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Muhammad West
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We live in a shaytaan regimes filler man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad in WA

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Well Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala was once again brought us to his house, in a spirit of brotherhood and a man, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to borrow can blessing in that which we do and to be pleased with that which we say Allah subhanaw taala forgive all the sins that we've done last week, and for the week to come. I mean, Allah grant is the height and Baraka of this month of Siobhan. We all love to see and experience the full blessings of Ramadan.

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Alhamdulillah over the past few weeks we will be discussing

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our financial well being both in the dunya and in the Africa how do we increase ourselves in goodness in the dunya and in the Euro, and as Muslims, Allah subhanho dialysis we say that the dollar which we decide all the time robina attina dounia Hashanah have an affinity hacer una mattina de na O Allah grant us the best of the dunya not only focus on the earth era, we're only focused on Jenna and rewards in the grantors all the best of the dunya the best of houses in the dunya, the beast of clothing in the dunya, the beast of of living conditions in the dunya, often accurately Hashanah and even in the best in the era. We want the base of the hero were cleaner and protect us

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save us a lot from the punishment of the Fire. And we conclude inshallah today on this discussion as to our well being within the dunya in the afternoon, we spoke about investing in the dunya how do we increase our sustenance? How do we increase our our risk in the dunya a brother wants to have more money. Islam is not just about the euro. It's not just about if you come to you come to Islam, we say Don't worry about the visit. Allah provides Yes, Allah Subhana Allah provides, but search for your sustenance, search for it, look for it work for it. And there are ways in which will generate your sustenance and we spoke about we listed a number of them. Toba the more Eastern you make Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. When you ask Allah for forgiveness for the sins you do, it will be a means by which not only will ALLAH forgive your sin, but he will also in sha Allah, make wide the dose of respect for you and provide for you in ways you did not expect sugar. When you thank Allah for the blessings he has given you. That only gives you more. The more thanks you give, the more Allah gives, and the more wasteful we are, and I'll take it away as a mercy to us. If we are wasting a blessing. The sin Solomon takes away that blessing so that we don't waste it. It's not a punishment on us. How many times have we thought about it in that way, but I'm wasting this blessing. So Allah

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removes it from us so that you don't waste it. You don't harm yourself in the dunya or the Ashura. We said keeping family ties and closer to the month of Ramadan. We asked that if there's any relative that you have some bad blood with a brother, a sister, a child, a sibling that you don't want to speak to clean it up not for the sake but for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala for Allah sake, put the pride in the pocket and say yeah, Allah, even though I believe I'm right, and you might be right, this is what you want to Allah so I'm doing it for you, and allow in return will increase your music in the dunya. And of course, what he gives you in the era is so much more Baraka

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in your business dealings, and now's the time to get the books clean, clean out, whatever is haraam in your businesses stop selling that we just heard on buying just haraam saves you a 10 right now, but the Baraka that you lose from that transaction is so much worse and in charity in South Africa. This of course as we know increases had Jan O'Meara and hegira these things all increase in your your sustenance. taqwa we didn't put on the on the list, but this is very applicable to the month of Ramadan Allah Why do we fast? Why Why should we fast? How does this benefit us? Allah subhanho wa Taala we know the verse of fasting, catabolic muzeum, Kamakura bernadina in Cabo de la la come, that

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akun Allah says this is the objective of fasting, that at the end of Ramadan, you must have Taqwa another ayah Allah Subhana says, once you have Taqwa, then Allah subhanho wa Taala. The one who has stuck was one of the benefits of Ramadan if you will. If you achieve a successful Ramadan in addition to all the sins being forgiven, in addition of getting, you know, 80 odd years of reward of the reward of fasting, you will obtain taqwa and when you have Taqwa Allah subhanho wa Taala agenda who Maharajah he removes away all hardships in your life. And he opens and provides for you from ways you don't know. The one with taqwa. As we said he's never in recession because Allah subhanho

