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Jumu’ah, 7 July 2023

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah Heba rasool Allah, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine, my brothers and sisters, the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, when he was a young boy, he watched his father, carving idols from stone and so on, and worshipping them and selling them and trading in them. And as a young boy, he always had a question about faith. Who do I worship? Why do I worship, whoever I'm going to worship, and so on. These questions are very healthy. For that reason. Do not Shun your children, when they have questions that might be tough and difficult. If you are guilty not to have enough knowledge about your own faith that you cannot

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respond to your children. It's about time you expanded your own knowledge.

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Because many children out there today are asking questions. And these questions are relevant. They sometimes because of exposure to people of other faiths to people of no faith, they begin to have a few doubts, because of their lack of knowledge. Someone needs to clear it for them. And it's as clear as the sun even clearer than the sun. So for you to just shout or scream or yell or expel your children or anyone else within the family or your circle, simply because they have questions would actually be wrong. You need to find the answers and engage them in a beautiful way. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness and ease. So Ibrahim alayhi salam then decided, let me search for whom I

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should worship, a very powerful and interesting question. And at the same time, a very, very interesting idea coming from a child.

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And he says, Everything around us must be made by a maker, there must be a Creator, it cannot be that there is no coincidence and we're just there suddenly Subhan Allah, a little child and this is why the Prophet Abraham May peace be upon him, is considered one of the most special beings Unto Allah. Allah Allah Allah, what taka Allah Who Ybarra Hema Holly Allah, Allah has taken Ibrahim alayhi salam, as a close friend, Khalil is one of the highest levels of friendship.

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And why because Allah Almighty tested him so much and he passed every single test. You see the Prophet Abraham May peace be upon him. The Jews claimed he was a Jew. The Christians claim he was a Christian. The Quran has the answer to it. What a powerful answer. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in such a beautiful way, Makana Ibrahim we have Houdini

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Rania Ibrahim was neither a Jew nor a Christian.

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And Allah says in another verse, Allah says

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wama Uzi, let it turn raw to

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in Berding, FL attacchi alone, the Torah and the Bible were revealed far after Abraham. So how could you claim he was a Jew or a Christian? When Judaism and Christianity came after Abraham? Allah says he was a submitter. He was one who submitted Unto Allah, he actually prostrated only and solely for the one who made him. So let's look at his journey for a moment because it is of interest for us today. Ibrahim alayhis salam as a young boy, when he questioned his father, and he tricked the community by destroying some of those idols. And when they came back from their festival and saw the idols were smashed. He actually when questioned said, well ask them what happened if they could only

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speak and they knew the idols couldn't speak. So they had beef with him. They really did not like what he did. They wanted to get back at him. They expelled him from the community at some point they tried to harm him and Allah always saved him. But

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he looked at when he went to a place called Haoran. And out in the open, he saw the stars and he says, You know what, the stars are better than the idols that my father was carving. He did not worship the stars, he only considered the greatness of the stars. And then he says, no, no, no. When the stars began to disappear, he said, it can't be this can't be my Lord. And then a little while later, he saw the moon beautiful, nice bright shining moon. He looked at the moon he says, Well, this is shining brighter than the stars. This is actually even better. He did not worship the moon, but he was considering looking for his Creator who created me whom

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ate me. And so when he looked at the moon and the moon began to also set, you know, the moon sets and it began to disappear. He said, That can't be my Lord. He says, Oh my Lord, if you're not going to guide me, whoever you are, I'm going to be misguided. You guide me. The prayer and supplication for guidance is the most important prayer you and I could ever make a dinner syrup on. Our team guide us to the straight path. We repeat it every day. Wallahi, my brothers, my sisters, that dua, the supplication you make, the most powerful of all of them is to ask Allah for guidance, May Allah guide me and guide all of us and keep us on the straight path. So Ibrahim alayhi salam, he

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continuously asked Allah to guide him. He saw the sunrise in the morning and he was excited because for the first time, even though throughout his life, he used to see the sun every day. But it was the first time he considered the greatness of the sun. That's why Allah says, when you look into the creation of Allah, the night and the day, and the way it moves, and the sun and the moon, and so on, you will discover the greatness of the maker thereafter. But for us, every day, we look at things we take it for granted. Take a moment, Allah says, Wi Fi, I'm forcing coulomb AlFalah to Bhosle Oh, don't, don't go too far. Look inside yourself. Take a look at your organs. Each one of them is a

