Ebrahim Bham – Conquest Of Makkah

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The history of the Middle East is highlighted, including a peace treaty which was broken by the collapse of the treaty leading to the deaths of many Muslims. The segment discusses the importance of showing mercy and forgiveness to Muslims, as well as the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of American citizens' privacy. The segment also touches on the actions of some people involved in the conquest of Mecca and the importance of the prophets' kindness.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah May Allah

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Allah May Allah

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Almighty Allah kita Baba kitabi wa Sharia Tabata Shariati a mavado for the wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rahim. Lacan Allah comfy Rasulullah

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sallallahu azim My dear respected elders and brothers, we are all aware that Alhamdulillah we are in the month of our,

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the overview, has seen one of the most significant

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incidents and happenings in the history of humankind. And that is the birth and also ironically In the same month according to some narrations on the same day, via creme de la vida he was Selim passed away. When we were our mayor and nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam cumulate or nebia Karim Allahu alayhi wa sallam kinda call se minimal. Or here A B hum Jemaine Ma, arugula welcome in

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to it is just not compulsory. Nabila Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam Kotov Kira, her waqt barber cut or bite.

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Nabila Karim Allahu alayhi wa sallam has mentioned any aspect of his life, to make mention of it to speak about it any time of the year. Seal procurable Mini ibaka it is a means of Berkut it's a meanings of great great reward.

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Obviously when Libya Kareem Salalah Salaam, the month in which the resource limb is born, then naturally people talk about it. But it's not supposed to be only confined to reveal our to talk about the birth and talk about any aspect of life at any time of the year. It is something that you and I, we suppose to be striving towards. It's a means of Baraka, it's a means of reward.

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And today I would like to speak about one aspect and one incident of the life of our beloved Navy aquariums that alone is our Navy aquariums. Allahu alayhi wa sallam conquered maka maka Rama in the eighth year after hijiri Nebula Kareem Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Sahaba and the Muslims have become strong in the sixth year of Egypt, Libya, Kareem saw Selim signed the Treaty of houde Abia Sula, dyscalculia Sula, MCI makara mahalo casa, or Croatia, Casa de sol, Kalia, Sula, 10 years, there is going to be peace. However, in two years time, the people of Makkah broke the treaty.

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Nevis Aslam couldn't break the treaty. The Muslims didn't break the treaty, the people of Makkah broke the treaty, how they broke the treaty was

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one of the allies of the Quraysh attacked one of the allies of the Muslims. We can understand it in modern day politics. Previously, they used to be the Western world and the Soviet bloc. Now can you imagine if someone from the Western world had attacked someone from the Soviet bloc, then it would have been a declaration of war. So in a similar manner, the the one of the allies of the people of Makati, one of the allies of the Muslims who had joined in the Treaty of Arabia.

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So when they broke the treaty, the people of Makkah didn't even prevent them. They In fact, encouraged them to go and attack the stripe. When they finished breaking the treaty they regretted supposed to feel unsafe. Now, what are we going to do with this treaty we have broke so Sofia went to Medina Mora and he went to Nivea cream sauce. And of course, he went to his daughter's house of mahabhava, who was one of the wives of this awesome, famous incident.

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When he went to sit on the charter, she pulled away the charter.

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And he said, Oh, my daughter, am I not worth you have this charter or is the charter not worth you have me is this cloth not worth it? She said, You are my father, but you are not a Muslim. This is the cloth of my husband, our beloved Nabhi I cannot allow you to sit on it.

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Then he went maybe saw some didn't meet him. Maybe saw something and meet him. So he went to deliver the lotto

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coin, intercede that the peace treaty must be once again restored. So I can't do anything, maybe go to the masjid and go and say loudly that I have come to reaffirm the peace treaty and then go away. So he did that went away when the people of MCC asked him. Did you reaffirm the peace treaty said no. All I did was I went to Matura Napa we announced in March

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Remember we reaffirm the mouthpiece treaty. The people of McCarthy, Joko Demeter, how can you reaffirm a peace treaty only from your side whenever he saw something accepted? So he now realized that they had broken the treaty because they have broken the treaty now Mr. Muslim got ready to attack MCI mahkamah and to conquer MCI karma karma. Libya krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam tala Sahaba we must be silent. No one must make mentioned that we are going to Makkah to conquer Makkah. Once the hobby by the name of Hartington Abbey belta wrote a letter to the people of Makkah that Muslims and Nevis Aslam is coming to attack maka prepare

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himself silica

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silica heartedness applica macoco

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copper jack up communica whoppers lichaj you will go and you will find at a particular places letter hotbed written to the people of Makkah bring it back. So when it brought back, hakimullah people are writing a letter which seems treason so when the Muslims saw it, Homer took out to Saudi rasulillah This is a hypocrite. He committed treason he was not supposed to win tell them why did you write a letter that is awesome someone hearted hearted given explanation? So when had to give up I said jasola I know we aren't happy. I was worried that I have many family members in Makkah. And if they come to know Muslims are attacking out of enmity, they will attack my family members. So I thought

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I'll do them an act of favor my family members might be spared yes got kisser as a host attack America. Curry Prussia mahkamah. Luka john, but J. That is why I wrote this letter. And what did they write in his letter? that nobody's gonna allow he was gonna miss coming is the last prophet of Allah. He's gonna achieve victory. Don't confront him. Cut me ilica so although it was such an act of treason, look at what Nevis asked him said, Omar. Don't do him anything. Do you know how to part in the better no better?