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wa Taala will open away for him for him. This is one of the benefits of Ramadan and da never, ever stop remembering and making to offer your sustenance no matter what situation you're in. Remember the Night of Decree, which is not on Tuesday. It's in the month of Ramadan, The Night of Decree when Allah is going to put

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For us, what's our music for the year, I was going to put a budget with my name, your name, what sustenance is going from Mohammed? Like the draft, the only thing which changes the decree of Allah is da. So you have the opportunity, I have the opportunity to ask Allah, Allah, I want this, I want that whatever you want. Think about make a list, I want these things. Ask a lot. Even if you're not granted in the dunya, Allah will give you something better in the era. And remember the end of the day, money. The amount of money doesn't matter doesn't make you a rich person. We ask this and we ask everyone to put that sum in the mind. How many? How many rands must you have in your bank

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account before you will sell hamdulillah I'm a rich person. And we said it will never end, no matter how much money how many millions before millionaire was the base. Now, few million eight means nothing. It's a billionaire, and will continue continue this increase. Now this also tells us who's the rich person richness is not achieved by the amount of wealth. But through richness is the contentment of the heart. The brother who is happy with a few runs in his pocket, and he sleeps happy, his children are happy, his wife is happy. They're all sleeping without being hungry. No stress. No worry. This man is wealthier than the man who has billions in the bank account. But at

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any moment you worry SARS might knock on the door, that the bank might knock on the door. He can't sleep economist his health is giving in. So which of these two men are richer? So Allah has some mindset brothers and sisters, that all of us, when we look at what we have, we are fortunate and we are wealthy compared to most people of the dunya we are more well wealthier than most people in the dunya even the worst of us, then the one who has the least amongst us here is wealthier than most of the people of the dunya. So we are all wealthy Alhamdulillah but the reality while we while we can work and make the alpha, the alpha and for the dunya while we can struggle and toil for the for the

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dunya Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us at her Kuta castle, that this competition in the dunya is keeping you busy. Your affairs of the dunya working and struggling for the dunya is diverting you it's keeping you distracted, your eyes are on the ball, what is the reality had to makabe only when you get to the cover and a person who I mean think about the Shema to muslimeen, the doctor tells you I'm sorry, Mohammed you only have three months left to live terminal case of disease.

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Once you in those three months, what's going to be Will you even come to work the next day. Will you even you know think about the things that kept you up yesterday, the things that were important to us today, what things will be important to you today. So I was had to makabe only when you get to the grave, when you realize what is important, colossal fatahna Moon know you are going to know this thing you are going to know so McKellar solfatara, when Allah repeats, surely then you are going to know the reality of your life. So therefore, we don't shun the dunya for the era. We don't say Allah provides and I'm going to sit in the masjid because my day is gonna come I'm gonna die. This is not

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the student of Mohammed Salah. We're not we don't ascribe to this kind of lifestyle. We want the hate of the Rabbana attina, the best of the dunya and the accurate. So work hard, being the employee of the month work for that bonus, go and search for the talent sustenance, work to be a Hello billion a million No problem, but at the old show at the same time, remember, remember provide for your work for that pension beyond death. So how do we increase our risk in the era Remember, the easiest way to purchase gender is a transaction. You can buy agenda through your wealth. Allah subhanaw taala reminds for those of us who have the means to spend and spend something out of the

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provisions which we have given you. Allah reminds you You are not rich for you are not rich. You only have things on loan you came with us into the dunya was nothing Allah gave you something he put the money in the bank and when you leave, he's going to take it back. You're only here on loan so almost so give back that which I have given to you before this should come to any of you and then you would say oh my Rob Oh Allah, would you not give me respect for a little while just send me back. Yeah, Allah for five minutes. I want to make a few FTS, once you die will also that they are just send me back for five minutes. I just want to put through an EFT to send them for something

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Allah. Allah says then spend before that day comes and then you would say I should have given largely in charity, and I should have been up though the doers of good. So Allah says prepare yourself before that time comes. And we mentioned last week, that even if you don't have money and the Sahaba complain the poor Sahaba complained of poverty, not because they wanted palaces and mansions and they want to compete. They said the rich amongst us have an upper hand. Why? Because they fast and we fast. They get the reward of fasting. They