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sign of the existence of Allah, how they work, how it happens. You're looking at me, I'm looking at you. You're breathing effortlessly. Subhanallah your heart is pumping 136,000 times a day and you don't even realize Allahu Akbar, Allah says and you still think we don't exist that Ilaha illa Allah, La ilaha illa Allah, each one of your limbs, your organs, your ears, your lips, your nose, your your nostrils, the hair in your nose and why it's there is just a miracle from Allah. It's not a coincidence. Those who tell you that are actually not even dreaming because a dream itself is a miracle. Subhan Allah Subhan Allah, may Allah Almighty grant us guidance. So Ibrahim alayhi salam

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looks at the sun and he says, You know what, wow, this is bigger than all of it. Wow, he's looking he did not worship the sun, but he's considering where is my maker and then he realized something powerful, the most powerful statement and the Quran has it in the Quran. What Jaguar doing here, the levy for powers aren't even our own blah Hanifa wama wha Amina Moo shrinking. I turned my face in worship to the One Who created the heavens and the earth, the skies in the earth. Everything I'm seeing whoever made this, He is my Lord. And I turned my face to him alone without associating a single partner with Him in worship, and I will worship him and him alone. He discovered Allah. In

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today's journey, you and I were fortunate the bulk of us may be born Muslims. But there are people out there on a daily basis turning to Islam, because they are discovering Allah. Every day, people are turning to Islam in death 1000s across the globe, Islam is truly the fastest growing religion without a doubt. But recently, not too long ago, I said there are many people who are leaving Islam, perhaps the largest in number, which is also true, but it is relative. I'm not talking about Islam losing out in any way. What I'm saying because there are billions of Muslims, when you have naught point naught naught naught naught 1%. That figure is bigger than other faiths who have smaller

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numbers. So it doesn't mean we are the bottom of the log, we are actually at the top of it. But at the same time, there are people who leave people who come, the people who are coming in are far larger in number than those who are exiting who are few, comparatively, but more than in the past because of our sheer numbers. And most of them they exit and a little while later they come back again, because they realized, you know what, what's in the market is not good. A guy who drives a sorry to give you such a silly example, a guy who drives a Mercedes S Class, no matter what he's going to come back to that car because say what you want a Mercedes is a Mercedes sorry, the guys

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who are BMW fancy are just looking at me. It's okay. They used to call it BMW before. But now it's a slightly better car. I don't have beef with vehicles. It's okay. I still believe in Toyota. But at the same time, my brothers my sister's you in faith, which is a proper real example. Even if you have doubts and questions, you go, you find the answers you keep asking a day will come when you come back to where you were, you'll come back. So it's our duty to really help ourselves by expanding our knowledge and understanding. Go out and study the fates. It's not wrong, go and check. What do they worship? Why do they wish we worship who ever made us the creator and him alone?

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Nobody else, nothing else, no messenger, no prophet, although we honor the prophets, we actually their status is the highest. We believe that they are superb human beings who were the best sent to us in order to teach us how to worship, the one who made us that's what it is. Allah. That's why we say, when you want to enter the fold of Islam, and that's what I want to talk about briefly. Many people are sending emails, messages in person, they see you I want to be Muslim, what do I do? What is the procedure? The procedure is minor, Ibrahim alayhis salam, what did he say he he entered the fold of submission completely by declaring, I face my face to the one who made me and the heavens

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and the earth alone. And I will never render an act of worship for anyone or anything besides him that was entering the fold of faith submission. So he said what just what he didn't let the Fatah somewhat uneven, warmer and nominal Mushrikeen that's his declaration of faith. A shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah,

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I bet witness that there is none worthy of any act of worship, be it big or small, besides the one who made me That's faith. No religion can have a debate this because the one who made me is the only one who I can put my head on the ground and say Oh, you who made me You are the greatest, you are the highest. Oh you who gives me sustains me controls everything who kills me who does whatever he wants with me, you are the highest Subhana BL Allah we repeat that statement. So many times a day, every time we are in frustration Subhan Allah SubhanAllah 34 times minimum a day. Because why you are making units of prayer. And you are going down in frustration twice for every unit. You see.

