Yahya Ibrahim – The Danger & Reality of Shirk – Part 1

Yahya Ibrahim
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So I want

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to send him about so action packed day today Mashallah we have a lot to do a lot to cover and we spoke about completed right? We had three separate important sessions about what it believes what it means to single out worship. And we said that we have three categories in our discussion about a lot about our faith, that a lot is the eternal only living create your soprano and to Allah Yakubu mad as Allah moon he creates even that which we will never come to know. So a lot is a boon to Ireland in the Lord of all existence, the omnipotent all powerful, at the same time, because we understand this, we know that a loss of kinda was the attitude of only be the one that we serve. So we give our

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de vida, our service, our worship, which is in the form of love, fear and hope in a law in a way that nobody else deserving of it. And we said that anybody that is defined as Eastern German, it's a term that means everything we do, we say, we believe in our hearts that is loved by Allah. And the only way we can know what that is, is because our prophets, I seldom taught that to us, he told us this is what a love loves. This is what he lived his life has been to show us the love of the things that Allah loves of us, subconto, Diana,

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and that we said that a bar that is an act of devotion that is reserved only for the one who is deserving of it. But as important as it is to learn about who is a law, equally important is who is not a lot. And we said that the way to identify that is through the names and the attributes of Allah, which is the third category. So I know as a Muslim, that Jesus is not God, because a lot is defined as the EverLiving. So if you self admittedly, which is not true for us as Muslims that Jesus died, you're in fact admitting that he can't be taught because it's blasphemous. If God dies, what happens to the world? What happens to existence? So therefore, we know who is allowed by knowing who

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isn't a lot? What are the things that can't be above, and those are differentiated with his names and attributes and kind of want to add, today we're going to talk about ship, and we're gonna have three sessions on ship. What does it mean, for a person to choose other than God willfully choose? God? And I want this to be very clear from the very beginning to be emotional, it's intentional. It's not that you didn't know because if you don't know you're not held accountable, she is accountable. Once you understand that, who is a law and you choose other than the law, the accountability of it won't be alone. And they know well, what they're doing. Ibrahim Ali is CINAHL.

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Why does he break those titles? Because he wanted them to understand that they're meaningless. So when he broke the idols, and they said, and that is to have that ultimate, Ebrahim, did you do this kind of insider who can be known as the big guy? Oh, he's the one that smashed all the others. They were jealous of him. And I saw him jump across and he beat this one. At the end, he gave a movie out of it. And then like, now that can't happen. They don't move around. They don't talk. They'll do that, for logical inadequacy. It's at that moment that they choose whether they're going to commit you or not. A law says it's okay to be apologetic. Whenever they came to their senses, they came and

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thought within themselves, how do you even know them? Nobody knew. At that moment, they said, No, you are the ones who are in error. It's not Ibrahim at this moment. You're the ones who are in error. But then they recanted. And many of them went back to idolatry, because it was more convenient, chaotic as it is about within a window. This is the tradition of our parents. This is the culture that we've had, this is all that we've ever known. We don't want to change what we already have, and status quo is going to remain, then that becomes shift. So intent is very much an important part of belief as much as it is in disbelief in the loss of nanodiamond. So, shoot, what

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does the word mean? Where does it come from?

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If I was to say to you, Hey, would you be my business partner? How would I say no, I would say Shadi, Can you say hi to hit the javelin? Would you be my partner in this business venture in this to Java in this commerce? moussaka is to enjoy sharing Can you turn around come enjoy this food with me? Let's eat it together. Why does a person need a partner? Well, it's two very important reasons. The first reason is I can't do it on my own. The reason I take it as a business partner because I'm going to make a lot of money, but for me to make a lot of money, I need that partner because I'm my own. I don't have enough money.

