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Ebrahim Bham
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Alhamdulillah he Allah heal me by the Hilmi Allah if we buy the Quadra T wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Gambia, he will mousseline Allah Allah He was Harvey was seldom at the Sleeman curtsy Ron Kathy rob

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a Mavado for the villa Humana shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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contoh Masahiro Mateen of rejet Linares. Tamo Runa Wilma roofie Wattana Hona honeymoon Cara, Sara kala hula Zeum. My dear respected elders and brothers Allah subhanahu wa taala has created us.

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And when we were created, we came in this world alone.

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And when we leave this world, we are going to leave this world alone.

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We came alone, we are going to leave alone.

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And ultimately,

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our accountability in front of Allah Tala

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will be on a one to one basis.

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On the day of Tiamat we won't be able to tell Allah environment wasn't good therefore I didn't practice upon Islam. Allah will say what did you do to practice Islam? Welcome to Muna ferrata Kumbhakarna canal como la Amara, you will come to me alone. The way I created you alone in the first instance says Allah in the Seven Super of the Holy Quran

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and therefore has an Amara Viola with that I'm who used to say hi Cebu, amphu SERCOM Kabbalah and to hustle. Take stock of your deeds. before Allah Tala take stock of your deeds

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Sibella Yahama is in Medallia or Allah Tala kita somni Joe hisab hoga whoa infatti Amal

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kebari Mahoba or Allah Tala was kibarim Sol care Canada, or Islam as Roma roseola with Luca Forman, Han Qi Allah Tala ke hisab Laney Sep la apna hisab LELO hood, Abner he served Leila. But together with that, while that is a reality, you and I are social beans.

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You and I are people who have to meet with one another.

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Allah has made it such that we are social beans. I'm Lauren Kisara. Milk he will tell you Mr. Urich fitrah. This is a reality with regard to it. Therefore we find that in the animal kingdom, you don't find the animals meeting chest to chest face to face.

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There if an animal shows another animal, the face or the front of his body, it means that this one animal has submitted to the other animal.

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So there you don't find animals meeting face to face. We are the only ones Allah has created. I'm sinner sinner humble.

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Allah made it such that we we meet one another chest to chest. When we meet one another, we embrace one another since there are Siena, to the means of our chest. What does it mean? Allah Tala wants us together with our individual responsibility to be people of the community, to be people who meet with one another and who are people who have a look and a good relationship with people and make the community a better place and a better community. There's great emphasis with regard to this.

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Many times you and I we take we take a stance by Akella joke which Karenga Majid machaca Namaaz percussion a nickel Janga a major in a row Mina Julia my co fighter muscles naota Why must I meet everyone I'll just sit and go into my a budget I'll go to the Magiera come away cook silently.

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Yeah, muscle man, Qatari Kearney, maybe a cream sauce of them said in a hadith in Sahih Muslim almost similarly you Holly to nurse well yes Vera Allah then other whom Pharaoh Minal Muslim Illa de la yo Holly tunas wala is below Allah as a Muslim who intermingles with people.

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He interacts with people, he helps people. And in helping people you always going to have

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been convenient. We have to make someone have to make somewhere on people's difficulty. He is better than than Muslim who doesn't intermingle with people and he doesn't have to make supper upon the inconvenience. Jolo will get that built that you'll have a better head you know, they said Camila. You Hadith as a Muslim ban. And Allah has shown us this. Sometimes we are reading namaz complete

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alone. Um Salah Bill Kilakila Parral tahajjud Kenema

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and we are eating our NAS and we say in a sea otter Mr. Team, Allah guide us upon the right path, Idina sub Jana Jo, RB Jana wala wherever nos Arabic nos. Idina is not a he is not a singular verse a tense it's a it's a plural tense yalla hum Sopko hedaya Tata pharma Appa kala mas para

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is only between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala but Allah Allah says you make dua you make dua for the collective Allah Hamza he Daya Tata Pharma. It shows the collective mindset of a believer you don't only think about himself he thinks about the whole community. Surya seen me a jaywalker very, very amazing incident. So amazing. That's a great lesson and inspiration for us.

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Amalia Mashallah. Hi. Yah, yah waka

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Allah Tala makes mention of an ordinary human being

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levena He will in a wotja Raja lumen XL Medina two years up Nebby came to a place and Dr. Kissinger guy. And in that particular place, the people rejected the MPLA Masato salaam, one person from outside the town comes in the town and he tells the people who are more saline follow the MBR Limoux Salatu was Salam he loved berhak the other people on the truth follow them. My Why don't you follow them? Malaya Sala Comacina they don't they don't ask you for anything and they are rightly guided a few key paramedical to Why don't you follow the MBR mo Salatu was Salam bioresearch Nikki Bata is something for us to think who was this human being? He was not an OB. Do you know who he was? He was

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Habib Naja. He was Habib a carpenter. An ordinary carpenter. Allah makes mention of him in the Holy Quran and we read it till the day of Yama M chiamata Paringa egna, Jackie Berryman que I'll tell you the reason why. He went to go and tell the people that follow the MB Allah wa Salatu was Salam. They killed him.