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May Allah grant us guidance. What a powerful statement. When you want to enter the fold of Islam or anyone else around you wants to enter Islam and the reason I have to say this, you will have someone come to you, I want to be Muslim. Be careful, don't shun them. Don't shun them, talk to them, bring them, ask them if they know the pillars of faith. Number one, I only want to worship my maker and my maker alone. Number two, I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is a messenger and the Prophet of Allah. You know, when some people of other faiths say this person is a prophet and the prophet in our country, they same prophets. They are talking of religious men who can prophesize a

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few things. They're not talking of a prophet of Allah, who actually is an OB, who is a messenger who came with Revelation, they're not talking about that. We are talking of another level altogether when we say Nabhi we are talking of Jesus may peace be upon him Abraham May peace be upon him, Moses May peace be upon him or on May peace be upon him, Solomon May peace be upon him, David May peace be upon him, Joseph May peace be upon him, Jacob May peace be upon him, and so on. John May peace be upon him, and the Prophet Muhammad May peace be upon them all, I use the English terminology, just for those of other faiths to realize and recognize, we use Arabic, but these names are the same.

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These are the same people. They all we revere them, we respect them, we honor them, we give them the highest ranking ever. No one can rank higher than the prophets of Allah. So when you bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is the final messenger of Allah and you bear witness that you are only going to worship the one who made you already you're a Muslim entry level, you've come in that statement, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says, It is so heavy in the scale of good deeds, that on the Day of Judgment, if you have 99 files full of bad deeds, each file from the east to the west, and on the other hand, you have one time that statement of I bear witness there is none worthy

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of worship besides Allah and that Muhammad peace be upon him is his messenger that is heavier than all of those in the eyes of Allah for as long as you are genuine. May Allah grant us acceptance even once. So don't shun someone, if they have accepted the basics and the five simple pillars of Islam, and the six simple pillars of faith, let me quickly repeat them the pillars of Islam. Number one is a declaration by your mouth as we said, there is none worthy of worship besides my maker, we call him Allah because he calls himself Allah, which refers to the worshipped one, and I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is his messenger, the five daily prayers, the fasting in the month

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of Ramadan, the charities, if I'm a wealthy person to give to poor people, and if once in my lifetime if I can, I will go for Hajj. Do you believe that in principle? Yes, I do. Number two, do you believe in the six pillars of faith, what are they are meant to be law here? I believe in Allah wa Mala equity and the angels. Angels exist. What could to be here and the books, the Injeel and so on all of the previous books that were given to the previous prophets, you believe in them in principle? Yes, I do. What was truly he and all the messengers respectfully

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We do not agree with previous scriptures that have spoken bad about any of the messengers or prophets of Allah. We believe they were honorable men and whatever negativity is there in a disrespectful way we deny it. Islam does not agree with it. They say Lord slept with his daughters or stove it Allah we don't agree. They say Jesus had an affair a Stouffer Allah that is blasphemous. We don't agree with this. We don't we they say Mary had an affair. We don't agree with that either, and so on. So, in principle, even Solomon and David, they have really bad things to say about them. For us as Muslims, they were honorable, they were the best of the best, and Allah chose them he

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would not have chosen otherwise. If I'm an imam in the masjid. And you know, bad about me, it's your right. If you want to walk out, you can walk out why because I don't feel comfortable behind this person who's a thug. He's a robber, he's achieved. He's a scum of society. I must read my salah behind him no chance, just like your Sokka you have your money to give a poor person but he's a drunkard, a drug addict, you have a right to say I don't want to give you because it's the car, its wealth. I need to engage in an act of worship. I rather give someone who's going to who's going to pray and do good deeds so I can get a double triple reward. There we go. So the same applies Why

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would Allah send to us a messenger who no one liked he had bad qualities and habits. It didn't happen. So you believe in the the messengers who originally him were called to be heroes really well yo Malarkey, do you believe in the last day that there is the last day and you believe there is going to be heaven and hell and there is accountability? Yes. Do you believe that good and bad fate is from Allah, when good things happen? I must not become arrogant when bad things happen. I must not become depressed. I must relate it to Allah good came to me I become a better person. When Allah gave me so much, I must be humble and I must treat those who work for me with greater respect than I

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treat myself Allahu Akbar, then you're a movement, then you're a believer. And when something bad happens, your factory burned down. You thank Allah. Because SABR is an act of worship that Allah gives you an opportunity to engage in you have to engage in it at some point you will suffer a loss at some point something wrong will happen in your life. Thank Allah Oh ALLAH for 40 years you kept me so good today. You tested me you took away everything no problem. We start a game you name in sha Allah Subhana Allah Allah loves you. Allah loves you why? Because Allah Allah Yeoman laka Yamuna, Alec a day for you and the day against you. When it's for us. We are good. When it's against us what

