Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – July 2, 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The importance of the boss's success and success rate is highlighted, along with the importance of remaining true to promises and being mindful of words. The negative impact of drugs and the pandemic on graduates and their families is also discussed. The importance of forgiveness and helping others is also emphasized. A news story about a woman who has been treated harshly is also mentioned.
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know when you have the

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to also Salman are the ones

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yeah you have nurse Interpol of the

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color come in has

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over 13 humanity john and Kathy

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wonderful of water

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in Canada

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my brothers and sisters today his name of course is cotton who is added learn is the name of a mom

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the truth and we know very well that we must have had avoids a Hana is unhealthy. Well, what more can we learn from us? The truth of course, extends to so many things. But in terms of the context of the name of a boss who had a voice, he is the one who is truly deserving of being worshipped. He is the one who truly exists and is undeniably the Lord and the king of things of this world. He is the one who is perfect, so he is perfect. And that is the truth. And his attributes are perfect. And his actions are perfect. And his speech is perfect. And his decree is perfect. His promise is perfect. And every aspect that will also avoid to have perfect is

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the name of almost every boy comes in 10 times.

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It appears in the run as unhappy 10 times for example for too long but equally exalted the award the true king, but we want to take a lesson from this part of the

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have easy profits and the longer that you have something that teaches us a little bit more about the application of the name of a Boston kind of winter.

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And this is part of a lengthy heavy it is an agreed upon heavy founded property and listen where the profits on the long run and they give us some time to extend in the night and recite this.

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But because it's really lengthy only mentioned the parts of the heavy that are pertaining to our topic. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says, Well, I can handle

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Well, what are you doing? Can we help? Wonderful, okay.

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Welcome, we'll look at how when Jen that will have one.

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One maybe you will not have one more Hamilton Some of us have was, will help and it continues. So what can we learn from this heavy first off the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say in his house, well I can hand I will tell him, all praises due to you. Yeah, Allah all praises do to you, and you are the truth. Meaning there is none other no other deity worthy of worship, except the loss of cannaboids. And unless that kind of with their Anna even mentions in the Quran, that from amongst those gods or those idols or those things that people worship other than Allah,

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they cannot even greet creates even the wing of compliance. And it's the fly was to take something, those idols would not even be able to go and retrieve it from the fly. How simple of an example, Allah subhanho wa Taala added gifts to show that everything other than Allah that is worshiped is false. And He alone is the truth, and the one worthy of being worshipped. So the profits on the long run, they do send them to us and says we're wagyu and your promises the truth. My brothers and sisters, when we look at the promise of a bus hanger moment to Adam with regards to is just a simple example is provisions. Is that not the truth from a Muslim comment, I'm going to add a look at where

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many of us have come from, look at the condition of what we used to live through when we were younger. Look at where our families may have come from our grandparents have came from the challenges that they went through, and the loss of how to what to how to continue to allow them to live with good health and good times, regardless of how difficult it was. At the end of the day, whether there's food or not the life continues. So the promise of a lot is the truth. And if you look at it is an How do they love Allah provides for us, when we run after it is when we run after provisions, we can try to make more, but if it is written for us, we will not have

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if it isn't written for us, we will not get it. And then at times we take a backseat. And we say you know what, and hamdulillah everything is from a law. And then you get that tax return. And then something comes your way and someone gives you a gift. And you know something nice happens to you and you think to yourself, but I'm not making an effort to get any of this world to get any of this it isn't any of these provisions. How is this even happening? is coming from

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his promise is the truth. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says what evolved.

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And our meeting with you

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is the truth.

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Brothers and sisters, we will all stand before Allah Subhana beuter either on the Day of Judgment, and those who disobeyed a law and those who disregard the truth that comes from a loss of momentum either as the profits or loss and even some of them says what problem would that help? What agenda to have one know that what you have said, Your Word, your promise your statements in the Quran about how we are supposed to live and who we are to submit to is the truth. And those who disobeyed will see on the day that they stand before Allah then that was the truth.

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The messages we received from the prophets and messengers when they'd be you in the hub. Their message to us was the truth.

