Friday Jumuah Khutbah – December 25, 2020

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The speakers discuss the need for people to understand the meaning of "aware of" and "has been" in various ways, including financial wellbeing and health. They stress the importance of learning from the Muslim umstery and not taking what is gained through actions. The speakers also mention upcoming events and opportunities for job offers. The importance of educating oneself to avoid loss of capital is emphasized.

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Intelligent gorilla leather water studied over water so

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whenever we'll be learning sugary, unforseen

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Dr. Medina, my young

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woman usually for her

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she can

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assume some form

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of are you gonna call? We'll see C'mon FCB taco la de Isola del. Come up also the handle

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that we'll be learning a shake. It is mean

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yeah yohannes interpret

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akumina sigma

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jaha we're better in humare, Jan and Kathy on manisa. One

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the mafia, my brothers and sisters

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last Friday

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none of us thought that today will be the last tomorrow before we go into a lockdown.

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Despite Toronto to New York, and Hamilton, being in their lockdowns, none of us even imagined that we would go through a province wide lockdown.

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And that ties in with the name of a muscle pattern want to add that we will learn about today and shut them off for a while is alarming is the old knowing.

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He knows what we don't know. And he knows what we know and conceal inside of us and hide away as secrets from the rest of the human beings around us. I mean, is aware of every single thing.

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And we need to understand that when we put all the names of a law that we've taken so far, let's just focus taken so far. And we put them together,

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we can begin to try to understand how I was accountable into as power and might exists. And how do we are completely unaware of how all of this happens. But I mean is aware that he knows Aladdin is a wall the whole knowing is aware of the things we know and the things we don't.

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And so it was kind of a dad that says in

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multiple different areas where he will stress upon having known

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this word where I should say the name

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more than 150 times some of the smaller city that there is a page

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term without doing something or being work without learning something about the loss of knowledge or knowing that a loss of data is aware. We are not

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and so it's such a common name for

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yet a human being sometimes we feel like we know more.

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We compare ourselves with a lot. But sometimes we forget that there's a greater planet.

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We forget that most of us already

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for last week, none of us thought that we would be here today saying tonight will be the last a lot open to the public.

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so of course

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Danny says

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One, test

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He also had to add

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in this lengthy verse.

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reminds us that he has the keys to the consumer.

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The key is to the knowledge of this world and the knowledge of the heavens and the knowledge of the sky is in the knowledge of all of the creation.

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And the vertical.

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Now, yeah.

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And I'm also camera to Anna goes on to teach us to show us in this verse, that there isn't a creature that walks this earth, or that is under the sea.

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We're in the sea, I should say, or even under the sea, underneath the world, whatever it contains, in the middle of its court, that I must have handled data is not

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also can with anuses, if there isn't a leaf that falls off a tree, and we just finished with missings, because it does leave us off a tree, except on those things. Now, when we think of that, compare that to the amount of notifications you might get on your phone,

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take a night where you turn your internet off, and you wake up in the morning and you activate your internet on your phone. And all of a sudden Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, all of these messages are coming in, it becomes a little bit overwhelming, a little bit frustrated, a little bit too much. While at the same time, we have no idea what all these messages are about. You take another example, something happens at home or to the family and all of a sudden messages start coming in phone calls start coming at you. And you have no idea you can't keep track. We can't keep up with what's going on around us. If it was some kind of data is not keeping track of it. He's not

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only aware of what's happening, almost apparently talent knows that this will happen before.

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So he is an attorney. And he has the keys or the knowledge of the unseen to come to

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us. And then a muscle kind of want to either reminds us here as well as even the things that are green as the plants that are growing, and those that have dried up. We don't even think of this as a Muslim kind of water. And it is reminding us using this as an example, that you thought you were somewhere in life.

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You felt that you were financially good. You felt that you were healthy, you felt that you had emotion, you felt that you had strength, you felt that you were close to a law, you felt that you had tough one, but don't lose it. If you've lost it.

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Don't take it for granted because it can be taken in a moment.

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But let go of it because it can easily be lost. And we asked for loss accountable. It's either I mean, to keep us upon being

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a political leader, there was a lot of stuff.

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Hello, Happy

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opposed to

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others and sisters. There are so many examples of the knowledge of a loss of capital that we can't we obviously can't get into. But one of the examples I want to give is that that is found is in sort of a bad person number 34 also kind of odds and ends mentioned and I want to present the whole versus lengthy, almost kind of into adolescence. wallmounted enough sun tech Cebu vida almost Academy data says that a person enough a soul does not even know what will happen to you tomorrow.

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Warmer tidiness

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and the soul has no idea

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where on this earth it will leave and return to where that human being will die.

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My brothers and sisters the knowledge of a loss of cannabinoids data is immense and

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we can't compare. But what we can do is learn what we can do is continue to educate ourselves. And this is where I want to encourage every single one of us learn here Diem. Educate your team. Don't take these hookah don't take these job footballs for granted. For we don't know there may be a date like next week that we are not able to be here. There may be a moment where we are not able to walk or to drive to the mustard anymore. There may be a loss in our ability to even comprehend even if someone brings us here physically. It's someone about our family physically brings us in their car.

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in a wheelchair and brings us here we may be watching the Felipe and our Greenstone register.

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So try to learn this Deen and do not take what you have for granted. What what we see of the Muslim Ummah today is really really saddening.

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And I honestly did not want to touch upon this topic today. But I have one minute that I want to share something with

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my brothers and sisters, today's the 25th I've received multiple messages of people telling me Merry Christmas from the Muslims.

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My brothers and sisters, yes, Risa, jesus christmas, who are not from the Muslims. They don't believe that Lisa or Jesus was simply a prophet and messenger. They worship, they worship Jesus. And so think before we speak, think before we act, think before we do anything, as Muslims, are we to encourage people to go further away from a Western canon?

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Or are we to

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a wall to help them get

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away from the government, Elan, you're away from the darkness to the lights, we have some kind of more data to guide every single one of us to allow us to learn from the knowledge that we have to implement it. And to make us from amongst those that understand the knowledge of a loss of power or to add it as best as a one has given us. The ability to for years

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along on Sunday or something

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along those lines is now going to be a one month

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along with everything that we do.

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Along with

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me as for loss of cannabinoids added to protect us and keep a secret box now that you know that's the loss of cannabinoids that I need to grant us the best of whatever it is to come to us for he knows what is best for us in the future. And he knows what will come to us and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us patient with whatever we are dealt with and to allow us to be sharper in thanks and gratitude to our losses

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in the market.

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a body of

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political body of law.

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still get

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these things your cell phones on silent

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in Dino said all

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we all

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are you

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of love

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love love

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Law Center where are they what are the two more

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brothers and sisters, my prayers and that here if you need to let the next congregation in also as I mentioned the masjid after that will be posted for the next month

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visual guidelines. So take advantage of the budget for the next few hours of job offers

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the timing for

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come on time actually starts

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at sunrise

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it is not

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free during that time, voluntary

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precedence over

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like get yourself this interesting topic we have today.

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A lot. Just a quick question because there are diversified point of views, you know, Yes, I understand you know as Muslims