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The speakers discuss the meaning of moderation, which is the belief that everything from the beginning of the Christian faith all goes into the middle path. They stress the importance of moderation in political success and caution against associate partners with one's Prophet. They also discuss the danger of becoming evil and the importance of good conduct and balancing one's anger. The speakers emphasize the need for caution and caution in moderation, and provide examples of how people are misread or misheard. They also criticize the use of negative language and the portrayal of the person in one's life.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he Allah kill me he will be wahala if we buy the Quadra T was salat wa salam Hadas and he will be even more serene. Wa alayhi wa was heavy was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira McCarthy rom ameba new formula humanists show it on what do you miss Milligan, Walkman Iraqi worker that it will not matter was not set up Allah will ask him my dear respected parama elders and brothers. We begin by praising Almighty Allah and sending salutations upon our beloved Livia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I recited a verse of the Holy Quran in front of you, which he's a very famous verse and I'm sure many of you from time to time

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have heard the Alama quoting this verse, although sometimes we don't understand the depth in the meaning of this beautiful verse. And in this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala has just described one of the most essential characteristics of this coma vocab Erica Johanna Amata wasat Allah Allah says we have made you and Amato wasa justly balanced OMA and OMA that does not fall short of the limit, that does not go beyond the limit, the Ummah that adopts moderation,

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as one of its key characteristics. And what does moderation mean? You know, moderation is that which does not fall short, does not go beyond, it is the middle path. And we strictly follow the middle path. And that is something very interesting if you see what I've got in front of me. So this whole particular stem is if I take the entire entirety of it, the middle path will be exactly here. Now, if you don't see the two extremes, you might not be able to get the middle path, you will need to understand the two extremes, to be able to understand the middle path between the two extremes. And that is what we are required in our Sharia to do now many times you and I would not regard

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moderation as a model attribute very highly. But yet this idea tells us it is the distinguishing characteristic of the OMA maybe acronyms oscillometric Carol Ohmori our said to her, the best of all affairs is that in which you adopt the middle path, the moderate path between the two extremes. Now when we talk about moderation, I just want to sound a warning that we mustn't say about that, we talking about moderation is envisaged by the West, the West has got a particular view of moderation. Salman Rushdie, in once in the Washington Post has written and I would like to quote him verbatim. The Islamic reformation has to begin here with an acceptance of the concept that all ideas even

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sacred ones must be adapted to altered realities. I beg your pardon we have certain sacred realities which we will not forsake. So they have this idea of moderation means you mustn't be too fundamentalist, you mustn't be too serious about your religion. I will go on to explain what our understanding of moderation is. Let me start off by saying in every aspect of our deen

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we have the material path from the very most fundamental belief right up to the very low in terms of our clock and our conduct. Let me start off with our belief in Allah subhanaw taala. As I said, the middle path requires you to understand the two extremes. So what is the two extremes in this regard? One extreme is to associate partners to Allah subhanaw taala. Now that is demeaning humankind. When a person goes and put his head in sichtbar in front of many lords besides Allah subhanho wa Taala it is demeaning I should have called.

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It is demeaning human can they follow Allah Allah says in Allah Allah.

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Allah will never forgive a person who associate partners.

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We are Pharaoh Medina delicacy major Shah Other than that, if Allah wishes, Allah can forgive any other Ghanaians shirt is the cardinal guna incident in the Shaka Zulu Moon Azim says hola in Surah Lokman shirt is the greatest injustice and what does shift mean either one of two things, either you print a letter or down to the level of human beings or you bring a view and you upgrade a human being to the level of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is

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that is one one extreme and the other extreme now for us to understand the middle path. The other extreme is not to deny Allah subhanaw taala

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He Allah, how do you deny your Creator? But that is the reality we are facing in today's time. People are when you ask them who What is your religion, we are agnostics. We are skeptics. We don't believe in anything. How can you do that? Why, you know, all the, all the great miracles that we see in front of us just came like that. All the oneness around us as excellence. No Almighty Allah made 1000 billion stars they made made themselves no power keeps them on a steady course without them, you know, colliding with one another. Infants teach himself to cry when they are hungry or hurt. My mother whom uncle used to tell me, but she pointed out to care, do carry

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bucur very young children, they cry when they're hungry or when they're hurt. So they just didn't like them, let themselves who taught them that who taught a small child and infant when it grows, the moment it is born, to be able to suck the mother's breast. But yet you find these people who say they please there's no Allah subhanaw taala the earth gave itself day and night tilted itself. So then we get seasons, the human heart will beat for 70 or 80 years without faltering. How does it get sufficiently rest between the heartbeats and yet they say there is no God.

