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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the importance of testing one's credibility and trust in Islam, with emphasis on sharing stories and experiences to improve one's understanding of Islam. The success of these actions is attributed to their faith and trust in Allah's guidance. Visits to the holy grail for prayer and prayer practicing are encouraged, as is sharing stories to improve one's understanding of Islam.
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Long one long one long

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along 112 one

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how do I

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know more

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man was too

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No handling

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when I was relying on Trulia and fusina honestly at

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the end

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of the day

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I'm a huge fan

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of not

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sharing Shari brush Edwin Mohammed and I will do

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another a wholesome hide on what to hide if he could have been Kareem yeah he

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definitely want to call it

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drum was named

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Metal roulette he

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either was on a farming has own Jelena

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Castillo and he saw

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lady just

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gonna be one

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no corners and he didn't use

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any of

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those and Ralina

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saying, how do you think you'd have a lot of hate and have you had you Mohammed in some of it, he was selling them for shows on volume.

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But that that in

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that in that era, were called Avada that you

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especially the brothers and sisters. I ask Allah subhanaw taala gather doesn't just imagine, together as you're going to see the Muslim. So

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Allah subhanho wa Taala out of his wisdom.

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He mentioned

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many stories in the Quran.

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And these stories, my brothers and sisters,

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they are not bedtime stories. These are stories to read.

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reflect and implement in your life. Allah subhanaw taala said love and care in a fearful sassy him

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in their stories, there was

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lesson not to everybody Hey Broughton, literally two men of understanding. Another place Allah subhanaw taala told us thoughts was in the process of law I lovingly

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read the stories, so they can ponder so they can reflect. So these stories has one.

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We read them

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many many many times but they do not do anything. They don't change anything our life.

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Today, I will mention a story that we all know

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we have gone home

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but we have the data element the help of Allah subhanaw taala your whole concept about the story will change and they will not

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We will leave today with some plan to implement that story in our life. The story is

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the story of Musa Annie Saran and the stick

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we all know the story. Musa had to stick was tapping your right hand through the stick and became a state.

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Let's check the story in a completely different manner

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can be any any case?

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Allah has asked you moosari Sir, what is that in your right hand? Yeah.

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Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, absolutely. He knows what's in his right hand. He's the one who created the hand. He's the one who created the stick, and he's the one who created Musa and he is

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but he wants to bring our attention and Moses attention to that stick because that stick will have a long story many stories in the Quran. When Martin Kalyani Musa what is that your right hand the apostle Musa is ramset

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foreigner here also

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this is my stage, every letter in the Quran matters.

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When I tell you what is this, you say it's o'clock. What is this, this is a carpet. But when I asked you about your phone, he said this is my phone.

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When he said this is outside, that means it's important.

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It's not just any any hassle, this is my skin color here.

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And then he went on saying

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how important that stick in his life

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he has

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I use it to lean on your

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when somebody uses a stick to lean on, that means he does not leave it every 10 steps he needed every single step of the way.

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Running and you're Allah I use that stick

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to hit the tree and the tree will make the leaves when I hit it, the leaves are the fruits will drop this way My sheep my goats will eat

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when he if he had to offer up.

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And also Allah have many other uses, if not best for the ALLAH and he said he used to kill if there is a harmful insect to the floor is to hit it with it. He used to get the wolves away from his sheep, he used to stick it in the ground and put something on top and use it for sharing. So he has many other uses for this stick. What we conclude is that stick is of vital importance to moosari Center.

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If you see your son

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sitting in the living room, and you see something in his hand, and you say my son What is that in your right hand? It tells you this is my iPad.

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I use it to do my homework. I use it to check my email and I play some games with it. This is my Father This is very important to him. What do you tell him? You tell him make sure you put him in a safe place. Be very careful what happened here after Musala he indicated to Allah how important that stick but he said I will tell

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you Allah just finished explaining to you how important it is to me you tell me to cast it throw it

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When did Musa say that he said let me think about it the same

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the same way What

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did he say your Allah what you're going to give me instead if I throw it away

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give me them you think about it. No, no.

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is God saying

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that infomedia instance

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on behalf

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he fluid

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that he that he hates

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it became not only a state, a rapidly moving snake. Very scary.

