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The speakers emphasize the importance of using time properly to achieve their goals and prevent wasting it. They share two examples of how time is a gift and how it should be utilized correctly. The speakers stress the challenges of managing time and the importance of knowing the rules of thumb to manage it. They also discuss the limited availability of time and the need to manage it to achieve their vision, emphasizing the importance of valuing time and avoiding negative emotions.

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he Allah

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wa Sallim

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wa Salatu was Salam.

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He was

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in this work you will

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set up

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my dear respected elders and brothers, the passing of time is a natural phenomena

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the moving of time is unstoppable.

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And this particular aspect, the moving of time, the changing of day to night, night to day, then month to month, year to year is something that Allah Allah in the Holy Quran calls upon us to reflect sunlight in the Holy Quran. In

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our tea, what was the laughing lady when the changing of day into night and day into the next day, it is assigned for people of intellect. So the passing of time is a natural phenomenon. It has to happen it is unstoppable but the passing of time is a cause of reflection as I have read in the ayat and not a cause of celebration. The way we see sometimes happening in the world of hurt the worker goes ama tree Mr. Hill factory cheese him or worker goes Erna hammer and here

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are the four core Kaaba is head. Nikita hawara manana Tobias kurama who's caught by the Port Arthur Fukuoka Hi, and that is why, in Islam there is so much emphasis upon time. Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran is taken and also on time or history Allah talanoa hamara demon walk kidney amiata kehlata Rania Khurana creamy Waka Waka subutai or are here yakka will ask me Allah tala take an oath on time, which shows us the importance of time. And you know this particular aspect of taking an oath on time remember US Embassy is one of our great scholars. He says one day I was thinking why Allah tala takes an oath on time. So he said I went into the marketplaces I went into the bazaars

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and I saw a person who was selling ice and he was saying

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oh people have mercy upon the people my merchandise is melting away.

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Merrily cheese ever basically, I grew up in a

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10 minute

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walk Yato

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I was selling something and he was selling buy for me if you don't buy for me it is finished after a while. Then he said then I realized what a letter to can often time that time is like a block of ice it is melting away. And once it is melting away, it is gone. It will never ever come back again. The Arabic poet it said higher to confession kannamma Madonna su minha. Casa de Souza, life is a series of breaths, one, one breath goes it is gone. Never ever to be repeated again. For us, we have a different metaphor sometimes in time, you know, so we've seen that people use this particular phrase, they say Time is money. Many times people say Time is money work to any work, acre imala.

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So it is a true to an extent. If you use your wealth, your time correctly, you can make money. If you don't use your time correctly, you waste opportunities to make money. But it tells us as if money is the most important thing in life, right? And man must value time has one value is money. No for us. Time is even more important than money. You can go and buy anything in this world. Today. You can even go and buy the soul of another person. And there's a reality you can buy the loyalty of another person. But one thing you cannot buy is you cannot buy time 2019 is gone. Can anyone go into the massage and say I'm gonna go buy this whole year again, it is gone. You can never ever buy it

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again. Therefore, our dean and our alumni have taught us a different metaphor. That time is life. If you utilize time correctly, you must take time to master life. You waste time you waste

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Life, you must manage time you have wasted your entire life. And we are driven by a metaphor that tells us that time is a gift, whose proper or improper use will determine the outcome for eternity our success in this world and our success in the year after, therefore no meah Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith near metallian wounaan Kathy Roman a nurse a Say hi to all four out there are two favors, though as a metalhead to accept a lot of naked a majority of the people they don't utilize and value these two things. One is our time and one is our health.

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Adriana, what are Adriana logos piccata naked bardney pustaka waka Takata then if we don't utilize it correctly, then afterwards we will come to realize the repercussions with regard to not utilizing our time correctly. No, there are two beautiful sayings of Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Lee, as a chef Abu Fatah, Buddha, one of our greatest scholars of recent times came from Syria, Allah make it easy for the people of Syria. They are undergoing great amount of hardships, you know, and recently they have been going under a great amount of bombings in Italy Allah Allah make it easy for them. Allah Allah grant them relief. So Samuel Fatah, Buddha was a he wrote a book on how the Allah ma used to value

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time, he wrote a book how and they quote the statement of Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Lee, you say that time is a sword, either you slay it, or it will slay you. Time is a sword, either you slay it or it will say you and another particular thing of is is keep yourself and your soul occupied with good otherwise your soul and yourself will keep you occupied with even up near workmen say come Coronavirus, Casa hasty macaroni,

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cheese omega St. MANOVA utilize it in incorrectness. Otherwise, it will be utilized in something that is wrong. appleid masura de la Tran who used to say I have never regretted anything more than spending a day in which I have not increased my good deeds. And that Allah will tell us about that on the day of our lives. Aamir Khan, Maya taka roofie mantova kar akuna de did I not give you a whole life? Today I don't give you time coming up what media

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have I not given you a time to be reminded about what needs to be reminded about what Giacomo Nadella and Warner came to tell you have to utilize your time correctly. So brothers this time is a very, very great name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if we utilize it correctly, we can make a difference in our life in this world. And our year after we can make our agenda also we can make our dunya also. And if you waste time today, there are surveys I don't know the one to go into the surveys. They say one third of your life is spent in snipping what great amount of percentage of your time was spent in earning a living, how many percentage of your life if you take it

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collectively, it is spent in youth utilizing at the available time we have is so limited that if we start wasting that particular time then our whole life will go into a we've got nothing to show super we Sham when

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they came night came at the end of the day, we've got nothing to show. And this is something that is would be most tragic. What is even more tragic today is we have gauges to save time, right? And we are so busy all the time. But at the end of the day, we've got nothing to show what we have been busy with.

