Purification Of The Heart #14

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And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he was salat wa salam O Allah Mallanna Viva la Vida photo Villa homina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Will girls Amina Louisa will Alfie nannini in LA who you have not seen in Sarah cola who loves him, respected viewers and listeners We begin by praising Almighty Allah for granting us the most comprehensive and the most beautiful Deen which he has chosen for humanity says Allah what are the two local Melissa Medina essential rotations upon our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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continuing with our series on purification of the heart. Now, we starting off after speaking about Rhea ostentation, then jealousy and then pride. Now we starting off on something before we start on that spiritual disease. And something to do with the heart. Let me give you a small introduction Allah subhana wa Taala has created within us certain emotions, certain instincts, some unnatural, like hunger and thirst, some are positive kindness, compassion, mercy, which Allah tala has kept in every human being, some have propensity for harm, some greater than others, but in terms of harms, to human relationship, this calamity and affliction and disease that I'm going to be speaking about

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and of course, the disease, if it is not controlled, is perhaps one of the greatest and one of the most hurtful and harmful for human relationships. And that is anger. And many people have given an example of anger known as rub in the Arabic language of a swelling ocean, which is very difficult to control when unleashed. And we know and we are understand the harm with regard to anger in terms of human relationships, for example, how many people's lives have been destroyed by words or sentences, which were uttered in a fit of rage and anger, and thereafter is very difficult to to bring it back out. Someone had said both beautifully, that I'm a master of what I have not said. And I'm a slave

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of what I have said. So in anger, no matter how much you regret it, we have to sometimes live by the consequences of what you say, how many people have become estranged have been discarded by the family and society because of not being able to control the anger, how many people have been offended by words which have been uttered by anger. So there is no doubt with regard to the aspect with regard to be very, very harmful. Therefore, one day a person came to Nivea creme de la jolla wa sallam, and he said he had a similar give me advice, and maybe a cream sauce from told him three times La, la, la tada don't become angry don't become angry. Perhaps he was amongst those who was

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prone to anger, who could not control his anger. Therefore Nivea cream sauce lamb gave him that advice, which was most appropriate for him. Now very interesting is that anger is not necessarily all negative. It's not necessarily only a negative emotion, it becomes negative, when it is not controlled and not channeled as I will go on to say, but it is part and parcel of our makeup is an instinct with which we are growing and it can be a very, very positive motivator. Without anger, how will we be motivated to protect our interest? How will we be motivated to respect our honor? How will we be motivated to protect our assets? Our respect, our honor? How will we be able to be

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getting the right type of attitude to resist injustice and wrong a letter in the Holy Quran says JD Rockefeller well, Mona Tina was loose alliums strive against those people who aren't falsehood and be stern against them. How will that happen if there is no anger? And therefore we find in the words of the the Hadith any exempt executive in in the example of our beloved Nivea cream saucer, they used to get angry, especially for concentrations of truth and justice and Huck may be occurring saw seldom never the Sahaba say that never got angry for his own personal reasons. He used to get angry for the sake and for considerations of truth and justice. And sometimes when he used to get angry

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that they used to be a vein that used to protrude between his two eyes between the eyebrows, and people used to see it and his, you know, cheeks used to be flush with redness

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In one rewired so amazingly, they say it was as if pomegranate was squeezed upon the face of our beloved to be a cream sauce from Monrovia Loughton was anger for the sake of truth and justice is well known as shut to home Family Law humor via cream sauce them said the one who is most stern and strong upon the commands of Allah tala is over. And who can forget that most remarkable incident of Allah, the Allahu anhu, which has been made mentioned in the books of history, that he was fighting in the course of fighting. And he overwhelmed a person who was a competent, not a non competent, competent, someone who was in the war. And he had set upon him and he had overwhelmed him. And he

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was about to finish him he was about to, to complete here, the aspect of killing him in the battlefield. And all of a sudden the person spat upon the face of the law. And he got up and the person was just taken aback and he said, You had me under your control. It was not as if this was an unfair and unjust type of thing. It was a war. If I had the opportunity, I would have done the same thing to you. What made you do this? He said I was fighting with you for the sake of Allah. Now that respect upon me, I saw personal considerations coming into the play, and therefore I withdrew. So hon Allah that is a substitution. Imam ghazali Rahmatullah So, beautifully said that anger right is

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correct, for the right time at the right time, at the right place, with the right reasons with the right intensity. Let me repeat that anger can be positive, if it is at the right time, the right place, the right reason with the right intensity. And there is no greater example in this than the example of our beloved Nivea creams, Allahu Allah wa sallam in every meta he was an ideal. We know minutus details with regard to the life of our beloved maybe aquariums alone and we know that he used to get angry. We also know that sometimes those anger used to be upon his face, but we never ever know that maybe a cream sauce lamb lost himself in anger, or he did something that was rash or

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imprudent. And that is the example that we have to follow. May Allah Allah give us a trophy case we will continue with us in the coming days

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