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To invest in machinery, I don't have enough money to buy that property to own that land. That's why people go to banks. That's why people go into loan companies because they can't do it on their own. So they say I can't do it on my own, and we need your help. So if you apply that to a law, it's blasphemous, hello doesn't need anyone. And a law tells us as the process of encoding,

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and as an F, you're more self sufficient more without need than anything to have any partner? How dare you claim that I need a son who's going to inherit me or a son to help me along the way? How dare you claim level Sahiba that he has a companion somebody who assists last. So the concept of machete the concept of an assistant, it's very much what we should say, they say that they're only a part of the Buddha. But we only worship them because they'll bring us closer to God. Why would I worship something that's weak? When I have access to the strong? Why would I worship someone that's less when I have access to the great? Why would I worship a son if the father is available? It

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doesn't make sense. So therefore, it's blasphemy. It's unacceptable. And for us as a Muslim as people of Philippine associating a partner with a law is serious business. It's something that is tantamount to eternal damnation. So let's begin from the very beginning. Why do we study? What is the study of shoes? Why is it so important? Well, the first reason, none of the acts of worship of a believer can ever be accepted. Unless No need is perfected. Don't ever think that you can worship a law Haha, or that I'm going to do because my dad expects me. So my Nia is I'm up there, I'm going to mention that because I wanted to mention, nobody told me I wouldn't have went. It's not for a lot. A

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lot doesn't accept that. A local not accept the entirety of your prayer, you will not get the full reward. A lot does not need your service, Your Worship, your act of worship will not be accepted by a law unless he is perfected. Number two,

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which is as important that the only way that any person will save themselves from *, from the eternality of that nation from the punishment of it, is by avoiding shoot and dying upon that. Now that's really important. It's not just that a person avoids shoot, but it's that a poor person avoids it all their life, then your whole life, you've given yourself over to a law and I don't worship.

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One that will be Isla de Abu lava multiplicity, mela, with Dina who nessa who know that means that they have no one that they turn to with a lot hanifa whatever your military rahima hanifa.

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Right, the path of Ibrahim was one that was very clear. Number three, is that the primary way to avoid Civ is to appreciate its danger. For me to stay away from, I got to know that it's dangerous, I got to hear what I'm saying to you. Now, I gotta say it to you, and I got to hear it from others, because that's really important. That's what's gonna protect me from ever coming close to shift. And I want you to know, if you will soon see that shift keys have many different levels. There's major and there's minor, and there's minor levels of shift that Muslims May Allah forgive us sometimes fall into commit as an atrocity and as a crime.

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Number four, shoot is of many different types and many different categories.

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It's not just you know, bowing down to a pagan in pagan ritual. It's not that a person worship the devil or something alone that their own, there's no, it's also in the intent of heart. It's also in an act of worship that we do for a lot, but we did it seeking reward from others. Those are serious matters, right? So these four things are Why do we study ships today? Why is it important? Well, we want to know what the danger is. And the Sahaba they follow the law. And we used to say, Kevin NASA, yes. And they would ask them about good things. I asked them about dangerous things. The Huffington Post, apparently, because I didn't want to fall into this. And the basis of you saying La Ilaha,

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Illa Allah, it begins that there is no god except Allah, you got to know who are these false? What are these false beliefs? And why are these false doctrines for us as Muslims in love law, which then allows you to come to a realization why a law is a law? How do we define a very general just like how do we define worship is very general shift.

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The essence of shift and continue with your notes with this and john Locke is you give a laws right to other than a law, something that only a law should have, that you gave it other than alone. I should only make sure I invoke supplicate call out to seek help from a law from God, why would I seek it from something else when it's only he who's able. So if I turn that over to something else, I'm committing an association with a law, which is in essence, me saying, Allah is not enough for me, that something else can love me more than a lot to help me that something else is more fearful for me than a law than the fear that I have for a lot of law says Vanessa hakuho mahabodhi, don't

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fear them. But other theories.

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Something that only a law should have. That is given to other than Allah, intent, obedience, fear, love your head bounnam karela. They love it the way a lot in a way that only a law should be loved.

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If that's the case, if that's what the definition of shift is, then to believe or to claim that an object as being

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can increase me, bless me has the power to help me is a level of ship, if I was to believe that an object can assist me, and that the source of its power isn't a law by itself, that this Ruby, you know, sometimes you walk into shops, and they're like, Oh, we sell stones, these are healing stones, if you put this stone in the west corner of your room, and you put this other stone, and this stone is from granite, and this stone is locked in this and this stone, they have energies if these stones heal you protect you, if you believe that that ship, it's an aspect of ship

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to believe that any object living or unlimited has the power to bless me, to heal me to cure me, leads to share it

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if I was to worship another aspect of ship another part to prostrate or make your eye to other than a law issue.

