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AI: Summary © The "will" of Islam is essential for shaping people, including the "will" of the world and the "will" of the world. Vis backwards and panicking is allowed, while envy and jealousy is not allowed in public. Visiting the holy grail is not allowed in public, and giving gifts and royalties is not allowed in a flattery way. Backbite and the use of jealousy are important for sharing birthday gifts and showing love and affection to children. The importance of showing love and affection to children is emphasized, particularly older children.
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Scylla high Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam just leaving cathedral cathedral. From Abbado my brothers and sisters I'm starting today a very very important and beautiful story which Allah subhanho wa Taala call Samuel cos a look, call it the best of stories. The important thing here to understand also is the word fissa.

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Casas is the consensus the plural of CASA

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is different from it means it is a true story. Right because Casas is the plural and Krista is a true story. In order to and those of our older speaking brothers and sisters who watch this. Will do ma'am Kahani cabbie loves madibaz Head to Kahaani waters Okay. such or such T hamburger such Well not really. Okay ganja ganja Jo

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kisi masala co residual some genetic levy been a yachtie Give a gay guy SATA. Sata Ohana tiga Mita Bachata tacky masala yeah

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also yeah do it you there was some Ascensus on JJ was getting on here but it was before Karibuni Kolibri Nia cinema Nigeria genius even walk it was such a such a walker honey man i You must not be one well

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Miguel is out I will look at the VM Jose Have you have Gaelic I think we have South Africa or the Middle of the bell curve used to be was covered postcard was given out okay, though it's live again. So a lot of our data called is the essential causes the best of of stories and that is the story of use of alayhis salaam and Allah subhanaw taala dedicated an entire Surah to that. So as of

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now it obviously tells us that this is a story which is extremely important, which is full and rich, with lessons to be learned. Inshallah, I will try to do my best with it. And by no means is that to be taken as the final ultimate word or anything like that, I'm doing my best inshallah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and to make it easy for us to do that. The

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key thing, the fundamental line that I always say for all of these many different

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stories of the Gambia, and he was around, which now we have been going on with these for over a year

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is that we need to remind ourselves that all of these stories, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah mentioned to us and told us, not for entertainment, not not so that we find them interesting.

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But so that we learn the lessons from those stories and apply them in our lives. The NBA was salam, all of them were guides and whoever followed the Gambia, these people are the people who would be successful. Specific important for us is the life of Rasul Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam which of which of course, we will also come to in due course.

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Now usually Salam

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we just

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just a point I want to make here is that he Reimer his or her two sons is half and is married and is Huck.

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Ibrahim Ali Salah is wireless alarm is happily Salam and Luthuli Salam, we're all contemporaries. They all work together. It meaning they all lived in the world at the same time.

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Yeah, what his alarm came from the he was he was a he was a son of his happily set up. Now, yeah, oh, Elisa was also called Israel.

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And he also got Abdullah and he had 12 sons and their descendants are called bunnies right out of them.

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According to evening, Kathy, alumna Kathy and the majority of Oliver only Yusuf Ali salaam, was in a be others were not Ambia other scholars have said that Allah subhanaw taala eventually gave

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made all of them Ambia

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but indica Thea light Allah and other

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majority of Rama they say that

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they did things which were not becoming and which were not suitable in the character of Amelia Sarah. For example, they tried to murder us over a salon to begin with. And so therefore it is not

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possible that they could have been Ambien Walla Walla.

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Now, as I mentioned to you there are in the very important story of the Quran of use for Islamic Allah subhanaw taala as I mentioned to you before, he called it the best of stories as circuses. And there are four parts to the story of use of Ali Salaam and inshallah we will look at

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them in this series of lectures, inshallah. The first part is about his dream and his events in his childhood. So, our last writer said I was we live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, national Nepal SWALEC I said el caso si Bhima our hyena Elijah has Al Quran Allah

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cobbly La Mina Luffy

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he will call it call us have really heavy in it too. I had the ASHA Rocco Kaaba was shumsa Well Kamara i to whom Lee's God

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all i buena yella top also Sayaka Allah if Vertica for your key though like al Qaeda in shaitan I live in San Yadu boom will be workaholic ah we got a book our you are a limo cameo will have easy way with him on the AMA. Where you demonia Amata who Id our Ira Alia Uber comma atom. Allah Bowie. Allah Bowie Camilla kaaboo Evo Hema is cow in burger Isley Mona Hakeem in surah. Joseph, Allah Amanda mentioned and Allah said we read to you O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the best of stories through our revelations unto you of this Quran. And before this meaning before the

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coming of the divine inspiration before coming up there, Hey, you are among those who did not know about this, this particular incident and about the Quran, you are among those who did not know about this.

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Remember when you said to his father, or my father Verily I saw in a dream 11 stars and the sun and the moon and I saw them prostrating themselves to me. I saw them making sense to me, which is 11 stars, and the sun and the moon. He the father said oh my son, do not relate your dream. Do not tell your dream to your brothers. Less they arrange a plot against you. Verily shaitan is to man and open enemy.

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Thus will your rubbish choose you and teach you the interpretation of dreams and other things. And perfect is His favor on you and on the offspring of your co la salaam as he perfected it. On your father's Ibrahim is half before you have all before them for time. Verily Europe is all knowing all wise.

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This is the conversation of usefully Sarah and his father Iacobelli Salam Noosaville isn't of course at that time is running away. He is a little boy but he's heard this he had this dream. Now usually someone's very young, but he was a little boy when he saw this dream, which was the sun and the moon and 11 stars or planets making such that to him. Usable is a young boy. He said I'm told him as I mentioned in the Quran, the translation that he told him Do not tell your brothers about the dream. And that the and that his brothers would not accept the fact that Allah subhanaw taala had planned to give us what Rama high status, where everyone would be under him. Now

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the lesson to be learned in this is a very important and critical lesson. And that lesson is

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to guard against jealousy.

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There are two different things. One is envy. One is jealousy.

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There's a big difference between the two. And it's important to understand this difference. And we and we know from the process. He said envy is permissible in two cases. One is you can be envious. You can have envy for a brother or sister who Allah has given wealth to

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And who spend that wealth in the path of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And the second one is you can be envious about a brother or sister who Allah has given knowledge to. And they use this knowledge in beneficial ways, by teaching others and by using it in beneficial ways. Right?

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So envy also is not a general thing. It is into things now, what's the difference between envy and jealousy? Envy is where the person says, I wish I had, or I was like that person to be able to do good things like that person. Right? So he's only he's not he does not wish.

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He's only wishing that I wish I had money like so and so, so that I could do the kinds of works that that person is doing. This is envy. Jealousy, on the other hand, is negative because jealousy is not just a matter of saying that I wish I was like that. Jealousy is where you wish ill for the other was the person who's jealous of somebody, for example, who has wealth wishes, that this person should lose their wealth, you know that they have a calamity or some problem that they can, that they lose their with.

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So jealousy is haram. To be jealous of anybody is, is haram, it is prohibited, because it's a negative thing you are wishing ill for somebody to wish ill for somebody in Islam is haram, we as Muslims are not even permitted to make a dua for Jahannam, for the Hellfire for a non Muslim, you cannot say the only exception is where

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you make this word this door you can make for Muslims or non Muslim bridges, that somebody who's oppressing you know, some some body mass killer or somebody whose actions are hugely destructive, and who people literally have blood on their hands. And for them, you can ask Allah subhanaw taala, to remove them from this earth and you can ask Allah subhanaw taala to punish them. But normally, as far as a normal non Muslim person is concerned, you are not permitted to make a DUA, that Allah should not guide them to Islam, or that Allah subhanaw taala should give them Johanna.

