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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not looking at immoral things and not wanting to be in a booming state. They also mention the length of time people live and the importance of not wanting to be in a situation where everything is possible. The speaker also talks about the importance of not wanting to be in a situation where everything is possible.
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My beloved brothers and sisters, this is why when the professor Salaam says something every aspect of its meaning is true to the full extent Subhana Allah cleanliness to clean your mind clean your eyes, by not looking at that which is going to disturb you clean your eyes by not looking at that which is immoral that which is going to displease Allah put me in a booming sorry him welcome Mina to Luna min above Abbasali hin welcome Mina to book naming about sorry healing beautiful verses of the Quran. On one hand, Allah says tell the believing moods to lower their gazes. When it comes to something you're not supposed to be looking at. Look down Allah says relax, look down. Because your

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eyes connected to your mind and your heart. You don't want to contaminate your heart. So what you do, look down so that your mind is clean, your heart is clean, your system is clean. your lusts and desires are under control. Because when you see something, you know what the Hadith says, it is like the arrows of the devil. And if you that spear is going to be released, you're going to want to follow that animal. Anyone here been out hunting? I'm sure being in South Africa here. Many people have been out hunting, you see that animal and you see it close? What do you do? you pursue it until you nail it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Forgive us, that is permissible when it comes to hunting.

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But when it comes to certain things, you cannot have everything you want. You cannot have everything you see, it's not yours. Allah has not kept you on a level that you can have everything you might afford to buy a car and someone else cannot afford to buy a car and maybe you cannot afford to buy a certain level of a car. So you need to know the level Allah kept you at be happy. Thank Allah life is very, very short. so short. We know this world is in existence for millions of years. The exact number I don't know. But I know millions of years. Man is so insignificant that he can only be here for an average of 60 to 70 years. That's how insignificant man is. Do you want to know who lives

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longer than you are? Let me word it more correctly, what lives longer than you? The tree in your yard is probably there for hundreds of years. It's so your great grandfather, your grandfather, your father, you your child, your grandchild and it will also see your great grandchild. That's the three.

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I'm not encouraging you to go there and chop it off today. No. But my brothers and sisters, the point I'm raising is look at how insignificant we are. man thinks he's a big deal. Man. You're only going to be here for 60 to 70 years, then you have to prepare to go back to Allah Subhan Allah May Allah make it easy for us. Many people leave early, they leave very early. Some people have a bonus. They live beyond 70 that is literally the gift of, of Allah subhanho wa Taala He wants you to prepare for the meeting with him which is going to be by far the best day ever for a believer the day that he's going to meet with Allah. That's the best day ever. You said your Shahada. Yes, you

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sought forgiveness of Allah. Yes. You tried to obey Allah. Yes. You tried to stay away from prohibitions, yes, you sought the forgiveness of Allah constantly. Yes. Then you have every reason to smile, because you were just a human being who was a believer in Allah, He is going to be happy to see you man. I have balika Allah he had Bella Holika, who Allahu Akbar, whoever loves the meeting with Allah. Allah loves to meet that person to you looking forward to meeting with Allah. I swear by Allah Allah is looking forward to meeting with you according to the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam

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May Allah grant agenda to

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