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If right now you say Dr. Mohammad helped me and I call out to the prophets, I send them send him saying, Yeah, Allah, it's unacceptable.

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Because no civil law, civil law, it would send them his ability to assist us after his life is separate. In that sense. The prophets I send them cannot come to my aid. That isn't the Orthodox belief that we have as Muslims.

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Number three, to claim that an object knows something, somebody or something knows something about the future, or can have knowledge that is like the knowledge of a law is shit, it's a level of cool. So just say you open the paper and you say, I'm going to read the astrology section. And it says, hey, you're born in November, we're in the month of November, you're born in November, which means that you're from this star sign, that means you're going to have a good year, or you're gonna have a good month, this is a good month to buy a business, this is a good month to buy a car, if you believe that if you believe that somebody can say that to you.

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That's a level of shift because that knowledge is only for a lot. In fact, the prophets I send them, Allah says to me, and to say to the people who are going to Allah who hire less tech savvy to that when to add them, to me know how you were amendment senior suit, say to them on Mohammed, if I knew the future, I would always ensure that good things happen to me and no problems, whatever, I would have said, hey, let's not go to the guys is going to be a bad day. That's what I would have said, I would have said Hamza listened, stand next to me because there's a guy he, you know,

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the prophet doesn't know the future. The prophets I said that doesn't know what was to come. And Allah says that he didn't even know that this faith would come to what might contentedly make a man or if

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he didn't know faith was going to come to you that you would be chosen. So the prophets of the Lord he was sending is a demonstration as high as he is. He doesn't know if you were to ask debri right now, when is it a gentleman he's a

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member of

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the one asked me the one we asked, we don't know any different to each other, only a one knows. So anyone that pretends that they have knowledge of the unseen, you know, shares these kind of rambling, it's a level of shooting for somebody to believe it, to go to them intending to believe it. It's something else when somebody says something, you know, again, that's not

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Since that's a different story,

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summary, whenever any specific write of a law is given to any other objects, and I use the word object to mean living, or nonliving, to animate or inanimate, moving, or just a rock, even whether it's real or imagined, was a real thing, a real person, or it's an emerging thing, right? Because people will imagine spirits, but Jesus was a real person, right? Anything that people believe whether it's living now we're not whether it's an animate or inanimate object, whether it's real or imagined, anything that's given to them that only a law reserves the right for his ship,

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is a level of ship and there's different levels to ship. Some of the ship is could lead you away from Islam, that if you believed it or, or held in your heart, then you're no longer leading but no longer a believer in the law. The Prophet five seven says men at that kathina now are often the one who comes to somebody who's a soothsayer says that they know their fortune and the truth and the future, the one goes to an astrologer, somebody who loves star signs and all this and ask them what's up dahu female fool and believes in what they said, a couple of the mountains in Alabama, they disbelieved in the hole, and that was revealed to Mohammed the pseudonym that was given to me.

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All right, this is an important screen that will come on your final exam, and I want you to be able to work through it and be able to define and label it. So we said that we know he does have three levels, we're going to recreate those three categories, and we're going to see that you can come and affect those levels of therapy. So the first level of therapy is work rubia. There could be shimmed, in rubia, what did we say was that Allah is the Lord, the mighty, the creator, the knowledgeable, the Sustainer, the one who wants power, the one who has all of these attributes? Well hold on a second, there are people who make shift by association, that they'll claim that something else is

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equal to a lot.

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They will believe in a lot but believe something else is equal to, and there are people who believe in the Trinity, their belief, oh, believe in multiple gods, and so on and so forth. Right? That is shaped by associating something with a lot, you've joined something with a lot, you're not saying a lot isn't knowledgeable, you're not saying a lot isn't powerful, you're saying that there's something else within that equal to important maybe lesser than him, but has power like in

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the second part of shitcan, rubia, is shaped by mutation, when you take something away from Allah, and you say, No, no, it's not a law, who's the only one who knows, I was not the only one who's all powerful, that something else other than a law can be equal to a lot or almost equal to a lot in terms of power, or knowledge, or strength or ability, or whatever it may be.

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So on the one hand, you add to a law, that those who should not be with a law, in the other hand, you take away the power of a law, and you distribute it amongst others.

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Share in an EU here, the Lordship and the worship of Allah, that a Baba ship in any visor of a law is serious business. And there's two levels of this, this ship that is active of major ship, major ship is disbelief in the love is that you're actively worshiping other than God, you're actively believing that something other than a law deserves your service deserves you dry deserves your worship. So instead of saying, Oh ally, you say, Oh, this, or Oh, that helped me. Fix me, heal me, protect me, bless me,

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should act one major shift and we'll talk about different levels of that. And the second one which is dangerous for us as Muslims,

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is a shift from minor ship, a ship carrying something in the Prophet warns us about this. He said somebody sent him an authentic need, in the midst of a horrible memory from the things I see are from my mother. I should get something he didn't ship minor ship. They said what is that a messenger of Allah? He said, is that a person? Yeah, who is he and also now that a person will stand in prayer, but making their prayer extra special? they'll read extra nights, they'll take their time extra Well, they may or may not

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Monkey they because they see somebody watching them. So they're like they want to impress that person. You want to make sure that that person, you know, it's like wow, look at that guy. It's for this reason that the first person on the day of judgment to be punished by Allah from our own from the believers from the oma Mohammed Salah is not a thief is not a liar is not a charlatan it's somebody who tagged them and ain't no I never said I wouldn't want to talk to me now the first person to be punished an outlier from my nation is a person who learned Islam, and was given a platform to teach it and memorize and read and let people with the whole time and it will be sent to

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them on the Day of Judgment, after almost shows the blessing of knowledge, man is that we have what did you do with this knowledge for the whole month? I want you to

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attack them today. No, I left all I learned and I taught it will caught up to me used to read the Quran for your pleasure or Law Clinic and that in that

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you're a liar. You're fraudulent, you lie you, you recited so that people would call you a person of knowledge, they will see you as somebody who is scholarly.

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And therefore that means it's really important for you to consider, why do we do the things we do that we recite the learning that we have, it's a very terrifying idea, the first person to be punished a lot of minutes and me no matter why not make me or any of you have them people who know the fate, but they practice it not for a law, but for other vested interest. Third, and funding is the names and the attributes of a law, which is the third category of felony that there can be shipped in it shipped by humanizing alone. So a lots of kinds of data sets. For example, in the run out rock man, I mean, obviously Stella, the ever Merciful, a lot rises above his outage, if you say

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a lot sits on a throne, that shim that's humanizing a mama doesn't sit on what does it mean to support a lot is not held. Allah is not contained or confined. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't have any of those needs. So if you're humanizing a law with trades in a way where you're picturing a line, that way, it leads to ship, which is what happened with Jesus, how to use them, which is what happened with others, right? Finally, shifted that shift by making others like a lot of time, you're humanizing a lot. But now you're making humans like a lot, which is the opposite way or the inverse way, where you say that, you know, these are godlike creatures, and, you know, they're so

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knowledgeable and, you know, putting them in a way that leads people into shape and giving them Powers and abilities, whether it's, oh, this guy, he knows the future, he's holy, or if I'm getting sick, if I just touch him, I'll get better. No, no, nobody has that. Right. Only the prophets, I send them after that it's not established for anybody else that you know, there the sense of this freedom of healing and things of this nature. And we'll talk about that in detail in the coming days. inshallah, what are the dangers of ship? Well, the first danger is it's unpredictable. So if a person knows a law, and chooses intentionally, to worship other than a law associate, other than a

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law, it's unpredictable. I want you to know that all scenes are predictable, except in the law. Hello, yo, you shocked me? What does it mean forgivable, it means that even without asking a lot may still forgive me and you for things he knows that we did wrong. But he excuses us for it. Or he's able to forgive us out of his magnificent generosity and, and rock mazzucato data. An example of this, our people have committed major sins of the Prophet talks about mcquillen. Melo protect all of you, I will read it. In Islam. The Prophet talks about a woman who is a lady of the night, she used to give her self over to men for profit. The only reason she was doing this, she believes in a lot.