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rapidly moving snake

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For either here or here to this

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call the hood have

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Allah told him take it already don't be afraid you're on board.

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When I told you how important it is to me, you told me to throw it and now it becomes a snake and you're telling me to take it

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off somewhere you do have sea otter and

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we're going to return it

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to its original state. It will go back

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to your favorite stick

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whatever it is

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did not hesitate at all.

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A simple non law

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being truthful for Allah subhanaw taala and being truthful with your inand Allah subhanho wa Taala

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being truthful in your salon in your record in your hygiene in every form of a burger, truthful done sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala obedience to Allah do it yes sir. Well upon

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now the question is

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what does the stick of Musa represent in your life?

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Is it that haram job you are afraid to leave?

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Is that the job? You're so worried to wear? Because what they're gonna say about me are the is the stick of moose and your wife does cigarettes, he can't quit.

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Is it those contracts of riba that you are signing, whatever it is, drop it, drop it for the sake of Allah.

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Whatever it is,

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have complete trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the main lesson from the story. Okay. And when you do that

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instantly, things will become dandy. It's gonna take some time.

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It's never one test. It's always few tests after each other.

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If you left that job, because it's how you want to stay four or five months without a job.

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You might be going around and asking brothers, please, I need help. I'm behind on my rent.

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Allah wants to know how sincere and how truthful you are with him. If you really leave it for him.

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When you put your hijab

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it might be tough in the beginning, you might some you might get some dirty blocks.

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You might hear some some ugly remarks.

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If you take it off your favorite test.

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There's a couple of tests. One of the brothers think they should hire. I know many of them. The first thing is they got kicked out of their house. Nobody took shahada and he went back home to his non Muslim family and they won't cut them welcome them and put the red carpet. Nobody is going to be thrown out of his house.

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Many friends will be gone. He might lose his job. This is the this is the way he goes. When it comes to Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to check how truthful Are you? Why? Because Allah subhana wa Tada said in the end if

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a Turaco ie

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10 on, do you think you're going to call the believer very high status and you're not going to be tested. As even NASA I used to look over your total airman. Well, now you've done

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I've been published him while I was doing that.

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We are testing everyone before we have 100

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When I am in the Caribbean, but Allah subhanaw taala to know who is truthful in his ADA to Allah and who is lying

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who's truthful in his ADA to Allah

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and who is lying.

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Now, let's go back to the story

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when musante is

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trying to take the snake

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that did bite him,

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did throw poison on him.

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It's going back to the favorite stick.

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But please be patient

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Be patient.

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If you hear all these things are going on around us against this law, be patient.

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The victory is for this team. Just be patient, have certainty and certainty in your heart. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep getting close to Allah subhanaw taala and you will never ever be disappointed. Now

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the message we get from this first part is draw what is dear to you.

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But it's how long

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for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah will replace you with something that there is something that

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he knows what it is, because we think

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it could be a better job. It could be a

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better health.

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Allah knows what's better for you. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows when is the best time for you to be rich. When is the best time for you to be cured? Allah subhanho wa Taala knows his Dallin is the hatin all I did is I follow his orders, and I put my trust in Him.

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Now the best thing that ever happened to Musa alayhis salam after he passed the test is that his Eman in Allah increased?

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How do we see that?

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First in the first situation, Allah subhanaw taala told her to drop the stick and became a snake. This is the first test

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what did he do?

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the first level when became a snake, he ran away he did not even look back. He was very scared.

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I don't want to get you

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to think and see how.

00:17:07 --> 00:17:09

Who says either a salon is developing.

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Now the second situation.

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Second place, he threw the stick.

00:17:17 --> 00:17:19

It was in front of 1000s of people

00:17:20 --> 00:17:24

and in front of perfect

00:17:25 --> 00:17:27

professional magicians.

00:17:30 --> 00:17:34

They have done an immaculate act of magic

00:17:36 --> 00:17:37

and he's standing in front of them

00:17:39 --> 00:17:40

and he threw the stick you can imagine.

00:17:42 --> 00:17:48

Allah subhanaw taala told him we're LP Murphy and Enid Taluk cough now Salah

00:17:49 --> 00:17:54

almost throw us in your right hand, it will expose their drinks.