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So in between these two extremes is our belief in the Oneness of Allah. How did you Safale salatu salam tell unto his companions of the present? Yes, sir. He by his surgeon or Babu moto for reborn higher level workable taharah who my companions of the prison is many loans better or is one powerful Great Lord better? So our belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala is between the two extremes. The other aspect is the next most important belief in our deen is the belief in RUSADA prophethood of our beloved Maria cream sauce, lemon Dombivali masala Salam, look at the history of religions. It's a failure in them finding the middle path

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and Islam is adopted the middle path. Why why is it a failure? On one hand you have make your Prophet God incarnate. Look at kufr Alladhina Kahlo in Allah 32, South Africa, South Africa, they have committed disbelief. Who made you Sally salat wa salam Devine, who made him one of the Trinity who made it equal to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and other hand is the other extreme, which Allah Tala says we have to rule to rule under B when they went to the extent of killing the profits. They killed the Karelian salat wa salam they killed your URI salat wa salam. So in between you see the history of religions find that we have not been able to find other religions the middle path

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between the two extremes between with regard to the rights of our prophets are allowed to set up our belief in the prophets one hand made him make him part of Allah Tala attribute divinity to him. Alia will Billa Allah Tala in so many places look at kufra Latina Paulo in Allah who will mercy six Jews of the Holy Quran, they have committed disbelief who say Allah is beside me, Miriam. How can you be on the other hand? You know, there's a group that to kill the Emir of salat wa salam in between Islam Subhan Allah, we have shown that respect to our prophets, and that Reverend to our Prophet, that no matter shown reverence and respect to the prophet that we have shown in every matter, Imam

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Malik Rahmatullah, he was giving lessons of Hadith. And every now and then he was wincing with painting. In the students after the lessons it will start what happened, Duane Payne, why didn't you stop the lesson? He said, Just look behind the something that is inconveniencing me, and they look behind and they saw Scorpion was stinging him. So why three to stop.

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Stop the lesson of the Prophet because of my pain. Where do you get any any metallic shorts at respect to his prophet? But we were very, very careful. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was our object of our obedience. Because Allah Tala told us Mata Rasulullah was a woman a man will find out. Whatever he tells you to do, do it. Whatever he tells you to stay away from it, stay away from it.

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He was the object of our unswerving allegiance, our respect our love. The Persian poet made mention of it and we see even in today's time in our situations of weakness, the Persian poet said you can take a chance perhaps with Allah don't take a chance with Muhammad in front of this woman, but they won't bear the insult of a prophet. But yet at the same time, we were very careful

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so much, never attributing divinity to our Prophet to be a cream sauce lamb towards the end of the lives he told the Sahaba be aware do not make my cover a place of worship after I die be aware do not make my cover a place of worship after I died and one day in a reoccurring saucer um so a person making dua, masha Allah wa Masha Allah Muhammad, what Allah wishes and what Muhammad wishes and maybe a creamy sauce rebuked him he said

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are you equating me with Allah

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this is the beauty of this man in the middle path with regard to its respect and belief in himself salaam he was the object of our allegiance, love, and and swearing, allegiance and love and respect, never the object of our worship. Again, we give you an example, look at that.

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Look at our material world, we are all living in this material world. In this particular regard, we also find two extremes. One extreme you find the people who say stay away from this dunya there is nothing good Industria there is nothing positive in this dunya on the other hand, you find the other extreme, they have made this material world to be all in all in all of all the desires, objectives, everything is only material world. The Quran has put it in here Allah higher tuna dunya Nemo to

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thin is only this material world we are not going to be resurrected, enjoy yourself as much as possible in this material world. Now, if you have such a view, that everything is already this material, well you stop at nothing to gain the benefits of this material world even if we have to roll even if we have to cheat even you have to feel you have to commit theft because only the material world you only live here for 6070 years make the most of it and I'm not going to be resurrected. What what that is what does it leave you with? On the other hand, you find those people who have just stayed away from the beautiful things that Allah created. And Allah Allah wants us to

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look at the beauty that to her remota Hubert which Allah made halal don't make it haram enjoy it. Limit to Holloway, Mama Allah, Allah Allah, why make haram what Allah made halal,

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these so many whatever Allah made haram, there is an equivalent in it in Hulen Allah made Zina haram he made Nica and enjoying yourself and intimacy in indica not only halal, certified charity, we like to do these type of things. He made riba haram, he made business halal, whatever the is haram he made so he told us happened dunya hashanah

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give us the good of this world give us the good of the year after Subhanallah lethargy dunya agbada Homina Homina

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mattina let me start let us do our order to not make this material worlds that be all in the order of our existence, do not make it the reason why we gain knowledge. Everyone today you ask why are you taking this course I make a lot of money in it, there is a lot of money in this is that why you gain knowledge, maybe a cream sauce some sort of loss protection,

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that you earn knowledge to become a better human being to serve humanity not to make money. If you make money by its by the way, it's not the objective. So, you see the beauty aspect with regard to our religion with regard to the material world, the two extremes make it everything other one for forsaking the start it in between Allah says dunya we take the good of this material will stay away from the harmful effects even in our you know o'clock we always must have good o'clock good character, good conduct, what is good conduct? Well, um, I have written that

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to bring your natural faculties in moderation, that is good conduct. That is good conduct. You know, for example, let's take the example of anger. So, anger, the lack of anger

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brings about inactivity.

