Ebrahim Bham – Lessons From The Life Of Muaaz Bin Jabal RA

Ebrahim Bham
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna v Avada. I'm about to fold the villa humanness. shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem la cara canopy Casa see him a Beretta leoline Al Bab Sara Kala who has him, respected listeners. We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved nivia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam, occasionally on Juma many of the allameh and the hota BB. They speak on great personalities. And this is a very great trait. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala says laugher can be a casa seem able to live up there early in incidents that have happened in the past these great lessons for people of intellect. And of course, whether it be

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events, whether it be personalities, whether it be great personalities or the past human being, we tend to get inspired by great examples, and great people. And today, one person that I would like to speak on is a personality whose lessons from his lives are most appropriate for the time that you and I are living in, as I will outline and that is Hazzard Martigny, Jabara Viola who Toronto who was among the most foremost companions of our beloved Navy aquariums awesome. He wasn't in sorry, from the hazard stripe amongst the 17 member delegation who took the oath of allegiance to nebia Karim Allah Allah wa sallam known as the oath of Aqaba, where they would protect and defend nebia

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cream sauce Lim and his message. There was one young person amongst those, they were the people who came from Medina, they came to Makkah, they took a pledge, and they said, that we will protect nebbia Kareem saw slim and he comes to Medina. One of them was a young person who helps people's attention. When he was silent, he attracted attention with his dignity. When he spoke, he helped people spell bound with his wisdom and his knowledge. This young person was has admired him legible Viola Tran, who, who later in his life was to become known for amongst his uppermost quality, which was the knowledge of fic he reached the apex of this quality to the extent that maybe a cream sauce

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slim said alemu mill halali Well, haraam was imageable Ravi Allahu Turan who the 14th the Mufti of this oma among the Sahaba, the one who knows most about halal and haram amongst my companions. And amongst this Houma was mildly manageable, as mentioned in Jamia tirmidhi. In Iran occasionally via cream sauce Lim said the flag of the Allah will be carried by Muhammad nibble, and the Allah would follow Martigny javelins agenda. Because of these qualities he was held in high esteem by the companions Shahar ibni Hoshi BRAVIA lotano says, whenever Martigny Jabba the ultra was present amongst the companions, they look upon him with utmost reverence and respect. Abu Bahia states in

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later years, I entered the masjid, in hymns. In Syria, I observe people gathered around a person. And when he spoke, it was as if nor emanated from his mouth. And as the people who is this, and they said, that this is why the BNI journal of the Allahu anhu this was Hazzard Martini Jebel Ali Allahu anhu, who was looked upon with such great respect and honor amongst the companions. The via krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam had the greatest amount of respect and love for him, as we will go on to say humara viola, can you say, just a nicer adjusted Nisa? Yelena Mithra, mozzie, manageable, human have become helpless to be able to give birth to the likes of marzipan in Java. Now, now onwards, after

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his birth woman have become helpless to give birth to the likes of Martha manageable there is one rewired, that when Maria LaDonna was on his deathbed, he said appoint a successor. So he named several he gave several names. One of the names that he said was,

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if while the devil was alive, he passed away before the ultimate Shahada. And he said if the ultimate was alive, I would have appointed him and if Allah would have asked me, Why wouldn't you appoint? I would have said, Oh Allah, I appointed the one about whom may be occurring so Islam said boonville Hollywood around the world who knows most about her Alan haraam and nebia Kareem saw cillum had so much love for him. In sunon, si there is a hadith that nebia carry himself

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Lahu AlLahi wa sallam said, One day, he said yam was in need of a book. Oh my god, I love you. And I must say that perhaps these words are not to be found with regard to any other companion, but

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it is his distinction that never occurred himself. Some said Yama in a book Hamada, I love you. And then one rewired goes on to say after telling him, Omar I love you. Nabila Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then said Omar as I'm giving you an advice, after every salat, read Allahumma inni Allah Vika was shook Rika Hosni by the tick. Oh, Allah helped me in remembering you in being grateful to you and to worship you as you are supposed to be worshipped. respected. Listen, as I want everyone to consider this. When he told him about this, how did he? How did nebia Kareem sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam motivate him. He didn't motivate him by fear. He didn't motivate him by calling him names. He

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didn't motivate him in a negative or discouraging manner. The way sometimes we do this time. You know? What did you say? Oh my god, I love you. Oh my god, I love you. After every salad read Hello, Mohini Allah, the cricket, cricket Hosni Mubarak. What a great lesson for parents and for dads, that if you want to motivate your children, then do it on the basis of love. There is one incident that may be occurring social and one day I asked him, Omaha's, how are you feeling? He said, Alhamdulillah. I'm finding him well, and I'm also well in the state of my Eman synnovia Kareem saw slim said, Nicole, you're calling her Tikka. Tikka to colic over our each and every statement has an

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inner meaning it has a depth, it has a reality. What is the reality of you saying that you find yourself in a state of peace and satisfaction and contentment with regard to your Eman? So he said, Your Rasulullah when I'm in the morning, I don't expect to be alive by the evening and vice versa. When I lift one foot to take a step, I do not expect to live the other foot to take the next step. And year after is like in front upon or in front of me. upon which navia cream sauce live said you have. You have indeed Omar understood the reality of human Omar as you have indeed understood the reality of human May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us these type of qualities and there's a reason

