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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of love and relationship in our daily lives, and the use of Nivea creams and the holyQuran to express compassion and kindness. They also mention the use of the holyQuran to express pride and loyalty to their beloved objects. The transcript describes a woman recalling a woman named Maria Kareem and a woman named Maria Teresa of silom, who mocked at the wedding of her son and was not indebted or a woman. The speakers also discuss mocking the idea of Islam and causing harm, and examples of mocking at wedding weddings.
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And hamdulillah

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and hamdu Lillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah and a ba ba matoba Mati la kita. Baba kitabi when I shall do it

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Illa Allah let me set up among

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respected elders and brothers.

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An important part of our Eman

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is to have love for our beloved Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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navia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith you do not have true Eman until your love for me is not more than the love that you have for yourself and even your family members. And that is no doubt the true believers love Nivea creme de la jolla wasallam. More than their own selves.

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And this love is supposed to permeate our love our life at all times. We are supposed to remember and bring about that level of Nivea cream sauce at all times. Not only in specific times and months of the year. Throughout the month throughout the year. We are supposed to have love and relationship with our beloved via Kareem salsa. When the month of review lol however comes not that it is something different. But given the fact that who well is the month in which Nivea creams Allahu alayhi wa sallam was born. And he passed away. Somehow the other we relate incidents, and we relate the greatness of our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Amara Arjuna rebuildable,

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Capella Terra Nova Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam chemo habit this Terra minoxidil may pay was Hojae gateway Harmon Harvard Yard rationell again, they can is Mubarak main aim

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nebia Karim saw serum Kiba fat

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or Kim will add it to Johanna keywatcher kooskia hazmat orange jasmine and Bianca.

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This is the reality although when we relate the incidents of our beloved Nivea cream sauce, lemony sprays, we bear one thing in mind

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that we will never ever sufficiently praise or do justice with regard to his greatness. Neither can I do justice in terms of relating His praise. Neither can you do justice in listening to the praise of our beloved.

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How can we do so? When Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran says waterfire na naka de croc? We have elevated your status and your remembrance and not take that responsibility of relating and elevating his status and Remembrance What can you and I do when Allah Allah took that responsibility? Allah subhanho wa Taala therefore our peyman our kalama is not complete when together with Allah we make mention of Muhammad Rasulullah La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, our Salat is not complete until we do not make Garuda Ibrahim, our Salah to janaza we don't complete until we do not make the rue de Ibrahim. Our Asana is not complete. Until together we're saying to

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Allah, Allah, Allah Allah.

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Muhammad Rasul Allah, how can we do justice to the praise of that great personality? We can never do justice. How can we do justice to that personality? When Allah subhanho wa Taala takes an oath on various organs and parts of his body? Was he by your speech, Oprah for the fall mighty en la, la maroc bio Mubarak and bless it life Oh, prophet of Almighty Allah, loud Simone de hazal, Bella,

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Bella, and by the city in which you reside, all of this is because of the greatness of our beloved navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the old perverted said heiress, Julio amin Hartman mursaleen to soco Hina. He took Sacco

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In the heat, the madness de la Karana. He took soco Hina he

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Oprah Sula, I mean, all the sera false prophets would. In short, we can only say there is no one like you there is no one that Allah has created. You're like you do call him at Navy. Our hearts don't have the courage. Our tongue don't have the vocabulary. It doesn't have the words to speak about our beloved Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this must be

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this must be at all times. And in this particular regard, I recycled an iota of the Holy Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, woma Seneca in LA Mata Lil alameen.

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Almighty Allah, we have made you are in a mercy and to the entire humanity. But what is the meaning of this? Today I just want to look at this particular verse, I will try to give three meanings and the three meanings is not sufficient. And there are three meanings is not confined in understanding this verse But Allah tala says, Allah Allah Sal Naka, Illa Allah Allah mean, we have made you as a mercy unto mankind we have made you a mercy unto mankind and humanity. And this is such an aspect What is the meaning is maybe a cream sauce was kindness and compassion to humanity.