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And the excess of it brings up our triad. So anger is good when it is between inactivity and pride. So when you when you don't get angry for things that you are supposed to get angry, you become inactive. So here many times people say we keep lose our career, how much money we make somebody. So there are certain times when you need to be motivated to do something. And of course, if you have access anger, we all know the harm that you've caused, in every aspect and o'clock in contact. It is the moderate

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equilibrium in our faculties, intelligence between deception and stupidity.

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So it's good to be intelligent. So to save yourself from stupidity, and when you become too angry and become too intelligent, you become deceptive.

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I remember our pathetic old people used to say hi to barrister Varanasi, I he's going he's going to he's going too far. He's becoming too intelligent. So intelligence between deception and stupidity, bravery, between foolhardiness being reckless, and being a coward. In every aspect, Allah Tala told us take the middle path. Another thing that I think maybe I should make mention here is the aspect of spending quality neither unfair coulomb UserInfo What am Your daddy cut our look at the beauty. When you spend you are not miserly.

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What you spend when things are unnecessary, indeed, and in your needs. At the same time, you are not extravagant, the people who are extravagant and wasteful. They are the brothers of shaytan says Allah in the Quran. In number Derrington. We want to show your team, the people who are extravagant other brothers of shaytan.

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I think one thing that I think maybe it might be appropriate in such a setting. Many times people say that, if I'm extravagant. What does it harm anyone? And I've heard this many times. If I spend more than what I'm supposed to do in something, how does it harm the community? How does it harm society? It does. And you will be surprised what how it does. You see when we when we start becoming extravagant, then we lift the bar of expenses. Now you'll see men wedding 20 years ago and see your wedding now. Why are we always lifting the bar with regard to our expenses? Because someone did an act of extravagance and the next person wanted to equally

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in that particular way, extravagant is not to do only with yourself, you have raised the bar and extravagant let me sort of set IACA we're gonna stay away from an ostentatious way of living. And that doesn't love an ostentatious way of living. I know it's subjective. But there are certain things we have to be careful. Maybe a cream saucer makes it stay away from a very extravagant way of living in our country, it has other repercussions also. So anyway, let me leave it at that. And let me start off with a quote another five minutes. So another important aspect with regard to moderation. Moderation, even Indeed,

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even in our deen Islam has taught us that we must be moderate, we must have the middle path between the two extremes. Three Sahaba came to Nebia trim sorcerer, and they studied the life of a cream sorcerer. And one of them said, maybe it himself seems that nibio of Allah, He doesn't need much divided. So one of them said From now onwards, every day I will keep rose up in which is permissible to keep Rosa one says that I will every night I will stay all night awake. And the other one said I will never get married. Because if I get married have to look after the wife.

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And nowadays we look upon that, you know, small son when the candy came to the father and said, Oh my father, how much does it cost to get married? So the father said, I don't know my son, I'm still paying.

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And you see the greatest tragedy? I read what secret I recently received the greatest tragedy you see if you think you are in difficulty, can you imagine the difficulty of this person

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who is divorced is still paying the debts of his wedding.

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The greatest tragedy, but anyway, what I'm trying to say is that this is the aspect of Dean to these three people came maybe a cream sauce from Allah told him about it, he came to him and said, I got more piety than you.

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But I keep some time some days fast and sometimes I don't get fast. I spend portion of my night in sleeping sometime within a night with my family and sometimes I spend in Ibaadat and I get married, this is my Sunette. So, you realize now, the other extreme with regard to it. Now, in this regard, I told you that the module path is this year, this is also wrong falling short is also wrong. Going beyond the limit is also wrong. Now, many times we when we talk about moderation, we only talk about it in terms of the excess falling short is also wrong.

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If you are not reading your five times daily, what salad salad, what Jamaat you are falling short, you are not moderate. You are falling short of the limit. And moderation means you don't fall short to the limit. In this regard. I would like to quote a very famous Khalid Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi, Yusuf al Qaradawi wrote a book on moderation and I just love this portion. And instead of just quoting him like that, I would like to quote him exactly what he had said. Is it fair to condemn young people who have grown up in piety and righteousness, however, excessive and strict others might regard it to be? Why we keep silent about the morally permissive behavior

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amongst some of the youth when it is difficult to distinguish between male and female, is it fair to make such a fuss about religious extremism, extremism, and yet keep silent about religious extremism is it's fair to sneer at a woman who veils her face.

