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This week’s special guest Jim Marlowe has been studying nutrition for Almost 40 years and was the chief Nutritionist for Dr.Mercola for 7 years. He started studying nutrition in 1977, at the age of 20, because he reached a point where he was ‘sick & tired of being sick & tired’ all the time. He had been a very sickly infant & child and he suffered from a long list of chronic ailments for those first 20 years of his life.

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is a piece Welcome to the D show, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? will literally my next guest, he was sick and tired of being tired and sick all the time. And he ended up going to the doctor like most people do. And he just got more sick, it wasn't working the prescription drugs with 20 different side effects. They weren't cutting it. And he took off on a completely different journey. He started studying food and became a top nutritionist in many medical clinics, including one of Dr. mercola, who he worked with for over seven years. And he is here with us. He's empowering people on how they can make a change and get more energy become more vibrant cure many of these

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ailments and illnesses that are affecting the majority of people living today because they're not eating real food. And we got an expert in this area to cover this very important topic. We'll be right back. Don't go anywhere.

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Hello, Jim Marlo, how you doing? Welcome to the D show how you been? I've been very well. 40 years, you've been dealing with nutrition, you went from being tired and sick, because you were tired and sick.

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Tell us a little about this. Well,

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for the first 20 years of my life, I was a mess. I was chronically ill, I had all kinds of chronic health problems. And at the age of 20, I reached a point in my life where I became sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. And I recognize that the doctors that my parents were taking me to

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were not helping me.

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They were only given me

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prescription drugs that at best helped to reduce some of my symptoms a little bit in the short run. But in the long run, I was getting worse and worse and worse. And I wanted to know how to be healthy. And there was no doctor that I knew of at that time, who could tell me that. So I decided to take responsibility for my own health. And I knew that the first thing to do to begin to to take responsibility for my own health was to educate myself. And so I started learning about nutrition and

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the other what I like to call fundamental influences on our health, that part of everybody's life. And if you just think things through for yourself very carefully and logically, like anybody else would come to the same realizations, that of course, what you're putting into your body Every day is going to be a big and constant influence on your health. And so I started studying nutrition and I started making changes.

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And it only took about a week or two before I actually started to feel better in a very significant way. And I knew I was onto something. And so I continued to study nutrition that was in 1977 when when I started and I was 20 then now I'm 58 now and I've been studying nutrition for 38 years, and I'm still studying nutrition because no matter how much you know, or how much you think, you know, there's no end to learning. And I am

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I am devoted to being a lifelong student and continuing to evolve my consciousness and my practice in

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the living of my life and engaging in the proper care and feeding of my body. And I learned enough about how to be healthy and learned enough about nutrition and the other fundamentals of health that in 1985, I started doing some nutrition and health counseling on a professional level. And I've had a lot of experience in that area. But the experience that

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people might like to hear the most because

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they may recognize they may be very familiar with this with this natural medicine doctor is I for for over seven years. I was the chief nutritionist at Dr. Joe mercola optimal Wellness Center when he had a very thriving practice in Schaumburg

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because of the popularity of Dr. mercola his website and he claims that he's got the most visited website on the internet in regard to nutrition and health topics and

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that may be may be the case but

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His website has been quite popular for quite some time. And because of the popularity of his website, we were probably the busiest nutrition based health center in the country. And what I like to call the glory days of that clinic from 2000 to 2007. And that was, that's when I was there.

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And we had a lot of people coming from all over Chicagoland and outside of Chicago and different parts of the country and even from outside the country to seek our help, and in realizing freedom from a whole variety of different chronic health problems and learning how to be healthy. And we taught them that we got a lot to talk about, we want people one of the benefits now that we want people to derive when they leave the show is some some things I know this is a life. This is this is a change of ways you know, to implement, you know, make it a way of life so you can really enjoy life. Like you're starting to you're enjoy you've been enjoying now since you made these changes.