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They martyred him right. So after the martyred him a letter I said, Oh, the whole agenda. Go into Jana, you are martyred you are shaheed

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after he is in Jannah Allah says in Surah Yasin kala later Komiya Allah moon, we may already be with Jelani middle mocha mean, Oh Allah, tell my people,

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show my people how you respected and gave me reward for following the truth. On when I was born Kataoka, they killed him.

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And after killing him, he's in Jannah. He's enjoying the pleasures of Jana. And he's telling Allah Allah tell my people how you showed reward to me. He had a concern for his people, even after he was in Jannah.

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After being in Jannah is still thinking yeah, Allah show my people the right path. Do we have even a fraction of that concern for our community? Hello, Johanna Raja Raja, how can people come upon the right path? We don't have even a little bit of that. Therefore Allah has made mention of him in the Holy Quran. When I went to Syria, the Turkish border I went to a place for it to happen Logan Akaka, Habib Kaveri

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I made mention of this incident so many times in different parts of the world. I had a special interest Sal I must go to his cover. So he bought me Allah has made mention of him Labine, so I went to his cover, and I sit in I cried sha Allah, only because of his concern for humanity and his concern for his people who made mention of him in the Holy Quran.

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Because this is how a Muslim behaves. And these abroad we all the time we are supposed to do it in a time of our beloved maybe occur in South Salem. There was a lot of food.

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People were always many times hungry. So one day

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one person had a sheep's head. So in the sheep's head event you can give someone even to give a person a shift. It is a UI UI media feed you take it up because the router he took it, he said I took it I have no immediate but there's someone more needy than me here to give it to someone else. That person that is someone more needy is in the mood. cyberculture Anna was killed. The router was called an idea. Until this time 13 houses if passed by. It went to 13 houses and eventually it came to the person who started giving it out to the first place. It came back to you

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nebbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hadith

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he is not the moment who eats to easeful and in his neighborhood there are people who are staying hungry. Allah MIT respected by others you must say this with great pain in any community or Muslim community. People are eating the full and in that community there are people who are hungry, they are not fulfilling their responsibility as a Muslim community.

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Or any Muslim man Okay. Who cook or Mr. Manuka zimny dairy cow net was nekia.

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How is it possible that you are fully eating to your fullest there are people who are hungry in your neighborhood. That is awesome said Who Mina here, he is not a believer. This is the reality with regard to our situation. We are supposed to move to Officer bietet in one day to to South Africa. So we gave a talk to the Obama so one day he was saying when to give meet a very, very great alum as the name of modern associate as Dr. Hussain Shah. He was known as me as a

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very great scholar he was teaching in the darkroom.

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So after the eight he said we were small, we were eight to 10 years. So after we ate he said we will clean up the table crop, duster Hancom South Korea to meet ourselves of course, the Soham subchronic, yada, Pata and do you know how to clean up the circle? This is my cat. We'll just have to put everything and we'll put it in a in a newspaper. And we'll take it and we throw it away. He says something. He said he showed them what to do. He took the bones, he put it in a particular place. He took the crumbs, he put in a place where the ends will eat it. But the most important thing I want to make mention of they had fruit. So he said, take the fruit

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and the peels of the fruit.

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Put it into a covering. Don't put it in the dustbin of my locality in my neighborhood.

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Take it in when you are going far away, go and put the pills and throw it away their receipt cue why why? What's the reason? Why must you throw it far away?

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He said my neighborhood people are poor. They can't afford fruits.

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If you were to throw the pieces of the fruit in front of them, how will they feel? Montana is eating fruit and we can eat fruit

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can beat the server Maya? Did you ever think of the community in such a way? This is our cabin? This is what they did. This is how you think of a community and that is what the massage and the temperament of a believer is and the others in our team is great emphasis upon not only our Muslim community

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the keeping of the entire community Muslim and non Muslim with peace and harmony. In our amongst our cabling. There was a set Maulana Hussain Ahmed Bethany Rahmatullah limb, many of us must have heard about him, he used to say, in India, I give special emphasis upon peace and harmony between Muslims and non Muslims between Muslims and Hindus work towards peace and harmony. If you don't work towards peace and harmony, time can come. The people of the locality and the people of the country will tell against you. But any Allah knows best. If that was a situation in India, Allah knows best. You should see work for peace and harmony. Chip Nivea cream sauce from came to Madina Munawwara the

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first thing he did was he set up a mythos known as Misaki Medina, do you know what is Misaki Medina, the first