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And we jokingly says she's a ninja Biller, because she is convinced that her action is in tune with Islamic teaching. Yet keep silent about others who walk around the streets almost naked.

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falling short of the limit is not moderation.

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And going beyond the limit is also not moderation. Therefore, to be occurring software has warned us alafair maternity only those who not pick or destroyed who are the people who not be

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great excessiveness in religion. They are going to be destroyed excessiveness is too disagreeable for human nature to endure. Therefore, maybe a cream sauce Thurman Allah subhanho wa Taala has warned us about it. Therefore you find the people who are excessive making a lot of noise on social media, but they don't get protection. People can't live up to their standards. So the excessiveness is too disagreeable for human nature to endure. And excessiveness is short lived, you can be accessed for a long period of time definitely acronym SOS limited Allah in

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the best of deeds is dead which is done consistently even if it is little. So excessiveness is not something that is that we we keep it as something that is great. Let me just give you two examples and I will conclude you know as a mother of the Allah water and when they came to me they couldn't stop them and said yeah rasool Allah, this person who is in my Masjid he was an imam outside Medina, Medina. He is when I think he doesn't read numbers with us that time not to read salat wa Jamaat was a sign off I'm gonna fix themselves don't call him and let me repair himself I still am totally misread. Why you need reading Serato Jama and he said yeah Rasulullah we are people who go into the

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into the fields after mastery we go and we go in to agriculture. We come back Isha immaculate, we shall tell you shall time has it was his reading Surah Baqarah he's reading Surah Ali Bran we can bear it with the V Commerce on our own.

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We are Caruso slim Paul has it was more as a tunnel under who was are you causing trial and tribulation upon the people? How can you eat such long Surah Tanisha

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rich reflect she was somebody that inshallah will Imams don't do that inshallah. Now we're fortunate, but read through it, like so sub the Eastman holida Look at the beauty. And then amazing is this is sequel to the set. You know this so he called us as you know, he called him or the person as it was called him I'm gonna fake. So he went out once in Jihad and he will sacrifice his life in the path of Allah. It's gonna be a turning saucer and Paul was once the person whom you call your victory he gave his life in the past.

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But what it made me so awesome said Omar has a you causing trial, as you allow to know,

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was a very well known zahavi known for his piety. So Cemani Farsi was paired with him as a brother by himself from Simon first Farsi came to his house and he saw him his whole house is disheveled. Not neatly kept, his wife is disheveled.

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He asked what what are you doing? He said your brother. He has no need for me.

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He doesn't give any relationship with me. So Samantha Cipolla, go and clean the house, come clean yourself. When

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I would have got up to read numbers after Michelle you see you sleep now. You only get up in the early hours of the morning and

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so I would have to complain. The next day they went to Libya cream sauce. Maybe a Teamster Allahu alayhi wa sallam rebuked about delta and said, Your Lord has a right upon you. Your wife has a right upon you. Your neighbors have a right upon you. Your body has a right upon you. Don't go to the excessiveness with regard to a burden and part of excessiveness in Ibadan in religion can eat bigotry and intolerance. When a person starts thinking I'm the only one right and and this bigotry and intolerance comes up in this particular way. That you will find the person will say my opinion is always right. You are always wrong.

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My opinion is always right. My opinion is all in you are always wrong, then your opinion is always wrong. It can never be right. Let me conclude with the chef advertiser Gianni Rahmatullah is one amazing incident. A person was in the company of Chef Abdul Qadir Jilani Rahmatullah Lee when he was going away, he said, Give me parting advice. So Chicago gathers Jelani raw material he told him don't claim divinity and don't claim to be a

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Prophet in he was shocked. He said I stayed in your company we are not going to be claimed to be Allah we are going to claim to be a prophet.

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And if Lukather Gianni Rahmatullah Allah explained him he said, Only Allah is always only Allah's decision is final and binding and no one can complain about it. Don't ever make your opinion final and binding and no one can object to it. And only the newbie only speaks the truth. Don't ever claim that you are the only truth. That is what I meant. That don't claim to be Allah. I don't claim to be an awakening sorcerer that is part of excessiveness in religion. In conclusion, Elias said we're Kalika Jalna Amata wasa who have made your justly Bella's Houma and this particular iron, it portrays and manifests itself in every aspect of our life, from our belief in Allah, our belief in

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the vehicle we sell stuff in our attitude towards our material world, in our attitude towards our club, in our spending, and even in our deen. We are Latin Amicus amongst those who follow this ayat and remain as a manifestation of what analyses we have made to adjust the balance