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why we make mention with regard to these incidents. However one of the greatest aspects of hazard Mojave aloha clan whose life and something that we have to make mention is that navia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when the people of Yemen asked nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam to send someone to teach them Deen And may Allah Allah make it easy for the people of Yemen. Allah subhanho wa Taala grant them peace irrespective of what the reasons he is Allah tala grant them peace and Allah tala grant them off yet one of the greatest tributes to as a mother of the allowed clan who in the people of Yemen requested maybe a cream sauce them to send someone to teach

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them Dean, maybe a cream sauce. Williamson has a mother of the allow Toronto and I would like my young friends to take this lesson. As a mother they allowed to know according to one rewired passed away at the age of 33 when Kareem saw Selim sent him to Yemen, he might have been in his late teens or early 20s

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my young friends listen to how nebia Kareem saw Solomon send the Sahabi on a mission now via Kareem saw silom took the startup of his conveyance and let him out and he said you're a Solano, I'll get off. NBA krimson said no, you are going as my messenger you are going in this way. And on the way nebia creme de la jolla wa sallam gave him many advices and one of the advisors maybe a cream sauce lamb gave him bashira Valentina Fira yes Sera, Sera. Oh, wow, give people great tidings don't make them afraid. Oh, my eyes make things easy for people don't make things difficult for people. Omar has co opted cooperate with people do not become divided. So hon Allah what great advisors to the

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messenger of the messenger of nebia creams Allahu Allah wa sallam, the Messenger of the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala navia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam then goes on to say Yamaha's when you are going to Yemen. You know it can be that you are going to a foreign country here gotta stay away from luxuries. For history by the law he lives to be

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I mean, the favorite bondsman of Almighty Allah are not given towards luxuries omaze Sinhala, cuca, Sinhala colinas Yamaha Omaha's when you deal with people, deal with them what good conduct, the way to win over people is not through the means of force, but through the means of good conduct. Omar has keep your teeth solely for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala have sincerity in your deeds, then if you have sincerity, then even a little bit of good deeds would suffice for you. If you don't have sincerity, and even if you do a lot, it will not be sufficient for your salvation. Omaha's do think sincerely, then nebia Kareem said Allahu Allah wa sallam walked with Him for

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several miles, titled the outskirts of Medina. And then he asked him, Omar, On what basis Will you decide amongst people with regard to the methods that come to them? And was said, I will decide on the base of the Quran? And then let me a cream sauce. Some said, Omar what happens if you don't find it in the Quran? It might be in the Quran, but you don't find it. And he said, You're so lucky. If I don't find it in the Quran. I will find it from your statements from your Hadith and maybe a cream sauce and said oh my god, what happens if you don't find it in the Hadith? And while I said your Rasulullah I will deduct principles from the Quran and Hadith and apply it to that given situation.

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Now via cream sauce slim beamed with happiness. And he said Praise be to Almighty Allah who has guided the messenger of the messenger of Almighty Allah upon that which is right. And then maybe a creme de la Hollywood Selim is he was about to leave. My dear respected friends This was also to speak. The last words maybe a cream sauce lamb spoke to us a mile Isola telecabine by the army Haida when Allah kata Maru Bemis gt recovery hada omaze perhaps you will not be able to meet me after this year. When you come next time you might be able to come to my machine and you might not see me for become odd. If Iraqi Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam started weeping out of the departure and

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separation from Libya cream sauce. There was nothing more greater in pain for the Sahaba then to be separated from Nivea cream sauce

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and maybe a cream Sinhala while he was Selim turned his face away so as not to make it even more difficult for his beloved companion. And he said oh my god in the old nurse CBl Mata hoon. Hey takanohana Mercado Omar, the closest people to me are those who feel Allah, wherever and whoever he is, he can come after me also they might not be here when I pass away, but if they feel loved they will be close to me. And it was a final words that maybe a cream sauce lamb head with his beloved companion. That companion about whom maybe a cream sauce alum said in a book I love you Omaha's when you return. It was a time of the Hanukkah. So Mohammed Jebel Ali Allahu taala. And who, you know,

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when he came back, he stayed in the company or visit Maria Lau Toronto, Abubakar de la Toronto. Then, of course, the Sahaba went towards Syria when they went towards Syria, and Libya, Corinne as an Omar Viola Tran, who, you know, despite that Maria Lau didn't want him to stay in Medina. he opted to make jihad in Syria and an Omar via Lacan wanted him because of the great knowledge that he has on Deen Maria Lau clan who wanted him to go and teach the deen and that is why we found the one rewired which I made mention of earlier that he was in a Masjid in hems, and he was giving the people knowledge of Deen. So this was, as it was, it allowed Toronto

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Why dibny Jebel Viola with Ron who came to Syria, the Sahaba cram read one la Italia majima when they

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were overtaken by the plague known as a plague of Hamas. Hamas is a place presently, which is on the border of Jordan, near Israel, that 25,000 people became Shaheed in the plague.