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In Islam, the only thing which which we are permitted to do are positive things nothing negative. So therefore envy with respect to people, two kinds of people is permitted. But jealousy is completely

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shatta to jealousy is versus what shaitan does is that it puts jealousy in the hearts of people, man, so you become jealous of, of your siblings, you might become jealous of your colleagues in the workplace and work environment, you might become jealous of anybody.

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And so therefore, you're overly CERAM warned usually salaam, against shatta. Now Allah says Use a good word, because good words keep shaitan away.

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And meaning, what is the best way of avoiding jealousy speak well of the person who might otherwise have been the object of your jealousy, that if you speak good of them, if you praise them, and I am not, Islam again, is to be prohibited from flattery,

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praise and flattery

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are two different things. So, Praise is where you are appreciating a genuine thing, which is that flattery is where you are exaggerating in that phrase, for example, you listen to a lecture and you say, Alhamdulillah this teacher has taught this lesson very well. Alhamdulillah May Allah bless him or her, I have understood very well. And this is a beautiful lecture Hamdulillah this bridge, and if you appreciate it, this this expression, you can say we have two tools in the in the absence of that person or you can even say to them directly. There is no harm and as a matter of fact, it's a good thing to express to express appreciation

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to somebody who has done something good for you because first of all, it's a it's a way of thanking them and Allah

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told us the one who does not thank the people has not thanked Allah so you should you need to thank and secondly it encourages people to hamdulillah if somebody does something well, you it encourages them to do more and better. But instead of

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praising that person, if you had

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exaggerated and is oh Masha Allah this, this olive This is a bottle, he is a sea of knowledge and Allah He in today's world, he shuffled his love. And in today's world, there is no other alum like him, this is all a bunch of lies. And this is absolute nonsense, and this should not be done and it should not be encouraged. Unfortunately, this happens for all public speakers when

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They are being introduced by people in with all good intentions as the person introducing just trying to be nice, but there's something to be bought very clearly in place.

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And to say very clearly to the person, I always make a point of saying this anybody who would describe me as an island saw it as a please excuse me, I am not an alley. I do not consider myself to be a rally. So please do not use the term I am somebody who's trying to teach you and tell you what I know that's it, period class. You like it say you like it Alhamdulillah if you don't like it, you tell me what you don't like Inshallah, if it is something which can be corrected, I will correct it, but leave it at that do not exaggerate in praise. So this is the difference between flattery and appreciation, appreciation is good should be done. Flattery again is lies, and therefore it should

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not be done.

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Second big lesson here is in the treatment of children. Now try to be as equal in treatment as possible, showing favoritism to one child over the other causes.

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Causes jealousy.

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A man came to his salon, and he brought his one of his son's with him. And he says Jaros will Allah I have given all my property to this chat. As soon as I said, I've asked him, Do you have other children, he said Yes, as soon as I take it back from this child, and divided equally between all of those children. Now, this is sometimes they mistaken impression we have, where people when they are dividing property are they giving gifts and so on.

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They say they use the

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soul of virasat, those who love of inheritance, were a sum gets twice the quantity of the that the daughter gets. So the daughter will get one as I will get to when people are distributing property or giving gifts.

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They use that system mistakenly because they think that's the system to use and Islam. It is not when you are giving gifts, when you are if you are when and if you are distributing property, then a rasa salaam commanded us to give equal share to the men and the women to the boys and the girls to the brothers has to equal

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inheritance comes into effect only after you are dead.

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In inheritance, you have noticed that you have no say because you are dead. So in the inheritance, when you are distributing inheritance, then you are not distributing it your what you have left behind what is called your Tharaka is being distributed amongst your heirs. And that will be distributed according to the soul which Allah subhanaw taala made for inheritance. But in your lifetime, if you are giving a gift, then give the same thing to all the children equal.