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My next question is gonna I want to how do you someone, tell me this? Alright, you're making a change. And you got family, they love you, and they keep bringing this stuff over. So

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what do we do? Okay, you're cutting out and you're like, come on, you know? And everyday you got this stuff in a fridge. So where do you let's start with this. If this is offered to me anywhere I say, Well, thank you very much, but no, thank you. Uh huh. And see this looks good. Now you I cannot look I used to. I would eat a whole cake like this on my cheat days. You know? Well, the first 20 years of my life I would have eaten it too. But

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I also hope you guys can see this man this this is

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sure you won't

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know what

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Yeah, well see. There is no struggle. What's wrong with it? I mean, come on in. Well, what's wrong with it is there was nothing right with it. You know?

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Many, many years ago, I learned the value of smelling Yes, I can but it's it's not enticing at all. Because it's, I don't even see that as food that's that's that's to me. That's that's that's fake. That's fake food. It's, it's it's not anything I want to put into my body. I want to honor my body with the very best quality nutrition that is available to me the very best nutrition that God nature has to offer. It's what God had given us. This is we can right away agree this is this is not food. Now say what's in here is poison. Sugar is poison is a chronic, acute chronic dose dependent depends on how much you eat, because there is a safe threshold

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hepato, liver toxin,

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the metabolic diseases that are associated with obesity, diabetes, or heart disease, the liver problems, the strokes, the cancer, those diseases are being driven by sugar is actually killing killing you internally right

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now, but 60% of the population is overweight or obese, and diabetes rates have tripled? Is it possible that we've been given the wrong advice? What goes into some Well, this is I guess you could call it you can make a case that this is poison. But what I think is a more accurate way to to describe what this and similar products are. This is not going to have a nutritional effect on nutrition, it's going to have a drug like effect on your body. Okay. Sugar has recently scientists discovered a hormone called leptin. leptons job is to tell your brain that your body's had enough to eat. Guess what gets in the way of that job, sugar. When you indulge in soft drinks and junk food,

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your brain has a hard time recognizing leptin so you stay hungry longer and eat more than you should. This causes problems with your pancreas. The pancreas produces insulin, which helps regulate your blood sugar, more sugar you have in your bloodstream, the harder your pancreas has to work. And then overwork pancreas, bad things, obesity, metabolic syndrome and type two diabetes. When you consider heart disease and liver disease, both of which can be caused by sugar.

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Yeah, sugar

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has more of a drug like effect. It's a stimulant. It can make people feel better for a few moments, or maybe even a little bit longer than that, but it's not having a nutritional effect on the body. Sugar stroop test is the sweet stuff that's in sugar and high fructose corn syrup, sugar, it's newer and cheaper twin. Fruit does can do damage to your body in ways we are just beginning to understand

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Is the actually the most common addiction in America and probably the rest of the world where they where they have it available. But sugar, the obvious suspect at the moment is sugar.

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Sugar is driving, all of the chronic metabolic diseases that we know about today is an addictive stimulant. And I know most people don't see it as that, but it's a, it's a substance that only at best is going to cause what I call metabolic turmoil in your body, it's going to make it harder for your body to be healthy.

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And I think it's important to

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mature in into to evolve your consciousness, you know, doing this as a kid, when you don't really know better and unfortunately, if the adult world around you, they don't understand

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how harmful this can be at health and, and and you know, the adult world, you know, is is very good at turning children into into addicts for sweets, because they project their own food preferences and their own addictions on the children and then, and then the children become addicts for sugar in some form. But it doesn't have to be that way. And one of my most important teachings is that

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the sooner we develop what I call nutritional integrity, the better nutritional integrity is all about setting standards for what is acceptable food and drink for your body and then being faithful to those standards. And it's, it's, it's quite amazing to me in an unfortunate way that