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happens? Allah says, We did it to test you. That's Allah. Do you believe in these principles? If the answer is yes, repeat after me. A shadow, a shadow. Hola. Hola. ILAHA, Illa Illa Allah, Allah, Allah, I bear witness there is none worthy of worship. besides Allah, I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is his messenger, you are a Muslim, there is no specific ceremony. You don't need to go to an imam. You don't need to go to the public. You don't need to go to a place you can do it yourself between you and Allah and you are a Muslim, but do not delayed. So when someone comes to you and says, I want to be Muslim, ask them a few questions, teach them Halal haram basics. Do you

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know we're not allowed to eat? Except that which has been slaughtered in a certain way? For these reasons? Do you know that we are not allowed to have pork alcohol etc? These basics you and I know them? Do you accept that? Yes. If a man is a drunkard, and he says, Look, I know this is prohibited, and I accept that it is prohibited. But I have a weakness. Sometimes I drink the fact that he knows it's prohibited and believes that it's prohibited. He can enter the fold of Islam. How many Muslims actually do bad deeds, but they know it's wrong. The fact that you know it's wrong, you're still a Muslim. But when you justify, no, I'm a Muslim, but there's nothing wrong with pork and then call

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yourself something else. Please don't call yourself a Muslim. For example, people who come about and say, Well, my inclination is I'm inclined towards animals, I can do whatever I want, but I'm still a Muslim, hang on. If you believe it's wrong, then you can still be a Muslim. If you believe there's nothing wrong with it, you're following another faith. Don't confuse yourself and others by saying I'm a Muslim, and I sleep with animals, relax, relax, what you need to do is you need to understand what you are following is not actually the fate the rest of us are following. Why do you want to confuse yourself and others by saying I'm a Muslim? Relax, you got to say, I actually do not follow

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Islam because I disagree with X, Y, and Zed. There we go. Then we everything is in order. You are not confused, and you're not confusing others. Maybe your deeds are confused, but may Allah grant us and everyone else guidance. So my brothers, my sisters, that is how you enter the fold of Islam. When someone comes to you and wants you to wants to ask you and says I want to enter Islam, don't waste 10 In five minutes, you must soak the matter out, because you don't know what's going to happen after that. And you don't have to wait for another person because why give them the honor of it. You will let them declare Shahada. There was a man who came to me with some people and said they

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want to enter Islam. I said I want I want you to say the shahada for them because you were to them. They ask you why should I take the honor of all of that? He said, Oh, I didn't think of that. On the Day of Judgment. When someone has accepted Islam on your hands. Do you know every good day

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they ever did you have a full reward for all of those deeds Subhanallah That's why they say it's almost like you're going to get Jannah for free.

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So let people come into Islam don't make it difficult for them. And then the rest of the teachings of Islam one of the most important teachings of Islam, once you declare your shahada is to learn Bahara the Hara is cleanliness. The other day they were selling me baby soft tissues on the traffic lights I show you I'm sure you guys have seen this in Zimbabwe at the traffic lights. They sell you a big book, a big packet of baby soft tissues. Have you seen that the traffic lights? I opened my window I said Ah shunga in industrialism, fura edition shanty save paper, so it's my brother, I don't use this I use water. He looked at me and he started laughing.

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And I explained to him you selling me tissue, but I use water Subhanallah immediately he knew. Then when I passed again, he looked at me understand some of you are the guy who uses water. I mean, you know, so it's amazing because one of the first teachings of Islam is how to use the toilet and to wash your backsides. Subhanallah Don't be ashamed of it. Talk about it. It's a honorable teaching. The world went to Qatar for World Cup. They were mesmerized by a shark puff shutoff is the little spray the little spray to wash your bum Subhanallah we took it for granted. People change their lives because of that. I know people who became Muslims because of that little spray. I'm saying I

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better talk about it more often in my speeches we are we are shy, the cleanest of all of us who are the Muslim means man Allah Allah, Allah Allah. May Allah Almighty grant us ease and goodness you should be considering yourself honored to talk about any teaching of Rasulullah sallallahu sunnah.

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So here we go. My brothers and sisters I know time is not on my side. I'm watching it. But at the same time it's a very important topic and then what prompted me to do this is of late too many people are entering Islam mashallah we are happy many people but sometimes people are delaying please I need to do this I need to come to the mosque. You don't need to you can declare it now. My brother, my sister, whoever you are, wherever you are, you want to be a Muslim you say? I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship besides my maker Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is his messenger you are a Muslim slowly as you learn bit by bit you put into

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practice more and more one might say I don't know how to pray I don't know how to do you believe you have to pray? Yes. Well, now you start learning and first day slowly, slowly, slowly as you learn you practice as you learn you practice and in that way inshallah we will all enter paradise and Jana together Akula kolayca wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad