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The history of the Battle of bed highlights the use of interceptors and camels to block road construction and the importance of culture and strong messages in the Islam industry. The speakers emphasize the need for a strong message and the importance of trusting one's actions. The segment also touches on the success and failures of a woman named Edna Soraka and her story of reaching a critical point in her life.

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latos law Salina Hall and he was a huge marine we begin the name of Allah whole praise and glory be to Allah. And mais finest peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path. So I was supposed to reflect on the Battle of bed with everyone

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how we're going to do that the events of the battle on their own would consume our 30 minutes and beyond.

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And so I'm sorry for the background. I'm I do that sometimes I visit family and then this is the only quiet place I can stream from so I hope it's not too distracting in the countryside. So the Battle of bed so the Battle of bed that happened in the second year after higit, right, the second year after our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam migrated to

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it had happened during the month of Ramadan.

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This was the first major battle that the Muslims took part in. And that by itself should be a lesson for people that could be bothered by the discussion on Islam and violence. Salaam, being you know, a warlord religion or whatnot. You know, just knowing that factoid, that little nugget of Muslims did not even defend themselves for the first 13 years, not because we're absolute pacifist, but for a greater wisdom for the greater good. Allah commanded His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and then Muslims to restrain themselves. And then they go to Medina, two years into Medina. They're allowed to defend themselves to begin with. And then later on after defending themselves from multiple

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they were allowed to subdue their enemy because it just you can't play defense forever. He punched will eventually get in if you stay in the corner, receiving punches, as they say in boxing language, right. And then after that, at the very end of the profit that he saw posted on his life, he went on different kinds of offensives when there were, like tyrannical regimes that were

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so oppressive, and so liberating the masses so that they can enjoy their freedoms and choose their religions was what his offensive campaigns were about at the end of his life. But ultimately, you're talking about a prophet alayhi salatu salam whose mission was 23 years, the first 15 of them he was not even allowed to fight. Right. And so everything that happened after that you're talking about eight years, and for very good reasons. So I just wanted to put that on the table because it's extremely useful. So permission was granted for them to fight, but they didn't know that they were going to fight. You see, Allah azza wa jal discusses in sort of an unfair, a great deal of the

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events of bed did the Battle of bed and the first page a lot. So it has come a project or a book I mean, basic I've been your Lord caused you to leave your dwellings

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with every right to do so this is referring to the fact that news reached the Muslims in Medina that Abu Sufyan, one of the leaders of the pagans in Mecca, the pagans of flourish, was passing by on a trade routes with a whole bunch of goods. And so the Muslims went to go confiscate those goods. Why? Because they had every right to confiscate those goods, they were forced into exile, they had to lose their savings lose their livelihoods lose their family members, and they were forced out of Mecca. So that caravan would have represented a bit of what was taken from them retrieving only a bit of it. Okay, so they head out with whoever can get out of Medina in time because they have to

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chase down this caravan intercepted. And so the Muslims that were available at that announcement were about 315 317 Muslims, and they did not come out to fight they were just going to outnumber the caravan and confiscated and so they only had, you know, the on hand weapons basically what any traveler would have, you know, just like your stick and your little sword, no armor, no might no horses, no steeds. There was one or two horses in those 350 and 317 Muslims that were adapted, and maybe there were 6070 camels which you're either riding or slaughtering for food, by the way. So that was that. And so news got to a mecca that Muhammad and the companions are trying to insert

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interceptor trade caravan. And so they riled up the armies, they spent money, they pushed each other, they shamed each other. You have to go out many of them didn't even want to, and so they mobilized an army. And that is how the two groups wound up at this field. The field of bed The weather is a well in a place close to Medina.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his companions, they were able to apprehend two of the Scouts of the machine again, and when they brought them to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam he asked him certain questions. How many are you? They said, We don't know. Where are you? They said that they're behind this hill. He said them How many do you slaughter every

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day how many camels for food? They said nine one day 10 the other dates between nine and 10 camels we slaughter every day. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the Sahaba, they are between 900 and 1000. And Muslims are now unprepared, artillery wise, and out number three to one huge disadvantage.

