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al hamdu lillahi Allah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Gambia will study.

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He was having Casa limiter Sleeman. kathira

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Rocky, Kalia stability Niala Muna Willa Dena moon akaltara pukekura Bismillah pika Livia Fanuc. Sarah Hello nauseum. My dear respected elders and brothers as we are all aware that we are in the beginning of the educational year in South Africa. The beginning of the year in South Africa coincides also with the beginning of the educational year, people go to school madrasa and universities at the beginning of the year, and I thought it was really appropriate that we speak about knowledge in today's ban is hufton Mahamaya. Ptolemy salka has won his sleigh his que para Lmk for wide, or lmks near Birmingham by anchoring, the first way that came down upon our beloved nebia

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Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam after 650 years. And this fee is known in the Quran as a threat to

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the time in which where he was suspended. Because before that, there was always where he did used to come the greatest amount of time between the Ambien mo Salatu was Salam is the time between the Salah Salatu was Salam in our delivered via Karim sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the first way that came down after such a great period of time was really an indication on the importance of knowledge in Islam. He Salli Salatu was Salam kebab, che Sol Sol Cuba, cha cha Sol, Cuba, Japan where he is amine peraturan or Allah tala kita

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Ylang Kashmir, Cabernet, Hamid Mata Mata Ki Nieto. Because of this, there was great amount of an unprecedented enthusiasm for the propagation and for the acquisition of knowledge in our area, and all types of knowledge, all branches of knowledge, as I will go on to explain. I gave this example how many examples they were with regard to how the previous scholars and generations how much emphasis they put upon knowledge jabil bin Abdullah the Allah Tran who travels from Medina to Damascus, Harmony amongst journey, and he goes and he goes and meets a scholar. To learn what hadith of our beloved nebia Kareem salsa, Medina said demisch series egg and if cohasset technically

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will suffer. For one ad he travels one month, he comes to the person who knows the Hadith. And while he is he doesn't even get off the camera. He says, relate to me this ad and amazingly he knew the Hadith, but he wanted to hear it because this person in Damascus had heard it from one narrator less from the narration and from the transmitters that he knew it from. He hears the Hadith immediately he takes his camera and returns back to Medina. The person says Where are you going? Where have you come from? He said Who are you dabbing? Where are they from? Where Medina. He says Where are you going?

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I'm going back. I only came to listen to one Hadith I only came to learn this one Hadith. That was a type of emphasis that was with regard to knowledge. Now via creme de la when he was sent me to

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Florida to Nanakuli Muslim. The acquiring of knowledge is compulsory upon each and every believer, male or female. Every believer has to have knowledge.

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This is something therefore if someone ever says that an ignorant Muslim, it's not supposed to exist, because knowledge is not something that is optional. It is compulsory. Maybe Kareem Allahu Allah He was celebrated for market in Africa hustle cannot

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just Tara salad for us

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a giant musalman

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it's impossible to say a person is an ignorant Muslim after the VA

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has made the acquisition of knowledge compulsory the one point that of course, is something that we need to explain. I got an alarm for us head on silent for us if you let me know

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compulsory what is for us what is compulsory? Is it compulsory for you to know all branches of knowledge? Is it compulsory for you to become a doctor? No. Is it compulsory for you to become a lawyer Definitely not. Is it compulsory for you to become an alien not phenomenon

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taco city and Atlanta says not everyone is going to become an argument in every in every community they must be those people who are late to photography D who has in depth knowledge of of in depth knowledge of the heart a capacitor a katana aluminium is not compulsory. So what is compulsory? So, what am I have written with every for us in Islam, there is a commensurate for us to know the requirements of that for us, oh this is very important more important than what you and I actually understand and perceive. If salad is compulsory upon you, it is compulsory for you to know the basic muscle of salad. If sometimes we have a situation where you know you get lost in the second and

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third record now what happens when you make such a complicated master you can go to an ally but then how to know make sense that we have to know you're going for Hajj it's compulsory for you to know the basic What am I supposed to do you getting married it's compulsory for you to know the aspect of what is required from you from a spouse. As a husband it is compulsory for you know for you to know that to give three classes

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it's compulsory for you to know that if you are going into a business it is compulsory for you to know the basic halal and haram of business

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telamon halali farinata.