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I've known all too many people who they, they they're, they're very accomplished in many areas of their life. And they have, they have integrity in many areas of life. But when it comes to their nutritional integrity, they eat whatever they'll put anything into, let's hold right there. We're gonna actually and you, we want you to give us because someone's like, Look, my life's over. Now if I can't have this, maybe you can give something that we can take this away and replace it with something healthier. So let's go well, we're going to take a break. But but you know what Eddie, we need to address

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we're gonna get rid of this a person, a person's person's current state of health, because if someone is not currently suffering, if they're not currently bothered by some type of health problem that they want to be free of. In America, typically, they have no motivation to want to give that up. We're gonna have to find some motivation people. We're gonna have to we got an expert here. We got a lot to talk about. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back, please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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And don't forget, as I asked you to do already, if you haven't subscribed right now,

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back here on the dean show, expert in nutrition, you worked at some of the

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many different medical clinics with also Dr. mercola for seven years. Many people know him. Tell us now we Okay, sugar.

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Sugar is how the food industry engineers.

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Now the food tastes great. In fact, it tastes so great, we can't put it down. This is a win win for the food industry. They complied with the arguments of the 1980s. They've gotten us to eat more, and they are making money hand over fist. The problem is they're doing it at our expense and we're losing our health. Have you seen that documentary fed up? No, I have Yeah, very good doctor. This is this was this helped me Actually it was a catalyst to me really taking off with this, you know, seeing the effects of white processed refined sugar and pops and sodas and fruit juices and whatnot. And, you know, once I eliminated just the sugar, when I get people off sugar, and I get their

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insulin down. They all of a sudden feel more energy. They all of a sudden want to engage in physical activity. And that's part of why they lose weight. I saw a drastic a major change in my life.

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One thing is and you could take off from here when you go into hospital, you're supposed to be going there to get some help. And you are going to many doctors and or you go into pediatricians office and all the kids are drinking pop and eating chips or in a waiting room. You see a Coca Cola machine. There's a problem here, isn't it?

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Let's take off from here what what do you think so what can we do now?

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He talked about being cognizant, aware of what you're putting in your body, motivating people maybe before a DS disease hits

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Because of this

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food intake that we're taking, especially this white refined sugar isn't like obesity is like, leading killer heart disease. Yes. And many of these other ailments Yeah.

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Unfortunately, in America,

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it's very few people

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come to

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set a, a high standard of what for what is acceptable food and drink for their body, what I call nutritional integrity. They they typically don't do it voluntarily. They've got to be forced into it's like their own their own

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deteriorating health, their own body, screaming at them that they need to make some changes is usually what what is necessary and that that certainly was true in my case.

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My favorite foods for the first 20 years of my life where pizza ice cream fried chicken, Fannie Mae candy and fast food burgers with French fries, yes, about probably 90% of people right now. Yeah. And, and and not everybody is is is, is equally harmed by it. To the extent that I, I was some people have a higher tolerance for putting junk into their body than other people. But it's important to respect your own experience, the very unfortunate thing about many people and was my experience that

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I never saw a doctor when I was growing up, my parents took me to a number of different doctors, I never saw a doctor who even asked me what I was eating, as if it's completely irrelevant, which is,

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of course,

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not the case. It's It's It's a fundamental influence on everybody's health.

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And it's, it's one of the influence that especially as adults, we have, we do have complete control over. But I was talking about nutritional integrity. And hand in hand with nutrition integrity, is a consciousness practice of becoming what I call a nutrition first eater. And in nutrition, first eater is simply someone who considers the nutritional value of what they're eating before they consider the taste, the convenience, the price, the appearance, the shelf life.

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All of that can be considerations. But if you're not considering the nutritional value of what you're eating first,

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then you're only ever really going to nourish yourself by accident. And if you're only ever nourishing yourself by accident, your health is going to be in a precarious state. Because what you're putting into your body every day certainly is going to influence both the structure and functioning of your body sooner or later. Some people are more sensitive to their nutrition than other people. But even people that may brag that they can eat anything, they have a cast iron, stomach and all of that, eventually, they will be affected by what they're eating and drinking and may just take longer for some people to experience the consequences of putting junk into their body.

