Eid Al-Fitr 2015 Prayer and Khutbah

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This audio encompasses the beautiful Salah read on Eid ul Fitr followed by its Khutbah, which underlines celebration of Ramadan, experiencing ease in the month of Ramadan, constantly seeking the pleasure and worshipping Allah SWT with sincerity, thanking Allah for the bounties and favors bestowed upon us, experiencing deprivation whilst fasting, Sunnah of smiling, being presentable and taking a different route after the salah of Eid ul Fitr in order to inspire non-muslims.

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The importance of fasting during the month ofams is discussed, including the difficulty of the heat and the struggles of daily activities like drinking water and eating healthy. The success of Islam has led to people not being able to enjoy foods they normally enjoy. The church's ability to practice Joshua's rune during the month ofusually prayer is also highlighted, along with the importance of not missing prayer and not being afraid of social media. The importance of acceptance of one's own gender to build friendships and a sense of community is emphasized, along with peace and blessings from the Prophet and the need for everyone to forgive others.

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okay so for those brothers and maybe even sisters that might be on the outside that didn't hear we will create these models with seven seconds at the beginning and an additional five at the beginning of the second okay you just need to raise your hands when I say Obama quote and tie your hands and just pray regularly after that

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I need attention from Nigeria that the family brother sisters have missed a prayer, we will have another

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15 So, anyone who missed the page shala please join us the last day of prayer 1016

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Why not an hour ago in LA he mostly slean Allahu Dino. I know Kenny, holy cow if you're on my brothers and sisters in Islam. Today is the day of Read, read and filter. The data was the handle of water Allah has blessed us with in terms of being able to celebrate the ending of this blessed month of Ramadan that has just departed from us. I asked each and every one of us to constantly seek the pleasure of a wealth of how to what to highlight, even after this blessing, month of Ramadan, and loss of how to what to hide that tells us in the Quran, in the surah sorry in Surah two bekah in the verse where he mentions fasting, and at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, we constantly will

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quote this verse shall hold on lavonne and levy one zero v Hill for

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on Firmin shanita, Minh como Chava.

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Woman Canada Maria one suffering very good to meet

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you up to more who be como use whether you need to become a nurse when he took me to Laredo when he took care of biro walhalla haidakhan. When

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my brothers and sisters in Islam, we constantly quotes this verse at the beginning of the month of our Milan to tell us the importance of fasting and why we fasted and for those that need to maybe take a day or two off from fasting, they have the concession, the ability, the leeway from Allah subhanho wa Taala to take a day or two off those that are sick, those that might be traveling that is mentioned here, but then Allah subhana wa Jalla says in the near the end of the the verse

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Somehow towards Allah says you read through all will be common useful while you read to be cooler. So this is an interesting statement by Allah subhanho wa Taala the month of fasting the month where each and every one of us feels as though it's going to be difficult. And here are some power China says that he wishes for us beauty the love will be familiar so although wishes and wants for you to have ease while you read to be cooler, so and he does not want for you to go through any difficulty, but the month of Ramadan was difficult, wasn't it? No, it wasn't at the very beginning of this month of Ramadan. Each and every one of us thought this was going to be the hardest Ramadan ever. The days

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were the longest days of the year. The heat is one of the most intensified, you know, temperatures during this season of summer, we could say in Canada, the summer season. And so last summer, I don't know what to highlight shows us that at the beginning of this month of Ramadan, we thought it was going to be extremely difficult. We thought that these were going to be long we thought that's in Panama, you know at nine o'clock now on the day and I'm craving some water. But during the month of Ramadan at nine o'clock, I wouldn't even think of water. In fact at 9pm is when you start to think of water 12 hours from now. So we thought it was going to be difficult, but it was somehow the boys

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who hadn't made it easy.