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Look at this whole situation. Look at our I don't like to sort of make judgment but look at the situation today we got metromix you got automatic, mechanical roti makers, but you still go and buy rotors,

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you got magical and you got mechanical roti makers, you got metal which to make the dough, but you still going to buy the previous time they never had all these gadgets, they still made it by hand manually and they still had time to make the button. We have got more gadgets today to save time than ever before. But we don't know where the time is gone. It's amazing. Just to give an example, we think that we are living in a very technologically advanced age and we got technology therefore, we will have more time available. But where is the time where is the Baraka? Where is the productivity? Where is the achievement to show that has it monotonic ROM Talalay lived in a village?

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Right? There was no technological advancement. There was no computer there was no word processor. He wrote things by hand. And in one lifespan, he wrote 1200 books from small periodicals.

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Write up to the series of the Holy Quran and commentaries of a hadith.

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Now, how do they do it? You say we also got the time they were to get the time. How did they do it? hypnotized Rama to lolly, his grandson, his grandsons makes mentioned I heard him one day, people will pay homage Josie Rahmatullah say, towards the end of his life. I heard him say from the paper, that was this hand of minds, I have written 2000 volumes of books. I have written 2000 volumes of books, and what we haven't even wrote a note of consequence. And this is a reality. So what are we going to do with regard to this whole particular aspect? Are we just going to allow our time to get wasted? Do anything that is beneficial?

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Are we going to do something that is going to be of some benefit Mr. Mohsen, but, as you say, Sahaba used to value time more than money Sahaba cram What? Komal per 40 100 US Embassy Rahmatullah, Lika, Furman. Now, what do we do with regard to our time, and I'm going to say a few things. One is

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we need to manage our time to reach and to achieve our vision, which is our destination. Let me repeat that. We need to manage our time to achieve our vision, which is our destination.

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How hum appname macsec Yahushua Kalia what Casa de esta Mal. Karna padega. What? up, man? Hama? appname motsek. Yahoo Sol Kalia what Casa de esta mal karna padega. So what we say is that we have to manage our time to achieve our vision, which is our destination. And life without vision is like a journey without a destination. And life without a vision is like a journey with if you have a life, you don't have an objective. And you don't have a vision what I'm going to do in my life. It is like taking a car you don't know where you're going.

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This is

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Zindagi Chi max Sedona, or what call is misty mountain Nevada. Or maksud Kibera Zindagi si suffer Berman zylka. So everyone must work a play Dyer on the record macsec metallian calm in your own particular field, set up a vision and objective. What am I going to do with my life. And in that particular way, use your main objective of life. And in your particular field. If you are a businessman, for example, say I'm going to become a good businessman. I'm going to do honest trade and through the lens of honest trade. I'm going to serve my family. I'm going to serve my needs and I'm going to serve the community via cream sauce. Mom told me what costs for you to leave your

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children independent is better than to leave them dependent upon someone else that can be your mother said if you are that can be your objective. That can be your vision. If you are a businessman, and going to do business, I'm going to show people how to do honest business. I'm going to do something that it can meet my needs, the needs of my family, and I'm going to serve the community can be one month so that is your vision. That is your mcsa that is your objective. And let me tell you don't ever year mcsa kabu Nanana Chiquita Nam canopy nuclear only for the sake of eating and drinking when levena cafaro Yamato una cama Taku. When narooma swallow the disbelievers yet

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tomato own the joy themselves in this life, they eat they drink the way animals drink, and the fire will be the abode. If a moment and a believer cares as his Maxim as his objective as his vision, only to have a comfortable life in this world to eat and drink, then his objective in his vision doesn't go beyond that of an animal. ally in the Quran tells us this.

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Jaffna mucha gente

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que pasa silca Pina and if you look at it, if you only make your vision and your objective to eat and drink, then the animals are better than you because they eat and drink things which are not expensive and they waste what they take out of the stomach is used as fertilizer. You eat the best of things. You go to the best of restaurants

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and your waste is not used anything for beneficial for anything will benefit if you're monks it only becomes eating and drinking the animals are better.

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So what do you do with regard to your mug Sir, what is your vision? What is your vision in three things I will make mention with regard to the vision hypnotize me Josie Rahmatullah said.

