Jumuah on Eid Al-Fitr Day 2015

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A motivating khutbah emphasizing on the blessings of Ramadan and acts of worship post Ramadan like making dua, seeking forgiveness, turning to Allah SWT for every single need at any time of day or night, importance of tahajjud, blessings of Ramadan, importance of tahajjud, thanking Allah SWT for the blessed month of Ramadan, encouraging non-Muslims to look at the real Islam and righteous muslims, love of Allah SWT for his slaves who indulge in worshipping Him post Ramadan and Allah SWT wanting ease for his slaves.

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The speakers discuss the upcoming month of Easter, including the loss of Halloween and the importance of staying healthy during the month. They also emphasize the need to pray with faith and be strong in life, pray for oneself and not let things happen when the Lord is the star or the sun, and stay up to stay longer and not lose sleep. They express gratitude towards the Prophet and encourage others to join their movement.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah la dee

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da y Sheree cannot

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be your self esteem and Kathy. Amanda forgot

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she kitabi he'll carry burdens bargain. Lila

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Jean Bismillah

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Yeah, you

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what a

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my brothers and sisters in Islam. It is the day of AIDS. And I'm surprised I see so many of you here. As we mentioned this morning in sha Allah who to add them we'll go over it's removed that we're not here. The reads prayer when it falls on a Friday the Juma is not compulsory for those who wish not to grade it. But since we are here and since it is compulsory for the man to come in to lead the Juma prayers, because maybe some people were not there for the eight sought out. Maybe some people had traveled, maybe some people just felt like coming for Salatu. Juma, right which is completely fine. It is not something that you don't have or you should not come You can come if you

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want to come and that is completely fine. So we asked what was the panel what eyelids and make it easy for us on this day of Marines to enjoy our time with our family members and to remember as we reminded ourselves this morning, but also kind of wanted to highlight says in the verse of

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Shawn Levy Lindsay Duffy him who that meanness what they you know, didn't mean it who they are well for gone from an shahida mimco. Mashallah, fairly awesome. So at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, we always quote that we always quote this verse of the Quran, this idea of the Quran, and we tell ourselves and remind ourselves that it's important when we see the moon, that we must pass during this month of Ramadan. But somehow the light of the month is gone. Our guests that will be welcomed, they'll be held on to that we stood standing and serving every single night for 29 days has gone and left us. And now we are left with nothing more than the exact same Lord that we

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worshiped. The exact same Lord that we worship inside of Oregon is the same Lord that we worship outside of our home. And that's why at the beginning, when I said I will remind people that they don't have to come for Jehovah. But I'm actually pleased and happy to see that people came for signs of trauma, because they remember to also cannabinoids are added, and they continue to remember a loss of how to what to highlight, even on the day when they're supposed to be having fun and enjoying themselves and meeting with family and friends and relatives. And you know, indulging in beautiful foods and pastries and desserts, we still remember a loss of cannabinoids, and it is the

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brothers and sisters, those that open the cover

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on the day and read. Those are the people who will most likely open before and for the rest of the days of the year until the next Ramadan. And those are the brothers and sisters who pray extra Salawat who pray extra no often extra sunon. Those are the brothers and the sisters who will hold on to this demon shalom with Johanna and carry the lights. As we noticed the convention is coming carry the lights of this demon and bring it from day to day today until the next month of Ramadan begins in 11 months. So my brothers and sisters at the end of that verse as a possible rewards are highlighted to us. He gave us some blessings of the month of on things that we should do after the

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month has come after the month has ended as well. And also kind of reminds us I won't go over the whole verse because the time is a little bit restricted. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says you need

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to be cool. So now we mentioned this morning and the hook but for those that were here that the days were extremely long, the nights were short and we didn't eat much food, but the loss of Halloween hadn't made it possible for us. He made it extremely easy for us to fast during the month of Ramadan. So easy that many of us felt some kind of lunch today as we were eating after after eat soda, you know people dispersed and went home or went outside and had a burger. People are looking at this burgers.

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Am I supposed to eat this? It's 11 o'clock 1030 in the afternoon in the morning, am I supposed to eat this? Am I allowed to eat this? It feels weird. And so Pamela we went home and my mother, she says, you know, sometimes it takes me a whole month to readjust and realize I can actually eat something throughout the day. And so we miss the blessings of Ramadan so much, we miss the fact that we also have a word to add, loves when we do things that make us that poster, that that sorry that we do things that make us get closer to us or have more time. Therefore, if we love that feeling, and we cherish that feeling, and we wish and desire to continue to have that feeling, continue to do

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the good actions and continue to make drama, continue to ask for forgiveness, continue to turn to Allah Subhana.