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He made it so easy that for almost every single brother and sister that asked me questions about Ramadan, they said so Panama this month of Ramadan has been the easiest for them. The days were the longest, but Allah subhanho wa Taala made it from amongst the easiest. And so he says you read the log will be common use whether you need to be promoted when he took military or was handed over to Allah encourages us to continue to fast throughout the entire month. Don't worry, trust the loss of Hanoi, Thailand, he will make those long and hard days extremely easy. But without the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala every single thing that we do will feel difficult. And this is why we noticed

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during this blessed month, we connected with a wall we got as close to him as we could during this entire month. And then Allah made it extremely, extremely easy for each and every one of us to the extent that now when we look back at this month of Ramadan, we shed tears because we miss it. We look back at the month of Ramadan and it passed by us with the blink of an eye. I remember weeks ago we were thinking oh this kind of love 30 days of 117 and a half hour fasts and now we look back and we think it's gone and it's over. And do we feel any sort of difficulty upon us right now. Do we feel difficulty upon us? I haven't been in now we're happy we're pleased we're wearing perfume. The

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air freshener is spraying out perfume. My clothing is nice your clothing is nice every one of us is dressed up beautifully for the day of the week to celebrate the ease that Allah subhana wa tada has brought us in our lives.

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So my brothers and sisters with sincerity worship becomes easy and here have also kind of word to Allah is giving us an example after the month of Ramadan and also how to where to hide it continues to want is for us. He wishes he is to be upon us always and forever. And this is why he has made the deen easy for people that seek near nice to him. My brothers and sisters who went to Highland then says what do you do kabiru law her I love her.

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When he to camp Nero wa Haida

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to praise Allah subhana wa Jalla always and constantly for what he has guided you towards and he has guided us towards this blessing month of Ramadan that we can use to the best of our ability but even better than that he guided us towards Islam. For many people in this country, they don't have what we have. They're not enjoying the beautiful colors and the nice smells that we're enjoying today. They will not enjoy the foods that we will go and enjoy today. They will not appreciate the foods that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us and that's one of the reasons why we fast during the month of Ramadan. Aside from seeking taqwa and increasing in our top one Eamon Allah subhana wa gyla makes

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us remember those that don't have and that's why we pay that SOHCAHTOA finnfoam that said that runs on the fifth of that fidra that we give at the end of the month of Ramadan or just before the end of Ramadan so that those that don't have what we are going to enjoy, they will have it as well. So every single person from the Ahmed Mohammed Salaam worldwide a US citizen will enjoy the beautiful bounties of a masakazu China

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In terms of food,

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my brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala then goes on to say,

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when I look on the dashboard on

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you read the wall will be familiar. What are you read in the corner so what he took me to America when he too can build Long Island home without a local Middle School. Now this was a month where it seemed difficult. Allah subhanho wa Taala made it easy. He tells us to continue to praise Him and to seek near this troublesome kind of want to highlight that just so that you may give things to a loss of have a bullet to highlight how would we give things why would we give things when the knees were extremely long for us and the Knights were super short that we couldn't eat food. And we looked at people in the southern hemisphere like those who are in South Africa very download those that are in

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Australia, you know, underneath the world who stand upside down on the globe, right? We look at them and we say some kind of album made it easy for them. He made it difficult for us

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so that we would thank Allah subhanho wa Taala give thanks to Allah subhana wa tada why that's not fair. Many people think it's not fair. Why is it so difficult for us?

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Remember my brothers and sisters, there are people who when they're sitting for insaat dinner eat like us right now. bongs are flying over their heads.

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Remember my brothers and sisters on the day of read when they walk out of the mustard do they look left and right to make sure no one is going to shoot them in the back. Remember brothers and sisters when they come out of the mustard on the day of read if they can even make it to the mustard on the day of their eat. They worry that someone might take their child's life before the 19 comes.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says praise Him and thank him, thank him for what he's given us. thank him for this beautiful weather that we enjoy. Thank you also can win China for the peace and tranquility and security that we enjoy in Canada. Thank Allah subhana wa tada for he has placed us in a part of the world that we are capable of withstanding, there is no guarantee that any of us is capable of withstanding the trials and difficulty that other muslimeen are going through in different countries. Thank you most of handle whatever he has given us this month to open our eyes. And it's a month where we continue to praise him. We continue to thank him and we continue to remember a loss