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constitution, the first agreement between communities go and look at the books of history 47 clauses, how the community must live together. 47 clauses how the Jews, how the O's the Hutterites and the Muslims must live together with peace and harmony, different methods that the Jews broke the treaty that's a different method. But when Livia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam came, the first thing he did was he set up a mere fact that how the people in the community in the country of Medina will live together. Hum Castlevania, how would we stay together? I've lectured many places in the world. Whenever I come to this hadith in the tsunami saucer. I challenge the people I see very well

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established in the Hadith. And we make mention of it so many times. That Nemea Kareem salsa on one occasion went to meet a Jewish youngster who was sick

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yahoodi no John B. Marta Tamia. Kareem saw Selim Ponce Milner Kelly again on Katie medallic Alligator so let me social mental University levy social upset with him. Let me saw some towards the end told him to accept Islam. The front method

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But first he went to go meet a non Muslim Jewish youngster who was sick. And then when he went to go and visit him maybe saw some said become a Muslim and he said he looked at his father his father said it al Qasim follow Abu Kasim. He became a Muslim. Then we saw someone became very happy.

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I normally asked so many people in different parts of the world APNIC cubby is Sumit Cooper Amal Kalyani

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is the anyone who has made Amal upon the Sunette did we ever go and visit a non Muslim who are seeking our neighborhood but we all make mention can be a cream sauce Lim Nicaea or sorry, everyone talks about it.

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Dussehra Hadith for the system that Kemosabe comm caster Halycon is Sunako from Pune acres.

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That means our mindset is not there. We don't have the broadness with regard to that particular situation. Abdullah Abdullah Mubarak Rahmatullah Ali, you know, his his neighbor was a non Muslim or Muslim.

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So when he put up his house for sale,

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he put up the house double the value,

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how much the market value was double the value.

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So people said how you would you putting up so much value how can you put up the thing in such a such a situation so much putting up in kaka Joe after what did he say? He said the hub is the value of the house.

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Half is

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the privilege to be a neighbor to abou live Nevada.

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When we come into our neighborhood, do the non Muslims put up their house price more or more? Put it down? Is so sneaky but he put it up and he said half the price is to be a neighbor to such a great human being. Although I'm a non Muslim, this is an ideal neighbor.

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You want to stay next to him pay double the price of this house of minds.

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And for this to happen my dear respected brothers. We need to keep a community together.

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To build something is very difficult to break is very easy. He sees cheese photo Katana Botha Sana e si G SCA Marama Karna or Tamia tena bought Masekela

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hum Johanna article Tournay Mahara chracter

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the crib Karimi M Mahara tractor kisi cheese ki Johanna Whoa, to make it constructive and to build a community we are very, very weak. Nivea creme sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had shown us how to how to build a community. He has told us to keep each and everyone's

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to keep each and everyone's feeling

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and to bring the community together to be have unity in the community. That is how you bring a community together. Maybe Kareem Salah Salem, abdulai homophobia, Latina says me Somalia Salem was making tough one day and he looked up to the Kaaba in the Baitullah. And he said Allah here, he took an oath. And he said, I take an oath by the way, the Lord of the bean who has treated me Oh, Kaaba, obey Tula, your sacredness, and your respect is very great.

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But I take an oath by the beading whose hands is my life, the honor, and the respect and the sensitivity of every believer is more greater than you.

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Muscle monkey aroma. Kava Savarkar.

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I'm Jana muscle monokey, who Marchesa Kelkar

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Sal Jessa Johanna Cabo como Hatem Karna. We play around with the feelings in the respect of human beings. We don't show it the respect it deserves, but nobody saw some say the respect and sanctity and sacredness is even more than the Kaaba Sharif haplochromis Kaka Raka. Did we keep that in mind when we get back? Did we keep that in mind when we talk about people when we you know, we violate the respect and the sanctity of one another. The via Kareem Salah Salem once went into a into a Hustla.

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It was a small fight between two people one from Makkah, one from Medina and both Samartha so what are many times it happens like this small fight between two people. But what happens this to people who are small one, one to one, they call the friends. They call the associates they call the partners they call the Jamaat se they call the people who are with them, and then that person also does the same thing. What was a fight between two people almost ended up in a fight between the people of Macau and the people of Medina when they were Kareem sallahu wa sallam heard about it. He became so angry His face became red and he told us Sahaba ma Barbuda will Jaya Helia what is the

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slogan of ignorance you are calling people on such on the basis of your se you calling people on the basis of you know your your associates and your competitor to people of Medina helped me hope people of Makkah helped me. I came to break this. I came to bring you

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people together. And yeah, you are fighting on the basis of Yama. Yeah. Mari Achmea. Guatemala. Me I'm Jacqueline. I brought people on the basis of the Kalima Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah. Nivea cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam showed us this one day, the son of a beloved Obeah beloved obey was leader of the moon African. One Africa Casa de

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oro Nebia cream starsan como Tsutaya he gave me so seldom so much inconvenience you can't believe it so much inconvenience so one day he son Abdullah bin Abdullah bin obey came to Libya Karim sauce La Mirada sola. He has caused you so much harm I feel someone because of the harm one day someone is going to take a sword and kill him before someone does it. Give me the permission to do it.

