Ebrahim Bham – Cleanliness – Its Importance

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of physical cleanliness in shaping one's life is discussed, with examples like the use of cream sauce to clean oneself and herself, the use of a white horse to clean oneself, and the importance of cleanliness in healthy relationships. The speakers emphasize the need for physical cleanliness to lead to health and good health, and caution against touching one's body or face. Cleanliness is also discussed as a haven't been clean, clean, or even perfect, and as a means of avoiding slim clothing and being the proper person for one's body.
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was salat wa salam O Allah Milena Viva La Mulana Viva la Vida. de la Cava kitabi Allah Sharia Tabata, Shariati. mavado foldover la mina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem ii avani Adama Quran was in LA come liva cure. You are so artico mauritia whatever so taqwa of Allah tala in Allah how you know you hit Buddha Matata hurry matahari Sara colloseum My dear respected elders and brothers, Allah azza wa jal has given us a Deen in which Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has given us commands that are comprehensive of every aspect of our life.

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Even things that you and I regard as insignificant, and that Allah has given us commands with regard to that.

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And Allah tala says in the Holy Quran, in Allah how you have been, were you hip bull Matata? hearin Allah loves those who turn towards Allah. Allah loves those who make Toba and Allah loves those who are clean who have heart,

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se adme caparison kurta hijo Allah tala k proof kita Fujioka Nevada or Parker.

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Allah loves these two people, people who turn towards Allah and Allah loves those who are clean. Now what is the meaning of cleanliness here? So Allah says Allah to Allah, Allah said there are four meanings of the words of target. One is to clean your body from full

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physical cleanliness to clean your body from filth. Second thing is to clean your organs of your body from Guna Ensign, hen must not come at Guna the eyes must not come at Guna second meaning of the heart. Third is the heart must be clean from impurities from wrong attributes like acid, malice, courage, pettiness, hatred, the heart must be clean from those type of impurities. And the fourth type of cleanliness is that our soul must be cleansed from anything besides Allah. That's the highest form of purification. So four forms of purification, the body must be clean, our organs of the body must be cleaned from Guna the heart must be cleaned from impurities and the person's mind

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must be kept clean from anything besides a law. That is for things. Today however, we would like to speak more of the aspect of physical cleanliness and then speak about maybe we have the time with regard to cleanliness of the heart. You and I are aware that Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mentioned to the means of Oh beloved Nivea cream sauce alum to hooroo. Nice full Eamon that cleanliness is half of human Suhana to other groups and people, cleanliness is desirable.

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But to us, cleanliness is a fundamental part of your faith. Can you imagine to other people serve packs of renacci cheesy? Hi, Maria. He Mancha juicer

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to other people telling us is something good to us, it is part of your Iman. Now of course, the allameh have given that there are two meanings of this to hurun is fleeman. One is a spiritual dimension one is a physical dimension. Yes, it's true that there is a physical it is a spiritual dimension. That through the means of our Wazoo for example, together with physical cleanliness also gives us spiritual spirituality. It gives us spiritual neural. It comes in a hadith that nebia cream sauce was asked by the Sahaba Yasser Allah, you say on the day of kiama you will you will intercede for this

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community of chiamata will be so much human beings from Tiamat from the day of Eid Emily's from Turkey Ahmed How would you recognize us? How would you up as a channeling to be a cream sauce and we have such a beautiful replies it Sahaba Oh my Sahaba if there is a valley in which they are all black or dark horses in India, there is one white horse. Would you be able to make out the white horse amongst the dark horses Sava said yes. Now via cream salesman said I will make out my mud from the news that come out of their bodies which they wash what Wazoo was oh Kuba said your nor para hookah was such a mess.