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She knows it's wrong. And she's not doing any other good deeds in her life. And she's been abused their whole life. This is why she's in that condition. She's been treated like an animal. And she'd been taken advantage of and there's no other way for her to have her ends meet along knows why she's done what she's done. But you and I, when we look and say this person, there's disgusting. They're never going to get it out there people home wreckers and, you know, May Allah forgive us for having that to the Prophet corrects that perception. He wants you to know that there might be somebody who's doing something so much worse than you publicly, but privately between them in a law they have

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redemption. So the Prophet said that this woman who died during this atrocity

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She sees a dog yet had so thirsty, that it's licking the ground licking the air trying to find any liquids so hot, and everybody walks by it, they don't notice that dog. Because if you haven't been treated like a dog, you don't notice it. But she's been treated like an animal. She'd been treated with oppression. So she can see the need of the week.

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So she says, I'm going to give this dog water and food and there's no place to get it except chested. Go down into a well, and when she goes down, she has nothing to put the water in except your shoe. her shoe was watertight, it's a hoof, a leather shoe. So she feel that puts in her teeth and climbs back up carrying that water for this dog. And then she gives it the dog for Chicago LaHood Allah, thank you for that fella photo love.

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Love her game overseas. Compare that a person who has that seen in her life to a scholar who's being punished by a lot for Miss applying their knowledge. Look at the difference, right? So sheriff, it's dangerous unforgiveable Allah will not forgive you. If you're doing something that shouldn't be for a lot of you do a problem in our law, don't expect that a lot will forgive you. Right?

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Shoot is a barrier between a person and * agenda. It stops a person from gaining admission to paradise knowingly shoot is for us so evil, that it destroys a good person's good deeds. So if I was to go upstairs and pray, and my heart and brain to love, but in my heart is like, man, when's this gonna get over with this is just you know, they always make us pray every day, whatever. In my heart, it's not for a law, I get no reward for the prayer, even though I made will do and they stood up and they followed a man. And maybe in the last like 10 seconds of the prayer, I calmed down and I had a moment with a law, I might only get that as a reward, the rest of it is forfeit, letting a

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shock that last open now. If you commit you, if you join others with a law, your deeds are forfeit, and will be erased and diluted, diluted.

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Finally, if a person dies in a state of ship,

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then their Muslim family and relatives stop making drama for them. So right now just say, you know we have a non Muslim, I will make up for them. They Allah give them good in this life good in the next life, protect them from them. But at the end of the day, they die and we don't know if they're Muslim or not. We've never heard them say I'm a Muslim. They didn't come to submission, love, we stopped making draft for them. Not that we say Oh Allah burden them or Oh Allah hurt them. No, we just stopped asking a lover's mercy. Because it's no longer within our hands. It's no longer within our decision. So we leave them to a lot what Allah knows of their heart of their deeds is when a law

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will reward them or punish them for so we stop it. But for a believer who dies, we continue to say Oh ALLAH forgive them their savings over law, they tried to be a good Muslim or law. We know they were practicing prayer. There were days that were made mistakes, oh, Allah forgive them Yama, right? There's a difference. That's a major difference.

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Those are important things to keep in mind shift is unforgivable in the sight of Allah and Allah had a effect on your shortcut way of doing it, that he can forgive anything under than that spiritually. Now, that doesn't absolve a person of their sin. So that lady of the night, it doesn't mean we don't try to help her. And it doesn't mean that we don't try to get her out of that life. And it doesn't mean that we don't say that's wrong, and stop it. No, it's still a sin. But spiritually between a lot of let me forgive her simpatico with our island for that inequity she has caused to others. Now I want you to pay to the screen pay attention to the screen. So final screen that we're going to be

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looking at, which is the manifestations of Eva manifestation means how your worship should show. So when I worship a law, it's not just for that. It's not just the app, it should show in a certain way. Right? It should show in my belief, how can we define the bad that we said it's a word that means everything Allah loves, for us to say, to do to believe in our heart, every action, every intention, every statement that Allah loves, that's a better so when I come to worship a lot, I should have three important perspectives.

