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This audio encompasses the beautiful Salah read on Eid ul Fitr followed by its Khutbah, which underlines celebration of Ramadan, experiencing ease in the month of Ramadan, constantly seeking the pleasure and worshipping Allah SWT with sincerity, thanking Allah for the bounties and favors bestowed upon us, experiencing deprivation whilst fasting, Sunnah of smiling, being presentable and taking a different route after the salah of Eid ul Fitr in order to inspire non-muslims.

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About Daood Butt

Daood Butt

Sheikh Daood Butt was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. He has always had a desire to learn and teach Islam. Following secondary studies, he obtained a degree in Automotive Technology and was nominated amongst Canadas Top Graduates of 2002. During this time, he studied with local Imams and was hired as an Imam and Quran instructor at a local mosque.

He went on to study at the Islamic University of Madinah for seven years, during which he completed a Diploma in Arabic Language followed by a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology and Islamic Dawah from the Faculty of Dawah and Usool Ad-Deen in 2010.

Upon returning to Montreal he was involved in various Dawah activities including giving lectures and khutbahs in English, French, and Arabic. He has always been especially interested in youth related programs and is quick to develop a rapport with them. With an eagerness to continue learning Islam, Shaykh Daood is currently pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Islamic and Other Civilizations at the International Islamic University in Malaysia.

Sheikh Daood hates wasting time and being late, and is keen on attendance so much so that upon completing his Arabic Diploma he was awarded a certificate for not having been late a single class. He maintains a high level of respect for his teachers, and always remembers fine details about the people he meets. He is a jack of all trades, and enjoys cars, perfume, sunglasses, and most of all, playing with his daughter!

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