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don't discriminate, don't give more to a favorite don't give more to the men and less to the women more to the boys less to the girls No. And vice versa less to the more to the girls. So the boys no equal when you are distributing. Also treatment in the sense of how you talk to them, how much time you spend with them and so on and so forth. If there is an impression that you love one child more than the other, believe me you are sowing the seeds for future

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for future destruction of relationships and the enrichment of of lawyers and attorneys, because that's where it goes right people will then

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Sunland brothers will fight and brothers and sisters will fight over over stuff and they will destroy the relationships and the only people who people who benefit and get enriched are the attorneys on both sides so please don't do that.

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Now tabula had this is the word that the phrase used which is explanation of things that relational speech so it could be speech thoughts, dreams, whatnot. Allah subhanaw taala gave us a very salaam great wisdom and understanding specific reference to the dreams of course, but also could also be thoughts could also be, you know, some questions and so on, which he had the wisdom to be able to explain somebody as soon as

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who is the most macaron the most honored among the people? And he said use of YBNL Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Karim. He said use of the son of the exalt a son of the honored the son of the honor the Son of the honor and that is referring to Yahoo Valley salaam his father who was an OB is happily salah.

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Father of Yakko la Salam was also an OB and Ibrahim alayhi salam

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who was the Columbia. He was the father of the mbf.

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So usually Salam is the reason that he is the most macabre, the most honored among the people. This hadith and several others have the same nature. For example, as far as Russell observed the only two people who were never touched by shatta were he Sally's? And his mother Maria Melissa says, I just said it. Elana asked, What about yourself?

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What are you also protected? Now? Mr. Salim said, Sir, as I've said, I was touched but Allah purified me and Allah Subhana Allah has protected me, so shaytan cannot touch me. We know the story of how as a little child when he was

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with Halima Satya

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Nadella, Juana

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as a little child, the angels came in every salon and another angel with him, and they split his heart and they purified his heart and they took out there was some impurity was removed. And this was Allah Allah, Allah will be the touch of the shutter which was removed and Allah subhanaw taala them protected him and he was always protected. The reason I'm mentioning this is because these are hobbies and civil these kinds of a hadith What about this? What is this about this one about isa Salam and Maria Medina. These are also proofs that evidences of the truthfulness and integrity of suasana if he was a person, if he had been a person who wanted to just, you know, again dies himself

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and and show off his own importance. Then somebody says who is the who's the best of people who have said me, in in any case, he was the best of people, he is the he is the best of creation. He is the Imam will Ambia he is the head of the Ambien and they also there is no one in creation

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of any kind. Who is superior to Rasul Allah. Hi, Sally salah. This is a completely we this is part of our Aqeedah we do not we believe this and this is inshallah this is absolutely true. that nobody's ever salah is the best of not just human beings, but best of all creation, all that we know and all that we don't know. So if he had said, I am the best that would have been absolutely true. And there is no doubt about that. But he mentioned it in a different context where he said the father, his father was an OB and his father was a grandfather was an OB, and his great grandfather was an AVI. Now, this is showing the importance of the fact that he was

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of him and showing that importance of being also from a family which is which has been guided and honored by Allah subhanaw taala.

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Then ultramarathoner said LACOB, Ghana for USofA what what he is to list a lien, very in use of Alayhis Salam and his brother and his brothers there. I add, there are Signs for those who ask. Now here's what I said I'm at 10 brothers, who are from different mothers, and he and his brother Binyamin. Were from one mother.

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the other brothers were jealous of these two, especially they were jealous of us. Well, it was very much the beloved of his father.

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These two are also the youngest. So in many cases, it's happens that you know, parents are more they love the little ones more than the older ones. Or they may not even do that. I mean, they might, they might love the older ones more but somehow, you know, you can you can cuddle a little, little three year old four year old but to cuddle a big 25 year old is difficult, right? So it is sometimes the older ones feel that oh, why? Father Mother Don't love me they love the little. So it's very important to show your love and affection. Everything doesn't have to be the child doesn't have to. It doesn't have to sit in your lap for you to show your affection you can show your affection in