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The first is collective, I trust a lot. And I have an absolute belief in the power of love the love of Allah. The fear that I have of a love the hope that I have a lot in them was mercy teller can follow the law. It means that I put my trust in Allah I cut off any hole

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Have any good coming from anything other than alone?

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That's really important. It's an aspect of worship. Right?

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Sovereign, the next level, the next manifestation, the next thing that should show is even though I trust the love, I must know that bad things may happen. And not because I trust the law and I prayed. This morning, I woke up at 4am Oh Allah, why not have this car accident? Why? Why am I done this to me? So somebody begins in three levels that I know that alone will test me even though I trust a lot, it doesn't mean I won't I entire entirely protected, there will be moments where Allah tests me in my fate, in my practice, in my actions, is smooth wasabi will be patient and have patience for that patience. Number two, I must show patience in restraining myself from that which

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is how long from the committing of sins,

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I must restrain myself from doing something sinful. It requires an enormous amount of patience, but the thing that will be the most difficult and the thing that will require the most patients in life is patience in the worship of Allah, to do your so that every day five times a day on time, maintain your job, maintain, maintain What's good, maintain your ethics, restrain my eyes from * and from simple viewing and my ears from that luminous and disgusting kind of messages that are bombarded with to restrict my life to that which is pure and wholesome and healthy, to look after my body and look after my health and love my family, even when it's difficult to to show love to people

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who are unlovable to do all those kind of things. All those actions of worshipping a lot of good things requires the greatest level of patience. Third, and finally, is that my job is

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that I don't put hope and invest in praying to other than a loss of kind of data, when it is only a lot who can make an effective change only a lot, who can provide assistance only a lot who can help.

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And therefore everything that I invoke, and the only one that I invoke is almost kind of for it is only a law of syllogism who can affect change and produce good from that which may I may have seen as hard. But I will tend to Allah, this will not I will kill Tom law. But

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that is what a believer says in the morning. And we believe that the Prophet said that when you say this, the shavon is unable to hurt you or harm you and you're protected for your day. But it doesn't mean that you might not get injured or something bad might not occur. So you develop patience. And that patience. Even though you have patience, you have to continue to ask Allah for help to give you a greater reliance upon greater trusting and greater support in the good things you do and help you restrain yourself from that which is sinful, and see you through the difficulties that we all face in life. Those are important themes. Now I want you to know that the love you'll have for a lot of

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fear, you'll have trauma and the hope you have in the law or the test to see how much he is in your life. So if I fear something in a way that only allows you to be here, just say I'm coming now, just say I work. And I'm like, No, I'm too scared to ask for half an hour extra lunch on Friday to praise you on I'm too scared, if I asked them, they might not keep me on. And if they don't keep me on what am I going to do for money. And all of a sudden, I've ignored the order of a lot because I'm afraid of what losing money. That's a level of shame. It's a level of putting something in a way equal regard and fear should only appear online. If I am a believer in the law, I know my response to the

00:34:02 --> 00:34:41

law. Rather, I should come up with a different way. I should say I'm going to come in an hour early and start my work early. Ask them for less than the time that I've already given them a half an hour on Friday, so that I can fulfill my acts of worship and be honest about it. It's not that I put a lot second and put my wealth first. It's not that I put a second and I put my family first No, it has to be that a law is always first and a part of everything else in my life. So that I am a person who was honored a lot in a way that he should be honored. So that will become a part of our next discussion. The next time we meet.

00:34:43 --> 00:34:46

We're going to talk about some of the other forms of shifts such as his

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

his Tiana and this allowed them to seek help with something is it possible I say oh my god, can you help me? Can you pass that to me? Is that wrong? Obviously it's not wrong. I can't pass a law 70 someone to

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

ship the desk. I just asked you can you ship the decks right? We're going to separate between those in chat a lot about the spiritual things and the things that are only for a lot and things other than luck to kind of along with the heavenly things.

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