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sauce, tomato tomahto sanaka Allah tala napco Tamam in Santa Clara

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ora mclubbe

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looper Mohawk zyada mushfiq

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he had the key Allah subhanho wa Taala nebia Karim sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam for his Qatar Borge danessa Manohar Maya, and that Allah had to tell our beloved Allahu alayhi wa sallam, not to put so much burden upon himself in his compassion for humanity. La la cabeza Nuff said. I mean, why are you putting such strain upon yourself? that people are not accepting a man

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and look at let me give you one or two examples of the compassion and kindness of our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He Laila Ravi Allahu Toronto one of the Sahaba said, One day it was that night, I went to visit our beloved nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And when I went to visit

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his grandson one of his grandchildren was sitting upon the

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the chest and the stomach of our beloved via Karim Allah, Allah wa sallam. And when he was sitting, then at that particular time, the child a child is a child what you wouldn't expect a child passed water and urinated. And he said, the people in the Sahaba who are nearby, they became very positive. They rushed to go and stop the child. And what did our beloved Kareem saw Salaam do? He said, leave my grandchild alone, leave my grandchild alone. And so having said we could see the urien of that grandchild, trickling upon the stomach of our beloved lava cream sauce in him, he wiped it away, didn't cause any offence, and didn't bring any blame upon the grandchild. This was the Rama and the

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mercy of beloved media Kareem Sam head, their drama and mercy, which was not only to those people who are who are close, but even to the enemies of our beloved maybe occurrence of cinema. He came up in Abuja was amongst those people who was the arch enemy of our beloved Marisol silom. Grew up in the house of his father,

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who was the arch enemy. Now you can imagine someone grows up in the house of an enemy, right? He's all the time speaking bad about Libya Kareem saw Salaam so when you saw some conquered Makkah, he

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fled. He got away from there and he fled mocha mocha Rama. He couldn't even see the Muslims conquering mcomber karma

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while he was selling was sitting, the wife of a Chroma been a big help comes in said Yasser Allah she became a Muslim. Give the kurama a chance and give him protection to come see your conduct and your character. Now via cream sauce and said Go and tell the Chroma has given you protection. So the wife goes out in search of

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goes and finds him that he had left Jetta the port he was going out towards Yemen.

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And something happened the ship was about to sink. And he came back with a long story. I don't have the time this will give it very briefly, because in the ship also there was an incident which brought him back to the VA Kareem sallahu wa sallam. Then the wife said come and see nebia Karim saucer come and see his conduct from see his compassion. Come see his kindness. So she comes he comes

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And this is, you know that historians narrate with regard to that when he is coming. Maybe a criminal law he will tell the Sahaba Oh my Sahaba do not speak bad about his father.

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In his present don't speak bad about his father, his father was an enemy of Islam. He always spoke bad about me. He was in the forefront on enmity against me. But don't speak bad about him. by speaking bad of the dead people. You don't change the fortunes of the dead. You only hurt the feelings of the loving

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by speaking dead about the dead. You don't change a fortune.

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joke was Africa. Pachuca, Hong Kong Bri, Bri, Bri bad kanessa

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Anca Mahal, Coco, Coco Jana La Liga, Lincoln jones.com

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so don't speak bad about the bear that the dead you don't change a fortune and you only cause harm and hurt to the living and then maybe a cream sauce alum got up out of happiness. So much. So the Sahaba say that maybe a cream sauce that is happiness, the the lower portion of Navy sauce, this was coming loose in the near term. So cillum had to bring it up and then he had been embraced him. He karma becomes a Muslim and he sees his kindness and eventually he karma sacrifices his life for the sake of Islam.

