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Dr. Abdulah Hakim Quick addresses the challenges of the 21st Century, especially the issues raised by the recent inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America, and provides solutions based on faith and reliance in Allah.

Jumuah Khutbah delivered on January 20, 2017.


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The transcript describes a sermon from the speaker about bringing forward the message of peace and blessings from Islam, which emphasizes finding one's own representative and achieving soberity. The policy is aimed at Muslims, and the speaker gives a framework for achieving this. The discussion touches on the difficulty of achieving soberity in Western countries and the importance of finding one's own representatives.

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hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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Well, I have the bottle Matatini whatever it was Ilana dalemain

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Rashad one La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika was shadow Mohammed bin Abdullah who was a pseudo sallallahu alayhi wa Allah He was happy. Woman da da da what he was then be senility Illa Yomi Dean Salaam to Sleeman kathira Amar bat for SQL will not see the talk of Allah azza wa jal are some evil talks water

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cooled hot suparna Yeah, are you hella Xena, Armando taco la? Well tundra enough soon. mapa de motley lot. What taco la? In La La Javier en de matar melon, wallet aku nucala Dena Nestle Ah ha, for unser home and Vasa home. hula eco home will fasten

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our praises due to Allah Lord of the worlds

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and surely the best reward ultimately, is for those who have Taqwa.

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And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I be a witness that Allah is one and has no partners.

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And that Mohammed, the son of Abdullah is his servant and his last messenger. May Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed to his family and his companions, and all those who call to his way and establish his son, to the Day of Judgment.

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As to what follows I remind you, I caution myself, that we should have Taqwa we should culture, the consciousness of Allah.

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And that we should hear the words of Allah azza wa jal, and we should obey them.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in his mighty book, or you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah and let every soul look to what it put forward for tomorrow. And fear Allah.

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Surely Allah is well aware of all that you do.

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And be not as those who forgot Allah. And so he made them forget themselves. Surely they are the disobedient ones

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are you who believe

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Prophet Mohammed, Salah, Salah,

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the last of the prophets and messengers

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came with a mighty mission.

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And that was not only to reveal the message to the Arabic speaking people of the Arabian Peninsula,

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but he was given the message to bring forward through him the core n, which is the message to all human beings until the end of time.

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And so, he did not have the luxury

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of being

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vague, not being clear.

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He did not have the luxury of leaving out important information.

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And it is said that when he would give his football on many occasions, he would speak as though there was an army right in back of the mountain,

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right and back of the masjid.

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And sometimes even his eyes would get read.

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And he would speak about the relevant issues facing the believers

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and gave and gave them

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what he

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gave them revelation, or divine solution to the problems that they were facing.

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And so today as we are gathering here,

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in Toronto, Canada,

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and as the verse says, we need to look about time, and be conscious of time.

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Most of us, and people around the world have witnessed a very serious occasion south of the border.

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And so I would be remiss in not reflecting upon what is happening across the lake.

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Because across it, there is a rumbling going on. There is events happening,

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which may shape the course of the next few decades and possibly the next century.

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United States of America known as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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And we have heard so many beautiful sermons and statements and so many positive messages that are given out to the people.

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But yet, with the inauguration of their 45th President,

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there is a serious contradiction on the ground.

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And again, this is part of going toward the Day of Resurrection, being in the time of deception.

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When things are intentionally unclear, when things appear one way on the surface, and in reality, they are very much different.

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And so in hearing the beautiful, lofty

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promises, and we always hope for the best reality on the ground, is that the incoming administration based its policy, on racism,

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on expulsion of immigrants,

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and on Islamophobia.

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And this is something for Muslims, which is hard to take it in. It is hard for us to come to grips with this. Because in the in America, in the United States, in Canada, in the Western countries, Muslims are some of the most peace loving people within the borders.

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We pay our taxes,

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we generally come on time for work.

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We in most cases do not have alcoholic problems or drug problems.

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We contribute to society.

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And if you look at America itself, you'll see a great percentage of the

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it workers of the doctors of the infrastructure of the country or Muslims.

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And so it is hard for Muslims to come to grips with the fact

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that we are now in the barrel or in the sights of a gun.

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It is though the policy is shifting towards us in a negative way.

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How can this come about?

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Oh, you who believe we must never forget that we are the representatives of the last prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him that we carry within our minds and hearts, the final revelation

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and so it is soon not to love. It is the way of Allah and His creation.

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That evil struggles against good.

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And that tension

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was beginning right from the time of Adam alayhis salaam.

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That tension will continue until the Day of Resurrection.

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And so in moments like this, when we hear so many negative statements being made about our way of life, and our self, we have to return to the book of Allah subhanaw taala. We have to seek our methodology, our solutions directly from the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in Surah Al e Imran verse 186 la Tableau and NaVi amali como unphysical, while a Tesla owner Mina la Vina also kita Berman, Kublai Khan, wamena, Latina ash ashinoko and then kathira.

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Well in tos spirou atop taco, for in Delhi, common asmin Amore.

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Allah subhanaw taala has revealed and you will certainly be tried and tested in your possessions and in yourselves.

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And you will certainly hear much

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that will grieve you

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from those who received the book before you and from those who worship partners with Allah.

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But if you patiently persevere

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and have the consciousness of Allah,

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that will be the most resolute thing that you can do.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala has given us a beautiful formula. He has given us medicine, for the sickness of fear

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that will enter into our hearts in this life.

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Two qualities of sober what taqwa

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well in suspiro What's a taco for in Nadella common asthma for more

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patients and taqwa

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taqwa itself,

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the consciousness of Allah. It is made up of alcohol for Raja. It has fear in it. It has hope in it. You fear the punishment of Allah but you hope in the mercy of Allah.

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And you have the consciousness of the Creator taqwa is an active quality.

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The Marxist Leninist communist ik people would say, religion is the opium of the people.

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They say that when you believe in God, it puts you to sleep.

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But taqwa is the opposite. Because when you fear something ill health

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you move back from it.

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And when you hope in something or Raja,

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you move towards it. So taqwa should develop in the beaver especially in difficult times, a call to action,

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a call to action based upon

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the belief in Allah.

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And patience or Saba is not patience being put to sleep, but it is the ability to persevere. The ability and the quality to resist

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to resist pain

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to resist negative circumstances.

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And the scholars tell us that there is a Saba Allah more while Maha door wallmark doors

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that we should have patience on those things that we are commanded to do.

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Allah commands us to make salaat

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Allah commands us to fast

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but also we have patience on Alma Lord