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hockey toe side.

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So to say La la la, la la la la.

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La la la la better kibarim a

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supernatural forma

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Santa Monica has the giant cosmic karma. So here may select military if someone does something good and has done something worthwhile. What's the dagger of badness wltp butanna torture a check karma was come from

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that good deed that he did we don't forget it. Hot it took part in a battle of butter and he wrote something which seemed apparently an act of treason. Mr. solemn didn't do anything said he took part in the battle but don't say anything.

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You don't read it only for the sake of you know, taking lead to make mention with regard to insulin Yes. Sivak, several calcium carbonate, calcium syrup. Maybe a cream sauce from left, maybe a cream sauce and comes to a place called marusan outsert mocha mocha Rama subset Bella matava. The first time they came to know the Muslims have come to conquer makeovers FM. So people comes out and they see this remarkable situation that is a great army outside Mecca. And then Abu sufian comes to find out what is this army he's the leader of the bureau Makkah he comes and see the Muslims. Someone saw him brought him in front of

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Omar again to counter Satya Rasul Allah has given us the enemy, the leader of the enemies in front of us. Let us finish him who don't don't do so. Omar. Wait, let us wait. Let me sell some photo. Sophia. Sophia. Don't you see the truth? We have fought the truth for so long. Don't you see the truth now? Isn't it time for you to accept Islam? And I will soufiane according to the narrations at that time, accept Islam. Now look at what Allah while he was still a person who was the uncle of Navistar Salaam. He was Muslim long time he said you're a scholar. Abu sufian is a prominent member he up till up till now he was the leader of the people of Makkah. Show him some respect, give him

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some honor. So what did Muslim do? Let me start on stage and announce tomorrow we will conquer Makkah. Wherever stays in the harem. He will be freed we will not harm him. And whoever goes in the house of Abu sufian we will not harm him. Nobody so sue them gave him on a cover if we have to give someone honor for the greater good. What harm does it cost to you? Then, Allah gave honor to Abu sufian who up till that day one day before was the leader of the enemies.

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On the way there was a very amazing incident. I must make mention of this incident. Abu sufian bin Harris was the cousin of Navy SEALs.

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And also the foster brother of Nabisco.

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He drank milk from Holly Masada and Abdullah bin omiya. Also the cousin of nummy sauce from from Attica. Lee. They were coming to Medina to accept Islam and Muslim was coming to conquer Makkah listen to this incident brothers. So they met halfway.

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When they met halfway, they came to ask for forgiveness, they came to accept Islam. Now initially they were very close to me especially I was Sophie I'm very close with Jocelyn grew up together with the Resource Center. But after a snowstorm called Prophethood. He composed poetry disgracing resources against the baker himself then became very against the resources. Now it's a natural thing, that someone who is close to you turn against you, you feel it more, so nobody felt it very greatly. My cousin, my foster brother, he he did all this poetry against me. So when he came to me sauce them to ask for forgiveness Let me start the ministry did not meet him. I don't want to meet

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Just look at this person who was all the time I

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didn't want to meet him because of what his tongue used to attack against the Navy of law.

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So he went in the tent Abu missile Maria Makana was there, she saw that nobody saw them is part of what is wrong. My cousin's who have hurt me with the poetry with the tongue. Look at the number of Allah how many times people did him wrong, but you see a savant kupatana when you make someone you hurt someone with a tongue, it remains a long long time in a person's heart and psyche. By avanza kisi kata club motto,

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we it remains etched in the memory of people for a very long, long time, even this aspect that remain, and then look at who may Selma May we be sacrificed upon the wisdom of the lives of the resources of our woman today. I give an example of a woman today if one cousin of yours has got a dispute with you, and after a while, he wants to come and ask for forgiveness. And you don't want to forgive him you go and tell your wife he did this this and this to me most likely your wife will say yes oh hey sir.

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He was like that all along. Don't forgive him. Maybe we sacrifice Apollo missile What did she say?

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You show mercy to enemies yet?