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of Hannah who want to take advantage of this freedom take advantage of being able to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala easily on the streets of Canada is in the Muslim and Muslim owner praying in the parks. They're praying in you know the the the stadiums we have an ability to come to the machine and park our cars safely. We can come and open the doors and no one is going to shoot us through the doors. We can pray very comfortably anywhere even outside of Milan inside of the shopping malls inside of our schools inside of our workplaces. We can pray inside of our homes. There are Muslims in different parts of the world that governments come and knock on their door and put aside this is

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the home of a Muslim and then they will come to their house every day at the time of prayer and enter their house and make sure that they do not pray. They will force feed them alcohol they will force feed them pork, they will make them do that during the month of Ramadan. And that is a blessing that we enjoy over here in Canada being able to practice our Deen so 911 Joshua rune thank Allah subhanho wa Taala but remember those in your drug war, suffering from this among those that are living from amongst the Muslims as well as the non Muslims that are being tried that are being tested, that are being punished that are being prosecuted and persecuted those that are going

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through such hardships, ask Allah subhana wa island to make it easy for all those who are in justice to seek justice.

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who not only had an awful lot, but still feel in number one.

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Along along

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hadn't my brothers and sisters in

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law some kind of way

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Adam has seen us commenting in so closely during this month of Ramadan. We were blessed with the ability as we mentioned, to have nice places of worship, where we can come and seek the newness of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the masjid as well as outside of the masjid. But to remember after this month of Ramadan, the loss of Hannah Montana, our Lord, that we worship during the month of Ramadan is the same Lord that we worship outside of Ramadan. The law that we prayed to yesterday during Ramadan is the same a law that we pray to today during Ramadan and Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, Guney coo coo coo Li wanna

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remember a loss of habitat and he says remember me that Guney? Come when you remember me I will remember you

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wish Rooney what a form and thank Allah subhanho wa Taala and do not commit an act of code for an act that will take you towards ships. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for each and every one of us to continue our event and our worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala after Ramadan as we did during the Ramadan, we ask Allah subhana wa tada not to make us from amongst those that only come to Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day reads, or on the day of Juma or on the days of Ramadan and in the nights of Ramadan but we don't come to him outside of the month of Ramadan and on those special days we asked a loss of animal attire to protect us, my brothers and sisters today is the

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day of very easy, but it is also the day of jamara. So when Juma or when sala tillery falls on the day of Jamaica, you do not have to come for their for the Juma prayer. Okay, you do not have to come for the Juma prayer. I know in our heads logically it makes sense to us that the Juma prayer is compulsory and for many people they follow the opinion that the age prayer is a certain number of Kedah or it's a funky fire so we we feel in things that in our brains according to logic do my house is compulsory and they're easy if we miss it, no big deal but it's actually the opposite on the day of age when it lands on the Friday the prophet SAW a long ride he was sending them in over a dozen

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Heidi had told us a habit and let us have a go on the day of joma you can leave if he falls on the day of junior high after after the football you can go and enjoy your family your time with your family you can go and enjoy your eat you can go and enjoy your food you can go in enjoy yourself. But the prophet SAW online he was selling them told them to pre sell that to farm.

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So if you do not come for Salatu Juma don't miss.

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Don't miss crane. So that's a bomb. Okay, so it's important for us to know that and understand it however it is even though the muslimeen do not have to come first to Juma the mountain still has to come therefore I will be here for a while to Gemini today but the photos will be very similar to this book but we will only go over a few things reminding us of the importance of eight. So for those that want to enjoy their time and drive a little bit far away from the mustard to spend some time with family go the prophets on love. I think he was some of them. Let the Sahaba do that. Go and enjoy yourself. Enjoy your eat. This is the day where you can rejoice and eat and and spend time

