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The blessedness of the month ofFinancial is highlighted, including the command of Allah and the importance of the command. The deception of events and the negative impact of fasting on people's health and social friendships are also discussed. The transcript ends with a mention of a tour and a movie about people's health.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he

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was Salatu was salam, wa salam ala Nabi Avada ahmadu favela Jimenez shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Yeah. Marina mano quotevalet Kumasi

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kamakoti ballerina mean Camila. Camila, Allah contacta Khun Sarah talaga nauseum, my dear respected elders and brothers in last week's Brianne. We spoke about the blessedness and what to do and how to spend Ramadan. One important part of Ramadan is to keep the fast. Now in one way, the fast and Ramadan are like almost synonymous and like one but in another way, it is two different acts two different aspects. And the reason why I say that is that the blessedness of Ramadan will still remain, even for those who cannot fast. For those who have a valid reason for not fasting. It doesn't mean that there is no Ramadan for them they still have the blessedness of Ramadan. But Allah

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has chosen Ramadan for the for ASEAN and the completion of the Bella and the act of fasting peacefully after myrams and cavallini Bian for Maya Raj Salam or Rosa key facilite or was caywood you had production occurring here II don't know headsets ache hair or donor egg sex.

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Ram Zamka Baba Katana in logo Qalqilya be him. Joe Sharpie who's lpwa Jessie Rosanna here accept them, they still bless it for them who cannot keep fast. But there are certain deeds and there are certain amahl that become more valuable because of zamana or McCann, certain deeds become more valuable because of the place in which it is done. And certain amahl become more valuable because of the time in which it is done. You go to Makkah, you read one namaz is 100,000 times more than what we read in here. Why because of McCann because of the place and Ramadan and the fasting in Ramadan becomes more valuable because of the time because of Ramadan. For mansha hidden in como sha

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Allah Allah says shadow Ramadan Allah the Quran, Allah speaks about the blessedness of the month of Ramadan and then Allah says, if you find the month, then you keep Rosa see certain animals become valuable because of the place certain Amal become valuable because of the time. But Amal McConkey will just say or Bell amongst the monarchy

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or zyada Sahaba or Rosa who see has yet received a bill. Now why do we first very important you know question why do we fast many times too many of us unfortunately it is only the technical definition. At the time of Siri we have to eat an after Siri tell the time of if we cannot eat anything we cannot indulge we cannot have intimacy till the time of maharrey that's that's our understanding. Oh surely such a great deed such a great act. Such a great for us such a great pillar. It cannot only pay for you to stay away from food and drink and to remain hungry for a certain period of time. Or the way some people will say that I'm going to lose weight in Ramadan. A few very few people lose

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weight. Most of the people they gain weight in some other area.

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I don't know what the reason for it is whatever it is,

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I'm curious to see the snare today.

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Yep, super super sonic silica or sorry, silica Margarita. Um Kanaka. Is what is that the only reason? Surely there must be another reason. Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mentioned with regard to with that quotevalet Kumasi I have made Rosa compulsory kissner Rosada for us here and latonya now many times something becomes valuable. The command becomes valuable because of the one who is giving the command.

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So someone tells you go from here to town go from here to center. Go to Korea. Who are you

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Tell me how much go to sentence Who are you to tell me how much go to send them the person whom you are working for your boss said go to send them to do some work you will go. Why? Because he's the boss.

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So, many times something becomes more valuable by the authority and the one who is giving the command to this is also something in some insanity tritiya Can Can

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Can a while ago put

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the homeless Kolkata

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and Rosati, snapper Ischia, Rosa snuka who is made Rosa for us. Now if we understand the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala then we will understand the importance of the command and if you don't understand the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala then you will not understand the importance of the command Could

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I have made the rows are compulsory upon you this nica Monica, Kenya

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now took a haircut cut her deal many yoga Yogi Rosati

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to Allah Allah

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because Allah tala nucifera sky so according to the status of the one who gives the command does the command becomes more valuable and that Allah says put the ballet museum I have made because

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I'm in public home and save up the opening pitch the oma Tokyo Barbie, not only upon you, but upon the previous match. Now why the unlock

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that you must gain Taka, Taka, Taka hustle curry. Now the stepwise an amazing thing what is the meaning of taqwa that I have given many, many different types of definitions of taqwa? What is it

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that Allah wants to bring in US pie and through the means of fasting? What catches your eye? Here?