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To acquire halal risk is for us now that is for us. comes up commensurate for us for you to know the basic Messiah, otherwise we need we need to analyze risk.

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No one is going to get there was one day a person who was sitting in his room. He was sitting in his room and he said he heard someone saying for 250 ran one time investment. sit and eat for the rest of your life. For 250 Rand investment, eat sit and eat for the rest of your life. And we will attempt we are suckers. How many times people have got caught up with pyramid schemes every time so this person said 250 raise I wouldn't eat for the rest of my life. He went out to see he was selling he

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said to

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set it for the rest of your life. So we need these aspects of an internal risk.

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I didn't matter hilum Castle Coronavirus

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Hola, Monica, Cadiz kamkar karna Panda perphenazine busca de la salle Carnaby.

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Salud para ser Escobar, me Jana Surah Surah for us. Now, this tells us the importance of the mucked up

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what we know to the madressa and humbler in South Africa, we have a situation that people go to the market, they go to the madrasa, you have a tally you have a syllabus, the geometry Lamas does Hill series Alhamdulillah is being used throughout the world.

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Now that particular aspect we come to know the importance This is for us. All other branches of knowledge.

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school, university I will make mention of but this is absolutely compulsory. And we have to say that the compulsion and the importance that is deserves nowadays we don't give that particular type of importance to it. With regard to our children. We don't give it as a mana. Manzano monniera Talalay has said, you have got two options, either see to the proper tarbiat and knowledge of your children in madressa. or risk the apostasy of your children.

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If you don't take send them to the madrasa, then you risk the aspect with regard to apostasy as that Muhammad Ali has written, the best way to preserve Islamic identity is through the means of the madrasa and the motto of Islamic Tushar, Cusco, burka,

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subsea ham cheese. woman's mucked up Madonna. madressa Jana, send your children. Allah allama Iqbal Rahmatullah Li went to Spain when he came back, you know, he wrote this and it is recorded in his talks and he said, that let the children of the Muslims attend.

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madrasahs should these madrasahs not be here? I have seen with my own eyes What is going to happen? If the Muslims of India are deprived of the influence of these madrasahs it will happen exactly like what happened in Andalusia in Spain after 800 years of Muslim rule there, except the relics of the winds of Granada and Cordoba in Alhambra, there will be nothing left of Islam.

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And today, what we find the moment we find something, you know, the child has an appointment, do it in madressa time, you have a headache, go to school, don't go to madrasa. What are you teaching your children, you are teaching your children to grow up with a mindset, that deal is not important. Dunya is important. Then afterwards, if you become a situation where they turn against DD, they don't make it part of the parents who are who is going to be playing, we have set the scenes with regard to bringing into our children, that Islam indeed is a second second rate thing. So, this is the importance give it is important, this is for us for you to know what you are supposed to do as a

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Muslim as far as on other aspects. You our alumni have said it doesn't mean that it is haram. Now, the aspect with regard to you know acquiring knowledge going to school, contemporary knowledge, university is equal. It is mobile, sometimes it can be further tifia. I made mention how many times from this member manzanera pilot said any branch of knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind to acquire that is his first certifier. So, if something that is beneficial for the community, then it is the responsibility of the community to have people who are quiet cut rates cut tip people

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like medicine and accounting. Low Cost Monosodium masa Mancos Coronavirus, missourian. And in Islam, there is no dichotomy with regard to this as it Mr. Rafi was manisa one of our great scholars he has written and I will read to you what he has written. Islam Medina Nikita flick in a year. There is no dichotomy between Deen and dunya in Islam, it muscleman do dunya loom be a lucky rasa or Maha Luca Khuda ke ha sulcata we acquire University knowledge we acquire contemporary knowledge for the sake of Allah and for the sake of serving humanity up to scale Yaga Nia

