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Ebrahim Bham
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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salat wa salam O Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah

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metabo oma de la kita Baba kitabi when a Sharia Avada Shariati mavado photo village Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem myall fishermen Colin Isla de de buena de setup Allah will ask him, my dear respected elders and brothers, one of the issues that has emerged from the French caricature issue

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is that of freedom and in particular freedom of expression.

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And this is something that comes to the form for it is presented as if

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the reason why the people in certain countries have adopted the caricatures which are demeaning, hurtful, offensive to the entire Muslim Ummah, because it is something hurtful because it it belittles or attempts to belittle, they will never ever be able to belittle our beloved nebia Kareem salsa, but attempts to belittle our beloved nebia cream sauce and the justification that is given with regard to this is it is our freedom, our freedom of expression. So, I thought that today, we will look at this particular aspect What is the meaning of freedom? What is its various expressions, what is his various manifestations? Francesca Falco, k Silsila may take a hammer Musleh g Skeeter f

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Nishan d o T was Addy or bill who sues Azadi right.

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Now, normally you see we give all due to translation because of some of our audience being from that background. And many of our audience are also from the Somali background. So someone said you must do Somali translation also. So now I'm going to try to say one word someone told me city to Hey,

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how are you in Somalia? So inshallah every week I want to learn one, one phrase of Somali also. Nevertheless, what is the meaning of freedom, freedom in the sense that the society must be free from exploitation, free from injustice, free from oppression, free from zulum is amongst the objectives of Islam. And throughout history, Muslims had been in the forefront of this, Islam has placed a lot of emphasis upon freedom, Islam cherishes it, guarantees it for Muslim and non Muslims. Yes, Islam has been in the forefront with regard to it. Islam considers freedom to be the natural right of a human being, life becomes devoid of loving, when a Muslim or any human being is not free.

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There is no there is no joy in life, when a person is not free. When a person loses his freedom, his inner self dies, even though on the outside he continues to live, eating, drinking, etc. And he goes through the motions of life. But when there is no freedom, then there is no joy in life. And this is so important that we understand this. And it is why throughout Islamic history, you know, fighting for freedom, Muslims were in the forefront. I always say that. In Africa, for example, Africa hasn't paid enough tribute to Muslims who fought for freedom in Africa. Look at throughout history, you will find in the forefront of freedom. The people who fought for freedom in Africa were Muslims.

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Amira, Cather in Al Jazeera, in Algeria, Sharif Ahmed solusi, interruptor, Tripoli in Libya. You go on and you go chef, Mohammed Ahmed, in Sudan, and various other people in Nigeria horsmonden folio, all of them they fought for freedom, against exploitation against injustice, against oppression, and who are in the forefront Muslims. So to fight for that type of freedom, that you must be free. The society must be free from oppression from injustice from zulum to Islam,

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zulum settings, Azadi not in Southeast Asia as a de Rana 70 as a de Islamic tollemache Casa

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de mon Australia Judo Jihad Karna muscle manaka Zima Daria, almost a man paralyzing her is a very interesting insert in the books of history.

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American law

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Have you allowed Ron who was the governor of Egypt in the time of photography allowed Toronto? So when because he was the governor, his son. My father is a governor. So they're in Egypt There was once a camel race, the camel race in the camel race. The a non Muslim subject. He is camel out the race, the camel of the son of Abdullah Ahmed in

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his his camera out race, the camel of America as a marine as is the governor, his son, son of the governor. So because of that he became angry. He took out a walk, and he hit the non Muslim over his back because he lost the race. So this non Muslim hurt Kumara loutra who is a person of justice, so he went to Madina munawwara to lay a complaint. What was a complaint that the son of the governor hit me because my Kevin outracing. So Murphy allowed me to call for the governor called the governor called his son put forward the claim established that this is the truth. Amara Viola who, who then told the non Muslim, the way he hit you, you also hit him in written the way he hit you. You also

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hit him in return. When he was about to hit him. morellato said How did he hit you? Did he hit you with your quota on or without your quota? He said he hit me on my bed back without my quota. O'Meara de la Trudeau the son of the governor, take out your quota. Let him hit you on your * and Kumara the ultimo use these amazing words? Oh, the son of Mr. Admiral as Since when have you enslaved people? When were Cadwallader

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era when they mothers gave birth to them as free people. Since when do you make zulum upon people when they mother's gave birth to them as free people Maria Latina caca tuna cups a logo one banana shrew Katya?

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Katya, since whenever you enslave people since whenever you made Salam upon people, Islam does not teach this and such freedom. With regard to such period tippu Sultan, the great freedom fighter in India had made mention it is better to live one day as a liar, said to live 100 years as a wolf in a jackal. It is more preferable for me to live one day as a lion free then instead of living 100 years as someone who is under subjugation. So this freedom is is according to Islam. This is what Islam has taught us and Muslims should always be in the forefront of fighting against oppression and injustice and against job. So, this is one one aspect of freedom. This is a very important point.

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One other meaning of freedom, which is very important, is free will.