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Make Sala we make sure that we both get the we equal in sada we can compete with them. But when it comes to charity, we poor, the rich, they can excel over us, they can build masajid, they can buy things for jihad, they can feed the poor, we can't do that. So how can we compete? This was the mindset of Sahaba. Remember, if your competition is ultra focused, you want to be number one in the agenda, you want to be number one with Allah. So you look out so you will complain this this advantage that newbies awesome, explain how many types of charity you can give, that are not monetary based, that to feed your family is a charity Alhamdulillah for the man who only comes home

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with a small salary, but every cent is earned Hello, every single day, to pay the bill to pay the rent, to pay electricity to pay the food. These are all charity. So you can say yeah, Allah 100% of my income was given for charity, how I feed my family, I feed that wife that you put under my case, the children, you put under my case, that is charity in South Africa. And even if you don't have that, good luck, a smile, even spending time with your wife is a charity. So none of us can say we are too poor to give charity. This is the pseudonym of Mohammed Al Salam.

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So how do we invest in our hero? We need to start talking about investing in our era and think about our pension in the era. Think about where we're going to be, are we ready? Do we feel that I've done enough if tomorrow should be the day that Allah takes us away. But if we don't see a trauma bond, that is lost years later to cover our names were on the list of molecule note souls to be pulled is already in terms of our pension. Allah Subhan tells us who is the rich and successful person.

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Allah says, who are off the waiting on that day is the truth. So there will be a scale a true scale, we're going to wait your deeds Allah says, As for those whose scale is heavy on the right side, they have a successful, you'll intergender directly your sons No matter how much they are, if your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds, you will intergender directly. If your scale is heavy, on the one side, they are the successful as for those who scale is like your scale is deficient. those are those are the ones where they will lose the souls because they just believed in our revelation. So how do we make that scale heavy. That's our objective.

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That if we can get our scales heavy metal muslimin by increasing in good, so there's two ways of course, we stopped doing the Haram. And if we've done the Haram, we make the Toba to remove it, we make that scale on the left, we make it light as possible, and we continue to make Toba and he's still far at the same time, we want to get the scale on the right side heavy, because if your scale is heavy on the right side, you intergender and Allahu Allah has made it easier. The way Allah works, that if you do one sin, it counts one point of sin, you do one good deed, there is no limit to how heavy that good deed could be. Even an intention will count as a good deed. So how do we

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start making our skills here is our discussion. We say the things that counts the heaviest on the scale is the heat. The person was towhead he is guaranteed number one, he will go to Jenna, either directly or via Johanna. So heat means the opposite of schilke. Don't do anything that jeopardizes your tawheed don't worship anything, praise anything. Ask anyone or anything for assistance other than Allah stay away from Sheikh and in sha Allah, by consensus of the Allah based on the Quran, you will intergender because these are some C's. Do you know what the right of Allah is upon you? And what you're writing, you have rights on Allah, Allah says that he owes you right? If you worship

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none other than him, then he has to enter you into gender must. So this is the main focus and priority brothers and sisters, make sure you avoid all forms of Shinto heed number one. So that's your relationship with Allah, but also in abyssal Salaam, said interestingly, the thing that weighs the heaviest off the tauheed would be good luck how you treat your fellow Insan. So these two dimensions to this thing, your relationship with Allah and your relationship with insan the man we spoke about him last week, he has all the good deeds. So he in terms of Vicar and salah and fasting, excellent relationship with Allah, but the poor relationship with insan you'll be bankrupt on piano

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because all the people he harmed will take from his good deeds. So for your investments, those things that multiply you do one good deed but it multiplies many times over Ramadan. anything done in Ramadan is a bonus Vicar in Ramadan is so many more times greater Salah in Ramadan charity in Ramadan and that's why people they would keep the charity and spend it rather in Ramadan or they'd spend it now for the purpose to be using the Ramadan congregational Salah. And what can make you understand. We said this last week, the two records of fudger sooner is greater in value.

