Mohamad Baajour – DUAA for the Khayr of Dunia & Akhirah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various topics related to Islam, including a woman named Emery who claims to have been killed by a woman named Shayla Haying, a woman named Shayla Haying who claims to have been killed by a woman named Shayla Haying, a woman named Shayla Haying who claims to have been killed by a woman named Shayla Haying, a woman named Shayla Haying who claims to have been killed by a woman named Shayla Haying, a woman named Shayla Haying who claims to have been killed by a woman named Shayla Haying, and a woman named Shayla Haying who claims to have been killed by a woman named Shayla H
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My beloved brothers and sisters

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one of the

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strongest factor for me and you to stay away from committing sins is our iman

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the stronger our Eman is, the harder it will become to fall into sin

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and tonight's DA

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is a DUA to strengthen that barrier.

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Above railroad the hola Juan he said that our solos I seldom used to frequently say this dua and the Hadith in Sahih Muslim

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Allahumma us literally Dini, a lady who is smarter. Emery was slightly dunya a Latifi. Her ma she was a slightly akhira t and let he lay her mahadi What's your handle Hayata Xia that an Leeming qualifier will motor ra Hutton Li Ming Cooley SHA,

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Allah He amazing God and like I always remind myself and I remind you remember who taught us this

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whom ALLAH blessed him with concise speech. This dua came to be said has dua dream this is a great dua that encompass the dunya and akhira. Hola Hola. Slightly dini? A lady who is smart to Emery

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ya Allah make my Deen set right? Because it is the ESMA that's why I started in the beginning. Asthma is like an obstacle. It Allah strengthened my Deen so all my affairs will be safeguarded. Ya Allah make all my bad that sincerely to your sincerely for your sake. Because in order to have the right Deen it has the unknown has to be sincerely done for Allah and they have to be done according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah Islam. This is the only Deen that is accepted. Ya Allah make my Deen solid, the deen that pleases you the path that leads me to you. Yeah Allah make all my salad perfect my cm my zakat my hash all my eBay that are slightly Dini because Ya Allah, the strongest my deen

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the strongest my Esma the stronger I am from falling into sin. A brother the other day is showing me a picture of his son's graduation from high school. And I looked at the picture, they have a

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couple of girls without his job. So those this is this is my daughter.

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She's in the 11th grade. I said have you ever

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discussed a jab with her? She said I don't like I don't like to discuss these matters with my daughter, when she is convinced she will do it.

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I said can I ask you a question? He said yes. Go ahead.

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I said if your daughter comes to you and said, Baba,

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I don't want to continue my education. Will you have a discussion with her?

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Yes, yes. This is one thing and this is another thing.

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This is one thing and this is another thing to learn. Even if we differentiate between them. The other thing is more important than this thing.

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If you want the child, Allah How can we all have some kind of issues in raising our children? You want to raise them and feel safe? Teach them the proper deen

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and leave them to Allah azza wa jal. The dean by itself will stop them from many things that you are worried about. As long as you make them do it for the sake of Allah. Not for the sake What would people say?

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But the hijab otherwise, what would people say? Come with me to Joomla What would people say? The minute you raise your children on what would people say? That means their reward is with the people and you have neglected Allah and His orders. So if you Allah Allah can teach this to your children, so they can strengthen their barrier. Allah Allah slightly Dini, a lady who are Esma is asthma the same and asthma metasomatism Asthma Yeah, to make it as smooth Emery was slightly dunya a Latifi How am I asked Ya Allah? US letters from Salah right? Righteous make my dunya salejaw Because your Allah all my affairs all my life is in it Yanni ya Allah because look how comprehensive this

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knew the good wife. Good children. Good job, good income, good health. All that in the dunya was slightly duniya, Fiamma ashy my hieght is here Allah wa slowly akhira T allottee la Hammadi ya Allah also might make my Acura salejaw Because at the end of the day all these all these actions that I'm doing are either going to fix my Acura or they can ruin my Acura so ya Allah make my Acura saleha because all my Armelle I'm gonna see the effort result in the Acura this is what I'm going back this is where I'm doing all these actions so I can see them in the AF era while slightly akhira t let he let you

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listen to this when Shannon Hayato Xia that an Lehmann qualifier your Allah make this life as long as I'm living make all the hire come to me make the all the hire abundant in my life, all kinds of cave all kinds of cave make it up as long as I'm living make all the * come to me from left and right and up and down from everywhere. Which I didn't notice.

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And yeah, Allah make death Raha it comfort for me from every evil Allahu Akbar

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which I did moto Rohatyn Li Min coalition. Oh, this fit and the term going through ya Allah if these fit and are going to affect me and ruin my Asherah take my life.

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Maybe because the moment the true believer he cannot wait to meet Allah azza wa jal or Salah Salem told us this dunya is the jail of the believer.

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And the Jana of the non believer.

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Anytime somebody tell him you're going to be released from jail, he's very happy.

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even harsher Hola.

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He was passing just with his nice beautiful clothes riding his nice horse and he passed by a Jew who was begging in Medina.

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So the Jew told him I thought your Prophet said that this dunya is the jail of the believer.

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And this is the agenda for the non believer. Look at me and look at you.

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So listen to the answer of the scholar. He said all this luxury that you see me in compared to the luxury I'm get. I'm getting in the Acura is as if I'm in jail. And all that misery that you are in compared to the what you're gonna get in the Acura you are in Jannah right now.

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So you have one beautiful guy I'm gonna repeat it one more time and repeat after me Allahumma a slightly Dini a lady who Esma to Emery while slightly accurate it was slightly dunya ality fee him as he was slightly naughty

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allottee Elijah. Maddie was Al Hayato Xia that an Li Min qualifier. While moto Rohit and Lee Min Cooley coalition. I mean, I mean as usual, anybody wants to die let me know God you

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a levena woovina sala de force your own well levena umani love we weren't born well levena Zeca define Moon will levy now whom only followed him have you hone in

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on why game a woman and get a man in now whom will you marry me

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