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What do I know you can you can go on about any of these things that I mentioned to you for you know, hours. Just tell us what are some things that maybe days, maybe? Yeah, probably weeks. Tell us? What can people do that I'm gonna name some names of some popular items, and then get your thoughts on them in a couple sentence. Coke. Do you think people have any idea how much sugar is in it?

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And maybe they don't and and I think one of the things you need to do is 23 sachets of sugar in that single container. The equivalent thereof. Okay, Diet Coke. Fake food should be avoided completely. If you're interested in being healthy, good microwave popcorn. Void completely. It's more fake food. Okay, that we covered the fake food for the fudge cake that we just had. Yeah, well, that's that's what dominates in America. Everything you say fake food is like just stay away from it, throw it away. The chances are, you're reading more refined sugar and starch than you realize. It's not just in the obvious things like

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one half of the sugar that we are consuming today is in items that we didn't even know had sugar, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, hamburger buns, hamburger meat, all sorts of processed foods. If you look at virtually every item in the store that has a food label, it has some form of sugar. Yeah, if you care for your body, I'd like to share with you my simplest teaching on nutrition. Make it easy because many people may we don't want to lose them. Like oh, give me some direction something this is worth. This is worth writing down right at the house posting it on your refrigerator.

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But call this nutrition 101 Okay.

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If you want to be real healthy, then eat real food, real food and real food is simple food that does not come with a label with a list of ingredients. That's pretty I mean, it's not all the best real food health building food optimum health sustaining food that nature has to offer us. fresh vegetable nutrition, fresh fruit nutrition, fresh, whole grains and legumes and nuts and seeds and fresh meats and seafood and eggs, and most dairy products. There is no label with a list of ingredients. And there can be especially with dairy products like which cheese and yogurt and kefir, cottage cheese there can be a label with a list of ingredients. But if you're getting the really

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good products, there's not going to be more than three ingredients like that. So real simple, anything anything that the Creator has given us to eat is natural. Like if you want some sweet Can we say like, I mean, are these real foods we got? Yes, that's real food. Okay, this is a keeper. We're keeping Yes, banana, you know, real food. You're not gonna make a phone call, but you can eat real food. All right, this is good. Yes, avocado. Yes, we're gonna get okay. So do you know do you know this this food is largely promoted as being such a rich source of potassium, which it is. But this food is an even richer source of potassium than this food. And it's it's it's funny to me that

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the avocado producers don't promote their food as being an even richer source of potassium than bananas. We're having a lot of fun. We're gonna take a break. We'll be right back with more with my special guests. Don't go anywhere right back, please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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All right back here to the show. We're just getting more and more warmed up. The Time Is Flying. Let's keep it going.

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I'm going to mention vegetable oils many people cook with what is a canola oil and whatnot. If you're going to cook I mean, what do you think using vegetable was the first first thing that's another part? First thing people need to know is there is no such thing as vegetable oil. That's a made up marketing name that most people have bought into. But there is no such thing as vegetable oil. What is typically marketed to the public as vegetable oil is corn oil, corn is a grain

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or soybean oil. Soy is a lagoon or canola oil or cottonseed oil. Those are not even food crops. You could call them plant oils. But have you ever seen the oil from broccoli? Or tomatoes? Or bell peppers or asparagus or spinach? Or lettuces? No There is no such thing as as vegetable oil. So that's that's another I'd say it's we say garbage. That's that's propaganda that is that is used to market a product because

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everybody has positive thoughts about vegetables. And so if if corn oil was marketed as it is just corn oil, or grain oil,