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with your families. But don't forget to your regular prayers. My brothers and sisters Remember to be good to one another remember that this is a day where Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to be good to each other we don't only dress nice for ourselves and for others to look good and say Mashallah You look good, but you look good so you can be presentable to others. You can be in a good example to others Muslim as well as non Muslim shake the hands of those who are the same gender of you and say Sam Riley come give them a hug, right say or you could go home and want to behave. If it is someone of the opposite gender that is not my home for you. Then just you know you can meet your family

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members they are eager about football a lot of women know women can refrain from any physical contact and hamdulillah it's the day of read when you see your Muslim brothers and sisters say

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enjoy the day. Rejoice. This is a day that I wasn't happy with Allah has made I need a fifth of the day of celebration of food where we get to feast where we can break our fast and we can eat and enjoy after 30 days of not eating. My brothers and sisters.

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Remember that on the lawn. This is the last point that I will make. Remember that all bond has made us better people. And this month alone alone is gone.

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But we are still here when it happened. We are still here.

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I'm also handled what Allah has made us better people during this month. And so it is an example for us. The closer we come to a law, the closer Allah Subhana Allah to Allah sees you approaching him, the closer he comes to you, the quicker he comes to you, as we mentioned in our football a few weeks ago, Oh awesome had a word to highlight comes closer to us more than we come closer to him. So when we come a step closer to him, he comes steps closer to us. And so we're all alone. And that has made us better people. Let's remember outside of Ramadan for the next 11 months, the more we come closer to a loss of Hanover went to Holland, the better we become as individuals, the more we become ideal

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citizens for the rest of society. The more we break this stereotype of us being a terrorist and bad people, people who never smile hits us suddenly not to smile. It's something that the smile and even though it is you know, a time where somehow the Habib is supposed to deliver a powerful message, we still are encouraged to smile. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loves to or love to smile and love to encourages so how then is companions to smile to Muslims as well as non Muslims, he would interact nicely with the Jewish with the Christian that were in society. And that was the example of the profits on long run and he was sending them my brothers and sisters on your way home

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today. take a different route so that those that saw you coming for eat will not see you again. They are already curious why were all these Muslims wearing beautiful clothing? take a different route so that those that did not see you will see you they will say Wow, look at those Muslims. They're such you know, dressed nicely, we could smell perfume. Our whole city smells nice simply because the Muslims are dressed nice, smell nice, look nice. And we should be like this every single day my brothers and sisters. So we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to grant us the ability to be those individuals that are good, simply because we come closer to him during Ramadan. And it's a way for

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us to continue that through throughout the rest of the year.

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My brothers and sisters we have also kind of want to highlight it you have to forgive each and every one of us. I mean, we may ask also Kailua Thailand to send peace and blessings upon the Prophet so among many who ascended them, I mean, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forget all of those that stood during the month of Ramadan. We asked her not to forgive all those that fasted during the month of Ramadan, we ask Allah Subhana Allah Dinah to forgive all of those that could not fast but wanted to but couldn't for some medical reason or some physical you know, reason that they could not do to forgive them as well of their sins we asked for was a conduit to Allah to make it easy for all

00:32:47--> 00:33:26

those that are suffering and grants peace to the people and Muslims in Pakistan. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant peace to the people in Burma. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to read peace to the people in the monastery We ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant peace to the people in Syria. We have so awesome Pamela diamond to bring peace to the people in Egypt. We ask Allah subhana wa diamond to grant peace to the people in China We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant peace to the people in Central Africa. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant peace and tranquility in the hearts of every single person Muslim or non Muslim. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to save this

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world and this oma from the difficulties and the hardships that we see and that we face. The problem in in Estonia I need to Ballina in the world with my team or someone was Salam. O Allah. Mohammed. He was off me engineering pulled around in wanting to give a

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woman a woman from a

00:33:49--> 00:33:59

MOBA. I asked him awesome heavenwards Island debranching a beautiful blessed day or you move on to each and every one of you was set up or I didn't hold on, somebody will

00:34:06--> 00:34:07

give me a second.