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And so

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he asked us, how about what do you want to do? I will book a lot of the senior Sahaba the earliest have said, you know, we're ready for whatever that doesn't matter. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam kept thanking them and telling them stand down, stand down until the unsolved which were the majority of the 300 months out of the people in Medina who took in the Prophet la Soto cinema Sahaba, they realized that he wanted them to speak up because they were the majority. And if they were not willing to live up to their earlier promise of defending the province, also London they wouldn't be able to fight. And they said yada yada yada, we believed in you and we've accepted your

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message. You're not sort of luck. If you were to walk into the ocean we will walk in after you You are also Allah We are a people that are not afraid to meet our enemy tomorrow. We are true men in battle. And you know, go where you want and don't go Who are you don't want and take from our money what you want, ask for it. And believe what you want meaning even if nothing, that's all they said to him and what you take from our money makes us happier than what you leave. We were happy at the opportunity to give give it all for your sake and for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Islam. And they said and perhaps Allah azza wa jal will show you tomorrow from us from our our mighty

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stand, that which will bring you great joy, you're going to see what we're like in battle. We are no joke, outnumbered or not with weapons or not. And they said, Well, you know, before that they said, well law here we will not say to you, like the companions of Moses said to Moses, and then they recited the verses in sorted matita You know, when the companions of Moses were outside of the Holy Land, and the tyrants were in front of them. They told Moses it had entered our book, phila in hoonah Akari do and go you your Lord and fight. We're staying right here.

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So I said to him, that Medina and said to him, O Muhammad, oh prophet of Allah, you and your Lord and fight, and we are fighting right by your side. And so the prophet SAW Selim was like, super overjoyed at this. And he immediately went, because there was no time he immediately went to stationing them.

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And so he stationed them in a certain place.

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And then one of the youngest haven't held up that window, the Allahu anhu. He came to him and like you can if you read between the lines, he came to him in the Edit of the believer with his prophets of Allah holism said, you have a sort of love. I know, you set us up to like, line up here and stationed ourselves here for the battle. But is this like, some place a lot told you to stay at? Or is this just like your strategy in your head? Just your tactics? He said, No, it's just warfare strategy.

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He said, Well, in that case, you're also this is not the right place, we need to go buy the wells, ruin all the wells so they can have access to water, and we make our own exclusive access to the water so that we can have the upper hand, you know, of water in a desert in the middle of a fight you can imagine.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam acted on his advice. And of course, that's a huge lesson. In so many ways this will happen did not say, Oh, he's the prophet of God, mind your business, right? They understood that certain aspects of what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and those are the default, of course, are concrete issues, which you know, we accept with our eyes closed, even if we don't fully understand, but there are other issues that could be speculative. And that's very important for every Muslim to know. You know, not every fact that you know, quote, unquote, about Islam is necessarily grounded in Islam. Islam has constants and concrete

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aspects, aspects that are crystal clear in the Quran and Sunnah. The aspects that all the scholars of Sunni Islam agree on, then there's other aspects that are like matters of interpretation. And then there are aspects that are just culture that are just opinion that Muslims you respect have, you know, the reason I say that is because sometimes, like if we were in an kebabs place, we could say, okay, even if it's not like revelation from God to keep the army here, his human opinion is better than mine. And so you learn from this, that if you have something that is not contrary to Islam, even if people are superior, or you know, are around, don't hold back, offer a suggestion, it

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could change the course of history. That's actually happened so many times you don't realize the effects of your suggestion, your word, until after the fact.

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And then also, you know, think of the humility of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is the prophet of God, this is the head of state. This is the commander in chief. Right? He noticed his humility there, he had no problem saying, Okay, let's change positions. Let's listen to it seems like he knows what he's talking about. Right? That actually happened so many times. But you know, of those times is that, due to how few rights they had few camels, they had

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three people who would alternate on one camel two would walk on one ride and they would just cycle through and so the prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam had two people as well that he would take turns with and whenever it was their turn this he had a sort of a you can have my turn just you stay on you stay on and he would say to them absolutely not i am no less capable of walking than you and you are no more in need of the reward than me like i can walk as well as you can and i need the reward as much as you do it's just beautiful humility from the prophet sallallahu wasallam until he stations them and then that evening the foreign student and find by the way these are all items that