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The highest and an openness and the most beneficial of thoughts are those that are to do with Allah subhanho wa Taala and after that we give you two I have the only Quran that we can make our vision for the for this one molecule Jin novoline cellularly Abu. I have created human beings to serve Allah tala men in Santa Monica. Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah to Allah wa Mexico Pura Cana Kenya, Kenya. So what is their motive?

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Amara, we have created life and death to see who does it as deeds.

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Hyundai Motors image eco banana Taka DK Kwanzaa he come correct. This is your vision in life. South Africa has got a lot of problems. We've got problems of Eskom, and we've got problems and we can continue talking till the next week we'll talk about the problems. But can I tell you something, South Africa got a unique opportunity for us to do good.

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You can go and help people who are helpless maybe are criminals and set the best of charities is to help to give a person who doesn't have food food. You can go and get a person who doesn't have job makeup way to get in one job, get one person a job in a place when there's so much unemployment. So, make a mock set make an objective make a vision. In your vision, there are three things that you must do. One is longevity. When you want to achieve a vision, then you have to think long term, nothing is going to happen overnight. Nothing is going to happen overnight. Everything happens after a long period of time. So even after a person gets married and he wants children there is a process

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with regard to it.

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Before a person wants to become an alien, he first has to learn mucked up, he has to become an office, he has to go to the dark room for six, seven years and he becomes an alum and he can do whatever he wants. That is his vision. If he wants to become a doctor, he has to go to metric which is 12 years he has to get good grades he has to go to a medical school. After that medic medical school he has to go for internship then he can come and say I got a vision to serve humanity. And let me say one of the things that you can use as a as a mixer as an objective as a vision to serve a law by serving humanity.

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One of the one of the saying the only one other version one mistake you must make. I will serve Allah by serving humanity. May Allah May Allah tala Tanga

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lo Mukesh hickmott, kata kata

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credo nazmiyal so the first thing with regard to a vision is have longevity. The second thing is clarity. To maksud. Her hate to Jana was co manager who has acid Karnataka, do searches was it was it

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your objective and your mission vision must be clear. You say I want to have good health, that's my vision for this year. How are you going to have good health, you must have must be clarity, how are you going to have good health, I want to get good health by shedding five kilos, I'm going to have good health by bringing my cholesterol down, I'm going to have good health by bringing my blood pressure down. So any vision which does not have clarity, you will never be able to achieve it. There must be some clarity in terms of achieving your vision, I want to become a better human being. So how are we going to become a better human being just by saying I want to become a better human

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being without any clarity. So the second thing with regard to a vision is you must have clarity in your vision. And the third thing which is most important is your vision must be correct.

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Your vision must be according to the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes you can never vision Hitler had a vision. I want to make Germany the best race, the arion Super race over above everyone, but it was based on racial superiority. And based on, you know, looking down upon other people, that particular vision of his for resulted in 55 million people losing their life in World War Two. Modi also got a vision, but is that a correct vision. So sometimes you can have a vision, your vision cannot be correct. So three things with regard to your vision. And you know, and these things we have to keep in mind, otherwise our time will just go. They say no man goes before his

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time. No man goes before his time, unless the boss leaves early.

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So we our time is gonna go have a vision. Three things with regard to our vision, really, life without a vision is a journey without a destination, have a vision three things in that particular dish, amongst many other things. One of the things is that your particular it must be must be clarity, you must be able to work towards it. And thirdly, it must be correct and you must have a passion for it. have a passion for what you are doing. It might be a small thing. They say a person was one day going and he saw a person making bricks. So he said what are you doing? So the person was making bricks I said I made I'm making bricks and the other person what you're doing is saying

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I'm making a brick ritual one day a day.

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on a budget.

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So you can have a small, you can do something small, but you can have a passion, you can have a vision, you can have a boxer with regard to it. And therefore I think it's important for us to value our time therefore an athlete takes an oath on time. And today we don't value our time we have paradox. And we have, you know, different types of situation. The paradox of our time, let me read this, which of course, many people have read with your reading. The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers, we have wider freeways, more of a wider road that we ever had, but narrower viewpoints, we can accommodate another person. We are all the time

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fighting and scoring points. We buy more, but we enjoy less well law who we have had more in our homes today than what we had 20 years ago. That's a reality, but we enjoy less. We have bigger homes, smaller families. We have bigger homes, smaller family, more conveniences than ever before. less time, we have more degrees, but less common sense. We have more degrees but less common sense, more knowledge, but less judgement, more experts, but more problems. This is more medicine, but less wellness. We have multiplied our possessions, but we have reduced our values. We have added years to our lives. We have added years to life, not life. Two years, we have been gone to the moon and back.

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We have traveled far and wide more than we have ever traveled. But we have trouble crossing the street to find and to go and visit a neighbor who is sick. There are tiny, fast foods and slow digestion, steep profits, shallow relationships. These are the day you have two incomes, but more divorces and no Baraka in our tiny fancier homes, fancier houses, but broken homes. And this is the reality when we don't value time the way it is supposed to be valued. May Allah give us a trophy after that one.