Friday Jumuah Khutbah – March 5, 2021

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to be learned I mean surely unforeseen a woman say get it.

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lawsuit of some law, he was, he was, he was just vehement.

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Or, you know, the more we'll see kumana cb Tacoma

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come up on a model. So Hannah more data

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on our team is still

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working. Yeah youngness

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in terms

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of seeing where Haider work on upcoming hezonja while welcoming humeri john and Kathy

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on top of modularity is an odd one.

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In Canada it

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my brothers and sisters will continue with learning the names of Allah so can we had a for this week and possibly the next week, and then we'll begin learning about the month of Ramadan, sha Allah.

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today's news

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last week, we looked at a junk bar. Today we try to understand who is unhappy and heavy ice from a Journal of Law is the one who guides he is the guide and his name comes in this form in the Quran twice. Allah Subhana Allah mentions it in Surah, two heavy and surah two for gone. What can be a lot bigger, heavier one SEO. So also kind of want to add that is your board

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who is our guide, and he helped us in everything he goes through in month. One cat fell below me can help you one.

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Also can avoid Tyler as our guide in life, the one who gives us the dire we know this term. We hear it all the time he died. He die comes from alone. We say guidance comes from alone. And so guidance is broken up into four categories that we will learn for today and shut it off into four categories of guidance.

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Keep in mind, they're very simple and very easy.

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First off Allah as the one who guides has created us for guidance, as in Allah mentions, and let the follow up offer somewhere one or the Dharma Sahaja I led the Chanukah festival What a wonderful way to Allah, He created us and everything that's around us and gave us this world and gave us this life that we have that we're living. Well let me put down

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the road wrote for everything to be in to happen and to take place. But cut out a good pre decree of a Muslim kind of went to Allah has been written for us even before we came to this world, as an even before we physically were here on this earth. And Allah Subhana Allah mentions that after that, he gives us he died.

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But he died out when he comes from a walk in these four categories. As we said, we will learn in shot long to add. First off,

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General he died. general guidance.

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What kind of guidance is this, you'll find this guidance in humans, you'll find that in animals, for example, when someone is born, right, or even an animal is born. They know who their mother is. When a child is born, the child knows who their mother is, the child then knows when they're hungry to eat for what soothe is done is to eat wherever they get food from, do they go to the superstore or loblaws or no frills? No, a baby automatically knows where the food is going to come from. And the moment that, you know, they feel that feeling on their lips, the baby starts to drink, who taught the baby to drink

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Who taught the baby who to drink from

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who taught the child that their mother is leaving them the father's leaving them, they're all alone in the room, they're two years old, they're scared, it's nighttime, it's dark, they're crying, who do they want, they want their mom they want their guide, anyone else who walks into the room, they don't want to see them, who guided them to their mother and father.

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When it comes to speech, when we need to talk do we communicate with our eyes, we know that as human beings, we become innovative. So we used to use the worst code and we have all these different types of communication nowadays. But Allah Subhana Allah blessed us with the ability to speak to speech is also something that came from Allah, we were guided to use our mouth and our tongue and our voice in certain ways to communicate the things that we feel the things that we think and how we want to transmit a message. We also see in terms of general guidance, my brothers and sisters, that allow some kind of voice Allah has set forth so many things for us in our life that we don't even think

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of. That is what falls under the general guidance or general he died that comes from a lot as the origin and had the second category of guidance is guidance to follow what is right, or what is wrong.

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What path Are you going to choose in life? Which way are you going to live? And when we say Islam is a religion, a lot of people will challenge that statement. A lot of religious Muslims will challenge and say no, it's not a religion. It's a way of life. It is the way of life that we were brought here in this world upon. It is the fifth era that we understand and we know where we came from and where we're going. And so the second category after general E. Daya. The second one is your D, your past what do you choose? And the third category depends upon the second one, which will take in the second half of this book been shuffled off Diana Appu. Local, we have our soccer, soccer,

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heavily low quality got a little pain on Sunday. What

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are your thoughts on that? Well, I tend to see that my brothers and sisters the third category of diamonds were of the diet is he died of the heart, guidance of the heart. Once you chose your path. Once you've chosen your way in life, your D. Then that was the kind of data that guides us to do what is right according to that. Or if someone chooses What's wrong, and they choose to live in the disobedience of also cannaboids he continues to guide them down that route. They chose to disobey on law. Well here this is your

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This is your GPS your map towards the obedience of a muscle. So when we choose the right path, then our hearts need to be guided. So a muscle kind of avoids, that guides our hearts to go towards what is right and what is true, which links to the fourth and last category. On the day of judgment, those who stand before a loss of cannabinoid data and receive that guidance or loss of cannabinoids, Allah mentions that they call out a lumbering lady had he had one night event

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they praise Allah for guiding them to what was true and what was right and keeping them upon that path. Constant guidance towards Allah subhanho wa Taala had a and that last category is guidance to either paradise or to help find guidance to what is true and right in this life leads towards the path of Paradise, and he Daya towards what is wrong and evil because of the choice that the human Nate

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is going to use words to humbly save every single time

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we ask the boss what's in our soda all the time for today. And last colossal paranoid I had an hour as well. to shower in is Peace and blessings of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Obasanjo

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more radical sad I want to be

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a long term one was leaving a lot in limbo. You know what we mean?

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we ask the boss was palpable, which I hadn't make us from those work items were used for this guidance, and who are a means of guidance to reach others. We also kind of want to highlight to forgive us of our sins and our mistakes in this life. And that's for Muslim cowboy to hide and to purify our hearts and to strengthen our ego and to strengthen our core and to strengthen our our newness to the son of Mohammed some

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parents are added to protect our children and protect their children and to protect their children from loss of Hannibal and to make us from among schools to show the best example of the Sun

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this colossal cannon was added to remove this pandemic from opponents you have a lot you have to have. You are the one who guides towards what is right and what is wrong guys to do what is right and what is true and what is best for us in this life means words agenda to

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a pool of money

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in the mind,

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wanting to even vote Welcome

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to the federal law

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rule Institute for

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Be honest.

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Make sure your cell phones

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on the wall

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were you

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We are

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a lot

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more long,

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in a swivel

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on mom

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center we were at a call

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Welcome ministers for your patience and understanding the whole process of coming and going.

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Please try not to remain behind through your service space available for the next congregation. Please remember to be as generous as possible in your donations on your way out. And remember I'm happy when you set your GPS. Where are you going? Almost maganda has said that path for us