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What is it that Allah wants to bring in us because of fasting? Well Am I have given different definitions? Some have said it is a fear of Allah. Some have said it is precaution before you take anything the best perhaps one of the greatest. And the most beautiful explanations with regard to taqwa is that level of consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That level of understanding that Allah is with us. And na hamari Satya, Allah is with us and to mold our life in accordance with the consciousness that Allah is with us. This is step one, the quad is that consciousness that aligns with us and molding your life in accordance with the fact that Allah Allah is with you.

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This is the aspect with regard to Aqua Allah tala Kimo jyothika was

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up nice in the giggles Allah Subhana Allah. Therefore natalina Quran says Maya Poonam in najwa Salah 13 in LA Hua Ravi own if you are three people sitting in alone and talking. remember Allah tala is the fourth

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key log a killer to Allah Allah. Allah Allah is the one who is listening when I'm certain he was 30 so you are five analyzer six well I mean danika

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no matter who you are less so you're more underutilized with you all the time. And some time has beautiful incident as we made mentioned, I previously made mention of it. O'Meara villalta in one day was going for gust he was waiting to see the conditions of the people of Medina and he overheard a conversation the mother was telling the daughter you know we are selling milk we are selling milk let us add water to the mouth increase the volume increase the sale increase the profit.

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So the doctor said we can't do so yet. Oh, yeah, we can do so it is deception. Um, dude mapelli minara yeto hood aka

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De Niro momineen is also said no. So that mother said ways ameerul momineen year to see wamena manyata Hi, oh, he is not here. Why Why you what he put mortar in the multi layer more water to sell more. You know. So how many times people with regard to the business transaction, they say 10 times they do certain things that are not honest. Or they show deception. So people say that I can get away with it. Let me I get that I get I can get why can I get away with it? If I can get away with it. Let me do it. So this mother also told the daughter the same thing. ameerul momineen is not here. Omar is not here to what did she reply. Omar is not here the lord of Omar.

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That is, that is a meaning Allah wants you to create that consciousness through the means of fasting. And you know, Allah tala has made mention of taqwa many times in the Holy Quran.

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In different aspects, or may you Tila our yaksha La Jolla, formula eco Mufasa he obeys Allah subhana wa Taala and he fears Allah and he has taqwa he will be successful. Well Am I have made mentioned that the manifestation of taqwa is you obey Allah subhana wa Taala in one place in the Holy Quran. very amazing it. Allah wa kulu Colin sadita have Taqwa and speak. Beautiful. speak nicely have a clock. If you have Taqwa you will have a flat. If you don't have Taqwa, you won't have to step by step. Oh, there was a bad Kareena, He will speak nicely. This keepass Taekwondo podcast.

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He will say whatever he wants, without any particular type of rain. So Allah Allah has made mentioned with regard to taqwa. And Allah tala in another place in the Quran is made when they hear tequila Allahumma

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whoever has taqwa Allah will open up the doors of him from every difficulty.

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Just keep us stuck. Wow. Joby Masekela mushkin agha, Allah tala was Kalia was mushkin mistake there was an Allah tala was killing, which Nikhil nikolina Allah will Oh open up doors of relief for the person who has the four out of every difficulty is one away amazing considering hadn't been awesome. Rahmatullah they want to go for Hajj, he didn't have enough money to take all his family and he had very little to leave behind for his family. So he was making Mashallah with his family. I want to go for Hajj. I got lots of money. So one of his daughters was very special. One of his daughters had a lot of taqwa. So she said, Oh my father go, Allah will look after us, our gi and Latin America. So