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different ways but make sure that you are clear and you show your affection equally to all children. Unless about that I said in Carlo Liuzzo whoa, whoa whoa I have boo Illa abena I mean, when Ohana was Bhutan, in abana Allah feed Allah Lim will be this is one of the

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things with his brothers have said couple of times which is which is very bad and which is worthy of criticism. Where they call their own father is at ease misguided and now I was realizing he was an OB so I lost my dad I said when they said Truly use of and his brother Benjamin beneath me

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We are loved more by our father than we are. But we are strong we are as a group we are also we have we have strength we are, you know, they were they were full, fully grown, adult males. And really our father is misguided. He's in a he's in plain error. So these are the we are elders, we are the older brothers, we are powerful men, we are strong as a group, we are strong, and we can protect our father and his fat and our family. But he loves this kid. Right? Who's a little kid, so he's misguided. Now, it's very, very wrong to say, especially about their father who was an OB, and they knew this. So they knew that he was an OB, yet they say something like this. And that's the reason

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why America Sara Lee and others, they have said that people with this kind of an attitude, who used to criticize and that also this bad way, by saying that, you know, he is misguided and so on. They could not possibly have been Ambia Alanna.

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So this is very wrong. When they said to the mayor, what they decided was they made a plan to assassinate use of Elisa shaitan made them see the little issue of jealousy as very big. And the killing of their own brother as something small and possible to do.

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I think about that, how,

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how terrible this is. And

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sadly, sometimes we mean, I'm not saying that you are going to fall into the trap of killing anybody, but sometimes is

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small thing shattered makes a small thing look big, and a big thing look small, for example, we may not murder anybody, but those of us who engaged in slander, those of us who engage in in Riba in batok in backbiting, like this is equal to killing somebody this is worse than killing somebody in some cases.

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Lhasa Salam set this equal to and not the Quran. So the Hydra, Allah subhanaw taala said, this is like eating the flesh of your dead brother.

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Now, how bad and how horrible is that? And why do you do that, because of jealousy. Many times, because of jealousy, you don't like somebody success, whatever the case might be. And so therefore, you backbite that person use you slander that person use, you spread all kinds of false falsehood lies about that person. And you don't realize that what you're doing is something which is so horrible, that Allah subhanaw taala called it eating the flesh of your, of your dead brother. And originalism said Allah takes your deeds, a good deeds and gives it to that person, the one who you were slandering, and that person's bad deeds come to you.

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Now, something is so serious, whereas that jealousy whatever you're feeling jealous about, about that person, was a small thing. It was nothing very big right? That that especially that person probably never did anything to that person doesn't didn't do you any have yet you are causing character assassination, you are causing so much so much harm to that person? How evil is that? This is what Chetan does. So you might say, well, you know, I didn't kill anybody. Please don't, it's not a good idea

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to kill anybody at all. But let us also understand that it's not just a matter of we I killed someone or didn't kill someone, we may be killing people in other ways, character assassination, bad talking, somebody is like equal into killing that person, even worse than killing that person. Because if you are successful in this character assassination, then you are actually going to cause material damage to that person which that person cannot possibly undo. One of the biggest problems with with Reba is that the other person has no defense, because the other person doesn't even know that you're doing this right, because you are this evil character, who is decided to tell lies about

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somebody. And that other person is not even aware that this is happening, but their character is damaged, their reputation is damaged. Now how miserable is that? And that is why Islam in Islam, this is completely and totally

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prohibited and haram and therefore please do let us remind ourselves to stay far away from this kind of thing. Right? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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do to enable us to learn from these beautiful stories of

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the Quran and to implement them in our lives. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to learn and to implement them in our lives. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to raise our children with these stories. That's wonderful.

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way of raising a child is to tell them the stories and they are raised with the awareness of these beautiful stories and with a constant

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mention of them, so that they try to imbibe them and they try to inculcate the values in their lives. The purpose of the stories of the Quran is to is value education it is to inculcate the values, which Allah likes in a person's character, or southern Alana bill, Kareem Ali was happy to go by him he was an American