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Chaturanga because of the note that comes out of the body from how they wash and make boo, I will be able to recognize my own mud. So this is what we understand. But of course, we also speak from this, that there is no doubt with regard to this, that there is a spirit of the physical dimension to be clean. And that is why it comes in tip Ronnie, that nebbia cream sauce limited. When a person sleeps with purity at night he sleeps clean with blue. Then the angels go to online so Allah forgive him he slept with purity and especially on a day of Juma it comes in via cream sauce, Lim said, a person who comes to Juma he takes a bath. He combs his hair, he oils, his hair, he wears his best clothes

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he puts on eater when it comes into the masjid, he doesn't differentiate between two people. He keeps silent when the Imam is making hookah, then one Juma to the other. Joomla is kafala for all his minor since one Joomla to the other Joomla is kafala. So this is the importance of physical cleanliness. The second thing is to the means of physical cleanliness, it leads to health, it leads to good health. And look at this, you see navia cream sauce limit said, the strong believer is better in the eyes of Allah than the weak believer, the person whose health is good, the person who is strong, would be able to make more about it, he would be able to serve humanity better, he would

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be able to do jihad better. Now a person who is weak, how is he gonna do he can make about it, he can do many things. So the strong believer who is physically strong is better than eyes of Allah than a weak believer. And how do you get that through the means of cleanliness? I read with regard to one doctor had made mentioned he said, if a person doesn't wash doesn't wash his hands, before he sleeps to remove the fatty traces from his hand. Then he picks up diseases. He must not blame anyone but himself. There's a doctor here Dr. Aubrey Patterson is a dietitian and a nutritionist. He will text very well with our Sangha is speaking about nutrition etc. Because they also have a very great

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affiliation to that. So in one of the things he said these so much bacteria around, that is why I now realize why Muslims wash their hands so much. He's telling me now I realize why Muslims wash their hands so much. He only could have heard what Nivea cream sauce them it said burqa to Tom boo boo abajo so Berkut of eating is you wash your hands before you eat. You wash your hands after you eat. This is our DD the beauty of our Deen so the means of cleanliness. Allah subhanho wa Taala grants you health through the means of cleanliness. cleanliness, is the right cup our physical cleanliness in our clothes. Park soft, it's the right cup for us to stand before Allah subhanho wa

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cleanliness is the right way for us to stand before mighty Allah. The ayat which I've read in the beginning. Yamani Adam, aka Angelina alikum labasa uri so article mauritia openni Adam, I've given you clouds, the clouds covers your sitter, it covers the private parts of your body. And it is Russia Swan Allah. What is the meaning of Russia Russia means feathers. The word Russia means feathers. But you see when you liquid, the beautiful feathers of the peacock, it is an adornment for the peacock. So Allah uses the word I have given you clothes which are your feathers, the way the feather adorns the peacock, your clothes are supposed to adorn you. The clothes are supposed to

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adorn you. It makes you beautiful and that is what it is made mentioned. That through the means of that Allah tala adorns you. I've given you clothes to cover your body. I've given you clothes to adorn you to make your beautiful and calabasa taco and I've given you taqwa to clarify your heart. Look at the beauty. I've given you close to adorn your outer and I've given you a quote to clean your heart. That is why even if he has made mentioned that due to the love of beauty, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us the command for us to remain clean and for us to wear good clothes. And there is a very important point how what what is it? Allah says in the Holy Quran was the burqa Fatah here

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up near capricho parks have been out keep your clothes neat and pure. You know that is why he called me Josie makes mentioned some people feel to wear good clean clothes is part of pride. He say no it is not part of pride. He says in Allah Jamil, you're a bull Jamal. Allah is beautiful. Allah loves beauty. Allah is beautiful, whatever it is a very That is why we have to get the right balance. We have to find the right moderate path between the extreme between the extreme of negligence and the extreme of

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extravagance. So someone asked him, you know, one day, what types of what type of clothes must I wear? So what a beautiful reply and listen to this reply brothers, he says, wear that type of clothes, where you do not become the scorn of the weak minded

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and you do not become the object of the blame of the wise. Listen to this, you do not become the object of the weak minded was originally what type of clothes is wearing, he's wearing dirty clothes. And you do not become the object of the blame of the wise who says, this person got nothing that he can spend 20 50,001 pair of coats, so wear clothes that you don't become the object of the weak minded the scorn of the weak minded. No, do you not become the object of the blame of the wise, but of course it is part of our Deen that in aloha Jamil ghulja man, Allah tala is beautiful Allah loves booty incorta be Mr. MacArthur Mira Dr. Amato, Laurie has said one day I shared with you a lot