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unfairly talks about this that you know rain we fell that field that you know that plane that bad the battle planes and it's not a huge place that area that plateau where they fought and but what's really interesting i'm talking about battling horses and horses that trotting behind me this is cool it works out nice it's convenient so

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they're about to you know they're receiving grain but allah says this is not just like you know some ambiguous history a loss elgin said that he caused the rain to fall a certain way on the believers and a completely different way on the disbelieving army on the pagan army so allah says he sent down this rain fall on you leo thought here are calm to purify you some of you had needed to take a bath to be able to pray in the morning listen well and to get rid of the whispers of shavon shavon was like nagging at them that how are you even going to fight when you can't pray because you can't take a bath or how are you going to and they're also you can imagine like amount of trump like fear

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anxiety that having that night after realizing there's no running from this out number three to one and we don't even have weapons we don't have horses all of that allah sent this rain down to just cleanse them and clear them and that's not the only thing he sent and also he said you better be healed them it was lighter rain which anchored their feet in other words the sand in the desert was moistened so it became firm their feet wouldn't sink in it on the other side very close they received the downpour which kind of like flooded flooded their ranks and there was too much rain on that side and just bothered them the whole night and they were like walking in mind it was extremely

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difficult so panela and then the iss also if you are shikumen nor eisah amana terminfo and then recollect once again of the favors i granted you at budget when the night before the battle all of you fell asleep this happened multiple battles you know that you know the night before you know when you have just like an appointment in the morning you can't think straight you have like oh man what if i miss my flight in the morning you can't think straight these people are about to collide with their oppressors the people that have traumatize them the people that have killed their family members people that were torturing them for years they're about to clash with them in the morning

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after coming after their goods and all of this and they just all have the most restful sleep allah causes them all to knock out and have the most peaceful restful sleep every single one of them just had had a perfect night's sleep

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and we're asleep except for one person that was the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who spent his night in prayer beseeching a love pleading with a large soldier to carry this army to close them to to to feed them to grant them to quench them when he's saying these things by the way that you can imagine their

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conditions impromptu army essentially

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and you know what's beautiful about the dry of the prophet sallallahu sallam adventure is that it continued like even on the battlefield there are narrations that in the middle of the fight were like when obviously when he when there was like a moment or a pause or you know an aside that he would go to he would lift his hands and say oh allah grant me the victory you promised the grant and of course this is not you know i was speaking assertively to allah in the high horse sense this is him saying oh allah grant me the victory because i know your promise is true grant me the victor you promised me grant me the victory you have promised me oh allah if you allow this battalion or this

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army to be destroyed you will not be worshipped again on earth

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what's crazy also about the battle of bed didn't it's a great lesson is that the historians collect and document like from witnesses there that the other side the pagans were making their art as well like the leader of the pagans of the flashy you and the idol worshipers abu jal abu jen is like you know the the ark enemy of the prophet alayhi salatu was salam he was making nearly the exact same dua to allah but you know when the battle is starting saying oh allah

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This man destroyed our families. Oh Allah this man, you know, insulted our elders and our forefathers Oh Allah grant us the victory and destroy this man. Oh Allah give victory to the more beloved of the two groups to you. Can you imagine that illusion? And this is one of two things that is either number one he's just seeing the the hesitation in the ranks and so he's trying to pick up the morale of his army or number two more likely is that he actually has lied so many times that he actually believes this now. And you know, that is what happens you know, Abu janela for sure. So miracle after miracle proof after proof admitted himself this Quran was unexplainable, supernatural

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saw the moon split all of this and then you just keep going and when you keep going like this and you keep ignoring the light Allah turns off your eyes, right you no longer you know see straight anymore and so you act and all throughout by the way, you know many times people look at tyrants and they say you know this guy carrying the baby or acting so cute or saying he's doing this in the name of humanity. We have that all throughout the Koran for Allen said this you know, I will not let Moses corrupts your lands you know, you could say all men these liars right these politicians it is very possible not all of them obviously, some of them could not even know that they're lying anymore

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because they've just said this lie so many times and they've surrounded themselves with like people bootlickers as we call them, right bandwagon errs that keeps telling them yeah, yeah. So they actually believe I am a great guy. I really am compassionate. I am funny because everyone laughs at my jokes. He just the echo chamber does that well as a biller.