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he went, and then when he went after a while, the money money that he gave became less, couldn't, couldn't sustain. And now they had difficulty. They had difficulty. They couldn't meet the meets, they couldn't meet the ends, they couldn't meet the needs. So the all the all the other siblings, they told us daughter, you see you are the one who had a big mouth. You actually want big mouth. Now look at what has happened. Difficulty has come upon us. So in that particular way, while they were talking to her, she went one day in the room and said,

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What may

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you have said Whoever has taqwa, you will open up the doors for him from out of every difficulty. Y'all open up the doors in terms of our needs, that our father comes back from HUD. So one day what actually happened, the governor was going past the street. And while he was going past the street, he fell thirsty. So his entourage and his bodyguard came in knock at the door of it. Do you have any water? The governor is nearby, he doesn't have water, and he wants water. So she presented water in the best possible way in a good you know, container. And she sent it to the governor. The governor drank from there and said, Whose house is this? That this water came they said is a house of heart

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in bid awesome, very great early. So he said that has been visiting, he's gone for Hajj, or if he's gone for Hajj, can it's our responsibility

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to look after the family. The time the governor's used to have a purse with a lot of gold coins etc. took that and just throw it into the house. And then Tony is entered whoever has got any money, throw it into the house. They all took it and they all throw it into the house and so much money and gold coins and silver coins etc. Now the daughter is crying.

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So the other people say Why are you crying? Now Latina is made our our needs met Why are you crying? He said I'm crying on this basis that the governor showed mercy upon us and he gave us all this. The governor showed mercy He gave us all this if the one who put mercy in the heart of the governor show mercy upon us how much when he gave us

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if the governor showed mercy gave us this if the one who put in the heart of the governor to show mercy for

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if he shows mercy Then who's How much will he give. Now this is the quad brings amazing results and how does the poor through the means of fasting Allah tala teaches us to stay away from halaal because of unless command Allah tala teaches us to stay away from Samsung because of unless C'mon we are gonna have some some de Rosa Kihara by pure Allah tala neck Nivea cream salsa myka Samsung kapena. Yeah, Allah He demands an amateur Eman Kenny Shania.

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Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem pero Guinea,

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no one will three. You will say no, I know it is sums up but never rose if you can stay away from Samsung, because of a last command. Last week, I saw a Twitter account, you know, a one alum and one chef in America. He said the ultimate embarrassment, the ultimate embarrassment. He said while I was talking to my

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I didn't realize I was fasting. I drank water in front of the whole congregation.

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He said the whole month I have to listen for my back propagation what I did so but of course Allah Allah knows. So we won't drink because that's one command. And now when you stay away from Samson, why can we stay away from haram? So one of the reasons My dear respected brothers be fast is because of Katie.

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And really, we must, we must keep this in mind why we are fasting, not only to stay away from it, and then you know, have some sour pies and everything at that time of Italian wait for we'll look forward to it. There is a purpose. One of the other reasons there are many reasons today We don't have much time at all. Just make mention of one important reason. You know, nebbia Kareem Sal slim said who was

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Ramadan is the month of kindness and compassion.

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You know, Roseanne brings within us kindness and compassion. That good go do three local Cooper ramka. Here, Amazon tsikata. Now, in our daily life, my dear respected brothers, to be honest, very difficult for us to gain compassion, kindness, love for the poor. Very difficult for us because you are eating three square meals a day then. Not only three square meals a day six square meals a day. How are you wait to build compassion for the less fortunate for the poor people? Yet navia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam has so much emphasize kindness and compassion to those people who are less fortunate in our in our much in our society. Well I am idea is that we don't even give two hoots and

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we don't even think with regard to people who are in difficulty. People who don't have a rose garden who don't have employment. Even if you can't do something at least make guar going past someone who doesn't have who is sitting and who doesn't have anything make dua for the VA and open up the doors for them.