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and I says some people came to me via creme de la when he was selling and maybe a cream salesman before he went out to meet them maybe saw slim combed his beard. Navistar slim put his hair correctly, maybe saw slim put his quota nice. And as I said, jasola Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this? You are the nephew of Allah do you need to do this? Maybe a creamy sauce lamb gave the same reply in the larger meal. You can put a German Allah is beautiful, Allah loves beauty. So Jocelyn took care with regard to his physical appearance. Then you find another added in one day, there are two rewires in this one at Ivan yasir narrates on the authority of Mata Malik that one day

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a person came to me a cream sauce, limbs and stuff and he was his beard was unkempt, His hair was disheveled, maybe a cream sauce Some said Go Go back and go and clean yourself. So he came back and he comb his hair. He put his beard nice. Nobody saw sunset is this not better than the way you were looking like the devil. You were looking like the devil is this not better than the way you were looking previously. Another Hadith it comes in Mr. Ahmed, that one day a person came to me via cream sauce them and he was dirty, maybe sauce lamb told him go back and wash yourself. And when he came back and he came back in the presence of Nivea cream sauce, he washed himself now we saw some cities

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it's not better than your previous condition.

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So, we look at the importance of physical appearance with regard to cleanliness. Then a third thing, cleanliness is a means of us, you know, in many ways strengthening human relationship through the means of you know, if a person is clean, he smells nice. Of course it makes a difference in his interpersonal relationship. You know, many times you and I we always talk with regard to this particular aspect, that when we want our wives to be very clean, we want them to smell nice, but with regard to ourselves, we don't worry with regard to how we smell to them. I mean that is not correct. They say that normally the initial stages of marriage, you know the wife smells like old

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Fahrenheit and all different types of you know, different types of perfumes. And then when they get old they spell example and then we complain but there is a reality of the situation people are gonna get old, but we need to have you know, cleanliness. The Sahaba say that we never saw anyone we never saw anyone who was more pleasant in smelling the nebia cream saucer. never saw anyone they say you could bring the best of eater you could bring the best of mush and maybe a cream sauce lamb had a more pleasant smell that even that much that you had maybe a cream sauce lamb said if I would have helped it. I would have made it compulsory for people to clean the teeth before they come into the

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facility. He said if I would have helped it, I would have made it compulsory for people to make miswak before but it would become too difficult for people. Sometimes you don't have the means to when do you clean your teeth because you don't ever miss work you don't have something but he said if I had the means I would have made it compulsory. Why compulsory so that your mouth is smelling clean. So when you speak to people there is no odor coming from your mouth. Maybe a cream sauce limited in a hadith which comes in a Buddha would that anyone who eats onions and garlic mustard come to our Masjid till he cleans himself.

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Tell he doesn't clean his mouth he doesn't come to the masjid.

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Now I don't need to tell you with regard to you know the the the smell that comes up when people burp I don't have to tell you with regard to it. But if maybe a cream sauce lamb said when you eat garlic and onions don't come to the magic till you clean your mouth What does it tell you? It tells you don't be in a situation that in your namaaz you view image such as smell that gives the clip to the person who's next to you.

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This is part of another aspect with regard to cleanliness is part of

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it is part of fitrah to be clean. Therefore never occur himself Some said five things are part of a threat and then they'll be occurring so Islam made mention with regard to part of Fitbit and part of your innate nature. You know part of Fitbit is to make to make sure not to clean your underarms, the hair under your armpits, to clean the the hair you know, below the navel the pubic hairs. Then Muslim said part of it that is to cut your moustache, not to keep it wild and lose enemies awesome said part of the trip is to cut your nails. Let me start since that five things are part of your good character, your innate nature that is support

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To be good now look at this beautiful things mighty respected whether it's all that our beloved nebia Karim serravalle wa sallam has made mentioned with regard to us, one would have thought such great emphasis on cleanliness, Muslims must be very clean. And you see, our cleanliness mighty respect is even more than even the cleanliness of the disbelievers. And as it moved into kiss up, one day wrote in editorial of cleanliness in his periodical albula and he made mention Mufti Shafi sobre la made mention of a Jeep incident, he said one day in India pre partition India, there was a person who became a revert, he was from the from a European background and he became a Muslim. So