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And so, the battle begins is 624 The battle begins. So what happens in the battle, lots of things happen in the battle. So it was customary, let me say this first. It was customary for you know, fights wars in the past to begin with duel duels like one on ones right few number of people going at each other. Because this like, they take like a premonition or a good omen or, you know, it's symbolic of who's going to win. It's good for the morale. My hero versus your hero, my champ versus your champ. And so, the Quraysh the pagans called out the Muslims to send out their three best and so men from the unser the Medina and they were eager to prove what they said last night to the

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prophet SAW. So they jumped up. And the four I sent him back said, we're not gonna fight you. We want our people, our cousins, our sons, our nephews, meaning fellow, Cora, she's people from Mecca. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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Oh, Hamza, get up. Hamza says uncle, oh, I need to get up at least his cousin, or Aveda, who's this cousin get up?

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And so he sent his own family members to fight first and this is the reasons why he was the most beloved person in the world to them. He was not like those leaders who isolated himself from his people from his army from his nation, from you know, the masses from the populace. He was never liked that at least latos salaam, in fact, and I'm fast forwarding a little bit here. I Lee himself, the cousin of the prophet SAW Selim said, no one was braver than the Messenger of God sallallahu wasallam and

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the most brave of us was the one that could stay behind stay by his side like who can contend with him alongside him obviously not fight with him, meaning can inch close to the enemy the way he does, when the battles get intense? And he was the closest of us to the enemy. He was not in the back somewhere he was the close of us in the enemy Well, can I shut danesi Batson and nobody was tougher than him in battle battle out he saw close to them. And so you know Hamza

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vanquishes, the man he's dueling Ali vanquish the man he's dueling. obaidul Hadith.

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radi Allahu anhu they both hurt each other but no one dies. So Hamza Ali gets to that third man and they pull back or Baden inhabitable their loved one back to the Muslim camp. He does dilator or the Allah on who he is martyred later, but this is huge, like the battle hasn't even started yet. And three people and before them a fourth person who swore he would get to the well from the pagan swore he would get to the well, and Hamza took him down and made sure he didn't keep his promise.

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And so now four people from Quraysh had just fallen big names before the battle ever started.

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And so, now that the ranks are coming at each other, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam gives them very specific instructions and there's a very important lesson. You know, he said to the people, hold back your arrows, your arrows until they are close. And don't pull out your swords until they assault you. What is he saying?

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Hear, be strategic, you know, someone like in the fervent of battle could like you know, be anxious, and then you waste your artillery, you waste your arrows, you know, just out of nervousness before the army even becomes close enough to be hit by them. So he's trying to say be careful with your ammunition, it's not unlimited. And don't rush to use your swords, like states together, let them come to us that they have to deal with a wall. You know, you guys are gonna run at different paces. But if they come at you, you're all lined up like bricks connecting one another, as the iron sort of software says Allah loves to see you lined up in his ranks, like a building that is holding itself

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together, or bricks that are holding themselves together. What is the lesson here? The lesson here is that

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our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, our Islam taught us the real way to balance between putting your trust in God and doing your part. It's not like it doesn't matter how many they are. Remember, he asked how many are there. And then he calculated that they must be 900 to 1000. And now he's saying careful with your arrows, you know, careful about walking out and you know, dividing the ranks. He is being extremely methodical here. I know he's salatu salam. So you do everything in life as if it's all up to you. While sure that everything ultimately is up to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So relying on Allah, In a word, In a word, relying on Allah is an action of the heart, not an action of

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the limps. And if you understand that and do that correctly, what you do with your limbs will be even more productive will be even because you're not thinking that relying on the heart is enough. You saying, okay, reliance is just here, not supposed to be affecting my limbs. And then when you're using your limbs, your assets, your faculties, to to pursue what you see as good to pursue goals in life, your anchor in here will get you to do more and more, and get you to be firmer and more balanced and more consistent and more resilient than your strides and shallow Tada.