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I'm certain it wouldn't sell as well but marketing it as vegetable oil. People people obviously have bought it, they continue to buy it. But corn is certainly not a vegetable. It is a grain and soy is a lagoon cottonseed and canola canola is made from the rapeseed it's not even a food crop. It's a it's a hybrid of a seed that grows very prolifically. Mostly in Canada and canola is not even. It's a made up name. It stands for Canadian oil. Yeah. So what is she? The person in the kitchen is like what do I cook with? Well, actually, the the whole practice of cooking with added fats or oils to prevent food from sticking to the surface of the cookware. That's not healthy. It never has been and

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it's a mistake and I never support that. What I support is people using healthier cooking practices that where you don't need fats or oils to prevent the food from sticking to the surface of the cookware and you can really only achieve that when you cook your food at lower temperatures cooking your food at lower temperatures more gently. You know like cooking your food on simmer on the stovetop or using a crock pot or using a slow cooker always use your crock pot on the lowest setting or steaming your food. There's some other cooking practices that that have their place. But I never support using fats and oils in the cooking process and I know that's that's most people want to know

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what's the best fat or oil to use for cooking. The correct answer for health is none of them. Have a question?

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Coconut Oil Olive oil well that would be using coconut oil or butter would cause less toxic molecules to be produced than using corn oil or, or safflower oil or even olive oil. But my my teaching is you don't want to create even small amounts of toxic substances in what you're cooking. There is one other person who supports my position. He's the only other nutritionist who has the same position that that I have. He's the only other nutritionist I'm aware of. And that's Udo Erasmus. Erasmus is the man that wrote the definitive book on fats and oils and human nutrition. His book has been available for a long time. It's called fats that heal and fats that kill and he has

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the same exact position that I have when he's asked the question, what are the best best fats and oils to use for cooking? He always says the same thing. None of them Dr. Esselstyn, I don't know if you know him. He's also had him on the show. He's from the movie Forks Over Knives. Okay. He has this position. Tell us up. Well, he shares the same position. He does not recommend any fats or oils in the cooking process. Tell me now, when you're cooking, white flour. That's another common one white flour. Yeah, but see, it's it's a mistake to use white flour at all, because that's more fake food. It's another fake food. Yeah, it's right. Okay. Yeah, this one we're throwing. There's a lot

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of things we're throwing out right now. Yeah, well, you know, it's a better approach is to focus on what to eat rather than what not to eat. Okay, well, how can we substitute, you know, substitute now, if somebody wants to make something sweet, right, so we're not using it right? What like you said, Edie, here we go. natural sweetness, right. I've heard I've heard it's fresh, fresh fruit. You have raw, unpasteurized honey. How's that? dates? That's a real food. What do you thumb as a as a transition food that can be good hold on a pump sugar, but to really achieve and sustain a high level of health especially if you're currently struggling with your health you got some chronic

00:27:03--> 00:27:04

health issues.

00:27:05--> 00:27:47

It's It's It's best to actually evolve beyond wanting to indulge your taste buds. With concentrated sweetness. What we enjoy as a matter of taste is largely a matter of what we're familiar with habit, you can re educate your taste buds, you can re educate your taste buds and learn to enjoy foods that are truly nourishing and health sustaining for your body. But you have to you have to make some changes. And ultimately, the changes come down to what is it you need to add to your life and what is it you need to subtract from your life just to keep it real simple. I always recommend to everybody I work with add more real food and subtract the fake food. That's real simple formula and

00:27:47--> 00:28:31

real food. So we listed some things that are fake. That's basically garbage. If it's fake, throw it out. And real food give us some examples of real food. Chicken steak. What's your well all whole fresh foods, vegetables, salad, vegetables, any any vegetables that that you enjoy whole vegetables, get them fresh fresh is always better than frozen or canned, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, grains and legumes that covers all the plant foods and then in the way of animal foods meats fresh meats from healthy animals that's a very important qualification fresh meats from healthy humanely raised animals pasture raised grass fed beef, not factory found farm meat, organic chicken organic pork.