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when he became Muslim, so he found the masjid to be dirty, so he told everyone Let's clean the masjid. So when he told everyone to clean the masjid, some of the old muscley said he became a Muslim, but his whiteness didn't go out of him. As if Eliyahu Billa cleanliness is day 40 stuff look at what our elders have made mentioned here for Who is it for them or for us. And today, one of the ways of looking at a Muslim locality is to see how much garbage days you know Muslims are staying at so when you go to Facebook square don't take anyone's name with regard to it. Go there on a Saturday and see what it is. Now via trim sauce knows how to

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clean the outside of your homes so that people will come past to not get the Clif Bar kovanda Kossoff Corona via cream sauce, Monica, tacky dog look, Joe toccata Cliff Now, look at our situation with regard to our cleaners go and see the garbage that is in our localities. Look at how we live after this beautiful teaching that nebbia Crimson Muslim has given us We must be in this situation. It goes against what our Dean teaches us and I said our teaching is even greater, even greater than that teachings and the cleanliness of the disbelievers because they only have outdone as offered they have outer cleanliness, we have inner and outside cleanliness. So therefore they only have

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outer cleanliness, they will they will find it difficult in this park water on a toilet floor but they don't worry if you're in is on the clouds.

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So all you have outer cleanliness, we have outer any cleanliness. And for us to behave in this particular way with regard to our the methods that we adopt is something that goes against our Sharia. So we need to be very careful. And then when you have cleanliness of the body leads to cleanliness of the soul. But if you can't clean your body, how is your heart gonna become clean? Sir, if you can stay clean yourself and how are you How is your body or your your art is gonna be clean. So, out there cleanliness leads to in a cleanliness. effectiveness is as if not more important than outer cleanliness, but the first step is clean yourself outside, then it will lead to

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inner cleanliness and part of inner cleanliness, just a moment mentioned or two or three points, my dearest friend on this particular point, and then I will conclude with this part of inner cleanliness today is to read your heart from all evil attributes melas hatred, jealousy, you know, melas grudges bitterness, and I'm finding maybe I'm wrong. I'm just finding increasingly people carrying a lot of hatred in their hearts. People are carrying so much bitterness in their hearts that is absolutely unreal. And it's affecting them. It's affecting their health, it's affecting the way they look at the world. But it's becoming so much if people have got so much bitterness that you

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can't believe it. clean yourself in Allah you know, Hippo Matata, hidden Allah loves those who are clean, clean outside, clean inside, clean your heart actually related some months back about the hadith of NaVi saw Salaam referring to a person who was amongst the people of Janet. And when wasabi, went to see his life didn't find anything they didn't find anything distinguished. asked him why and he says to him said you are a man of gender. I don't know. But he said I've got one quality. I every night before I sleep, I clear my heart from all Mellors, bitterness, grudges and bitterness against every person. So he said that is a reason that the navy seals and said you are men of gender

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because your heart is free from grudge and bitterness and hatred against every person is a very small story, which which I will conclude with it makes mention of a very important point. They say a school teacher one day told a small children set which ever whoever Have you how much people you got hatred against. You know, you bring one potato to the extent of the people whom you have got hatred against whom you don't like. So some students bought one potato somewhat two potatoes, some potrebe some somewhat five, and he said this is the amount of people you don't like. So he said alright, carry this potato with you. So they carried it for a week. And after they carried it for a week they

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some of them said teacher we are finding it very difficult. The potato is starting to smell was firing weighty we have to carry it everywhere we go. It's very difficult for us to carry this. So the teacher the end of the week said I want to give you a lesson. The lesson is this. You finding the difficulty to carry a potato which supposed to

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represent a person whom you hate. This is a same result of you carrying grudges and bitterness against a person in your heart

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is coming to smell is going to be a burden upon you. It is going to be an unnecessary burden with regard to it because you are carrying grudges and bitterness against people, clean our hearts with regard to grudges and bitterness, irrespective of whether someone has very beautifully said, Be good to all people. Be polite to even those people who are rude to you, not because they are nice but because you are nice

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to that because in Allah Allah says in Allah Buddha being a bull Matata hidden, Allah loves those who turn towards Allah. Allah loves those who are clean cleaning the body cleaning the way they live, cleaning the clothes, cleaning the physical appearance, clean with a body clean with regard to their hearts and inshallah Allah tala tofik. We will make mention with regard to the cleanliness of the heart, whenever we get the opportunity, walk through that one hula hula

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