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Have some sort of rum and cream sauce limited. Halton sir on our tours akuna illa

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many times Allah gives you a risk and ally helps you because of the poor people in your community. Because of the weak people in the community, maybe a cream sauce and said yeah Aisha or bill Misaki love the poor love the poor worker maybe him and bring them close to you can find Allah how you can live up to multi Amma because Allah will bring you closer to him on the day of Tiamat

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we we are those we know we stay far away from the poor. The more we stay away from the poor when our poor people come in again in a locality by Niccolo Yasin

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nebia cream sauce them said keep the poor close to you. Allah will keep you close to him on the day of

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today how are we going to live? How are we going to gain this compassion and the sympathy for the poor when we eating three square meals a day by Ramzan man, Rosa chiarot, Nagar bootlegger, tacomas come Kareena Kumar, Kumar to here to haga, we will start thinking about the poor people, how do they live? How are they going to go through the situation? So the second amongst other reasons we we do Rosa to crumple compassion and sympathy for the poor. And then what am I have written? There are many, many benefits with regard to the Torah Rosa the reward from Allah Allah Subhan Allah. So Molly z o huzzah. De novia Karim shall allow the cinema said every deed is every deed human being is for

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human beings besides Rosa and fasting is for me so Lee so is for me,

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is hard if a prosecutor schliemann Emami porta medium Macaulay Culkin, what is the meaning so morally we're under it?

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So Miss for me, I will reward or I will become the reward for the person who is fasting. What is the meaning? Well Am I have given you know some of the meanings Bakit among ibaadat Marissa curry moonkin hen B juice rosemarkie Izmir CELTA sir.

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One of the reasons is that are so fully in every other deities a possibility of doing it for name and fame. Except Rosa there is absolutely no iota of name and fame in Rosa. Not even

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these absolute you can keep you can do Sara Sara, allow people will call you generous, you can keep do wrong long.

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Salah people will say it to God namazi him and he's very pious Rosa no one knows besides Allah subhanho wa Taala so Molly, Zb, so Miss for me only I will reward so in Rosa there is no days absolutely no doubt with regard to its acceptance because there is a class and your class unless you spoil your Rosa by talking lies and talking things which you're not supposed to talk bah bah

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Which has enough spire jata him. Rosanna Rouhani lifted to her mugger enough Sonny has or Neff Sani cheese or will be

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in all other Ibadan we have some benefit and enjoyment in it. This is an enjoyment in reading them as they said enjoyment and giving sadaqa you feel nice. In Rosa you don't feel any physical comfort. You only have spiritual comfort there is no physical comfort. So Molly, fasting is for me. And Allah tala says I will reward him. And then when am I have made mentioned with regard to it in all other all other dates. It's got some form of relationship with human activities. It's part of human activities to be generous, but to stay away from food and drink. It is part of somebody yet it is part of a nice quality, the angels quality not part of humans quality, our quality is to eat to be

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able to exist. So in Rosa, we are emulating the quality of the malaita we are emulating the quality of Allah subhana wa Taala and above thing above all the other matters in all the other ibadah those Eva that becomes apparent to caramon carterville except Rosa. It doesn't become apparent to Carmen Khatibi or he wired me to

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go to Allah, Allah How should I report the rewards of fasting and Allah will tell caramon Khatibi Okinawan Khatibi don't record it. You can record it I myself will reward it

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back into mom he bothered

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will push the Quizlet later him mugger Rosa tehillim is hard to better hug tala Shan, Okinawa kisi corny he sequiny it is basically was.

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So these are the aspects with regard to it when we keep Roza we should remind we should keep this in mind in the field jannetty Baba nucala hula Yan in general there is a dog called rayyan only the people who keep fast will enter through it.

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When we realize the benefit and we realize the reward, then we realize and I will conclude with this that to our that Nivea creams are seldom used to recite at the time of if

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need be or cream sauce I'm used to recite different do as an alum I have made mentioned this dua if you have maybe a Kudu and you have a little bit of water, then you read this do the

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rock with a button inshallah we'll read this sucker inshallah.

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Well, rock Cemetery in sha Allah, Allah, the thirst has been by has been has been fulfilled and the arteries have been questioned, and inshallah Allah who will give the reward. That is why amongst the other reasons we keep First, the Atlantic our first blessing and full of reward