the his time.

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And then he died. And this is how I ended. What's your end?

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How do you do this? How do you leave that legacy? Or how do you focus on the hereafter every day that you die? They will there's statements that they say of people from the tiberian unrighteous scholars, they would say to them that you know, even for yourself if today was the last day that you're going to live or tomorrow is going to be the day of judgment, what would change in your life? What would change

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And you might say, well, I stopped this I wouldn't you know, I leave work, I'd go, you know, phone, some relatives that are cut off, I have credit card bills, I pay them off right now, I do everything, you know, basically shift the whole life because of tonight, it was said to people in the past that if you were to tell them that today was the last day,

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they would not have have anything extra to do in the day. Meaning that they already live their life like that. They're already living to die, and would say to his wife, that if I die tonight, then these are the debts that are owed to such and such. This is what he would basically fix his whole life before he would go out for work in the morning. Every single day he would do that. Another scholar would say this was a full day live in Israel, but I have a whole lot he had two students and they were arguing who should lead the prayer. One of them says you lead the prayer the other one said I'll only lead the prayer if you promise to lead the prayer at federa time. And then full Dale

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Rahim Allah He said if that's your attitude, then you haven't prayed

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How can you pray I shot expecting to live till federa time

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every Salah that you get into you pray as if it's your last prayer and inshallah tada in the second clip I'll give you some examples on how you can leave this legacy inshallah Tada. A Kunal Kohli has stopped for a while he will come on, he said, and Muslim anonymously, Matt, first of all, who in

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala manana be Ababa, Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika, a shadow Anna Mohammed and I'm doing a pseudo My bad. In the millionaire who went to Gen event we spoke about leverage, leverage. We spoke about how you know, you have a car, if you put like a jack there, it's a small piece of equipment. But that jack because of the way it shaped, it's able to lift up a very heavy car, the heaviest of cars, it can lift up. And so your intelligence it's not you don't have to just do your good deeds, how would you like to go to the hereafter with the good deeds of everybody else, and leverage those good deeds. And so the prophets of the Lord as Adam

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said, A dancehall Heinrich fit. He said, The person who encourages other people to goodness gets the same reward as their good deeds without taking anything away from them. And so if you had a congregation of 1000 people, and you put in the effort to share the sin of the profits of the Lyceum to encourage them, to influence them,

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that you would get the reward of everybody there. And I'm sure you've had experiences like this, but in the hereafter you can start leveraging you only have 24 hours in a day. How can you get the reward of everyone? How can you get the reward of everyone into future generations still getting a job from them? You need to be like an entrepreneur

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and put forward and get these good deeds the profits of a lot I sent him said that the Allahu bhikaji Renoir hidden hydrolock I mean, hamara nam, the prophet said a lot they sent him said, Talia rhodiola han Whoa, that is all if you guys just one person, if Allah guides that your hands just one person, it's better for you than the dunya and everything in it. All the treasures you think like this king and that King and this person, put them all together. Guiding one person is better for you than that. And the Prophet said a lot a synonym didn't it's not just guide them to Islam, that you might be able to find a Muslim and guide them to some goodness guide a Muslim to help them protect

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them from whatever guide someone else in this area, that area, you're able to guide someone that sounds a lot like

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life coaching.

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Interesting. Who can you guide with these tools?

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In this path of building up these good deeds, Allah subhana wa tada doesn't need you to neglect your family. A lot of people I've seen when it comes to the Dow and I might, you know, be held accountable for this as well is that as soon as they start the Dow, they say it's all about the Dow it's all about the hereafter. It's all about Allah. But when they look at their life wheel, they realize that they've neglected their parents. They've neglected their family, they've neglected their health, they've neglected their financial situation. All of these things. Basically, they've become the reverse Pac Man

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focused on the hereafter. But yet when they study, and they give lectures, someone says to them, can you speak about taking care of your family? And they'll say no, I don't want to speak about that. Because I would be hypocrite if I spoke about it.

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And yet so when they say

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They're doing it for the sake of Allah. does Allah need them and require them to abandon their family? The answer is obviously, no. Some of the sisters might ask as well, everybody, all these men going around building Institute's doing this giving lectures, what about a mother taking care of her children? The Prophet said a lot, they said, I'm sad that when a person dies, their actions are cut off, except three things. One of them being knowledge that people benefit from the second one being, or sorry, a charity that continues, or knowledge that people benefit from or a child that makes draw for their parents. So for mother raises her child, and she thinks I'm not leaving a legacy, or how

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will my deeds continue after, you know, when everybody else has been building these big institutes and so on, what's in it for me, what's in it for you is your children, that one child that you took care of, and you nourished and raised, that they worship Allah subhanaw taala. And then they go down to such that they make doc for their mother, they make doc for their father, that that is part of the dour that a person lives, their life in balance. And the Arabic word for balance is audible, which can be translated back into English as Justice.

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And being out of balance, Arabic word for that is volume,

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imbalance, ie injustice. And so we do no harm to ourselves. In conclusion, insha, Allah, tada, you've been here for many days, and you may have gotten a glimpse at your point A, your point B, is still for you to choose. It's still there. And you always have access to choose that that's your choice. How long are you going to live? You have to pick your point B, where are you moving towards? And so I want to encourage you to write a new story in your life. How much does it cost to write a story, it's free. You just write out your story, scrap it, write another one, scrap it, write another one, until you get the story that excites you, and energizes you a story that you can put up

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on the wall and say, This is the life that I want to live. And this is direction I want to move to shaytaan will come to you at that time and say, That's impossible. How can you be imbalance? It's either gotta be this or that. And you will immediately say, ha, ha, I remember something I learned in class. It's a three letter word called. And it can be this. And that, how will it get done a lohana. But you're making out to Allah subhanaw taala that Oh, Allah, give me goodness in this life, and give me goodness in the Hereafter, and protect me from

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life coaching. Those of you who are taking the life coaching seminar, there's no doubt that everything that you're learning here is a tool to get to these ends, it is not the end, it is more of a tool to get there. Basically a vehicle, I have told you that the only way you will learn how to use this vehicle is by driving it for 50 sessions. And then you will learn how to drive and you might even need another 50 after that. But you've got to implement it, it's got to become part of who you are. If you don't take it for a drive. I promise you that you can forget this tool. It doesn't work. It'll just be a binder up on your on your shelf. And you will roll back to point a

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focused again on the dunya.

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Or you can focus on the hereafter and take what we're learning to heart implemented by sharing with others in sha Allah to Allah and then in turn, what you give comes back to you and be even in law I hope and wish for you that you have the goodness of the hereafter and the goodness of this life that Allah Spano Tata protects you from Hellfire in the law.

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Not in the beat. Yeah you are letting me know so Allah Allah who was telling him with this Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad, ml salita Allah Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Allah Mohammed Allah Allah Muhammad Abdullah Ibrahim Allah Allah Ibrahima Filomena nica homido Majid llama Filipino Matina Ushahidi, ebina sohini no Covina was a kitty no in Santa lahoma hater minute, IRL Islam.

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robina, Jr Hassan,

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in Allah Hi,

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Wayne and in fascia you will monka Yeah, welcome. Welcome to the Quran by the court of law, the math curriculum. Watch guru Harlan. Yeah, I mean, he has it. Come on.