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The ability to do your deeds on a free basis. And this is this is part of Allah has granted human being free will to be able to choose his cause in life. in Medina Seville, Mr. Shakira, we're in Makkah fora, I have given you the way, this is the right way, this is the wrong way. And I said, I've given you the way. Now I have given you freedom to do whatever you want. Allah is not going to stop you if you do evil deeds, because there is no freedom. Because of this freedom Allah has given you and now we'll take account from your of your age on the day of combat. If you didn't have free will, Allah couldn't have taken account of your deeds. If Allah for Allah will not take account from

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the sun, Allah will not take account from the moon why they have to carry out the commands of Allah without any option without any freedom. So you Allah has given us freedom free will to do whatever you want. In Amanita Allah samaki will be well Jeevan Fabiana yamina was poppin Amina Muhammad Allah insha Allah presented a manner of complying with the commands of Allah the freedom to choose between right and wrong. Allah gave it to the to the US man, Allah gave it to the to the zamin Allah gave it to the heavens, Allah gave it to the earth, they refuse to accept it. Well hamana hollinshead Allah subhanho wa Taala then gave it to me in San in San took it upon himself, that he will do good deeds,

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on the basis of freedom of choice. And this freedom of wealth is something that we and I we are we are living with. Now you cannot you cannot force someone to accept them. You cannot force someone to do righteous deeds to Islam, or as Africa egg mclubbe

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McCarrick Italian Islam data inside in San hood mortarion Allah tala kita of Jessa or a son in Sancho ECD gay Azadi.

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Allah will give us reward and punishment on the day of Tiamat

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on the basis of our freedom of choice, if we did not have freedom of choice, what is the meaning of

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rewards what is the reward or what is the meaning of punishment? What is the meaning of gender? What is the meaning of jahannam Allah gives us the choice and because of the choice and that has made us free whenever you ask

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him Matera Kali

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What a beautiful was if allowed to have stopped people and if not Allah what we have seen is people the moment they do wrong, then then they would have been no empty and they would have been no freedom of choice. Therefore Allah tala says I allow you to do evil, but I will allow you to a certain level in our agenda masama the day come when you die the after Allah will take account from you with regard to your needs. In our history, there's a very amazing person by the name of your mom Sophia sorry, Mama Sophia story, his name is Thor thought means a buffalo. Now you ask why did a person use in his name a buffalo mentioned is made with regard to his Allah with his condition. One

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day he went out of the merchant against the Sunnah. Instead of going out of the masjid for the left leg, he went out to the right head, and he heard an unseen voice telling him Oh Thor, who buffalo What are you doing you bring against a tsunami.

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He because normally, and that doesn't just ties you when you do wrong, because it will go against pretty well. He put that word soul in his name. So Fiona sorry.

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So what is so one meaning of Azadi one meaning of freedom is what one meaning of freedom is, society must be free from oppression, society must be free from injustice, society must be free from zulum that is what Islam has taught us and Islam has taught us to strive for it. The second meaning of his freedom is Azadi. You know what free will. And that free will is part of what we are in this world. That is why Allah Allah will give us reward and punishment that is also according to Islam. One other meaning that in today's time, which has become popular, what is the meaning of freedom, I can do whatever I want to do.

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This, this is one of the worst understanding of the meaning of freedom, we feel that freedom means I can do whatever I want to do, it never actually happens. But we've got this perception, that freedom means I must have the ability to say whatever I want, I must have the ability to think whatever I want, I must have the ability to do whatever I want. Normally, that freedom does not exist because it is the it is the basis of chaos and instability by someone today who goes on the road. And he says now Why must I go and drive on the on the left hand side of the road? I'm gonna drive from now on what's on the right hand side of the road, because in South Africa heard the Constitution

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guarantees freedom. What's gonna happen, not only he's gonna create excellence, he himself will not be able to go from point A to point B. That type of freedom is the basis of chaos and instability. It is a basis of great amount of fitna facade and turmoil. That type of freedom Islam does not allow, especially with regard to Islam. Islam does not allow such deceptive understanding of freedom. My dear respected brothers understand this what I'm saying Islam means submission to the will of Allah apne aapko Allah tala come to support Karna Yeah, Islam or Azadi, good Azadi Joe Coachella, Casa de yeto, support khilafah. And one is Islam means what does it mean? It means that

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you submit yourself to the commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is a very intensive thesis of freedom. So now you've got a choice. If you want to be free to do whatever you want to say whatever you want to think whatever you want, then go and do it. But you can call yourself a Muslim, because a Muslim submits himself to the will of Allah. And the moment you say, I submit to the will of Allah, I'm a Muslim. And a Muslim when he says, I submit to the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then he can think he can do he can say whatever he wants, every action of his he is

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covered, governed by the commands of Alaska. You got your choice, sis. So two, two aspects, two meanings of freedom. I've said Islam has encouraged and Islam agrees upon this particular aspect of Islam, that I can do whatever I want. I can say whatever one, it is far removed from an Islamic perspective freedom. And this is something you have to call as a Muslim. Yeah. Kelowna YAHWAH kimi ga kuru Bazar KCC. modality, is turkey Azadi dunya main Tisha or fitna para la casa Baba, Islam Katya