00:28:32--> 00:28:37

A we don't you know, as Muslims you know this pork we stay totally away from

00:28:50--> 00:29:11

laws forbidding everything that harms the body in the mind and stops the strength everything that is harmful to a person is not permitted. Allah says in the Quran, say all Muhammad peace be upon him. I do not find within that which was revealed to me anything forbidden to one could eat it unless it be a dead animal or blood spilled out or the flesh of swine. Indeed, it is impure.

00:29:12--> 00:29:31

There are reasons that the meat of the pigs become more saturated with toxins than many of its counterpart farm animals. The first reason has to do with the digestive system of a pig pigs are the filthiest animals on earth with the most parasites and diseases than any other animal that mankind continues. I can respect that I can I can I can respect.

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

Life is forbidden everything that harms the body and the mind.

00:30:00--> 00:30:39

unsub stream everything that is harmful to the person is not permitted. Law says in the Quran or you who believe intoxicants and gambling and all the sub and all Islam arose for seeking look or decision are an abomination of shaitaan Satan's handiwork, so avoid that in order that you may be successful. When considering the world's worst killers, alcohol likely doesn't come to mind. Yet alcohol kills more than 3 million people worldwide each year, including drunk driving, alcohol abuse, violence and abuse and a multitude of diseases and disorders. Alcohol causes one in 20 deaths globally every year, alcohol kills one person every 10 seconds worldwide, alcohol causes some 3.3

00:30:39--> 00:31:30

million deaths in 2012, equivalent to 5.9% of the global deaths more than AIDS, tuberculosis and violence combined. And it is on the rise of pork, this kind of dietary and then the meat that we that we eat is also it's supposed to be meat that it's what's called halau exactly the same way the all the prophets have done for 1000s of years. Abraham, no Moses, Jesus and Muhammad peace upon all of them, not using stun guns or hammers, or any other equipments electrical equipments, only using simply only using God's name upon slaughter via where the blood comes out. Right. And it's supposed to be in a habit test. Yes. Well, it's very important that the animal that the meats that people who

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come from healthy, humanely raised animals, and also the way the animal is killed, it should be in a very humane way that is very important for it. Yeah, no, and that's a very important part of Hillel. And I have a lot of appreciation for that you know about Hello, yes. Oh, all right. I I've worked with with hundreds of people over the years who were of the Muslim faith, in fact, a very good friend of mine in in Houston, Texas area is a Sufi? Yeah, we're gonna we're actually out of time. Okay. And hey, there's a gift for for you. Thank you for being with us. You got a few open you got a little gift box in here. Oh, great. Okay, so it's a gift for you. Look, can we have you but I'm

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really this is, you know, this is something that I love talking about. We need to talk about vitamin D and zinc and, and all these other vitamin C's. We got a lot to talk about. Maybe on another episode, we had you back. I would enjoy coming back very much. Thank you so much. All right. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you so much. And that was our special guest, Jim Marlowe, Chief nutritionist going on 40 years worked with the likes of Dr. mercola. And other specialists. experts in this field here on the de show to enlighten us. And what's at the end of the day, the message the simple message that you can carry away from this is eat real food had an example of the cake made

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would rot white, processed, refined sugars, it's fake food, it has no nutritional value, those Dunkin Donuts, no nutritional value, but they have elements in their addictive elements that gets you addicted to something that has no nutritional value, and actually has harmful elements in their leading causes for heart disease, for diabetes, and other chronic diseases. So now you're addicted to something that's going to eventually bring bring on a chronic disease. And then you're going to be tired and sick all the time. So replaced the fake food with real food. With real food. We hope that she'll heed the advice and subscribe if you haven't already, so you can get the next week's

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show and more like it and when we have Jim on again, you can get it delivered directly to you. Fridays every week, come back and until next time we start with peace we m with peace anomic And don't forget, as I asked you to do already, if you haven't subscribed right now