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kindness and compassion Hamas and natella Ramadan in agony. The second example of raw material Allah mean that there is no

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there is no category of people

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in this world that benefit has not accrued to them. Because of the teachings of our beloved Navy occur in South Africa which is a dounia

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every every class of people have benefited Muslim or non Muslim have benefited from our beloved Maria Karim Allahu alayhi wa sallam teachings. Each and every one has have humankind not benefited that many occurrences are seldom taught them of luck and conduct and he said that he who has good conduct will be closest with me on the day of

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the people who will be closest to me on the day of gamma would be those who have good luck Are we not? Are we not indebted familia Kareem saw some other woman not indebted to our beloved Maria Corinne saw Salem,

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Oregon. Nydia, Corinne saw some cash and money. Kiana Allah Tara and maybe a cream sauce lamb don't kill zyada

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Rocco Baraka or novia cream sauce lamb Norma k Maki pocket telegenic

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as a woman not indebted to our beloved Nivea cream sauce to them that he taught that under the feet of your mother lies Jana, and your conduct. Your conduct as a man

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will not be judged by how you deal with your friends. It will be judged by how you deal with your wife's and we make a joke with regard to this but this is the reality nebia Kareem son Allahu Allahu wa sallam he said, as a weekend the downtrodden not indebted to nebbia Kareem salsa comes or maybe a cream sauce. Some money can be a cream sauce alum used to say it

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has room fear Allah with regard to the side of the oppressed person, there is no barrier between his love and acceptance from Allah.

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or wakita remian coup de la comunidad Saku COVID-19 is no barrier between him and the acceptance of the dwell from

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other downtrodden not indebted.

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Let me put it the other way. Ah, the people who are in the helm of affairs, those who are in authority, those who are you know, in a way we will say those people who are in authority those people who are in the government, those who are as rulers, are they not indebted to our beloved maybe a cream sauce? It was our beloved maybe a Korean saucer that said

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the first person who will be under the shade of Alice throne will be Mr. Miyagi. That just ruler

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where up till now people have only said that a person who rules must rule no matter how He rules the cow they say a politician normally when you go ask people for votes he normally wouldn't said up till now I didn't steal give me an opportunity now.

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Up till now I didn't steal Now give me an opportunity. Maybe I thought another way of thinking for people who are in in

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government that the one who is just in ruling the affairs of people who will be under the shade of

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other the people who are laborers, and they don't indebted to our beloved maybe a cream sauce.

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Are they not indebted to our beloved many sources on one day, a person who was working, he used to work in the mines used to pick up. He used to pick up boulders and stones, so maybe a carrying saucer met him maybe a cream sauce and said, Oh, why is your hands so rough? He said, You're a soul. I do manual labor. I'm a worker. I'm a laborer. So maybe a cream sauce, kissed his hands and said Alka Cebu habibollah the one who does menu labor who is a laborer, he is beloved to Allah, who Allah tala came

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to come after me when

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I say not in depth, other traders not in depth, that up till now they only used to do trading, maybe a cream sauce, taught them another method. He said that

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I mean, man, he was a deity, that the honest trader will be in the company of the pious people, the MBR in the matters of the date of

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his entire humanity not indebted to nebia Karim sozialen that navia Karim saw Sam said, Allah,

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Allah Allah. All humanity is a family of a na, the entire humanity sub Masaru milker Allah, Allah kassandra

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and the way you and I we love people who are close to our family who do good to our family. Allah loves those who do good to humanity.

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Are the animals not indebted to the vehicle himself? When he saw Islam told us to do good to animals, someone said you're a sinner, will Allah reward us to be kind to animals? Nobody saw slim said if you are kind to any living thing Allah will reward you.

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So the second meaning of

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the third meeting of kitale merkiva Co Op kitale mattala Insomniac pr berkata musawah because of the teachings of our beloved Marisa cillum there was such a great blessing that came upon our beloved nivia Kareem Sol Ceylon, because of him upon humanity and upon the entire creation of Tiamat and therefore maybe a creme de la whatever celebrated mahabis una de Vaca haben he who loves my son that loves me, if you want to love the Michelle Silla love the sunat of our beloved Maria Teresa of silom brothers should not have various things. Beard is also the sooner because maybe sauce them kept the beard and don't ask whether it is watching. It should not do it out of love. Navistar slim kept it I

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want to keep it Muhammad Chioggia Sakura. The technical aspects is different. I'm not gonna go into that the movies will give a fatwa out of love that is

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to make miswak is also should not be made miswak but let me give you certain examples of other aspects of Sunnah, from the conduct of our beloved.