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and if you acquire it with the right intention, it becomes a means of rewarding. So you can go to university and unrewarding as Mr. Rashid Ahmed Ganga, hopefully, one day was teaching and while he was teaching a person came and said, you know, make a salad for one of my disease, family members who passed on. So he was teaching could be could be his logic mantic more logic and philosophy. He said, I give the reward of this lesson of logic and philosophy to your disease. One who has passed on? So he said, Yeah, I thought we'll give them the reward of Quran and Hadith. He said, If I do it with the right intention here, the dealer, this is also set up. So we don't have this dichotomy in

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Islam. this dichotomy is we have been created, and this creation has caused great harm to Islam and the Muslims. Nevertheless, that is why we find in Tehran University data one was a first university in Islam in Morocco, people who have gone there who have seen it, myself says I went there. And he said, I saw that in one Institute in one under one roof. People were teaching different types of sciences. He was teaching history. It neros ever as well was teaching, you know, philosophy and medicine, as he

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was teaching. Syrah. His book on Syrah. Shiva is very, very famous hypnotherapy. hypnotherapy Maliki, not everyone knows hypnotherapy not because of him being a scholar, because

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everyone knows everything. He was teaching in the very same Institute. Now, that particular Institute had all of these teachings in one there was an integrated system of education, Muslims were in the forefront with regard to this. And therefore, you found that many of the scholars and many of the disciplines, many of the different branches, the Muslims are in the forefront. hypno Haytham Rama Pillai, you know, he wrote about the Milky Way galaxy long before it became you know, known and he was the one who was who did the optics. So, it is mentioned that he was the first person to do the cataract operation.

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Even in the face, he had made mention of the pulmonary blood circulation 300 years before William Harvey who, who people normally attribute the bad parliamentary blood circulation to 300 years before that it Nina fece had made mentioned with regard to it, and he had written with regard to it. I remember going on one particular place and an evening

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With regard to a doctor came in see me after the bear, and he said manana. This was mentioned in one of the scholarly academic journals on medicine, that William Harvey was the one who had introduced to the world, the parliamentary blood circulation of the human body, I wrote back to them to correct this. And in the next academic journal, they corrected it That evening, a feast was the first person to introduce to the world the parliamentary blood circulation, so Muslims were in there. Now, the point would be and if as you go towards the end of the talk, is we don't say we must not acquire this, but we acquire it with certain cover it and share it with certain conditions. And these

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conditions we have to each and every one

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need to be aware with regard to these conditions, and the and the conditions with regard to

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these disciplines, these types of education, these type of disciplines and different branches of knowledge, whether it be medicine, whether it be engineering, whether it be law, all of that is permissible. But firstly, we need to understand Firstly, the most important thing is Quran and Hadith, there will always be superior, because it comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala these different disciplines we find that while it is permissible, you always find that there's always an evolution. So you find in evolution what was regarded to be, you know, almost certain after 50 years, they say no, now the new research shows that this is different. You won't find that with regard to Quran.

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Quran and Hadith will always be the same as it was in the time of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. The second reason amongst other reasons why the Quran and Hadith is superior. All other branches of knowledge must be acquired within the framework of Devi knowledge. Quran and Hadith will provide you the framework through which you will gain all other knowledge. So it's very important for us to understand that so the Quran and Hadith gives us a framework that this is permissible, this is not permissible. And within that framework, we acquire that knowledge. So these that and then of course there is a Baraka and is a blessing these reward with regard to acquiring the corridor and the

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knowledge of Quran and Hadith man Salah Qatari toyotomi Sufi helma sal Allahu Allahu Allah Jana, whoever seeks a path in search of knowledge, Allah subhanho wa Taala lightens and he says his path towards gender. Such is the importance of knowledge in Islam, my dear respected brothers, what do I say, the via cream sauce, and I'm sorry if that on the day of gamma, and law will measure and now we'll weigh the income of the scholars, the input which they write knowledge and the blood of the martyrs and on the day of chiamata income the scholars will outweigh the blood of the martyrs.