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In charity with all the gold silver, the entire dounia everything contains that's the sooner of budget How much is the follow of budget and the one who makes the Masada 27 times multiplied in congregation same suit the same budget Sala. So this month so that counts on your scale, the dounia on your scale times 27 times how many think about every Sala in that method. Salah in the front row, you came to the masjid. I sit at the back. The response is if you knew the reward you're going to get for the front stuff. There would be a sword fight every day in the masjid. That is what you're going to get. He didn't specify the number but you've made the effort. 99% You came to the master

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don't sit in the back get maximum of your reward. Yeah, of course we said salah and the Haram Allahu Akbar, one Salah in the budget of 100,000 Salah close one lower Salah is $100,000 on us for you in the in will have fortunate enough to go to the harem make dua for all of us. And remember, spend as much time in the huddle making sooner Salah sooner, of course the photo Sora one or two cameras that we saw some in his life he only made one Hajj and he only made one oma outside of hedge didn't make many many. So one is enough. Ready to set you up for the era. That's one investment that's enough you hit the jackpot when you go to a formula like that near Omaha and hedge that's over what about

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hedge Of course there are things that nullify your investment completely. But if you invest in these things or you have anything of that on the left side, it eats away completely. All the good deeds you've done we said schilke any schilke is an amplifier completely of your good deeds, any bit of sherek every season so rotten calf Allah says those who will be the biggest losers on Korea are those who came with a little ship but they spent their life doing good deeds little bit of sheer they worship may do are to a grave may do out to the chef may do are to jabril tuna be salsa lamb to the gym, they use the gym, they use magic palace, all the good deeds now and void minor schicke you

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do things for the praise and to be seen by others this eats away your good deeds completely. And of course harming others that like we mentioned the bankrupt person, then they are investments that will continue to assist you even in the after you have died after you've died. So part of your zakka your charity must go to South Africa to jharia you said I want something to continue to accrue in my account even I pass away see three types and investment, a structure a three anything which will benefit in some way even an animal anything or hospital. A Masjid you you donate books, you you open a I know inshallah Majid would understand we're trying to build a nursery school, how many kids are

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going to go through the you don't know, this measure, as I said so many times? Well, I don't think the people who built this Masjid knew it will stand for over 100 years. He just put one brick day and so many Salawat are made in this machine goes to his account. This is you think about your Acura knowledge, so easy to share knowledge. You might not perform tattooed Sala fast, but you share a link with shift talks about that one person implements that as he performs the Sala you get the reward as well without Of course decreasing from him. So easy. Now you see that Hadith, you share that link to that to the website, one person you see 250 people, one person that needs it, you are

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sleeping nice, that brother is making Salah, but you get rewarded for that because you guided him to that.

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And of course pious offspring that continue to make dua for you. And if any of us all of us have parents we continue to make to offer them and our grandparents had passed away how joyful is it is when they get the praise and listen what is this in the cover? This is your grants and making to offer you, your children making to offer you that Allah has made easy in the cupboard. So these reoccurring rewards when a man dies, we allow businesses these actions come to an end, but three things a charity which continues to benefit people and even animals, a pious offspring that prays for him and knowledge which benefits people so we said last week,

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we want to be billionaires in the after all the smart investments to make you know many times we look at life Oh yeah, I invested in this company 10 years ago, I would have been a millionaire now. Are there any things? Are they quick ways to gender? Yes, they are shortcuts and they'd be so seldom encouraged us take the shortcut. If you had two options to get to gender the easy way or the difficult we take the easy way now be so subtle and pointed out to Sahaba when he saw them exerting themselves said Don't do this. This is now you're not working. You're working hard but not smart. And there are easy ways inshallah to get to gender. So let's give a less last week we gave a list of

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10 things we've added onto the list, but others have been very curious and keep, we can give you the slides afterwards, email me. So if you can't memorize all these things, but remember, these things you'll see one of them will guarantee you gender. So if you can't implement all 2030 in your life, implement one in your life.