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How do you deal with those who mock the teachings of nebia Kareem saw Salaam

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Abdullah bin mazara he was a young child.

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Now young children, they are fond of making jokes, right? We find this many times happening. So after the conquest of Makkah, Abdullah bin masura said we were 12 or 20 people. When the Amazon went

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we and I was in the forefront. I mocked at Amazon I said the Amazon in funny words, like how we find someone when someone has an NGO someone said coo coo coo they mark it as an so I marked it as an so nebia Karin sama hurt me and he came to the group and he said who mocked it as an so we all was silent because we just kept quiet. So someone eventually came to say he moved on. So the reoccurring source and I'm told him akula What a beautiful voice you cannot repeat that

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and he said I felt embarrassed and I said I couldn't repeat this and he said I don't know it so in the bakery we just walked it as an maybe saw some set abdulah repeat after me. And then we saw some taught him that as an

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after the conquest of Makkah and then the via Karim sauce them after teaching them as an he learned as an and then he said Yara Sula, make me your poison. And do you know respect the brothers after the conquest of mcenery sosna made him them was in of Makkah.

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How do you deal with people who mocked at Islam this

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However, we saw slim tortoise and up till now, I read somewhere up till now, Amazon is still given by the family of a bullet

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this is what this what is should not

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what it should not be a krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam that

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when you see something, which even if it is wrong, don't go and act in such a way that you make that wrong become even more worse. So now I'm just giving you examples there are many who say Sunnah is not confined to one thing we have confined it to certain things going look out of his house and I'm dealt with people, then you will know what the sooner and bring that into your life. Because that is what is the criteria for love of Nivea cream sauce. So maybe a cream sauce in one day sitting. But two comes a villager comes and he goes urinate in the masjid.

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you urinate in the masjid? I wonder today what we will do with someone who urinated his Masjid. Which

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I remember one day in this Masjid. One day someone was reading some, you know, Salah Jamaat a little loud. He was making jam out loud after the normal. Immediately after the fries, he was making jam out loud. So some of the muscles got angry. So when they were getting angry, I call them once and I said, are they doing worse than the one who urinated in the machine?

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So they're making said out loud, you're not supposed to be in this place. But now you're getting angry. You're creating an argument. Did they do worse than that person who urinated in the machine?

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And now the Sahaba getting angry jasola we're gonna stop him. What did Muslim do? Look at the greatness, the wisdom, the way to deal with things. Oh my Sahaba if you're gonna stop him now he's gonna run when he's gonna run instead of urine, urine being confined to one place it will go throughout the masjid. Leave him Let him finish what he's doing.

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After he finished now Mr. Stone called him and said the merchant is not a place for this. Don't do this in future.

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You must see his door after that for now via cream sauce. Long story I will leave it

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This is how when you see someone doing wrong coin don't do something that makes an aspect more worse. Let me give you one more example and then I will conclude

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sometimes when you deal with people, we normally say no mukhisa Berto Rican Bertha

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curry Martinez or one kid who perhaps 181

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on a schema topic was

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so one day navia cream sauce thermosetting avocado villalta no come it was a time we never saw slumbers relax. So maybe a cream sauce was sitting his the lunghi was such that it was exposing some the calf of newbies awesome. Let me start something was sitting relaxed. I will worker came Navy SEAL Allahu alayhi wa sallam in a state like that. Omar came as permission Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stayed like that right in a very relaxed manner. And the leuke of Nevis Aslam was slightly raised. And this man came and he knocked on the door. And Huisman knocked on the door

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and said, Who is it? Man? We saw some caught up, put this quarter right, put this logo right.

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Everything happened after everyone went away. I shall have the ultimate say Dr. Su de la Albuquerque omark a new satellite that was man can you change yourself? q Why be so awesome said Why should I not show modesty to a person whom even the angel show modesty?

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Why don't I show modesty? Now you and I we know someone is sensitive about jokes. So we then instead of deal with him like that he's sensitive. Nobody saw some new was man was modest. He behaved like that. So when you behave with people behave with him. According to the temperament This is also soon. Marcel naka ihlara Rama Ptolemy mala Ji was a tofu co founder steady