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Allah Subhana Allah says in the end, the real only

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he doesn't say call upon

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Call upon me, I will answer you.

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And I must commend was there only he doesn't say when you feel like it when you have some time then and you think of me then maybe you might want to throw a drive in here or there? No, he gives us the command owner only call upon me You need something asked about some kind of words

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that you'd like on any time of day, any time of night. And we notice a parallel with Iran Ibrahim only the sudden

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when the Prophet Ibrahim it is sent out when he was talking to the people who would worship the stars and worship the sun and worship the moon. He would tell them and question them so what happens when your Lord meaning the star or the sun or the moon disappears? Do you have to wait until the nighttime comes back so that you can see the moon and call your Lord? When the sun is in the sky during the day you can call upon your Lord whatever you want, but at nighttime you have to wait and tell yourself Oh you know what there's still another five hours before I can ask God for something. My boss kind of went ahead and says good you're Rooney Escuela de la. Call upon me anytime any day

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or night he doesn't specify, He will answer. And we notice the Panama during the month of Ramadan we strive so hard to pray to have good and family especially during the last 10 nights. Allah subhanho wa Taala every single morning of the entire year, 365 days of the year, a loss of Halloween, during the last third of the night comes down to the lowest level of the skies. He comes down to the lowest level of the skies. And he asks his angels who from amongst my servants is asking for forgiveness, who from amongst my servants are asking for something from me.

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And that's not in Hold on. That's in every single month, every single day without fail every single day of loss of handleable when it comes down and asks the angels who for my services is seeking my forgiveness.

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And those that are mentioned by the angels to Allah subhana wa to Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives them.

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So we asked the last panel to Allah to make us strong amongst those who wake up in the middle of the night, but also kind of went ahead and said,

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We will use whether you read will become an arsenal during the month of Ramadan. I don't remember now if I translated that part to you, Allah says when he you know in the in the part that I just mentioned that he wants he is for us. He wants things to be easy for us in life, and not to be hard upon us. But we notice as we mentioned him along the days are long lesson how to look at banks. During the month of Ramadan, we sacrifice our time in the event of a loss of worshipping. But then we also notice that there's so much been placed in our sleep that we might get two hours of sleep, three hours of sleep, four hours of sleep when we normally would require 789 hours of sleep in order

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to feel refreshed. But we went the entire month on an on an empty tank. We went through an entire month on an empty tank and we did it with ease. When we look back now, like we mentioned this morning, it's like the blinking of an eye. It's gone. And we did it so many days over and over. And now after Milan when we're laying in our bed

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And we had six hours, seven hours, eight hours of sleep, it should be easier for us to wake up. Why does it become difficult? That's because we stop our own selves from seeking. The pleasure also can avoid time. But when we wake up and push hard to once, the second day, we push a little less harder. When we get up on the second day, we notice it's a lot easier, then we wake up on the third day, and it doesn't seem so hard anymore. The fourth day, it seems a lot easier. And those that do this regularly will notice that so have a lot. They can't go a single night without waking up 4pm.

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They can't go a simple night without waking up for the night. And so how am I had the blessing of traveling the world with some of our youth and scholars. And somehow I've been in my hotel room, we go down four slots, in the massamba. Or we say at a certain time, we will meet downstairs in the lobby or a certain you know, hotel room, and we're going to go and face all that together. And they notice some of those for you to handle without fail. Even if they landed after a two day journey. They will still be up for damages. They will still be up for it. They will still make sure even though they're jet lagged beyond belief, their brain is in another world and they don't tend to know

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what day it is of the week. Sometimes they even lose track of which month it is of the year due to the amount of traveling that they do. But they will never forget that time for tangent. So my brothers and sisters, if we want to get closer to a wall, he will make it easier for us. He will definitely make it easier for us. akula told me how there was something about first off you

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Welcome to the land Academy, we'll be sending either via email or sending an email or Hamlet in order to see that my brothers and sisters in Islam in the verse that we recited, it continues to go on Allah subhanho wa Taala says you leave a lot of people will use whether you need to be lawyers, when he took me to Lyrica, what do you do can't be old law