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And inshallah that will be your ticket to gender so the easiest the easiest thing that will get you inshallah good reward is good intentions. Allah in the way he in the way Allah keep school. If a person has a knee I'm going to come at her arm and he doesn't get to do it. No sin against him, but the man makes the knee I'm going for Hajj next year. You don't have a sin tonight okay insha Allah I'm gonna make Hajj I'm going to make I'm going to put five grand in the tent Everyday I'm going to put my name on a register my name that has inshallah is for you. And therefore I as I say, make the Nia now I'm going to force the month of Ramadan whether I get it or not is up to Allah. But my Nia

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is they let me accounts so many people, they get the full reward just because they Nia was sincere. If it's in my power, Allah I guarantee I will do this. So whenever you hear a good deed tahajjud Sala reciting Quran giving charity fighting jihad, make the Nia in your heart to Allah I wish that I was there and make easy for me to be the you might get the reward for it without even doing the action. So is the easy way easy way to get to get reward by having a good intention. Indeed, Neville says actions will be judged and based on your intentions and every man shall have that which he intended, even if his actions did not conform to that. We said this last week I too could see

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the one who recites ayatul kursi of the every Sala to the end of Sala he recites idle kusina vessels and says there'll be nothing between him and Jenna except death.

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This is a ticket to gender direct ticket to gender, you perform your $5 and you decide title currency after it takes you less than half a minute is easy.

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With the Quran as well, certain surahs have special powers and abilities. One of the easiest rules for us to recite and relate to I can memorize this and recite this daily was the habit of the Sahaba. That pseudo pseudo tabarrok is a protection from the punishment of the grave.

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This easy way to protect yourself completely from punishment of the grave. Now this also says Indeed, there is a surah in the Quran having 30 verses which intercedes for reciter until he's forgiven, and a Torah is sort of tabarrok So not only does it prevent and is the cure for the punishment of the grave, it will also intercede for you on kiama so very special reward to the special surah easy again, I speak to myself first we can implement this before we go sleep once in our day takes us not even five minutes. It's an easy way to get into your safety from the punishment of the grave. Allah subhana wa sallam says Kalamata two words very simple on the tongue huffy.

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fatahna Listen, easy on the tongue, the key Latin Elisa and but heavy on the scale, those words are going to count heavy on the scales. So behind Allah will be handy so behind the light beam, so whenever you're sitting in traffic, you sitting in the bank sitting in the queue panel behind this panel you feel your scale getting heavier, feel that scale becoming heavy and heavy, it's like mountains coming onto your scale. Just say these words simple words to save the care there are certain car special of car. If you say these of car, they multiply your reward. We said this last week Salawat anyone who makes a lot of work on the vessel Salim Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina

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Muhammad wa ala Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Allah makes Salawat on you 10 times that Allah greets you 10 times one time for an episode Salaam Allah greets you 10 times and Allah takes away 10 of your sins and He raises you up not 10 rewards think that Raja

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Raja isn't a reward levels? How many levels with Allah subhanaw taala so do what one so if you make a checklist, I want to say 100 Salah today that means Allah sent 1000 Salawat on you and removed 1000 cents how who can make 1000 cents in the day. So this is your cleansing mechanism for your daily sins other other car, whoever sees when he when he wakes up in the morning, ready to be law he raba I'm pleased with Allah as murghab Islami Deena and with Islam is my Deen, Mohammed nebia and Mohammed as mine obeso salam. He says I'm pleased if he sees these things when he wakes up in the morning easy. That's all he has to say. The Navy SEAL says I am the guarantee. I give him the

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guarantee that I will take him by his hand and into him into gender.

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Race these are also interesting to note the same three questions will be asked

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Who's your load? What is your religion? And what do you say about the man simple do are to make that guarantees and of course with belief in conviction, say it with belief safe with conviction, you die on that agenda?