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We just don't have the Baka Corona Corona Pattaya he has given you so much of inconvenience

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in the vehicle himself sauce instead of Bula don't kill your father. Don't kill your father. We said que jasola He gives you so much inconvenience, but didn't be a cream sauce and said don't kill your father. He reads a lot with us

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on Kolkata Mercuri mRSS. Salah

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here is Namaaz with us don't kill him.

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Nemea Karim. So cillum kept the OMA together in such a way. And brothers if we don't do this particular aspects of keeping the our community together, making peace with an harmony with the people of the country, and having Taluka they're keeping a relationship with them. Then I tell you do I tell you what can happen. I've seen it in history. I went two times to Spain.

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800 years Muslims rules when they came into Spain, the local people welcome them because they said Muslims are going to give us relief they are going to give us different types of justice. And after 800 years when they stop Taluka the people when they stop relationship with the people when they didn't give a good relationship with the people, the same people expelled them didn't allow one person to remain in Spain. One Muslim. I'm nickering Yeto huset chi ki antigenically

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It's our duty. It's what Nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us and how do we do it? We do it with. We do it with great amount of wisdom. And we do it with qualities. One of the most amazing things I've ever read. Someone came to me along with Ron one day

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and said, Oh Holly, I heard it. Nabeel Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam near up near Tel working near me puts Lika Hua oni raka or Abner was Capoeira Libya cream so Aslan kept something written in the sheath of his sword. And you know what was written in there. Now brothers you all you and I, we all know if you have to put something into a sword. Now a sword is something of strength. I'm Jackie Lacey malerkotla We are going to do this and we are going to do that. So what what would you do with with something that is kept in a store? What what what message would be we would think you and I would think hum Johanna Berea bahagia hair I'm here Carinya Islam kelela rengay.

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We will fight for Islam we will do this we will show our bravery something like that will be kept in the sheath of the sword of nebbia Kareem Sal lawless.

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The as a leader the ultimate what didn't be a cream sauce. I'm keeping the sheaf of sword. So he said it was written I saw that written Silman kata UK what a foreman what a foreman Zilla Mk was in Illa Manasa in a men your relationship with those who break relationship. Johanna sartoria want to set up your Jurco

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Johanna Sadhguru Shaka Zulu crown Casa Chaka Zulu Cara those who keep bed with you, you do good to them. Those who do wrong to them to you, you forgive them. This was in the soul of our beloved nivia Kareem SallAllahu wasallam that is how to be a cream so Sarah made a community the way it was. And it became a beacon for the community till the day of Carmen Ackerman macchiato. What is our vision you and I tell the people in South Africa we are 350 years Bethenny kitna salsa. You either know how many years you are you're coming to Minnesota John M jakkur Kamakhya Corona Chaya, do we have a vision for why I am in Malawi? Do I have a vision for why I'm in South Africa? Shiawassee horna

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Whoa, whether we achieved it or we don't achieve it, to have some vision that what I want to do as a Muslim in this country, we as a community, what do we want to do as as a community while we are in Malawi or where we are in place?

00:24:56 --> 00:24:59

Kwame maksud any vision? We do? RESNA Tyche

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Do we have something? Let me give you an example in I conclude

00:25:04 --> 00:25:08

Mohammed Al Fatah conquered Constantinople.

00:25:10 --> 00:25:17

Right. And how did he conquered Constantinople? Can we um Can we you know, we say this moron as they give bionic Juma no one listens to them

00:25:18 --> 00:25:28

who was back there as they always say whatever they want whether people listen or not. So Mohammed Al Fatah when he was 12 or 13 years of age heard a hadith

00:25:30 --> 00:25:43

the the Juma hookah was saying, you will conquer Constantinople very great is that army very great isn't Amir, at the age of 12. When he heard that, he said, I'm going to be that person.

00:25:45 --> 00:25:54

He said I am going to be the person who will conquer Constantinople. At the age of 21, he conquered Constantinople. For seven years he carried a vision.

00:25:55 --> 00:25:57

I am going to conquer Constantinople.

00:25:59 --> 00:26:14

This is just an example. We can have similar type of visions, and we can work towards it. Maybe Allah will give it permission, but at least let us have some vision. America Karna what do we want to do as a community as individual may Allah give us a topic? Walk through the Awana


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