00:17:55 --> 00:17:57

It will swallow all these things.

00:17:59 --> 00:18:06

At that time. What happened? Musa alayhis salam, I will just have enough see if he

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was little bit afraid. Even though the situation on the occasion needs more fear in front of professional magicians in front of 1000s of people. Allah says I will Jessa a little bit of fear.

00:18:21 --> 00:18:23

You know we've come to the third situation it

00:18:25 --> 00:18:25

is developing.

00:18:27 --> 00:18:30

The third situation is very tough. Musa Ali he said

00:18:32 --> 00:18:33

he has very slow he went

00:18:35 --> 00:18:37

and they are running

00:18:38 --> 00:18:46

on his shoulders behind him the ocean in front of him very tough situation and the people

00:18:48 --> 00:18:53

that were with Musa they will not make things easy for Allah subhanho wa

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and when the two armies or two groups now they are seeing they can see each other the people I was Musa they said

00:19:14 --> 00:19:35

we're going to be overtaken he's going to take us yeah Rosa when we used to wash his dishes and take care of his affairs. They used to slaughter our babies. How about we are running away from him what he's going to do to us Yeah, Musa Musa. We will have been told before you came to us and we will have no trouble when you came to us. Yeah, Musa What should we do?

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Now it was obvious that I'm the one who passed all the tests. What he said.

00:19:44 --> 00:19:45

He said

00:19:49 --> 00:19:49

that can

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Don't worry.

00:19:54 --> 00:19:56

He did not say I had my stick with me.

00:19:59 --> 00:19:59

He did.

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Nothing I had the stick Don't worry. This is the stick that when you hit it in the story 12 strings will explode. This is the stick that I control in the bus Seder. And this is a lesson for every successful brother and successful sister. Don't ever think that the success is because of your degree or because of your money or because of your health. I always

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attribute the success back to Allah this is all from Allah He said Khan Academy

00:20:33 --> 00:20:36

Allah is with me and he's gonna show me the way

00:20:40 --> 00:20:41

Allah has with me

00:20:42 --> 00:20:48

and he's going to show me the way what happened yeah. When the Imam is so strong and Allah what happened

00:20:49 --> 00:20:52

hyena again

00:20:53 --> 00:20:56

that infotrie instantly fell

00:20:59 --> 00:20:59


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an employee can

00:21:05 --> 00:21:08

Musa the motion with your stick?

00:21:10 --> 00:21:12

Instantly when he said Allah has with me?

00:21:13 --> 00:21:16

I don't have to worry. The ocean with your state. What happened?

00:21:17 --> 00:21:20

What happened? Hola Hola, como con

00:21:23 --> 00:21:33

Encanto de la vie. The ocean split. Every side is like a mountain. Now to Fortune. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah told Musa

00:21:34 --> 00:21:35

he told him

00:21:38 --> 00:21:51

yeah Musa because of your trusting me. Not only I'm gonna go make you go through this fast without being hard. I'm gonna make the pass dry. between two mountains of water. Yes.

00:21:53 --> 00:22:01

Allahu Akbar, a sitcom Allah. being truthful, your Eman is complete trust in Allah or Eman is shaky? Maybe

00:22:02 --> 00:22:10

when you tell the brother Brother if you're in trouble, they come to me and they asked me because I have so many problems are so many descended brothers. Get up in the middle of the night.

00:22:13 --> 00:22:22

Get up the first sky and ask him what do you want? Raise your hand and ask brother tell me something else I could definitely tell you something else. Give me something else

00:22:28 --> 00:22:33

a sitcom Allah, Allah make us all for the sun. There's been a little bit of stuff going on but a spectacle.

00:22:47 --> 00:22:49

salat wa salam ala moana and

00:22:51 --> 00:22:58

most better brothers and sisters. The higher the man, the less the impact of the carnality

00:23:00 --> 00:23:05

the higher the man the rest of the effect of the economic and our life

00:23:10 --> 00:23:13

my brother's dropped the stick

00:23:15 --> 00:23:16

drop it with confidence.

