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What is the concept of Salvation and Sacrifice in ISLAM vs other man-made religions

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salam aleikum, greetings of peace. We're here with the president of ask a Muslim. Because if you have any doubts you have any concerns, any fears, you should ask the Muslims and I'm here with Dr. Marwan Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. It was de la Tanaka, you guys have done, you're doing some great work. And you produce some of these videos that are asking some tough questions and also cleared up the misconceptions. There's one video that you have taught about salvation, right? And everybody at the end, smart people, they realize we're gonna die, we're gonna leave this life, what's the purpose of life. And now the concept of salvation in Islam is pretty

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clear. In other religions, it might not be so clear, what is you know, this concept that's so strong compared in contrast to what's out there being propagated and other face, and Islam have not propagated any new concept of salvation. It's pretty much the concept of salvation, that, that God has ordained to all of his prophets in the past. And through Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in which that there is a direct relationship between the servant and the Creator. And there is no intermediary between them. If you want to ask for forgiveness, then you ask the Creator, as the creator for forgiveness, and God is most merciful, Most Gracious, he could. He's all powerful. He

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could forgive if you ask for forgiveness. And that's the basic concept of salvation in Islam. I mean, it's straightforward. It didn't take much explaining the one who created you, you ask him to guide you, him if you make a mistake, is the one that you turn to, to forgive your mistakes. No intermediaries. But if someone says, look, no, no, you you moslems, you got it wrong. God, He sent His only begotten Son, to die for your sins. And if you don't believe that Jesus died for your sins, he was the sacrifice sacrificial that you're going to hellfire. We respect that you got to respect someone loves you. They're bringing this to you, but we can kindly object and how would you go ahead

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answer this? Well, there is a simple concept in Islam and in what Allah subhanaw taala would say, well it was written was that no one can bear the sins of another person, you know, that's the basic concept in which that I cannot carry the sin of somebody else, you know, I'm only going to be responsible for my own son, you know, this is something again, Islam did not really invent this, this is something that you're gonna see, in the Old Testament, for instance, in the book of Deuteronomy, and that chapter 16, six, you know, it talks about the fact that the Son cannot carry the sins of the Father, and the Father does not carry the sense of the sun. So this is something

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that is pretty much the same exact verse almost, that is being that we could open the Old Testament, or we could see that in which they, you know, that is, there's nothing in you, you know, anybody could look at it, the deuteronomic 24, four, go look it up. It's, it's the same, same exact thing. And, you know, so, therefore, if you know, if I have, if I am sending, you know,

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I am the weak person, I have, I have did something against what God has asked me to do, why should I ask to go through some other loopholes, for me to gain to gain salvation, if I am weak, I go to the most powerful, if, you know, I go to the, to the, to the one who's all hearing, who can answer my calls, 24 seven, you know, so, that, that is this is the, the basic the basics that salvation and Islam. Now,

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we, we, if you look at the any of you open the Webster dictionary now, and you see what is the characteristics of God, you know, God is perfect, you know, God is all powerful, and anything beyond that, it takes away from the character of God, you know, so, therefore, if God, you know,

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we say sacrifice, you know, the act of sacrifice, you know, is is, is meaning when you look at the word sacrifice in the dictionary, meaning somebody have given something for something else in return. So, the question that we asked, we asked ourselves, Does God need to give up something, in return of something else? No, I mean, this is any anybody, whether you, no matter what religious background you come from, you know, if you would deny this such a character to God, even before that, who need to sacrifice for Oh, I mean, this is the question that we ask our fellow human beings who needs to sacrifice for who, you know, we the one human beings should be sacrificing to God, you

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know, you know, I am, I am blessed for all the blessings that God have given me, you know, I am blessed that God had given me eyes and have given me in a brain he has given me senses. So, therefore, you know, to me to appreciate what God has given me, I have to sacrifice to God

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To get his pleasure, but, you know, God does not need to do the other way around in which that he is sacrificing for me. He said, I'm saying, and so and this is the concept of the basic concept of, you know, of sacrifice, you know, in Islam. What if someone says, look, in the old days, they used to sacrifice animals, for God, but now that's abrogated. And when Jesus came, and he sacrificed himself, actually, it gets confusing, because Okay, the people say, Jesus God, so God sacrificed himself basically like committed suicide. Right? How would you answer this? Yeah, this is a very easy question. Now, if for me, indeed, one of the ways to get closer to God is sacrifice. And by the

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way, who does most of the sacrifice nowadays worldwide toward God? Muslims, we sacrifice in the Amazon, the pilgrimage, once a year, noted for us to be closer to God. But the question is, is that the only way of salvation toward God? You know, that's an even that even mentioned in the, in the in the Bible, in which that in the, in the, in the book of Hosea six, six, God says, I rather I would need I am a God of mercy rather than sacrifice. So if you want to get closer to God, he rather to forgive you, for you rather for you to sacrifice for him. So therefore, God, he wants to he wants to be, he wants to forgive you, if you ask Him to forgive you for his forgiveness, he wants to forgive

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you, but he's not for every action, every action, you know, for you to sacrifice, we should be at the end of the day, well being what God has asked us to do, you know, and even when we sacrifice something, what is God is gonna gain from it, you know,

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you know, God Almighty says in the Quran, lay you're not alone.