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This is this is in me occurring saucepans time in the Battle of others, that the prisoners must be must be released on ransom. What was the ransom? What was the ransom that the prisoners must teach Muslims how to read and write must have knowledge. That knowledge was not Quran and Hadith was teach them they were freed on the basis that they must teach Muslim children how to read and write. This is the importance and emphasis Now coming back with regard to the thyroid and one other important condition. You see, one is with this addition objective of knowledge in Islam in the Moksha law hamina Liberty Hill Allah, Allah Allah says in the Holy Quran, the odema are those who fear Allah

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the learners are those who fear Allah, the objective of knowledge is to come closer to Allah, not to become rebellious, arrogant, suspicious about the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now if our knowledge is, is breeding, rebelliousness, breeding doubt, skepticism with regard to Allah subhanho wa Taala then it becomes knowledge, then it becomes information. And sometimes that information can be very harmful. I read a stats which made mentioned that in America, and this was from a very failed and well established organization, the European Institute, the 23% of young people in America. They have doubts with regard to the religion 23% no humpy slipped Oh Tallahassee, Nikita

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Caitriona he had this data, we don't gain knowledge at because we must get down into our religion. Our our knowledge must bring us closer towards Almighty Allah. Therefore the responsibility of parents as a mahtani Rahmatullah is written that one of the conditions for people to go into university, one of the conditions for people to acquire contemporary knowledge is a must also know the beauty of a deal and they must be in touch with Allah. Then Then otherwise what will happen is they will breed with that

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justness and doubt and skepticism. And then another important thing is we need to be as parents, I cannot overemphasize this, you must be knowing about your children's education, you must be able to see what your children are learning, you must keep a keen interest with regard to what what they are learning boys go through the books go through what they are doing. Otherwise, we don't know. You know, we find this whole particular situation in history who discovered America, Christopher Columbus. Each and every one of us any Muslim child, any other who discovered America, Christopher Columbus, someone who is bright will also tell you that when Christopher Columbus came to America,

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he met the natives of America who are the red Indians.

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And then he even discussing he engaged with them. Now you ask yourself a question, how can someone How can someone discover a land when that land is already populated by someone? But each and every one we just say, yes, Christopher Columbus discovered America. We just take it for granted that it is the truth. Let me give you an example. And I will conclude with this. The government has got comprehensive sexual education.

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Now, in this coming week, the religious organizations are meeting with the government to discuss what is this whole particular aspect of comprehensive sexual education? Now we need to be knowing that this is what our children are going to be learning in schools. Now, although that the government says that yes, they have put forward that abstinence, staying away from sexual activity for young people is the best. Yes, they don't know what we have seen. What is that? What is objection? Why people objecting, as religious leaders and organizations we have set up sentences of is a best thing for youth stay away from sexual activity. What they don't tell you is that protected

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is a respectful and responsible, responsible second option.

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Yes, we'd say that abstinence is important, but protected sex is a responsible and respectful second option. So if your children want to do it, they can do it. There's nothing wrong, but they must do it responsibly. That is what is being taught in our schools. If we as parents are not going to be active participants with regard to our children's education, then what's going to happen, therefore, my respect of others. In today's world, we have just given you a small example of the importance of knowledge, why D knowledge is so important the madrasahs and then we have spoken about contemporary knowledge, which is also part of our Deen can also be a means of reward, which is also important,

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but also these types of conditions. And we will conclude by making the dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala has taught us Allah visit Nima who Allah increases in knowledge and grant us understanding and correct understanding