00:23:19 --> 00:23:47

Drop it with trusted Allah subhanho wa Taala that he will definitely 100% without doubt he will replace to something better. That's something better could be increasing. Amen. There's something better could be or attendance to fish on Jamar there's something better. He will bless you with righteous children. That something better he will make one of your daughters however, you never know what it is but drop it for the sake of Allah with trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:23:48 --> 00:23:55

when we have complete trust in Allah gets ready to see miracles. Just like Allah subhanho wa Taala told us

00:23:57 --> 00:23:58

brothers and sisters

00:24:04 --> 00:24:06

when we put complete trust in Allah

00:24:07 --> 00:24:08

and we are truthful with him,

00:24:09 --> 00:24:10

you will get the reward.

00:24:12 --> 00:24:16

You will get the reward. Even if you did not do anything

00:24:18 --> 00:24:19

seven min.

00:24:21 --> 00:24:24

Seven Sahaba came to us with a lot some love it.

00:24:27 --> 00:24:28

They said yeah.

00:24:30 --> 00:24:31

We want to go fight with you.

00:24:35 --> 00:24:36

We want to go fight.

00:24:39 --> 00:24:41

Allah subhanaw taala revealed an area

00:24:43 --> 00:24:45

in regards to the settlement.

00:24:48 --> 00:24:50

What I learned in either

00:24:52 --> 00:24:53

Lita, middle

00:24:54 --> 00:24:57

aged middle combining

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

they came to a sober household

00:25:00 --> 00:25:00

I want to go with you.

00:25:02 --> 00:25:12

He said I don't have any more rights. Every soldier needs two horses or two cabins one for him and one for his

00:25:13 --> 00:25:18

needs is food and drinks. Because they go for a few months

00:25:21 --> 00:25:22

I have nothing to kill you with.

00:25:23 --> 00:25:24

What happened? Yeah.

00:25:25 --> 00:25:26

A one explain

00:25:27 --> 00:25:28


00:25:29 --> 00:25:36

What did they do? Allah said, tell when know why you know whom Duffield Amina dama

00:25:38 --> 00:25:54

the left. It is not right in front of him because they're doing it for the sake of Allah. They left and their eyes not hearing. Allah said the word toffee overflowing with tears because they could not go. What was the reward?

00:25:55 --> 00:25:56

Harare, daddy salatu salam

00:25:58 --> 00:26:00

Tareq to Bill Murray and

00:26:01 --> 00:26:05

NASA tumulus. Here, whether in fact to me in Africa, we're

00:26:08 --> 00:26:09

working now to feed

00:26:10 --> 00:26:12

Allah, how come?

00:26:13 --> 00:26:14

He said, he

00:26:18 --> 00:26:20

said there are men in the medina

00:26:23 --> 00:26:27

that are getting exactly the same reward as you under the scorching heat.

00:26:29 --> 00:26:34

Six, seven months going and four or five months coming back, they are getting the same reward.

00:26:37 --> 00:26:43

Every penny you spend every value, they're getting the same thing. Why?

00:26:45 --> 00:26:49

Because they were excused. They had a valid excuse. And they were truthful.

00:26:51 --> 00:27:08

He wanted to go. And Allah Subhana Allah revealed this as to tell us all about salah and he was telling them how truthful these men were. How truthful is our inand Allah? Or how shaky is our email? Allah

00:27:10 --> 00:27:19

should be steadfast on this theme. Nothing should shake us. Nothing should shake us from this day. We have to make sure us and our children,

00:27:21 --> 00:27:30

our children, tell them the stories of the Sahaba tell them the stories and the courage of Rasulullah sallallahu it was him. Let them be proud to be Muslim.

00:27:33 --> 00:27:40

When Allah orders something, do not doubt it. Whether you are convinced or not, just do it.

00:27:41 --> 00:27:51

And put your trust in Allah. He promised whosoever obey Him, He will get him an exit from sources you've never expected when they get stuck in your job.

00:27:53 --> 00:27:54

When the painful

00:27:55 --> 00:28:19

sources you've never expected and 100% sure it happened to every one of us when he feared Allah Subhana Allah dies. Just do it. Without a drop of doubt in your heart. Do not like I always repeat, don't ever try Allah. Allah cannot be tried. Do it with certainty and you will be amazed with the results

00:28:21 --> 00:28:22

along with the level

00:28:24 --> 00:28:25

of debt and also not uncommon

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