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Another Vicar that's very powerful. Whoever declares that there is none no no god but none worthy of worship of Allah. waver says La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika that will we'll call him yo yo you meet well wala coalition Cody. Whoever sees this door. That is none worthy of worship. He is the one without a partner that will move to Him belongs there.

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The heavens and the earth what will happen then all the praise belongs to him but who Allah coalition Kadir, and he has power over everything who ever says this

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in the day or in the evening 100 times he says this if he says this 100 times a day, then what is the reward? It is as if though he freed 10 slaves and 100 good deeds will be recorded for him and 107 will be removed from him, and he'll be protected from any gene and table for that day or that evening. And no one can say a bit of Vicar this hadith mentions now I can say a bit of thicker than this, except the one who says more than 100. So again, put on your checklist, I'm going to say it will take you maybe five minutes to say this, again, all the sins being removed. So the visa Salaam gives us another record for the study of car I'm mentioning here, choose one of them choose one of

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them. The Messenger of Allah says there are two qualities no Muslim can acquire. But you will enter Paradise and there are simple and easy says I give you two things you say. And they will enter you into gender. They are very simple, but they are neglected two shortcuts to gender. The one who says Subhana Allah 10 times and Alhamdulillah 10 times and La ilaha illAllah 10 times after Salah. He says 10 times of the each Salah 10 times and of course that is even better 33 times

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that makes this tsunami someone gives you if you say this 30 times times five, it's 150. The one makes it makes 150 on the tongue, but then Allah multiplies it by 10 or 1000. And it's 1500 accounts 250,000 has a net and it removes so many cents, to know how much we can make so much sense. You do it once all the time by 1000 who can make so much sense during the day. And then of course the other one that is awesome says who ever says 30 times these three things Allah 100 Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah before he goes to sleep again, Allah multiplies it by 1000 and how Who of you can make so many sins during the day This removes your sins.

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So reading Sam, another easy way to intergender nevison says I swear by Allah, that you will not intergender until you believe and you will not believe until you love one another. And the thing that will build love between you is to greet one another. So count on your hand every day how many people say salaam aleikum to this interview intergender knobbies also says Allah guarantees three people who will go to Jenna and you grant them success. Each of them has a guarantee from Allah He will take care of them. The one one of them is the one who goes out feasibility law the other one who goes to the massage it frequently. The third one very easy for us who enters his house and says

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Assalamualaikum so we can do the Jihad but difficult. Salah don't go five times a day, but when you enter your house assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato guarantee from Allah He will take care of you in the dunya and simple, easy way to get to say the least so far.

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If anybody recites this door during the day with firm faith in it and dies on that same day, and before the evening, and he will be guaranteed one of the people of this da nullifies your sins, it removes your sins, it's one of those that burns away all your removes your sins. And if anybody decides that night and apostle you need to, you need to renew this door in the day and in the evening of the budget of the mothership. And he passes away, of course, do a lot of mantra de la ilaha illa Halekulani, one abacha one Attica, Attica. masakatsu. Becoming Shari, Masato abou la kabinet mochica Aliya mb fullfilling, Nolan, Nova, Allah and Allah you are my Lord. None has the

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right to be worshipped except you, You created me and I am your servant, and I abide by your covenant and promise I'm true to my covenant with you as best I can your luck. I take refuge I seek refuge in You from the evil which I have committed to Allah. And I acknowledge I know the favors you've done for me and the sins which I have done. So forgive me, the linen can forgive sin, except you recite this to our everyday of the father of the mother. If you pass away with this dog in sha Allah. It takes care of that since you've done implementing the smugly I'm going to implement this special times to make

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you want anything in your life. There are times when the doors are very close to Allah and Allah does not reject it at those times. In your Salah in your childhood before you make a Salam aleikum, wa salam would make dua for Jana protection from the jail protection from the punishment of the grave and protection from jahannam. Before you say a Solomonic make a dua in the photo Sora make it in Arabic in this una sala inshallah English is okay. In sujood. Again, anytime Institute is a time you can make dua especially in the sooner Sala between the ASEAN and the comma is a monster job the last third of the night while you are fasting is one of the three people whose two hours are not