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You This is your relative? If you show mercy to him, and I will forgive him. If you're not going to forgive me. Jana Medina, Hara salon comarca deja vu Miss Salma. graviola watanuki Matura Barnabas Arsenal forgive them and then they became sincere Muslims. Nevertheless marudhara nahi sauce in the next morning, Nebula Karim starts them goes into Macedonia time very briefly one or two incidents never occurred himself someone comes and camp at a place that least ask them specifically chose the position where the money The Happening Hashem were kept in boycotting over the three years of boycott at none other people have the courage we're going to buy and sell and interact with a Muslim

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is she Italia the beast Aslam into one Kim then what what an

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amazing type of situation the place where nobody saw Salaam was boycotted now we saw some now comes in Kim there is a conqueror of Makkah What an amazing situation. And it comes in the rewire that Navy saucer when he conquered into Makkah that morning. The via Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam perform eight records of Salat was one Salaam. It is known as Salah to

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the salon of victory. Sabina Viva Carpathia Allahu anhu when he conquered the Persian Empire read eight records of numbers with one Salah. But then he Ahmed kabhi em solid, mahogany me that particular Nawaz, where you conquer place and you read a caricature of namaz with one Salaam it is known as

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a cream sauce and is the via cream sauce lm is going there were some people who resisted to be sauce told us that today we are not going to kill anyone. As far as possible. We're going to take maca peacefully. Don't share the blood. Carly

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Jewish macaroni Kaka Yo mama Holly.

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satin master. He said today is the day of revenge for people no maka, you have maybe a cream sauce and today we came in take revenge. He Sinochem the saucer, kakaka satin mahogany and Allah Gaya the today's the day of revenge, maybe a cream sauce, the Masako Baraka ne ne is COVID law is not a corporate law. And yo yo ma ma ma ma ma. And yo yo ma ma ma. Today's the day of forgiveness. Today's the day of today is a mercy

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They have mercy and compassion. Now via cream sauce them said we will show that person compassion. No one so showed such mercy, maybe a cream sauce that goes into the heart of movie stars that mixed up. There were 360 idols in the in the Kaaba, maybe a cream sauce and took a stick and Naresh Aslam just indicated to the idols and they broke and then we set them set Pooja and Haku was the half Alberta. in Alberta, Canada, hookah hockey has come for two days vanish, in the in the face of through Huck falls will always vanish. falsehood will always vanish. Nobody saw Selim destroyed a 360 idols center via Kareem, sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam goes into the Kaaba, and we saw Salaam

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koosman mina Peter who used to be the one who keeps the keys of the Kaaba, what what the * is the monarchy but Egypt

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was was when it comes out there. Nobody saw slavery sakata came with a way to lock HIV or Conchita to Santa Monica in a mini data center via cream sauce from day one soccer caked in hygeia he he may have or may just cook dinner chotto to seek a doula.

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One day this key will be in my hand and whoever I want to give it I will give it to those who spoke Kanaka Draenor that day will be the day of the porridge been disgraced. Who's to Akasha Allah tala Libya, Karim Sasaki was then Quraysh will be so honored and respected the way they have never been honored in the history of humanity. So when we saw slim when fat he was a conqueror to spawn comas buuren chubby Dara Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam jaguars and Nick la tapa Sophie la Tanaka Sula, Buddha VDG hum Johanna beta lucky Jana was Tommy or Johanna was cupcake bunkering. We will look after the alpha and beta. Maybe Academy saw Selim was thinking to hire

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in Allah Allah Muhammad, Abdul Rahman, Allah Allah, Allah tala hukum kata Yamanaka was

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the resource from Carlos man and said, remember the time I told you I will have the key I will give it to whoever I want manleigh commands we give a man a back to his rightful owner go. I have given it to you all despite the fact that my uncle has asked me my family members have asked me what Allah tala says I'm gonna give it back to him on it. I give it back to you Subhan Allah, Allah, what beautiful African conduct may occur in South London comes out then the people of Makati and amongst the people of Makati and many many people who have harmed Namibia Kareem salsa SAP located in Havana they put stones in the path of Nubia Kareem salsa sftl Oct a that we used to take out the level of

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Navistar Slim's ankle and chewed it. They took the inside of the ankle and made a garland harp and

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that's it. I'm sorry about rocky deal or good there was a rocky set. There was such people who are the responsible for killing the daughter and the death of our beloved daughter has it Xena, Libya, Karim sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Sue looks at all of them and said, How do you feel that I must treat you or What do you feel? I'm going to treat you or how I'm going to treat you today. So they all looked they know they were wrong. They knew that they oppress the saucer. They knew that it wrong.

