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AI: Summary © A student is discussing the safety of living at home during the pandemic and mentions that many universities have shown that many Muslims students experience sexual harassment during their university career. The student suggests that finding a safe environment at home could be beneficial for students who may not be involved in college. They also suggest that finding a good group of brothers and sisters at home could help students overcome fear and forgetfulness.
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My child is heading to university he has gained admission and wants to live at a dorm on campus Should I let him?

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Now, I'll be very practical with you with this. Not all old dorms and all campuses are the same. And not all universities are the same. Recently, some research has shown that two thirds of all university students at one point or another during their university career have experienced some level of sexual harassment in particular are females. Now, this isn't limited to Muslims, it's not about a Muslim issue. As a person who works at a university and and has connections with it, I think it's important to note three things. First, sometimes living on campus is a very safe environment. And if you are situated with the right people with the right MSA with the right group, if it has,

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that, that vibe, where it's it's connected and secure, it's not something that I would say, don't do it. Second, sometimes living off campus with a group of Muslims in a particular flat or a rented home could be a lot better than actually being on dorm where there's so many other neighbors that you don't really know about. And I'm speaking to you as a student in that regard. Number three, I want you also to consider that if you're attending a university that has a very low Muslim student population, that they're not really involved, perhaps you might want to look at another institution that will give you the same quality of education, but also give you that level of community and

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environment that you will definitely miss when you're away from home. You want to be able to break your fast with other Muslims, you want to be able to attend Juma prayers and rush off to class and, and so on. All of those are really important things. So it's not a yes or no kind of answer. It's about what kind of institution you're attending. how safe is it going to be? And you know, are there other options on campus or off campus that might be accessible? Previously, I think I would have said don't go at all go to, you know, live at home and commute. But sometimes I think it might be just as easy if you find a good group of brothers and sisters that you can live amongst and find

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that safety and security that you would find with your own family at home. May Allah give you success in your studies and May Allah make it easy for the parents who have their children stepping out

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim answers

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