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And so after he gives these instructions, that's it. There's nothing left but to brace the Muslims. And this is going to be my last 1012 minutes. And it is the most important lesson about the heroes of bedroom now that I was, you know, I think specifically asked to, to spend some time on there was, you know, this horrific scene in front of them, I already told you the odds, the numbers, the preparations, the resources, everything right?

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Even the food supply, right. And so, there was one thing that could

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give the Muslims the upper hand and have stronger wills and stronger hearts

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to not waver at this moment. And that was the solid on compromising, you know, focus they had

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on Jenna on paradise. This is so obvious, in bedroom before bed after bed, but let's just capture it from bed, this habit on the low end, you know, Allah His Messenger, the hereafter that was everything, you know, Abdul Malik now for the Allahu anhu.

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He said, I was standing there in the ranks of bed. And this young man, why the nominee of the gentleman came up to me.

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Or he was standing next to me in the rank. And I wish someone else was standing next to me like this, like of all people like I wanted some because more I was 15.

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But then all of a sudden is that as I'm thinking about that, like man, if only someone tougher could be by my side, you know, shoulder to shoulder with me. He nudges me and says Uncle, do you know who Abu Jamal is? He said, Yes, I know who journalists. He said can you point him out to me when the battle starts? He said What do you want with epogen? He said I heard that he's the curse the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I swear I will not meet him except one of us has to fall nothing is gonna get me off of him basically, unless I die or he does. And he said just as I was sitting there wondering like how like valiant and courageous this young man is. A young man on

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my left asked me the same exact question and by the way after the Battle of the day, they actually argue those two with in front of the prophet SAW Selim which of the two actually killed them with Jen

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you know, a 16 year old at the Battle of bedrooms are made even Abby lock costs are made, are made even Abby lock costs are the Allahu anhu he was by our standards today. Under 18. He was a child right?

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But in the eyes of Allah in the proper standards in this world as well, he was a giant before the Battle of bed.

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He was found hiding. He was not hiding out of the fear of death. Like it could be argued that he was hiding out of fear that he wouldn't die. That sounds wrong know Islam is not a death cult. You know that and

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we know this but what do i mean it means that someone of his age was not sick of life was not being suicidal it was not a failure what none of this right but still he understood this is this is the worthiest ambition he understood what the most intelligent accomplished people materialistically speaking don't understand for 60 7080 years

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he was hiding from the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam out of fear that he would send him back and not give him an opportunity to be a martyr to be ashamed you know to show our lazo agenda that he will not run

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even if that meant his life not that he's going there to volunteer his life and so the prophet alayhi salatu salam did when he caught him like he saw him he did in fact discourage him coming out and so that meant he cried the boy cried the man cried that he wasn't gonna have the opportunity that these men were going to have and so the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did in fact permit him in the end you know another examples are made him and her man about the allah to allah and you know when it was time like i said let's last moments to rise the prophet alayhi salatu salam said como una agenda tina our buddha said my watch will rise to a paradise that is as wide or wider than

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the heavens and the earth the skies and the earth and so omega said

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as you know like nothing bucha is basically wow wow like what is this and so the prophet alayhi salatu salam said what makes you say that like is it the size of the army in front of you are you like intimidated what made you say it

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he said nothing or messenger of allah except my hopes my wishes to be among its people like a paradise that big i get that i can actually be

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of its people may allah zildjian make us and you orbits people

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he said only my wish that i could be of its people the people of gentlemen and so he said to him and terminalia you are of its people

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and so he had a small pouch with him

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this pouch had dates in it this snack there's no food they would suck on dates and split dates and on the other hand i'm allah be pleased with them

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so he took out these dates and he said if i have to live long enough to eat these dates that's already too long of a life like what dates is like this is what is between me right now in paradise then this is too long of a life right like what dates like what about the dates of genda and the drinks agenda and the food of gentlemen the company of paradise agenda and so he threw the dates down and he went forward and he fought valiantly till he ultimately fell and we are positive that he went to gentlemen because the prophet alayhi salatu salam said right and terminalia you are of its people have the load cylon you know another person i bet that was sad even the faith emma sad didn't