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rejected is the person who is fasting so when the Ramadan comes, have a checklist I want to make dua for all these things. dunya and akhira McDowell was gonna accept it and grant you that or something better

00:30:00 --> 00:30:27

Just before you break your first and every week there's an hour on Juma. We don't know when that hour is between Muslim and Muslim. We any do are made in that hour is guaranteed to be accepted. Many of the all of our mentioned is the hour before sunset of tonight like like Muslim tonight and I'll be formality. That's the majority view. But there's no clear evidence to that. But there's an hour we know in Joomla where that occurs, we hope it's tomorrow the walkthrough Yeah, we make to offer everything

00:30:29 --> 00:30:34

we do. This might be difficult for some of us, but others might find it easy to keep we do long.

00:30:35 --> 00:31:10

Nabisco says to be well below the vision tells Billa Tell me what you are doing. At the time of the morning pray for which you hope to receive good reward for her during the night people the sound of your footsteps before Me in Paradise. The result says below you're doing something which he says even though you're going to gender before me. A person says Tell me what you're doing what are you doing something? So beloved says yeah, I don't know what I'm doing. That's so amazing. That's almost as if I'm gonna beat you to Jannah except there's one thing I hope to get and benefit from this. When I perform complete ablution during the night or day. I observe pray without purification that

00:31:10 --> 00:31:50

allowed me so nobody else's I try to stay on with you as much as I can. And whenever I make we do I perform to record soon. It's all I'm doing. I tried to take we do when I break my window. I take a new one and I make two records soon. That's all I'm doing. And it's even though he beats the Beatles ullamco agenda. We said 12 rockers maintenance last week if you can make 12 rasuna every day guaranteed place in general. If you perform fudger Salah we see that this is greater that the two sooner fudger Salah is greater than all the dunya and that which it contains. Another one is Witter. He who prays social mentions there are three things that you do I know it's the list is long. Choose

00:31:50 --> 00:32:33

one of them whatever is easiest for you implement one in your life. Now this also says we will place a lot to do ha ha we said is the Salah between fudger and the lower right so after sunrise and between zywall whoever does Salatu ha any force three days of the month and he always makes it even on fasting. Then he gets the reward of the Shaheed he gets the reward of being a martyr, three things to keep up in your day and it will be a reward for you we mentioned to her Juma is easy one again, all of us should get this as easy one, whoever does hustle on Friday, right? And he instructs and his wife also performs muscle so you know instruct our wives as well. And then he sits out early

00:32:33 --> 00:32:42

and comes close to the Imam and listens and keeps quiet. For every footstep he takes you will have the reward of fasting and praying that entire year.

00:32:43 --> 00:33:01

Keeping quite an image it also means playing with our phones reading something playing with things on the carpet playing with our fingers our toes these things we don't do they were so how about the mercy of the Navy SEALs ultimate stones and some companions who still play with the stones also nullifies your jumar the simple thing to do

00:33:03 --> 00:33:42

guarantees you the false thing and standing for a year small acts of kindness. I saw a person that be some says I saw a person who intergender simply because he removed something from the road. Simple thing he picked something up brothers that you would find they pick something up in the masjid don't put things on the road then put things in the carpet, but you find problems they come they pick up small things will lie This is something which builds in the palace in general a small thing. Another example of this a prostitute evil woman right? She intergender Why? Because she gave water to a dog. She gave water to a dog simple acts of kindness. Ramadan is of course this great