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You know, there is a God, when we sacrifice animals, what is God is going to gain is he I mean, God says, He will not he will not, the meat is not going to reach God, nor that blood is going to reach God. But what is going to reach God is our fear of God, our our self righteousness, that you know, how much we feel God, that's what's going to, you know, that's what God is going to take from us, you know, so, US sacrificing things. It's, it's, it's indeed one form, but we should not put all everything, the only way for it to toward God is through sacrifice, and what forgot to sacrifice his own son, who is also considered God, it seems to us it's the kind of contradictions, so it's through

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piety, through righteousness, to humbleness to doing these things that God told us to do, obeying Him, and seeking His pleasure, doing the good deeds that he's told us, he don't need it, we need it. But this this shows our faith in action. And it makes sense and you make a mistake, and you turn to God alone. You don't need anybody. Nor did Jesus have you found anywhere where Jesus said explicitly Listen, or Moses or those that came before him saying that, listen, Jesus is coming, God is coming in the form of a man. And then when Jesus came, he should have made this clear that look, you have to believe that I sacrifice my life for you, because this is salvation. This is your eternity

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paradise. How do we find that happening? The previous prophets, mentioning Jesus coming, that God is coming as a human being, or Jesus Himself saying, look, I, for you to gain eternal paradise, you have to believe that I died for your sins that was never mentioned. And actually, it was the opposite throughout the Old Testament, and we because then we as Muslims, we believe in the Bible, the original Bible, the Gospels, you know, we believe we believe in the original pitching Moses, we believe the original pitching of abusers based upon them. So we have the right to read the scriptures and see what's what what goes along our belief and what contradicts our belief. So

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therefore, if you look at the Old Testament, you will not see the concept of salvation, through you know, a sacrifice of one man does not even exist, is nothing, you know, yes, one of the ways for instance, you will see, you know, Abraham tries to sacrifice his own his son, that's fine. But that's, that's not the only the only way toward toward getting salvation. But a new test, even a New Testament actually, the quite opposite. I mean, even when God wanted to, according to the, to the,

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to the book of Matthew, when, when Jesus was about to be put on a cross, he was not even willing to be crucified. And he's, and according to, according to the book of Matthew said, you know, Lord, Lord, while you have forsaken Me, so he was not even willing, you know, to be back to me, and that's the way it sounds in Aramaic, you know, so he was telling God, why are you doing this to me? Don't let this cup pass in another verse, you know, so he was not really willing to be to be sacrificed. And you know, and that's actually goes along with what the Christian Muslim thing have happened to Jesus in which that

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the you know,

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People want it to kill Jesus. And God has you know, and God Jesus have plead to God to be saved and God has saved us based upon

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amazing when you look into it that Islam makes it clear and you mentioned the previous books what was given to Moses in its original tutorial we accept we believe it was given to Jesus to NGO and it's original, we believe, but these books been changed, they've been altered. You guys have a bumper sticker that says the Quran never changed, never altered so people can find these facts not fiction. In first part not third party God is speaking direct in the Quran compiled over 23 years, like no other book, can you speak about it unchanged on altered. And this is one of the miracles of the of the operands is that it was preserved since day one. God has said, you know, and that in the

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Quran that this book was not preserved in on books, it was preserved within the chest of men. And that, you know, you'll see millions of people who have memorized the book from from cover to cover every single letter, even though it sounds you know, how much we elongate some of the letters, it's it's miracle in itself, how the Quran was preserved until nowadays, you're not going to see two different copies. If you go all the way from Indonesia, Allah to Morocco, you're going to see one version of the Quran. That's amazing. And if you have any other questions, you can go ahead and ask a Muslim, you guys have a telephone number setup and the website, you know, go to our website on

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which we have. It's asking at the bottom of the page, we have live chat. If you have any questions, just go in there. And somebody is going to be asking your questions, any fears, any misconceptions, come to the Muslims. And a Muslim is simply one who has chosen to submit to the creator alone, just like Jesus did. He was a Muslim. You guys actually did a billboard said Jesus is a Muslim? Yes, we did. This is one of our famous billboards was when we started this organization. And this is again, we're not trying to insult anybody. But this is part of our core belief in which that we believe that Jesus submitted himself to the will of God. And that's what the word Muslim is,

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just like all of us the prophets, Moses, Abraham, Noah, Ishmael, Joseph, all of them have submitted himself to the to the will of God. And that's what we believe as Muslims. And if you look at nowadays, he there is no one who tried to be like Jesus more than the Muslims to go outside who dressed like the mother of Jesus, Muslims who have beards like Jesus, Muslims who pray like Jesus Muslims, who who believed in Jesus, you know, or, or they even dressed like him, you know, one piece of clothing, you know, Muslims. So the thing is, we have tried to follow his steps because we love him. He's, he's very close to our hearts, deep. I mean, it just makes sense. It makes sense. Don't

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don't get spooked now, by the Arabic, Jesus broke Aramaic, you follow me it was a Semitic language. But in English when is defined to you, it just makes sense. All the messengers of God be submitted, not to Jesus, or to the creation, but to the Creator. And that's what a Muslim is. If you have any questions, ask a Muslim, and we'll see you next time. Until then Peace be with you. Islamic