Cultivating Positivity #2

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah May Allah be about a mavado for the Villa humanus shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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in hula assumere rohilla Hill komolika Road Sara Coliseum respected viewers and listeners Alhamdulillah during the month of Ramadan, we have started a series on the purification of the heart and in that we had identified some of the spiritual diseases which Allah tala in the Holy Quran, our beloved Nivea cream sauce him in the hadith of identified and warned us about is we coming now towards the end of Ramadan. I just want to have a slight change and the change is is always good to end up something with positivity to end off something with optimism and hope and I felt that towards the last few nights of Ramadan inshallah, if Allah tala was we will start a series in a very small

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few days we will speak about positivity, speak about optimism and speak about hope. It is always good to end off something with optimism and hope. There is a hadith famous Hadith said that the Nivea cream sauce Lama said Lima lubaina, hopefully one Raja Eman is suspended any man is between fear of Allah in having hope in the mercy of Allah. So, when am I tell us that when a person is young, and when a person is in the prime of his life, the fear of Allah should dominate over him so that it keeps him away from Guna instance. However, when he comes towards the latter portion of his life, and especially right towards the end on his deathbed, for example, then at that particular

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time, hoping the mercy of Allah tala should dominate and should prevail over him, let me let him salzmann one day came to a person when he was on the last moment of his life. And he saw sillim saw him and asked, how do you find yourself? said jasola I feel about my sons but I am hoping and as mercy in me occurring sources I'm saying that's the right attitude. And inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you what you expect, and not only towards the end of our life normally and generally in our Sharia, there is a greater aspect an emphasis upon optimism, hope, and having positivity, cultivating positivity, rather than being despondent and looking at the negative things of life all

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the time. And of course, what has happened now the COVID lockdown has brought about these type of apprehensions, fear despondency, look at our letter in the Holy Quran in surah Yusuf says, in a hula Yeah, assuming rohilla Hillel homolka.

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It is only a disbeliever who loses hope in the mercy of Allah, what a great aspect of optimism and hope and positivity. You know, in a Hadith, Nivea cream sauce, limited algebra, the Unreal moment. Amazing is the affair of the believer. everything for him is good. If there are things that work out according to his wishes and his desires, then he is grateful to Allah for that it is positive for him. These days, there is a reward in him doing being grateful for Latinas favors upon him. Sometimes there are also situations where things doesn't go according to His will and his desires. Then he persevered he makes a bar, and that is also good for him in the sense that he gets a reward

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for his perseverance. So let me a cream sauce. I'm sad Actually, I'm really warming amazing and wondrous. Is there a fear of the believer? for him? There's always good in positivity in all situations. So the situations itself we have no control over. But our response we have control. And in that Allah Allah says we can make every situation into one of positivity, and then let me occur himself. Allahu alayhi wa sallam has also told us to be a bearer of glad tidings not to be a bearer of someone who spreads false or spreads things that are negative. He said bashira we're not gonna Fira here Sera, Sera give glad tidings don't make people afraid. Don't make people hate religion.

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yesira make things easy to make things difficult on Allah sees as a situation. In fact, the Hadith Ender our Deen is so beautiful, that it teaches us that even till the last moment of your life, you are supposed to be productive and you are supposed to be positive. Maybe aquarium sauce is one of the most beautiful Hadith with regard to positivity with regard to product

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Activity right till the last moment of your life to be occurring saw some said either at that I had two comosa failures or acyl fasciola failure

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respective viewers and listeners What an amazing Hadith and every hadith of Nevis Aslam is amazing. But look at this, the Vietcong himself said when the time of Tiamat comes, and the trumpet has been blown, which will signal the end of the world and the destruction of the world. And you are and you have a seed, and you are about to plant that seed. And someone can think that what is the use of the planting the seeds, we are on the threshold of the world being destroyed, to be a cream, sell, some say Don't think like that corn plant the seed, corn plant the seed, even at that moment. So this is what is in a teaching of our religion, to be positive at all times, to look at things with optimism,

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and to look at things in a positive light. We all know, you know, we always make mentioned that or, you know, the optimist and the pessimist to optimists, he sees a glass which is half and he sees it's half full, a pessimist sees it is half empty. But and sometimes, you know, somewhat humorous, he said that while they were busy discussing that the, the the person who is a realist, you know, a person who is a pragmatist, you know, someone who's pragmatic, he came in, he drank the water, but whatever it is, we always look at aspects of life. Another very important aspect which is such an amazing thing is a person who is an optimist. A person who is positive is a people's magnet,

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optimism and positivity is contagious. So when you are positive, you know, people like to be with you. People will flock around a person who is you know, optimists who is positive, he is a people's magnet, or a person when you come to hear about a person who is all the time complaining all the time speaking about negativity, then actually what happens one or two times people will listen to his complaints and his negativity, afterwards they will say they stay away from this person is only talking about negativity. So therefore it is something that we have to keep in mind, have good expectation of a law. I always have good expectation of Allah to have good expectations of Allah in

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one Hadith is in itself an act of worship, and nebeker himself someone said and I in doesn't Abdi I am according to the opinion that people have allowed me people have good opinions and how to treat them accordingly. I'm according to the opinion of people. Therefore cysteine is such an important part that we cultivate positivity and we will continue with this inshallah, in the coming days.