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They knew that if the resources punish them, he would have been entitled to punish them. But they said we only hope that a pious and an honorable person will treat us with respect dignity and forgiveness. So let me occur himself while he was stolen to them. I tell you today, what Yusuf alayhi salatu wa sallam told unto his brothers learn the three by Allah como yo, yo quiero la hola como Zhao there is no reproach Joe Minister kkoma

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sub kkoma Korea here Murphy Johanna Hickam Zurich Allah Matney yet Taka, taka

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taka kilometer

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gosh Allah Pakistan Morocco Patanjali came to come Let me quote attorney Murphy Karnataka there was violence and violence and violence, boorish, attacking Muslims Muslims attack in Croatia. Somewhere along the line someone had to break the cycle of violence. Nobody saw someone broke the cycle of violence. Today no one is there to break the cycle of violence everyone is there to continue the violence

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nobody can

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stop the violence is it ma'am after all, I will forgive or is there come after

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it but if we don't we say we follow the sooner but what are we following? Let me show some brokers.

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cycle of violence and forgive the people who had done so much wrong unto him as they stay locked up in Abuja, Sofia in Romania, support in Romania sent someone with money. I will give you so much money going he'll be a cream sauce from that person also maybe a cream sauce alum, forgive him. There was few people who were exempted from the general you know, forgiveness. What is really true incidence and our conclude no one was an amazing Abdullah.

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Abdullah in his sadness was a Muslim. After what something happened he became a martyr and he went to the people of Makkah, mortared Juan Akiva sanabria Kareem salsa Nakata, Kate rose, Java Mila

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Jamar female Wonka nanny omnicef Tomas Katya pendra Chastain, Joe Murphy said very messy.

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Just look at how Allah tala can change situations of people to have the lively sadness surah was a relative of the ultra.

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So this man of the Latino brought him in front of NaVi salsa. Yara sologne Kumar Khadija forgive him. He has done wrong. He has made marfy he's regretful so nobody saw Selim didn't say anything. So escaped janica mystarsound. Apart Macaca Chaka, maka, maka, maka, dia, jonica, Barnaby salsa, loco sakata, I was silent. He was exempted from forgiveness. Why didn't people deal with him? He was supposed to be killed, he did something wrong. Why didn't you kill him? So I will say the other student you should have just indicated to us that we sort of said hi is and maybe can indicate the number of 100 doesn't work in a way doing subtle indications. But now is done is done. We are not

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gonna forgive him. He have to live in his sadness, in the time of was one of you know, becomes the leader in and becomes the leader. And many of the conquests in North Africa and even in the Central Asian Republic, punky hacia.

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The day he died, he got up to the time of Potter and said, Yeah, Allah make the last moments of my life a pious one. Right? Yes, once he read his pajamas,

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he made one Salam 's and before he made the next alarm, he passed away in numbers. I think Yala here was a person who was

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supposed to have been killed for the sake of treason. Allah, Allah Rasool forgave him and look at how his death is. every saint has a past every sinner has a future. Even this particular sinner whom never saw solomid said that he must be killed. He also look at his ending swaddler he was supposed to be among those who were exempted from forgiveness. Look at the way he ended his life. So if we have committed Guna never lose hope. One day under threat I can change your situation also. So we are not trying to change the situation. What was the incident of Abu masura swannanoa. Abu Masada was a youngster. So when has it belonged to the ultimate after the conquest of Makkah gave us so

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many times young people, when they are not aware with regard to the ASEAN, they are from another faith or they don't know that. They make a mockery of us and so Abu Maha Sora and his group of friends, they mocked at belagavi ultimos as an owner as an Cooper must, must, must karakia no massages, or janetta sam Cata can be sometimes non Muslims when they go pass a machete say poopoo when a person is giving us and so they made a mockery of that as well. So maybe the cream sauce them saw them and let me sauce them after doesn't call them. He said Who is the one who had the loudest voice. Now youngsters when they get caught then they always blame. The big one says that this one

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was basura. He was the one who was making a noise. He was the one who was making the biggest amount of

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emulation of Bilaal in a mocking way. He was the one that we saw some called in one side. Abu mazara said, I felt that revenue of Allah good could punish me. He is a conqueror. He conquered Makkah. I was actually you know, making a mockery of the Hassan I thought he will He will punish me. He told me about Masada you got such a beautiful voice? Come I teach you how to give a Salah instead of making in a mocking week I might teach you the proper way. Navistar cillum taught him Hassan in the proper way because he had a beautiful voice. And then when we saw some after conquests of Macau went to Taipei. He came to Navistar semirara Sula. Make me the more ASEAN of the cover. Let me start with

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a medium that was in the cover. It's gonna tell you another thing brothers from that particular time

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the family of Abu maheswara

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Up till now have been giving Amazon in the Kaaba in the way to LA.

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The prophets kindness, made a person who was mocking Islam into one who was now proclaiming Islam.

00:25:16 --> 00:25:21

Not only him, his family that I don't know where to go last gosh

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the prophets sooner made a person who was mocking at Islam, made him the was in and made his own family or was in tell I don't know when it was getting on. These are some of the aspects with regard to the conquest of Mecca the topic of understanding making Vasco da

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