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One more How am I doing something longer Either you are sending them help that he some among us, some of them is the last and final messenger and his message was the truth of the day they said before almost had more data and those who rejected the truth will see and learn and realize

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Then it's too late. And that was the truth, and is the truth, but they disobeyed.

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Come due to not being

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able to live in Saudi

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Arabia from salad Welcome to see my brothers and sisters, I think you bye now after learning what we just learned that the Hadith of the Prophet SAW a lot more I mean, with some of them, we know very well that the truth will always prevail, the truth will always permit. And it doesn't matter what we are going through in life, if someone is treated unjustly, for example, they're treated unjustly at work and laid off, or a family member is abusing them and not treating them properly, in a way that is taking advantage of them. For example, not letting some of our young adults get married. Right, not letting some of our young adults get married, some of our brothers and sisters are 2025 3035,

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they want to get married, and their parents refused to let them get married.

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Right, the truth will always prevail.

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Whenever we work towards a loss of cannabinoids, Adam will bring the truth out. And we see the exact same thing happening in what we were hearing from day to night yesterday about it being candidate, but also about the sad news that we see happening, or coming out from the history of the residential schools across Canada. And for those who didn't know about this, well, this is something that has been for many years, and in fact, is still happening up until today. Lots of injustice is happening up until today. And so my brothers and sisters remember, regardless of what the situation, regardless of what the scenario, regardless of what we're going through in life, whenever we are

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treated unjustly, under a law, who is unhappy, will bring out the truth, always in forever, whether in this life, or on the day that we said before a loss of cannaboids Why do I mention this? Because it gives us

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It gives us hope. Knowing that we may not get justice here can make someone go crazy. They feel as though I need justice, I have to take justice into my own hands. And this is what some people do, and they become criminals. They go and they harm someone else. Simple example, a person sees their brother

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overdosing of drugs.

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A person sees their own brother overdosing using drugs and they go and attack or fight this person who dealt their brother Trump's, what benefit Are you getting? You get caught by the police, you get put in jail, you have assault charges against you, you have a criminal record against you, the truth will always prevail and come out sometimes we leave it to a boss accountable what to have. And remember the profits of a walker I think he was some of them teaches us and we'll conclude with this

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video right here we'll be ending but in the midst of it for the discerning but in the midst of their for the quality of our food, profits on the blog, wherever you are. Some of them said what one of you sees an injustice, then change it physically. If you have the ability to and you have a position of status or the status to actually change physically, then do so. But any of them Yes, still there. And if you're not able to, from the sun, then choose something take action with your words, verbally say something about it. This is wrong. You can't do this. You're harming someone, you can't take advantage of someone else. But in them you're still there and if you're not able to go the other

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If you're not able to do anything physically and verbally, then dislike what you're seeing happening in front of you hate it in your heart don't like it, as in don't accept it.

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And that is the lowest level of evil. We asked the loss of cannibal datatel mercy upon every single one of us to generate his blessings and mercy upon the profits of a loved

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one of us whilst the loss of cannabinoids are added to forgive us alone in the city.

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Vatican rPgt network media

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unopen Island in a one

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sided market mean, we ask you a lot to share your blessings you mercy and forgiveness down upon every single one of us is please remove the hardships and difficulties of those that are going through oppression and challenges regardless of the country or the city or the state that they live in. You're removed the oppression from upon all of these codes to all of our community members that are suffering and struggling and going through difficulty specifically our daughter one of the little girls in our community Cena who's back in Sick Kids hospital yet a loss graduate of pure and ease from the hardships and the challenges that she's going through. Yeah, all these grants helps

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our brother Let's see who is also admitted in the hospital and going through difficulty with COVID-19 yelapa there are many people that are struggling and suffering our little baby boy, Lisa, who is going through so much hardship, which variants are patients with them we get a lot of these random use and grant build outs in grants in both the oma we're showing you read down upon us our

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profits and what

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is accepted

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or out of the believers that are sitting before you raise their hands.

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Here and now.

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Say hello.

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Tell us

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senators for your patients to hear from on your way out if it's raining heavily Take your time.

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Remember to donate generously on your way out and also our youth program for the summer is starting tomorrow. Those of you who want to register your teenagers, you can still do so by visiting my website www.engvid.com located

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