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Allah Tanaka comm Kasama support karma or his commitment as admin homicide in Aikido chakra hamari how are ya Allah

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alakea calm kP kanayama that is something that we have to keep in mind. And the same thing applies with regard to our statements. Now, you know today when we look at this whole particular aspect, the way it has been framed in the media, the way it has been framing the media, just look at how it is premier media. We are in the European states, we are in the West, we are for freedom of expression, and we are the villa and Muslims against freedom of expression. That's how they put it. Now, when you frame it in that way, it seems as we Muslims are not progressive, we are against progress, we are against freedom. It's not we have to change the narrative. The narrative is not about freedom of

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expression, and not freedom of expression. And I will say that how we have to change this whole particular narrative it is that it is about the freedom to remain without insult and the freedom to insert the freedom to insult to denigrate, to belittle, to look down upon people to hurt the feelings, the feelings of people, to offend people, the freedom to do that. And the freedom from insult, the freedom from insult the freedom from belittling people, to freedom from denigrating people, I asked you just look at this. Can you imagine a society? Can you imagine a society where everyone feels that according to this, we got freedom to insult, we've got the freedom to belittle.

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And therefore everyone in the society they belittle and denigrate, and they hurt people. So from the morning you get up, can you imagine you get up, I got this freedom. So the morning the person gets up, the child comes in, he abuses the parent, the parent comes and swears the child, you go into your your business, the employer, the boss, he swears the employee, the employee interns abuses the employer, you go to the filling station, instead of asking the person nicely which Islam teaches us, you start swearing and abusing the person. You said, do this and do that. Can you imagine what type of society you are going to live in? Or what is gone wrong with human beings? Can they see the

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difference between civility between that which is freedom from insults, and the freedom to insult and belittle and denigrate. And yet the people say that Muslims are against freedom of expression, we say we want we want people to use their freedom responsibly in such a manner, they do not hurt, they do not offend. They do not look down upon people aligned. The Holy Quran tells us we're calling everybody a fool that he has some talent to people that when they speak, they should speak with with beauty. They should speak with kindness, they should speak to one another in a way they don't hurt and offended the feelings of one another as a Muslim woman, Solomon, Muslim, Mona, Lisa, d, y d, a

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Muslim is he that other Muslims and other human human beings are saved from the evil and the hurt of his hands and his tongue. The Quran is replete with instructions with regard to the manner of our speech. Words are tools of communication through which we manifest our inner feelings. But you know, not only our feelings, the way you talk to people, it makes a big difference. You can either destroy them, you can either build them, you know, and through the use of words, we build lasting relationships, or we destroy relationships. Our tanks can either be instruments of love, are weapons of destruction, and creating hatred. Right? our tongues is this and words, kind words can change

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someone's entire day. It can inspire, it can motivate, it can lift, or it can destroy brotherhood. It can destroy relationship, it can destroy communities in can destroy societies. What do we want to do? Which one will do? Rumi said, raise your voice. Raise your words, not your voice. Let your words be good. Don't raise your voice your your voice. Raise your words. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. rumina Kaka What an amazing thing. Rumi said raise your words, not your voice. In fact, Allah tala tells us in the Holy Quran, don't speak very loudly. Don't shout, don't abuse. Raise your words. Don't raise your voice. It is rain that grows flowers not Thunder, Thunder never ever growth

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grow flowers. By you shouting at other people, nothing is gonna happen.

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Today, even your children won't listen to you if you shout and abused. If we speak to them kindly, they're more likely to listen to you.

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So this is what Islam has taught. It said yes. Freedom with dignity, freedom with responsibility. Anyone who feels freedom is that I can do what hour I can do whatever I want without any consequences. Without any responsibility. He is gravely mistaken with every choice you make as a free person. With every choice you make as a free person. These are consequences to your choice. With every choice you make as a free person, there is a consequences to your choice. If you are going to use your freedom in a destructive manner, then be prepared to have a decent

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consequences. And of course in this I don't want to go on making mention with regard to the whole aspect, there is so much of double standards. France has the most restrictive privacy law, some of the most toughest hate speech laws in the European Union. They ban the Holocaust denial, we as Muslims, we have not done the Holocaust. We are not happy with regard what happened in the past, we had to suffer the consequences of the Holocaust, but to deny the Holocaust, in the European Union is, is outlawed, then ways of freedom of speech. Why is it that a selective morality with regard to freedom of speech, which shows a deeply contradictory attitudes towards freedom of speech, we can go

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on making mention with regard to it, but instead of talking about them, let us understand our aspect of freedom. I have given you three understandings of the word freedom, one, two of them which is according to what Islam has taught. One is society must be free from oppression, injustice and zulum. That is, according to Islam, which we must strive towards. The other aspect with regard to freedom is free one, Islam has taught us free will because of that Allah will take us to account of the day of gamut and our reward and punish us because on the basis Allah is giving you free will is another aspect of freedom, which is destructive, I can do whatever I want, irrespective of the

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consequences. Islam does not allow for such freedom. May Allah give us a topic of understanding

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