Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 19

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The speaker discusses the importance of the etiquette in workout and the use of words like "soak," "has been" and "has been." They also mention the origin of words like "has been" and "has been" and how it can be confusing. The speaker also talks about the surprise of the "has been" and how it can be confusing.

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to a workout.

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Similar from the last lot of Salama Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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while AlLahi wa sahbihi wa Manuela

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1010. Can you say that?

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Yeah, the sheikh was reciting yesterday. And so number 10

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is called so the universe and is number 10, which we're going to be talking about today. So you understand now what's 1010 excellent. And this I had talked about the etiquette in gentlemen.

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It talks about the etiquette and gentleman, Allah subhana wa Taala says that he has

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that sums up the etiquette in general, you want something in general?

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No, I'm not asking.

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They're very hungry. Mashallah. May Allah guide all of your steps to gentleness me. Now, I'm just this is a rhetorical question. If you want something done now, okay. If you want something in general,

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okay. Okay, now,

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all you need to do.

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Don't remember. Check them heartily. You don't have to say Double, double

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or triple treble. In general, all you need to do is say Subhana Allah home daughter spear.

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I don't have to name it. briyani you know, shawarma? You know the spice? No, no, you just say szczepanik. Allah home.

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Then what happens? The angel comes to you with the greeting of the people of Jin. What's the greeting variable gender,

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salam, salam,

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So the angel will come and say Assalamualaikum and he's carrying what you just was like, whatever he was thinking on. You don't have to name it. You eat it? And then what do you say at the end? Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen interislander that now? So he has a panic alone? If you want something general, what do you need to do?

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to just be?

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Do we have jobs in general? Do you have to wake up early in the morning? Do you have to pray?

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You have done your part and dunia. So all you need to do is just to speak

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just to speak.

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And Subhanallah These are three in gentlemen. The prophets of Salaam said if you do lots of this behind this dunya is a three in gentlemen. He said that racing person on the back of a horse would travel for 100 years. And he wouldn't cover the shade of the tree racing for 100 years. Do you really understand the word gender? Where does it come from an Arabic It comes from gentlemen, gentlemen.

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You know when the when the light comes, it covers the film as an ally

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and also

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it's called gender because there will be lots of trees and they're very high and they're coming together together and they will cover you and give you a shade. That's why it's called gentlemen.

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Do you know what they're called gin? Because they're covered from us we don't see them but you're insane in sand comes from elesa means to see you can be seen but the gym cannot be seen.

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Also say he is

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measured No Why? Because his mind discover it's not working. So you see the origin of the word. Okay. So in general you can

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call Julian Mashallah because it's in current McKean.

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But he's a linguist so I can

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Just but you know can beat him.

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Oracle Luffy. So when you

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when you

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Okay, let's go back, let's rewind

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when you go to visit one of your friends in general

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now when you're listening to my boring speech for seven minutes or eight minutes for you to

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write to keep moving and changing your position because you're tired, the apostle himself, you will go and visit a friend and gentlemen, and we'll be reclining in a sofa like this for 100 years. Oh my god, I'm gonna miss my job. No jobs I told you, no doctors, no lawyers, no sickness, no old age, because there will be an announcement that will be made once you make it to law harem no old age, law sitcom no sickness.

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In Ella comfy her and xr muffaletta persona data, you will live in a bliss, you will never feel misery again. In the documentary.

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You will live forever unleash the concerns of people today.

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And guess what?

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Six years ago, I was in this machine. And I was doing tafsir of so I seen. So number 36 and I came to if 55 and 56. Allah subhanaw taala again is talking about the people who may Allah make us all amongst them inshallah. He said,

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Indeed, the people who

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are very busy today, what are they doing? They're just eating fruits. Is it because they're hungry? You will never feel hunger in general. You will never feel thirst. It's just like you're amusing herself.

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And then the next time I said

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fable on an island

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correctly, Misha?

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Is that right?

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Okay, I was just trying to correct the I was I was like,

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okay, so last thing

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meaning you and your spouse's

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feels a lot in under shades.

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On very soft, comfortable sofas would take you on the reclining and the article said, What did you say?

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I said homo as

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I said they and their spouses. Is that engender?

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So Isn't it enough that I have a life sentence here?

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So my spouse, and I'm saying gentlemen could apply to the brothers and sisters. Right? I want to be safe tonight. Allison homeowners watch all day and their spouses. Right? So imagine your wife has finished her life sentence 25 years, and then you're going to chase her and gentlemen.

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I'm just trying to be nice. Okay.

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Then he said.

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I said, Brother, uncle, listen carefully. In gentlemen. There are no nagging wives, sisters, in general. There are no cheap husbands.

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I have to be fair, right. Sisters are giving him another one.

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There are no abusive husbands.

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Okay, so because the last man has told us in the Koran, that Allah subhanaw taala will purify our hearts of all diseases.

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Is that clear? So we will be another creation? Guess what? Every single time you come back home in Jeanette. Hold on. Do you need

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a GPS to go home in general? No, no.

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Allah subhanaw taala says you will have an internal GPS you will need to use if you're going to go back home in Sharla. But the more important thing when you go to gentlemen, there is a surprise waiting for you everyday at home. Do you want to know it?

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First of all, it's not going to be a surprise. Second, my time is over. We'll continue to work our