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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of " productive" in Islam, including its connection to "Returns" and its natural expression in global identity. They also touch on the importance of the Prophet Subiter's teachings in shaping the world and his desire to produce wealth. A student discusses their appreciation for warm weather and the changing seasons, while also acknowledging the need to convince others to take care of others and avoid loss of power. They mention a presentation of data on the loss of power and how it will be displayed during the registration process.
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in no more How can I have a fever, my brothers and sisters today in shot and wanted to add that we will cover the name of a wall other tools and we will tie that in with a support. So our produce is mentioned in the forum two times as we've learnt multiple times you've recited This is one that

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I'll manage our produce a set I'm aiming and as easily

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as the last time what I mentioned and as reported multiple times in the past. So who is a produce?

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output produce if we are to translate it simply means the holy and many of us know this name of Allah, but we don't know how to use it. We don't know really what it means we know that it translates to the holy, but how can I use it in my job? How can I understand it and apply it to my day? How can I think of Allah as output those aside from being holy. And this is where my brothers and sisters we need to understand that our produce is the holy who is free from any kinds of imperfection is free from any kind of imperfection and evil is not attributed to so he's free from anything that is not correct or not pure. And even the things that we think are pure and right and

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correct. A lot is even better than that. And this is why we'll tie a Caboose in with a super because whenever we see something amazing whenever you see it

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For example, I given this you know, multiple times I mentioned the mountains in band for you go to the Rocky Mountains or for those of you who are, you know, from from regions of the world where you have mountains even higher and greater than those like kaitou. And you know if anyone's from Sri Lanka, so kind of like to see the mountains in the distance, right? They're amazing. They're, they're huge. And people say it's so hard on law. Right? So how am law why because the creation of a law is amazing. But Allah subhanho data is even more amazing and more pure. And there is no imperfection that is linked to almost encounter no one to add, even the things of this world that we

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think are defective or are not as they should be, because we as humans don't want them to be that way. Like for example, we don't want to be wearing these masks. We don't want to be standing apart, we don't want certain things. But a must have had wanted to highlight his plan is his plan. And a lot of the time we don't realize his plan until after something has already passed. Now there's two things that I want us to keep in mind in Shell Montana with regards to unequip deuce. First of all, that Allah Subhana Allah is free from everything that contradicts the qualities of Allah Subhana boyds. So we sleep, Allah doesn't sleep, we have children, a lot doesn't have children, right? We

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become parents a lot is not apparent, right, we become lazy and tired of all I could do is doesn't become tired, he doesn't become lazy, right. And we think that things should be a certain way produces knows how the things are supposed to be. You see, so he's above everything in any negative attribute that we might think or linked to ourselves or even a weakness, Allah subhanho wa Taala is free of that. And secondly, also kind of data is free from resembling anything of his creation. So when a muscle kind of data mentions in the Quran, the descriptions of him for example, he mentions his hand or he mentioned that he sees that he hears we as human beings we think when we see we use

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our eyes, but most of how to do it to Allah sight is not like our sight. His hand is not like our hand we hear with our ears, a muscle can do it and his hearing is not like our hearing, we as human beings are limited to what we know of within this world. But the beauty of being in Jannah is that we will see a more suitable international and we will meet a produce. And we will then understand more of who Allah reduce reliance upon local he had our stuff will

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never work.

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have the luxury of the island in will aren't able to live without any will suddenly walk simply more identity than anything. On a performance monitor. It does mean that my brothers and sisters, a famous person this week said something really important that stuck with me. This famous person is my wife, she's famous for me, not for you. And she mentioned something really important that made me think for the net for for the past few days. And as well as this morning when I was putting this cookbook together, how it ties in with our talk. She said after experiencing the beautiful weather we've had in the last few days. And all of us enjoying going outside without the coats on without

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the boots and the hats and the gloves and everything right? She says without the winter, we wouldn't appreciate the spring as much. Without Allah subhanaw taala sending us winter, we wouldn't appreciate spring as much. Now of course, this is for those who appreciate the warm weather and like the summer and are looking forward to that. But even so someone who likes the winter also appreciates the changing of the seasons. So when we think of this and tie it into output Deuce, right. We wouldn't appreciate things as much until a loss of hundreds Anna has put us through something even more difficult. And that is what we go through in life. When we were students. Some

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of us would work part time jobs and make only $1,000 a month, right $500 a month. Maybe some of you were students a long time ago, so $200 $300 a month and that was it. I know when I was

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As a student, we used to make a little bit and we thought we were rich, right? But as time goes on, you think to yourself what was a couple $100 a month.

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And you appreciate that almost kind of want to Anna took you from something that was seemingly nice, but in fact would be difficult for us now. And so we appreciate that change. And this is where we say Subhan Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us there are two statements that are light on the tongue, heavy on the scale, be loving to Obama, what are some how to love and be handy, he says, have a loving RV. And when we say so Palawan I want you to think to yourself the next time that you see something amazing or you feel something amazing or you experience something you didn't think you would experience and you naturally say Subhana Allah I want you to think

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produce. This is because of overdose. And this is the way that insha Allah to Allah we can tie in the understanding of the names of a loss of power, we want to add up with our own personal lives. So remember, when you see something or you feel or experience something amazing and just naturally off the tip of your tongue, you say surround them all. Know that that is because of produce, doing something that you are pleased with, that shakes you to the core and makes you appreciate what he has provided for us a lot mostly I know more how to do it.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us of our sins. As for loss of power was added to remove all the sins from our deeds and replace them with good deeds as colossal cannaboids it remove us from hardship and bring ease upon the lesson how to attach it to neighbors from amongst those that are patient with the difficulties that you're facing. As the loss of power added to cure all those that are suffering and struggling in our community and around our community or the relatives of our community members and their friends and neighbors we ask them kind of what data to grab the pure. One of our sisters will be having surgery very soon, sister fizzy that we ask Allah subhana wa Jalla

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to cure her grantor ease. That difficult time rascal muscle cannaboids data to forgive our brother commands relative who passed away just recently we asked the loss of Amrita Allah to forgive them. And we asked the loss of Pamela to edit to remove this pandemic from upon us and make this month of Ramadan. a month to remember the month of success and the month of complete forgiveness. I mean,

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My brothers and sisters, please try to remember you must get in your donations on the way out. Also, we do appreciate the patients coming in standing in line as well as on your way out. We do have the separate entrance, sorry, exit to the road on the right side to try to use that and follow the guidelines of volunteers come along. Okay, Dominic, please take time will change for tomorrow next week. And that will be displayed to you on the application during the registration process.

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