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will need to get the old one. This is the day of returns and the loss of hair who attend and loves when we continue to praise and remember awesome Halloween. So continue to do that throughout your day. Continue to do it throughout the year. And then the loss of Hannah Montana says the 100 Nicole dish spoon that we thank the loss of Hannah boys ahead. Why would we think of awesome hanaway to hire for having gone through such a rigorous month for having gone through such difficulty? Why would we thank him because it's brought us so much closer to him. It has made us such better individuals. We are now so close to a loss of hanaway to Hana that we miss coming to the masjid at

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930 or 1030 at night. We missed standing until midnight. At 10 o'clock at night you probably noticed tonight 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock, you will look at your watch and say this is weird. Why am I at home? I shouldn't be praying to

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army. I shouldn't be in the masjid. Why am I at home something feels as though it's missing. And then the last

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touch going on. You notice that while we were worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala it was with ease. It was with pleasure. It was with air conditioning. Right in the winter it is with heating and the loss of China has blessed us with things that so many people in different parts of the world do not get those that were with us this morning. No that would be mentioned in some countries they will be sitting or standing and worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala during the month of Ramadan and bombs will be flying over their heads. We also noticed that some people in different parts of the world they even are not allowed to leave their homes to go to a Masjid.

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The doors of the masjid are locked. Those those massages are now museums. There are some who in countries like Greece, they are not allowed to have a mustard. So they pray in the basements of the people. Go and check this on the internet. Go and see the difficulty of the muslimeen go and check how much of a struggle it is for them yet they still think the loss of animal attachment do we think? Do we think the loss of having more time the people from

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The you know, some handled by the government come in and address us. And we asked the law, some kind of attire to guide us and to guide them as well towards email, we asked my boss and paddleboards around it to make it easy for us to understand and to open our hearts to make us understand what is best for us and to make them understand what is best for the entire nation and society, not just for the Muslim mean for the Muslims as well as the non Muslims. I mean, we noticed that some handler, they come in some areas of the country, they will refuse to enter your mustard.

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This country,

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you will notice that there may even be some politicians that will refuse to come and see the Muslims. And when they say that they invite Muslims who are they inviting.

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But we also see that some have a soft spot for the deen. And we should welcome the soft spots where the dean, we should try and encourage them not to just come and address us when we encourage them to listen to our speeches way. Encourage them to stay and to listen and see who the real Muslims are not the Muslims of CNN and Fox and BBC, the real Muslims that are sitting in the massages, the real Muslims that are serving in the food banks, the real Muslims that are building shelters. The real Muslims that are building rehab centers are the Muslims as well as the non Muslims who are struggling from drug abuse.

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These are the real Muslims. Look right, look left look in front of you look behind you look in the mirror, you're the real Muslim. We are the real Muslims. We don't want to be labeled and branded as terrorists we aren't. And so we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make those who come and address us from the government to also sit and listen to us to attend and to benefit and maybe a lot of open their heart towards this team as well. My brothers and sisters we conclude by saying Peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as his angels and that was handed over to Allah Himself as mentioned in an in a while.

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He wasn't able to see

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where it was, I

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to make this theme flourish. As the loss of habitat it's open our hearts to this theme. As the last panel intended to open the hearts of among Muslims towards this team. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us thankful to him for the ease that he's given us to worship a loss of habitat in Canada. Before a date comes where it's taken away from us. We asked the last panel to have enough to let them become where we are felt like second class citizens. We asked the last panel to make us be from those who are exemplary individuals who walk the streets of Mississauga Oakville, the Peel Region, the GTA, Ontario, all the provinces of Canada and the rest of the world as exemplary individuals who

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show the world this is a snap. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us and accept all of our efforts that we've done throughout the month of Ramadan. mascoma Khan was added to forgive us all our sins that we had passed that we had done in the past, whereas the loss of power wanted to add them to forgive all of our family members that have passed away. We also also kind of want to hide integrate those that are sitting on the chairs, the ability to taste the sweetness of of placing their head on the ground Institute and to make it easy for them to loosen their joints to make it easy for them to pray and to make the jute mask or loss of power or to highlight to cure all those

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that are sick. And we asked the last half of what to add it to guide all of our family members that are misguided and have moved away from this theme

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in the wall.

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What he did when

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he was he

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put on the room yesterday but upon whether

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or not we are going to move

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