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And this is something that you and I can learn from is a plague that time is a plague now, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect our loved ones protect us, all those who have been who have passed on Allah, Allah grant them the rank of Shaheed all those who are still alive and let Allah protect them. Those who are seeking Allah tala grant and kill. So in that particular way, as it was already allowed Ron who was overtaken by the plague, he used to make dua he used to

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Make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala Oh Allah give Muhammad and his family the greatest share of this plague in this mercy. He called it a mercy. Why did he call it a mercy? Because nebia Karim selalu Salaam was asked by husband I said of the Allahu taala and how about the plague in Libya Crimson Aslam said in no Kannada hula hula Yasha a plague is Allah brings it as an adverb and a punishment for whomsoever He wishes. For Jaya Allahu la hora Mata, Lil momineen. And Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it a Ramat for the believers. Felisa mean up in yakata own famco Sophie Bella de saffron, Yalla mana hula, hula, hula, hula, whoa, that whoever remains in a place where there is a plague.

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And he remains in there what's perseverance and suffer, knowing that nothing can come upon him except what Allah Allah has decreed for him. And he passes away Illa Cannella, who drew mithila, as Russia hidden, he gets the reward of a person who has died a martyr. And with regard to the plague in Syria and Libya cream sauce lemma tool, whoever comes upon this plague, and he dies in there, he will get the rank of A Shaheed. So mozzie allows us to say that Kim was in his family the greatest share of this mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it so happened before he became ill. His Son, Abdul Rahman, whom he had a lot of love for because he was a very devout and a very, very

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sincere believer. So his son, Abdul Rahman becomes ill. He is overtaken by the plague in the epidemic was visit his son, and this was a last recorded conversation between father and son, k Fantasia k Fantasia, one lady who my son How do you find yourself and he replies in a Quranic verse and hakomi Rob big fan of the Quran Amira Marina, how comes from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala you will not find me amongst the doubters. This is from Almighty Allah I will not be amongst those who die without the decree of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and then as wild imageable said, wanna set the genie inshallah homina Sabine inshallah, you will find me amongst those who make

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silver with regard to the illness, may Allah Allah protect us we always make love Allah don't put us through difficulty. But women really relate this it has come upon people and look at how they dealt with it. So the son says, I'll have Kumara pick up an akuna Milan curry, and

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the father replies inshallah Amina Sabine RP amongst those who make supper. This was the last conversation between father and son, then Abdul Rahman, he passes away. Why didn't he ever be allowed to know performs his janazah and then he himself becomes sick, but look at his conviction. Look at his conviction and look at the Great. So Han Allah just look at the conviction of us and

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one of the signs of the plague was that there used to be Boyles, that used to come upon the body because of that particular oil that come upon the body. That was a sign that you have been overtaken by the plague. You have become part of the plague in that sickness and that illness. So when that came upon the hands of mahogany German

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as a martini Jebel Viola who Taran who

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kissed that boil,

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and when kissing it is to say, I will not exchange you for anything of this world, even for red camels, camels was a greatest form of wealth, outward form of wealth. He said, I will not exchange you for even the entire world. I will not exchange you for anything, because maybe a cream sauce lamb gave glad tidings for those who will be overtaken by the epidemic and the plague and they will die and they will become Shaheed. This is a conviction that he had that I am going to die as a Shaheed because of this. And if I die, I will get that reward that maybe a cream sauce element promised. I don't want anything of this world competitive to be overtaken, and die of the illness of

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this plague.

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Yala. What a great lesson. What a great lesson. We all make dua, Allah, Allah protect us, those who have it, and Latella granddam Shiva but those who have gone Look at this, how to be a criminal law Hollywood film has made mentioned that a person who plays passes away in a plague and epidemic and has a shade. And then when he was on his deathbed, these were the last words that he said and this was so appropriate to my wife. So appropriate to

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remember, he passed away according to one rewired 33 years one rewire 38 years, but in that case,

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became Alamo humble Hollywood. He became the greatest Mufti. And he got all of those things that happen. All of these aspects with regard to such great lessons of his life happened before the age of 33.

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When he when he was on his deathbed, he addressed the law and civil law. Mostly throughout my life. I used to fear you.

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Mostly throughout my life. I used to fear you. Now I just caught a yearning and longing for you. I love you. Yeah. That's a hobby, about whom maybe Kareem saw some said in new

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home was I love you. It's a hobby same on his deathbed.

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That's a hobby about whom Nivea creams awesome said oh Yamaha.

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Yamaha. I love you. It's Abby saying on his deathbed. Oh Allah I love you. In this way he passed away. So voila, what a great lesson. What a great lesson can we learn from this great hobby. And of course there is some a some form of similarities with regard to his life in some of the situations that we are finding ourselves in. That is why I felt it appropriate to make mention with regard to his life in the lessons from his life. Male elevated status May Allah tala grant him further mutton blessing from Allah tala grant him the highest status in general, people who have gone to his cover, they say return on the cover of the law firm is active.

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In the book, the hadith of Nivea cream sauce and oh my god, I love you, man. Let Allah also grant us the love of these great people who have to do the one on

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