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hate them i love the allahu anhu

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when the prophet sallallahu i said made the announcement whoever's ready we're leaving medina we're leaving we gotta go we gotta move fast like i said they were just going to get the caravan

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saturday behind them and his father

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they debated which one of us should go like someone has to stay behind with the family and someone needs to go so they had this discussion and like again it wasn't a command and obligation to go as whoever's ready go so only one of them could be ready one of them went got on their camera whatever it is and they set off gonna be they could agree this is the whole family wants jen right they couldn't agree and so they basically cast slots it's the equivalent of flipping a coin and so when sad was the one who got to go the son his father said to him give it to your dad like it's your right i can't take it from you now you know the flip came in your favor allow me permission to go he

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said to his father i want you to pay attention to this he said what law hello can i lay it on jenna left

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if you were asking me to give you precedence over myself in anything other than jenna i would have done it but i can't though i cannot get let anything get in this way and interfere i can't be at the door of gender and say no no no you first this is the mentality that all of this will have ahead and i want you to fixate on that whoever is listening to me no matter what you do in life no matter you many of you will get married and have children and have careers and you might have accolades in your careers and become accomplished none none of this should ever matter at the expense of gender yes you know have your career path and be conscientious in your career and be a good example for islam

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and the muslims and be the person of integrity

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See and be above average, all of that, but not here that not at the expense of this space, this space is sacred.

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And I'll share with you a final story and close

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on hanifa

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Edna Soraka, the mother of hanifa, Masako,

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you know, after the Battle of bed, that when they returned a lawsuit granted them victory, of course,

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had it it was of those who died. And so, they went back and they informed her that your son has died and you know news like this.

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This is when people lose it right when they get information like this suddenly and unexpectedly and it was not known to be a battle right? The suddenness adds and compounds that the anguish, so it is expected this is when people old and young and men and women This is when they, you know their their legs don't carry them. This is when they both fall apart. So but she had a very, very different reaction that showed her humaneness that showed her motherhood, and her motherly compassion, but at the same time, her fixation on

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the fact that this is not life compared to the next life. That is our true life. She went when she heard her son died, she said you had also Allah O Messenger of Allah.

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You know, what had Ethan meant to me, like, you know how much I loved my son. You.

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You know what haritha meant to me. So tell me like, tell me what happened with haritha. She knows he died like she means after death. So tell me, tell me more about how data quickly like put my heart to rest. She said because if he is in Jenna, I will be patient and I will anticipate the award mean our wait the reunion, I'll take it, I'll be able to take it. She said When can I tell you about that? Like, what if it's anything else, but that? What do you have to tell me?

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Let the mouse Now you will see what I will do. In other words, like you will see that I'm not going to be able to handle it. I'm going to fall apart if he's not in gentlemen.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her at Union tea, or mother of haritha did you lose your mind? like of course hear this in a compassionate voice? Right? This is an expression, meaning like, have you lost your sense? Like the promises true? Absolutely. But then he said something he just said, Oh, mother had it. No, he said and who said it his agenda? It is not agenda. It is not a paradise. It is not a garden. In the head Jeannine it is gardens, right? Yes, it's called a garden, but it's gardens. He said we're in another nucky for raffia kill Allah minha. Oh, Bella rafiqul, Allah minha and your son has attained its very highest level, the level of it for the

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dose. You know that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam said in other Hadith Alfredo's is the center of Paradise and the height of paradise.

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And out of it spring the rivers begin erupt the rivers of paradise.

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And its roof or ceiling is offshore man, the throne of the Most Merciful subhanho wa Taala. And so she found peace in that.

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May Allah be pleased with our heroes, and allow us to keep recollecting their story until the sparks cause a flame to ignite within us and accelerate us towards the right places and the right standing and May Allah beautify our journey to him and you know, perfect our standing before him and forgive us our negligence and our disobedience towards Him. May Allah azza wa jal sent his finest Peace and blessings upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and every last one of the members of his household and his noble companions and gather us with them in a raw theater Allah, Allah Hammami, Zack lovely and everyone