00:33:42 --> 00:34:25

opportunity. We mentioned this Hadeeth that two people accepted Islam the same day the one died Shaheed the other one lived for an extra year and it was seen that the one who lived the extra year intergender first and the so how are we shocked How is this possible? And besides missus said that one will live that extra year he received one extra Ramadan and make a year's worth of solder. So the difference between him and the martyr is like the heavens and the earth. Why? Because Ramadan is greater even in jihad. The Pillars of Islam are the greatest acts of Ayurveda. If we make dua Ballina, Ramadan Allah grant us one more ally one Ramadan done properly is enough, that scale will

00:34:25 --> 00:35:00

be so heavy, even the sins we do will not compete so long as it's not shit. Like sip that little we do. And granted the full reward Ramadan is the opportunity to harness the opportunity. And if you want even better than that, maybe someone says make who can force his entire life non stop said we can't do that. You can force Ramadan and six days of shower and you fasting for the year. And then of course we said the greatest bonus and I have not found anything that equals this is later to call the hiring official. If you want to understand later to further understand your monthly salary times about 1000

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

If you earn 10,000 Rand, your boss is gonna pay you 10 million Rand for that one night worth of work. One night worth of work the food as you would work that night, you won't answer your phone, you won't miss it somebody you won't even go to the toilet when later to cuddle comes and it's one of 10 nights, one of 10 nights makes Allah decide for an entire evening. If you get it, it's a lifetime of reward and your entire sins on the scale is forgiven even even the major ones, something to aspire 10 nights. One of them is later to Qatar. So inshallah that's cute enough to end off by mentioning that these are steps which we take easy ways, which we get closer to Allah subhanaw taala

00:35:41 --> 00:36:17

and it does not require radical changes will lay if we can implement all these simple Sooners if all of us so for us it's difficult. But if we could put the Sooners in our life, these are the footsteps of the earlier you don't have to stand in Thai. And Nitin, Sala and fast everyday do these things and you get the rewards of those deeds. And obese also lamb. He encouraged us to take the easy way to gender. Now this awesome, so Sahabi was making Salah every night not sleeping, and making and fasting every day, maybe so why are you doing this just for three days in the month and then eat the rest of the month, you'll have the food he would have a lifetime of fasting. And he says Nabisco has

00:36:17 --> 00:36:55

also said that when you get older if you make extreme changes, you're going to leave it off later on in your life. And the Sahabi said, I didn't take the full advice and now I regret not taking the advice. Now this also says this is the steps How do we change our life? do good deeds properly, sincerely, and moderately and you and know that your deeds will not make you into paradise at the most beloved, in the most beloved deeds to Allah is the most regular and constant even though it with you. So this hadith is important. Whenever we do something good and coming up to Ramadan, we want to implement things in our life and our businesses do good deeds properly. So do we correctly

00:36:55 --> 00:37:30

say the words correctly understand what you're doing? You know, so just like push ups panels panels panel, you don't even know what you're doing right? properly and sincerely know what you're saying well know what to do, moderately. Don't spend your whole day now in the kids take five minutes of it. And also realize that this deal is small, we're going to get them to Agenda it's almost generosity that gets with agenda and that the most beloved to Allah is the one with most regular and constant even though it's a little trim you take a habit on take a small habit, do it for the rest of your life. This is the thing Allah loves the most and ultimately the thing which will make you a

00:37:30 --> 00:38:09

wealthy and remember this is the priority. This is the priority. Allah says the things I love the most are that which I've made compulsory on you. And if you do that which is compulsory, your five daily Salas use aka your fasting you're Ramadan, your Hajj, this is enough to get you to gender. Without a doubt this is enough. And if you do more than that, then you become the Wali you become the eyes which Allah sees the hands with which you grip is going to be Allah and when he raises his hands, Allah will accept and forgive him. Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us myself first and they knew to put this in our lives to implement one of these easy Sooners to make our skills heavy on the

00:38:09 --> 00:38:14

side of goodness and to make us of the only Allah grant us to see Ramadan and get the full managers accola hired

00:38:15 --> 00:38:26

Tuesday night inshallah. After Maverick will have later to nisu Siobhan the 15th of Siobhan will have a short program in Charlotte off the motorcycle a hiatus and I want my beloved Kevin

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